April 19, 2024

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I can see lot of decorations and preparations for it. It is really exciting. I always enjoy this time because that reminds me the New Year of Sri Lanka which we celebrate in April.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub
Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

With the Chinese New year, the year is for Monkey. As always, this time also we could see beautiful preparations for Chinese New Year in our nearest shopping mall AMK Hub. Each year we really like to see the different preparation and decorations to celebrate the events throughout the year. Now, with our son, visiting this place to show him these celebrations is just like a day out. He really enjoys his time with us in this shopping mall.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub
2016 is the year of Monkey

For this Chinese New Year, we could see 12 Large Chinese Zodiac Animals. In each animal, there are forecasts for year 2016 too. These colourful Zodiac Lanterns welcome the visitors to the shopping mall staying at the entrance.

Chinese New Year 2016 AMK Hub
Goat,pig,mouse and cow zodiac lanterns

These lanterns are larger than actual life size of animals and those are colourful too.

 Zodiac Lanterns
A Zodiac lantern featuring the cow
 Zodiac Lanterns

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  1. How festive, colorful, and fun this all looks! Great shots. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me this week. I hope you’ll decide to hop over again next Wednesday! Have a fototastic week!

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