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SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review

Well, it is time for a pillow review. I hope this SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review will help you to decide on which pillow you should consider for a better sleep. That’s why I want to share my honest review as I know the importance of comfortable sleep without stiff neck next day. As a mom with busy lifestyle I know the pain of having stiff neck, lack of sleep and yet do the necessary things for the day. This is why I always love to choose comfortable and suitable bedding materials for our home.I know this step helps us to improve the sleep quality.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review

This Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz is amazing and it could give me good, continues and comfortable sleep throughout the night. Therefore here is my experience simply because a pillow review will definitely help you to know the experiences of others who actually used.

What makes a good pillow?

Some pillows are so soft and don’t provide a good support for the neck. There are some pillows which change its shape after use of few days. Such pillows end up giving neck pain and stiff neck for the users together with other sleeping disorder symptoms. This is why it is important to choose a quality pillow for a continuous non disturbing sleep.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review
Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz

What makes SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Special?

Well, after using this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow for few weeks I know it provide a comfortable sleep through the night. The pillow is soft and comfortable to sleep. However it doesn’t change the shape after the sleep. The comfort is same on the next day too.

So, what makes it so special? Below are some features of the SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow.

Features of SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow

 It adapts for all sleepers even you are a back-sleeper, side-sleepers or a combination-sleeper.

When you sleep it supports under your neck avoiding the possible pain. At the same time the memory fluff filling of the pillow will sink more to the centre of the pillow when you rest on it. This feature allows you to avoid neck pain and other possible sleep problems due to disturbed sleep.

Pillow Review
SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow

There is a super-breathable pillow protector comes with the Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow. This pillow protector not only protects the pillow but also allow the air to flow throughout the pillow.

SleepWiz Pillow Review
super-breathable pillow protector

There are durable memory fluffs to maintain the volume of the pillow for years. Due to this feature you will have a soft comfortable pillow for years.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow
Durable memory fluffs

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review -Our actual experience

Well, after receiving this pillow for the review purpose I changed my existing pillow and shifted to the new pillow. I experienced all the above mentioned features of this Memory Fluff Pillow.

Yes it supports the neck and head very well. During the sleep it supports under the neck at the same time the memory fluff filling of the pillow will sink more to the centre of the pillow giving a good support for the head. As a result I could wake up on the next day without any neck pain. I don’t remember any day with poor sleep.

I used it for few weeks in order to experience how it works. So far I love this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz.

If you look for a new pillow or if it is time for you to change the pillow then check more details of this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow by visiting SleepWiz.Currently it is offered in a discounted price!Grab the deal! 🙂

Do you have experienced stiff neck due to the pillow? Or do you have experienced poor sleep any day? Please share your thoughts as comments.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with SleepWiz. I received the above pillow from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

Preserved Flower Domes from Bloom Studio Singapore : A Perfect Gift Idea #Review

This is the perfect time to send and receive flowers. New Year 2020 is around the corner and festive cheers are everywhere. Have you decided on to whom you need to send flowers? Or have you received any flowers from your loved ones? Do you know that you can send preserved flowers in Singapore to make your loved ones surprised and happy?Then read this Bloom Studio preserved flowers review to know the details on how you can do it!After reading the Bloom Studio Singapore review,leave me a comment on your idea and experience with similar gift ideas.

Bloom Studio Singapore Review
Bloom Studio Singapore Review

It is the perfect time for me to receive flowers when I received these flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore. And do you know the secret? These are preserved flowers! Therefore these flowers can be last more years up to 3 years if I keep these in good condition. Isn’t it worth to receive such long lasting fresh flowers than a bouquet which lasts for a few days? This is why I want to share this review about preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore!  If you look for sending preserved flowers in Singapore then this Bloom Studio review may help you to decide!

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio

What is Bloom Studio?

Bloom Studio is founded by a team of experienced florists with the desire of providing a quality service to make others happy. Their designs are modern yet affordable. After all they believe in quality of the work.

Review of the preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore (my experience)

When I received this Olivia Flower dome from Bloom Studio Singapore, my first impression was a big ‘Wow’! Yes, these flowers are so pretty to receive. And these are well arranged inside the dome. It is perfect for any place at my home although I tried few different places including coffee table, a corner and a bedside table.

preserved flowers
Olivia flower dome from Bloom Studio Singapore

The flowers look so fresh with beautiful pastel colour shades. With the dome the flowers are safe from wind and heat. Even it looks really beautiful inside the dome. The beautiful preserved roses are paired with preserved hydrangea and dried & preserved foliage. After all it is a beautiful arrangement which is perfect as a gift!

When I check their website I found that these preserved flowers can be kept longer up to about 3 years as these are well preserved. However you have to keep it in a place where there is no heavy wind, heat or watery atmosphere.

My conclusion is that preserved flower domes are a great gift for anyone!If you don’t believe me then check these preserved flower domes for more design ideas.

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore
A close up of the beautiful roses inside the dome.These are real fresh flowers,but preserved.

Features of these preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore

Below are some features of preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore. These are the reasons to shop with them and these are the reasons why they stand out from other florists in Singapore.

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore
I opened the dome to see the flowers inside.

These preserved flowers are 100% real. These have gone a process of preservation in order to maintain the freshness and the shape.

During the preservation process they only use toxic free colours such as food colouring to make the preserved flowers and process environment friendly. Therefore these are risk free flowers to send and receive.

Free same day delivery for all purchases!

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore

These flowers do not need maintenance, but these last long.

Bloom Studio donates a percentage of their profits to local animal shelters as part of their responsibility to give back to the society.

preserved flowers

Above are the reasons to buy preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore when you want to gift flowers to someone. Now, don’t think twice. Think of your loved ones who like to receive a dome of preserved flowers. Choose the flowers by visiting and place the order. You don’t have to pay for shipping as you enjoy Free same day delivery for all purchases!

Connect with them in Social Media for latest news and updates.



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with . I received the flower dome from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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Freshly Baked Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery #Review

Before sharing this Mooncakes review I have to share a story behind it. As always I love story telling before any review. 🙂 Story telling is part of my blogging journey. That’s why this Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes review post too comes with a life story. 🙂

Living in Singapore this is the season I love most! Why? Simply it is time to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival or Mooncake festival. Among other activities such as lanterns, mooncakes take an important place during this season.

This is how I became a huge fan of Mooncakes! 🙂

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

Working in Singapore, this is the season our offices are filled with different flavours of mooncakes. Other than delicious mooncakes, I love this season for another reason. The mooncake box! 🙂

Always mooncakes come in pretty boxes. Not only me, my colleagues too loved to keep one beautiful Mooncake box to organize small items till the next year Mooncake festival.

Now as a self-employed professional, I didn’t even imagine of tasting delicious mooncakes this year. But it was the right time when I received these mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery!

I am really happy because this year I didn’t miss the chance to taste delicious Mooncakes from a well reputed bakery.

So, let’s read my experience and review of Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery.

Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

I wanted to taste few different flavours. Luckily Bing Liang Bakery offers their customers to choose flavours and customize their mooncakes. This is a great opportunity for anyone who like to sample few flavours before the final order placement.

The flavours I ordered are White lotus, Red bean paste, Green tea and Durian flavour. All these are my favourtie Mooncake floavours with experience in tasting this traditional delight each year since I came to Singapore.(Since 2008)

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

What is Bing Liang Bakery?

Well if I try to explain the well reputed Bing Liang Bakery and its Mooncakes to those who are Singaporeans, it sounds like I am going to do something not necessary. Because Bing Liang Bakery is well known among Singaporeans for its handmade delicacies. But if you are a new resident in Singapore, you may not know what Bing Liang Bakery is.

Bing Liang Bakery started their business in 1998 in Muar, Johor using their family recipes. Over the years baked goodies from Bing Liang Bakery become popular among people in both Johor and Singapore. As a result, now people in Singapore can order Mooncakes and other baked goodies online from Bing Liang Bakery online store.

The Taste, Experience and Review

Well, as I mentioned I received 4 different mooncake flavours. These were nicely packed in a pretty box with labels on each mooncake to identify the flavor. Therefore it was easier to taste each mooncake by exploring its flavor.

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

The Lotus flavoured mooncakes are simply yummy. Not overly sweet. In each bite I could taste the lotus seeds which I loved.

Durian flavor mooncake is my next favourite flavor. Although it is a Durian Mooncake, it is not overly flavoured with Durian taste. Simply tasteful and you cannot stop tasting another bite.

Green tea flavour mooncake is my next favourite. It gives the strong flavor of green tea together with crunchiness of white lotus seeds. Wonderful experience during the teatime!

Red bean paste is my all-time favourite mooncake flovour which second to only white lotus seeds. The mooncake from Bing Liang Bakery was just nice. Not only me, it was the favourite of my kid too.

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

After all, I like all these flavours. The mooncakes are fresh and flavourful.

These handmade mooncakes are easy to order. They deliver within 60 minutes of your order. Free delivery for orders above $88.

Visit Bing Liang Bakery to read more details about the mooncakes.There are different flavours you can choose.Check

Disclaimer: I received these Mooncakes for review purpose.However all opinions are mine.

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ADOR Shoe Box Review : Drop Front Shoe Box from Masons Home Decor

Keeping shoes in a neat and tidy way is not easy even if you have many shoe racks. Most of the shoe racks available on the market are open simple racks which allow dust to accumulate on shoes. This is why I was unhappy with my existing shoe racks. But, I didn’t have time to look for a new shoe rack option due to work load. However I was sure to keep some of my pairs which I don’t wear regularly in a covered shoe rack.

ADOR Shoe Box Review
Let’s read ADOR Shoe Box review

It was the right time when I received these ADORE shoe boxes from Masons Home Décor.

These stackable shoe boxes are perfect to keep the shoes tidy without dust accumulating. I received 6 ADOR shoe boxes and I could stack the show boxes in few minutes to create a beautiful shoe rack.

What is ADOR shoe box?

ADOR Drop Front Shoe Box

ADOR shoe boxes are stackable and comes with a drop down window.

Masons Home Décor is the exclusive distributor in Singapore for the Ador shoe box.

Masons Home Décor is the premium solid wood furniture store in Singapore where you can shop for a range of furniture that lasts long.From sofas,sofa beds to dining room furniture,there are beautiful pieces which you can shop for making your home interior attractive. Check Mason’s solid wood furniture by visiting their website.

 Here is my experience with ADOR shoe boxes.

ADOR Shoe Box Review

These shoe boxes are sturdy and these come with a drop down window.

Drop Front Shoe Box
There are built in ventilation holes in each shoe box in order to prevent the growth of bacteria

Once the shoe boxes are set, you can stack each to create a rack. Depending on the space you own, you can either stack vertically or horizontally to create a beautiful space for your shoes.

ADOR Shoe Box review
It is easy to assemble and stack ADOR Drop Front Shoe Boxes

Once stacked, you can easily view the shoes clearly. I kept some of our pairs which we don’t use daily. However as it is easy to find the colour and type of shoe clearly through the shoe box, it is easy to choose the right one when it is time to use.

How to order your ADORE shoe boxes?

ADOR Shoe Box review
ADOR Shoe Box

I am sure now you love this concept of using stackable shoe boxes. To order, check this drop front shoe box by visiting Masons Home Decor. There is a sale happening now. So, you can buy the shoe boxes for a really lower rate than usual rate.

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FARM Florist Review : Reliable 60-Minute Same Day Flower Delivery

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers? Who doesn’t love to receive fresh flowers as a surprise gift? After reading this FARM Florist review I am sure you want to find a reason to send flowers!

Why?Reasons are simple.And you will find reasons to send flowers when you finish reading this post. 🙂

FARM Florist review
Flowers from FARM Florist Singapore

When I received these beautiful flowers from FARM Florist, I was surprised with its beauty. This flower bunch was elegant on my desk and it could make me happy all the day. With a mix of pretty flowers with matching colours, it was one of the most beautiful flower bunches I received so far.

Now I know you are curious to know about FARM Florist online store.

Singapore Florist review

What is FARM Florist?

FARM Florist was formed by a group of well experienced florists with the aim of providing high quality flowers to the Singapore market. All these florists are with over 20 years of industry experience which is the secret behind the beautiful designs of their flower arrangements.

From beautiful Gerbera to lovely roses, you can find unique flower bouquet designs including bouquets of Hydrangea and sunflowers when you shop with FARM Florists.

Flowers I received from FARM Florist (# Review)

Well,this my FARM Florist review and experience.

FARM Florist review
FARM Florist review

The flower bunch I received is a Premium Surprise Bloom Box which is a signature product of FARM Florist. Yes, it is truly a surprise box which could make me smile. The flowers in this Surprise Bloom Box are neatly arranges in to an elegant style to make the receiver happy and excite. There were different beautiful flowers in it including Roses, carnations and Gerbera. The pretty pink of Gerbera flowers attracted me to admire this Surprise Bloom Box together with scents of other flowers. The beautiful foliage added beauty to the whole bunch.

I am really happy with the quality of the arrangement, neat design and flower quality. This bunch was on my table for few days making our home beautiful. Really, it is worth the money.

FARM Florist Singapore review

Features of FARM Florist flowers

Well, in Singapore there are other florists too. Then what makes FARM Florist stand out from others? Below are some reasons.

  • Simple ordering system which allows you to order flowers in just 5 minutes.
  • Express 60 minute delivery together with the option of free same day delivery.
  • Affordable rates starting at $25 which includes free delivery.
  • Fair trade policies
Singapore florist review

With such features, you don’t have to wait until you find a reason to send flowers to your loved one. Simply find the reason of making them happy.

Visit to choose the best flowers that can make your loved ones smile!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with . I received the flowers from them.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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MyStory App – The Story of You

We all have stories. But most of our stories don’t pass to the next generation. Moreover that most of us even don’t have any idea about our ancestors. It is challenging to find our roots and more about our ancestors. But now, with MyStory App, you don’t have to worry about preserving your story for the next generation.

MyStory App

What is MyStory App?

MyStory App is all about the Story of You. It is an app which is interactive. When you use MyStory App, it automatically writes the story of you. As an interactive app this MyStory App works in interview style. Once you completed your writing or your replies to the interview questions that MyStory App generates, it will write your autobiography automatically. Isn’t this Sound interesting? Finally, you will have your own autobiography in the form of an eBook which you can print or gift for your family members in any occasion. This will be a great idea to preserve your roots for the next generation.

MyStory App

Features of MyStory App – The Story of You

MyStory App is an interview based interactive app that allows users to create their users’ autobiography automatically. With the use of latest technology, users can create valuable pieces of childhood memories, life history, family roots, interests and even culture or beliefs in an interesting way.

Below are some of the features and benefits that users of MyStory App receive.

  • With MyStory App, you can preserve your family heritage.
  • As the app generates your autobiography in the format of an Ebook, users can self-publishers easily. Self-publishing can be the first step on becoming a published author.
  • MyStory App is a great tool to organize your personal documents.
  • It also allows you to preserve your family heritage and to pass to the next generation.
  • If you want to create your family tree, then this MyStory App is one of the great software to use.
  • After all it is convenient to create your own story, family rots and preserving historic details for the next generation.

How to get your MyStory App?

My Story The Story for You is scheduled to launch in early January 2019.At present MyStory App is in its final stage of developing. You can check their kikckstarter campaign for more details on this app.


Blurb Photo Book Review : Our Recent Photo Book Experience

“This post contains affiliate links and I received free product for this post”

Blurb Photo Book Review

Blurb Photo Book Review

I love photo books. And I love creating memories with photo books for each occasions. This is why I love to use Blurb for creating photo books online. I have photo books for most of the special occasions and these are precious gifts for me.

This is not the first time I created a photobook with Blurb. Few years ago I created a photo book for my kid. He was just born and it was the perfect time for me to create a baby photo album with his very first photos.

Later I even created a cook book using my recipes. You can check my cook book here.

Now, this Blurb Photo book review is all about my recent photo book experience. At the time I was making the photo book , My son was going to be 5.But,I still have lots of photos from his first year which I couldn’t print. So, it was a great time for me to remind those lovely days with our baby boy.

I used most of the photos of my kid’s first year for this photo book. Finally, it is a beautiful photo book.

My photo book making experience with Blurb (Blurb Photo Book Review)

Blurb Photo Book Review

Blurb Photo Book Review

Making a photobook with Blurb is really easier and I enjoyed every step of it. But, to be true, I spent more time to sort out the photos on my folders. I’ve captured lot of photos and it took me few days to sort the best photos that goes to our photo book. Once the photos are sorted, it only took few hours to create the photo book with Blurb photo book software.

How to make a photo book with Blurb photo making software?

If you are ready to making a photo book with Blurb, it is really easy. You actually don’t want to have expert knowledge to create a photo book. With Blurb photo making software, you can easily make a photo book.

Here are the easy steps.

First, visit blurb and open your photo making software.

Then import your photos.

If you want to create a photo book with really short period of time, choose the automatic option. But, I created my photo book with custom option where I created each page of the book by dragging and dropping the photos.

There are many page layouts to choose from. Therefore I used different layouts for my photo book with Blurb depending on the photos I wanted to include.

When you finish the layouts of each page, you can preview the photo book .If you want you can even add texts. This function is really good in order to create memories.

Once the photo book is done it only takes few minutes to place the order.

When you place the order, you can choose the paper quality and type of cover. I chose the Hard Cover option for this photo book.

After confirming everything, I placed the order. (I received a discount code from Blurb for this photo book)

Blurb Photo Book Review

Blurb Photo Book Review

Blurb Photo book review (Our experience and quality of the Photo book with Blurb)

The photobook we created is really beautiful. I received it within 2-3 weeks of placing the order. Photos are printed on thick high quality papers. Colours of the printed photos look natural. The hardcover gives a quality look for the photo book.

Overall we like our photo book created with Blurb. Through this photo book I could go back to the early days of my kid’s life which was full of exciting moments. This is why I always love to create memories with photo books.

Blurb is a great place to make your photo books online. To start making your photo book, click here.

Flower Delivery What Does Little Flower Hut Provide?

Are you looking for the freshest blooms and the wonderful designs? There are more to expect when you choose to maximize the services of Little Flower Hut. You can send Flower Delivery Singapore through the Florist and avail full services on special events and occasions. If you have a big event coming up and you will need more flowers for the celebrations, you may want to check the full service floristry that the florist offers:

Little Flower Hut

Flower Arrangements and Designs

A full service flower shop is your best place if you need beautiful designs of flower bouquets or floral arrangements. There are hundreds of designs to choose from in Little Flower Hut and some are perfect as birthday flowers, flowers for romantic purposes, anniversary flowers, graduation flowers, and other occasions. The florist will make your gift of flowers more wonderful by adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness in each design. Fashion is also given consideration to create stylish and modern flower arrangements and designs.

Florist Delivery

A full service online florist also provides fast and reliable florist delivery. When you send the gift of flowers to your loved ones in Singapore, you can count on the efficiency and prompt service of Little Flower Hut. All flowers are hand delivered to ensure that the flowers will arrive at the recipient’s address in fresh and hydrated condition. You can buy and send your flowers and gifts on the same day, in case you forgot the occasion. The florist accepts orders usually until 3 pm for this service. You can also send flowers on the next day or on the exact day of celebration.

24 Hours Accessibility

Whether you want to place orders of flowers or you want to ask for assistance in planning the flower arrangement, you can easily access the florist through the online flower shop. They are accessible 24 hours a day for seven days a week to help you choose the best floral bouquets and to assist you as you purchase and place your orders online. You can even track the flowers you order through the website anytime you want to know the status of the flowers you ordered for delivery.

Little Flower Hut

Florist Consultation

It is an advantage if you will seek the help and expertise of a professional florist on whatever floral designs you need for occasional flower gifts or for floral decorations on events. If you are planning a big event wherein you will need fresh flowers, you can count on the florist in Singapore to help you all the way. Moreover, a good florist can even make the most elegant and fabulous design for your event at your given budget or for an affordable price.

In a florist industry, a full service flower shop, like the Little Flower Hut, may also provide customer care and prompt and proper responses to customer’s questions and inquiries. More than just giving the customers and clients the best flower bouquets, being a full service florist is also about making them happy and satisfied with the Flower Delivery you send.

Improve Reading Skills of your Kids with Bookbot #Review

Reading is a very important skill to improve for any kid. As a mom I always create a reading environment for my kid from his birth. This is why this blog is full of articles which share our reading experiences, challenges and tips on teaching reading for kids with the hope of sharing my experiences with other moms. Today I want to introduce Bookbot for all moms and dads who read this blog and who are keen on improving reading skills of their kids.


What is Bookbot?

If you haven’t heard of Bookbot, it is time to check their website by visiting Bookbot is a platform that helps improving literacy of kids. They value the importance of reading skills of kids. Therefore the team behind the Bookbot created a virtual reading assistant to help your kid to improve reading skills.

Features of Bookbot App

Bookbot review

If you are a parent with a kid who struggles in reading, it is time to find ways to improve his reading skills while making him interest on reading. When the kid enjoys reading, you do not have to worry about his reading skills. Your kid will improve the reading skills automatically when he enjoys reading. He or she will read books without your interfering simply because your kid loves reading.

Bookbot is such a good App to introduce to your kid to improve his interest on reading. The virtual reading assistant will help your kid to read the books in Bookbot library. When your kid has a virtual assistant who help him or her to read, it is really exciting and fun! This is how you can improve the kid’s interest on reading.

Below are some of the highlighted features of Bookbot.

  • Appropriate books for kid’s reading level

Bookbot library is packed with age appropriate books that kids love to read. Other than the age, your kid can choose books that are right for their reading level. When the books are appropriate with your kid’s reading ability, he or she will enjoy reading without effort.

  • Immediate clarification & Feedback

The virtual reading assistant of Bookbot app responses immediately. When the kid cannot recognize a word or if the kid reads incorrectly, he will get immediate response which keeps him continuing reading.

  • Soft colours Easy on the eye

It is true that we parents try to limit screen time of kids. This is simply due to the probable health issues for eyes. However Bookbot app use soft and eye pleasing colours which are easy on eyes.

Download your free books from Bookbot

Bookbot Review

One of the Free printable books I downloaded from Bookbot

Above are some of the highlighted features of Bookbot. If your kid is struggling with reading or if you like to improve the reading skills of your kids, then Bookbot is the platform you should visit today. Do not think twice; find out more about Bookbot by visiting their website.  You can even download some free books from Bookbot.I downloaded free books from Bookbot and at home we read together!

Here is Another Kawaii Box Review + Giveaway

Do you know the secret? The super cute Kawaii Box has undergone lot of cute changes. From the outer box to things inside the box, all are cute and Kawaii for the subscribers. The team at Kawaii Box has listened to customer feedback for a while and have done all the changes to deliver more exciting Kawaii monthly subscription box for really good rate. If you don’t want to believe me, then check the latest Kawaii Box subscription prices and details by visiting

Kawaii Box Review

We are so excited to receive a Kawaii subscription box for the purpose of this review. Last month was school holiday and my kid enjoyed a holiday in Sri Lanka. When he came home, he found the cute Kawaii Box direct from Japan and he was so excited with everything inside. Kawaii Box unboxing was little noisy at our home as the kid was so excited with little cute things he received.

Kawaii Box Review

Although I have reviewed Kawaii Box subscription before, this time I got the chance to review their newly designed super cute Kawaii box together with my son. With his excitement on the cute items, I know how anyone who loves Kawaii items will be excited with this subscription!!

What was inside the Kawaii Box we received?

Kawaii Box Review

Kawaii Box Review

Do you like to unbox the Kawaii box with us? My kid already unboxed the Kawaii Box and excited with the things inside. We received June Subscription Box for this review and below are the cute items we found inside the Kawaii box. The theme for this month is summer.

  1. Salmon Sushi Boy Squishy

This Sushi squishy is beautiful cute and smelling good. It is the most favourite item of my kid from all items in the box. Squeeze it to send your stress away!

2.  Panda Bento Rice Mold

Panda Bento Rice Mold is so cute and good for creating cute panda shaped rice balls. I am sure my kid would love such cute food suggestions in his lunch box. Together with Rice Mold, there is a nori cutter which helps to cut ears, legs and face of Panda.

  1. Sumikko Gurashi Deco Stickers

Sumikko Gurashi character stickers are so cute and so good for decorating.

4. Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallows

These Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallows didn’t stay for a long time. My kid loved to taste all.

5. Precure Grape Gummies

We also found Precure Grape Gummies inside the box. These yummy gummies are with shapes of Precure anime series characters!

6. Kawaii Drinking Straw Pen

The drinking straw pen inside the Kawaii box is super cute.

Kawaii Box Review

Kawaii Box Review

7. Kawaii Hamster Soft Bag Charm

This is another so cute item from the Kawaii Box. This super cute hamster is good to hang in a bag.

8. Neko Ears Soft Headband

This headband is super cute and good for girls. Well, it is for me when applying makeup.

Kawaii Box Review

9. Moomin Memo Pad Set

These cute memo pads are great to stay organized. And the characters will keep us excited.

10. Cute Bunny Drink Coaster

This is another cute item from the Kawaii box. This coaster is good to protect the table from water marks.

Overall, we are excited with the things inside our Kawaii box. These are worth the money you pay for the subscription. Excitingly, Kawaii Box is delivered free worldwide. So, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs when subscribe.

I am sure now you want to subscribe for the next Kawaii Box delivery. Visit  to choose your plan and to check more details!

Kawaii Box Giveaway

Now, this is the most exciting part of this Kawaii Review.

Our lovely team at Kawaii Box like to sponsor a cute Kawaii Box for one of the Followers and readers of Diary of a New Mom. You will get the chance of winning a one subscription box simply by entering the below giveaway. It is easy to join. Simply follow the instructions.

Good Luck! And don’t forget to check the for details.

Diary of a New Mom Kawaii Box Giveaway

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