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DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Decor #Review

This DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor Review will help you to understand on how to create your own terrarium, where to buy your DIY Terrarium in Singapore and features of Masons Home Décor products.

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor

DIY activities are great for family bonding moments. Our recent DIY terrarium experience was such a fun and interesting moment which we spent time together creating a beautiful garden inside the glass bowl. This DIY terrarium kit review is all about it and it is from Masons Home décor which we reviewed ADOR Shoe Box before.

What is inside the DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor

DIY terrarium kit

A DIY kit should include all the materials necessary for creating the final product. It should be simple and fun to create. This DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor included all the necessary materials for our terrarium including Glass bowl, soil, stones and rocks, succulents as plants, garden tool set and water spray bottle. It also included 2 figurines to make the terrarium more beautiful.

As the DIY kit includes all materials and tools it made my life easier and we enjoyed creating out terrarium.

How to make your own terrarium?

making a terrarium

It is really easy to make a terrarium. All you need are the relevant materials and tools including rocks, stones and glass pot. When you use Mason’s DIY terrarium kit, you have all these materials in one place. Therefore simply follow the instructions to create your own mini garden.


Start from a stone layer. Then add soil layer and after that you can plant the succulents.


Once you plant all the plants you can use the rocks and other decorative stones to cover the soil in order to make your mini garden or terrarium more beautiful.

We did the same and here is a step by step article on how to make a terrarium. Read it and follow the steps.

How to take care of your Terrarium?

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor #Review

Remember, now you have a mini garden. Yes, your terrarium is like a mini garden inside your home. Therefore it needs special care. In this Masons DIY terrarium kit we found succulents as the plants. Succulents don’t like much water. But sunlight is necessary.

Therefore remember to water once a week only. Use the bottle inside the DIY kit to wet the soil around the plants. Don’t sprinkle water over the leaves or plants as it is not suitable for succulents.

Now, what was our experience with the DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor? I know you are curious to know. Here is our review.

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor Review

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor #Review
DIY terrarium

Honestly we had great time in this mini garden activity. It was a great way to bond with the kid while helping him to engage in this gardening project. We even learned how to make a terrarium and how to take care of a terrarium.

If we talk about the product, the DIY terrarium kit was with all the necessary tools and materials that are necessary for creating a mini garden. After all it was a fun experience and creating a mini garden in a glass bowl was super easy.

After all this terrarium was a good addition for our living room.

If you look for home décor items or if you like to create your own terrarium then visit to find out more details.

Photowall WallPaper Review + Discount Code

I’d like to share our experience and Photowall wallpaper review through this blog post because it was a nice experience. The DIY wallpaper experience was interesting and we could spend some family time during this makeover project.Here is our story with Photowall.

Photowall WallPaper Review

It was the right time when the team at Photowall contacted me for reviewing their products. I was planning a living room makeover. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we all had to stay at home and I found that I can spend time for rearranging the home.

Now the kid is almost 7 years old. Therefore no more baby proofing the home. Last few years we did changes to our home with the focus of the safety of the baby and now kid. Further, when the kid was growing up in one stage he started drawing on the wall. Although I trained him to draw and colour on the papers and on the white board I didn’t prevent him drawing on the wall. With such paintings on part of the living room wall, it was the right time to try the wall papers from Photowall for our living room makeover project.

This post is all about Photowall wallpaper review and our experience. I am sure this experience will inspire you with some creative ideas.

About Photowall

Photowall is a Sweden based company where you can purchase wall paper, wall mural and canvas for your home decoration projects. These products are great to transform any home to a comfortable space. This is why I loved to review the Photowall wall papers by using it to my living room make over project.

Our Photowall experience and Photowall review

The ordering process

Choosing a wallpaper is really easy. You can find beautiful and inspirational wallpaper ideas on their website.   Simply choose a design that suits your ideas and your home. Personally we loved to have light colour design on our living room wall. Therefore we ordered Vista Sand wallpaper design for our living room makeover project.

Photowall wallpaper review
Look of Vista Sand wallpaper as in Photowall website.

Below is how Vista Sand wallpaper looks like in our wall.

Our final look with Vista Sand wallpaper from Photowall

The delivery

Photowall wallpaper review

Delivery was super-fast and I received the product within few days of placing the order. All the wall panels were numbered accordingly, so that it was easier during the installation.


This was a kind of DIY project. Anyway we had to spend some time to remove kid’s drawings on the wall. After that the wall is ready to accept the new look.

Together with the Photowall wall paper, we received the installation guide. Therefore it was really easy to create our new wall interior with Photowall wall papers.

How to hang the Photowall wall murals

Here are the simple and easy steps to hang the wall mural.

  • First prepare the surface smooth. In our case we removed all the drawings and writing done by the kid.Check this post to read about how to remove crayons from the wall.You will see how our wall appeared before installing this wallpaper.
Photowall wallpaper review
Before : This was our wall before hanging the wallpaper.As you see there were some kid’s paintings on the wall.
  • Make the wallpaper paste. Inside the wall mural panels, we found our wall paper paste and it was easy to make the paste using luke-warm water as per given instructions.
  • It is time to hang the wall papers. Make sure to start from the right panel and the correct side. The wall paper panels are numbered and you can easily find the top and bottom. Also make sure to follow the number sequence.
  • Once you are ready with panels, apply the paste on to the wall.
  • Hang the wall paper panel from edge to edge. Then smooth down from the ceiling to the floor.
  • If there is any excess wall paper, trim it off.
  • Continue hanging the panels until your wall is transformed to the new design.
  • It is done. Don’t forget to wait for around 24 hours to see the best view of the new look.
Photowall WallPaper Review

Finally, we could transform our living room to a fresh looking clean wall within few hours. Compared to the struggles we have to face with painting the wall, this is a really easy way to transform the wall to a new look. Installation of the wall papers was really easy. It took only few hours to complete the entire wall.

After all I am really happy with the results. If you like some eye catching designs then don’t worry. You can choose colourful designs from the Photowall website. Even you can choose some kid friendly beautiful designs. We selected Vista Sand for our living room as we wanted a simple and light colour design.

Photowall Discount Code

Here is a discount code for readers of Diary of a New Mom.Use the code diaryofanewmom25 to enjoy 25% discount on any of Photowall products. Discount code will be valid until 15th of October 2020.

code : diaryofanewmom25

Discount : 25%

Valid till : 15th of October 2020

I am sure this Photowall wallpaper review is helpful for you to find more details on how it turned out for us. For more designs, visit Photowall website. Don’t forget that they ship the products within 1-2 days and deliver to most of the countries worldwide including Singapore.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Photowall. I received the products free of charge in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions are mine.No monetary compensation is received.

International Books Shop and Benefits of Reading

Do you have reading habits? Or do you still a reader of your tweets and facebook updates? If you don’t read books, then I want to share some benefits of reading books.

Benefits of Reading

When you keep reading books, you stimulate your brain and concentrate on the things in your book. This will keep your brain active and prevents memory losing power which most people experience with aging.
Of course, you can improve your knowledge by reading books and you will be strong in analytical thinking. Other than that reading is a good cure for your stress. You will relax after reading a good book.

International books shop

If you love reading or if you have the habit of gifting books for your friends and family members in their special occasions, then I want to introduce an Amazon book store which you can find a variety of books for cheap price.

International books shop is an Amazon store which sells books of different categories. Their book category list includes different topics including Addiction & Recovery, Alternative Medicine, ailments, Beauty Grooming & Style and more. Most of the categories and books they share in International Book Shop are good for anyone who loves reading different subjects and topics and with curiosity of learning many things.

Below is one of the books I selected which I love to have with me and of course the price is very reasonable.

International books shop

All the products sell in this Amazon store come with product details and actual customer reviews. These actual customer reviews are really helpful to decide on any book which you are going to buy. Other than that, you will find suggestions for similar books when you look for items on sale in International Book Shop Amazon store.

Do you love reading?If so visit International Book Shop and see what are the books you love to read!

Mixbook Photo Book Review

As Mixbook is one of my favourite photo book creating companies I want to share this Mixbook Photo Book Review to help you to decide on creating your next photo albums. Actually Mixbook is not only a company which provides the facility to create photo books.They also offer wide range of products and services which are really helpful for anyone who loves creativity and who loves to organize things in a better way.

Mixbook Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review

Things you can do with Mixbook

You can easily find beautiful themes and designs for birthday invitations and baby shower invitations. Not only for baby birthdays, you can also use photo printing service for other events such as your wedding or even for travel memories. Are your phone and computer full of digital photos? Why don’t you think of printing some of the best photos and create photo albums? With Mixbook you can also order photo prints and the rates are really affordable. Thinking of decorating your home with some beautiful wall art? I always love to create canvas prints using my travel photos which I am proud of. Printing a beautiful canvas print is really easier with Mixbook as you can do all just by staying in front of your computer within few single clicks.

Mixboo Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Our Family Photo Book for 2015

What I mentioned above are some of the things which you can do with Just by visiting the site, you can find more details of their products.If you love to create a scrapbook online,their photo book making software is really fun and easy to use.

Actually in this post, I want to share about Mixbook Photo books which I always love to create. I’ve shared some Mixbook reviews before and I also plan to share a Mixbook birthday photo cards review in future. Till that, here is my review on recent photo book created with Mixbook.

Mixbook Photo Book Review

If you remember, recently I shared a post about my experience on creating a photo book with Mixbook. Now, it is time to share the actual experience and review of Mixbook photobook.

Truly I love to create photo books with Mixbook. There are many reasons for me. But, to keep the post simple and short, below are some of the reasons to choose Mixbook as my favourite photo book creating company.

  • Use of the Mixbook photo book making software is really easy and fun. I could select a beautiful design from the available designs. What I like most is that I could insert text as I want. I could also change the design and insert some custom pages to my photo book when I create it with Mixbook.
How to create a family photo book
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use photo book software
  • I could create custom  pages as I like.Use of stickers and text was really fun and it is a good way to write some memories on the photos.
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use custom pages with text and stickers
  • Finally, the rates are really reasonable and shipping rates are not so high.
  • I also want to mention another feature I really like and which I use for my next photo book with Mixbook.

It is the facility of adding contributors. That’s really helpful when we need to create a photo book together with friends and other family members.

Here is how I use that feature and why I like Mixbook so much. If you heard, recently Sri Lanka faced to an unexpected severe flood situation. Our homes were flooded too till the roof top.( Can you imagine the condition of my school day photos and childhood day’s photos? All are damaged and I really feel sad. But, now I have facility of collecting the photos from my school friends who live in different countries. Using the Mixbook facility to create photo books with contributors, I started another photo book to print some memories from school days. As my other friends have their own copies; I invited them to contribute to my photo album with photos they have. It is so much fun and really helpful to collect some of my photos.

Overall I am happy with my photo books created with Mixbook and I’d like to recommend this photo book making company for anyone who likes to preserve family memories. You can easily preserve your family memories with Mixbook!

How to save money when you order your photo book?

Well, this is for those who like to save money from their shopping.

Do you know that Mixbook offers really good deals time to time?

To receive the latest updates, you need to join with their Newsletter. When you visit, create an account and start creating your photo book.

While you create your Mixbook photobooks, you can keep an eye on ongoing promotions. Some promotions offer upto 50% discounts on photo book prices. Some time they also offer free shipping. They send Mixbook coupon to your inbox and when there is a great discount you can order your photo book. This is the best way to save from your photo book.

Other than using Mixbook coupon codes, you can also join with their refer friends program. That will allow you to earn $20 when your friend orders a book.

Don’t you think making photobooks are really awesome way to preserve family memories?Check Mixbook and see how amazing their photo book designs are!

Use the below banner and use the mentioned latest Mixbook Coupon to get huge discounts.

(This post contains affiliate links)

Do you like photo books? How do you preserve family memories?


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8 Crabs Review : Crab Delivery in Singapore

I am sure you will feel hungry after reading this 8 Crabs Review.Why I am saying like that? This Crab delivery service in Singapore delivers freshly cooked food within 1 hour! And the food is yummilicious! 🙂

It was the right time when the team at 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant contacted me regarding an honest review about their food delivery. Due to Covid-19 pandemic we all in Singapore stay at home safely. This Circuit Breaker period also limited food and dining experiences and all these measures are for our safety. Therefore food delivery is the best option to try different food while staying home safely.

Do you know that you can even order durian online?Read our 8 Durian review for more details.

8 Crabs review

We are happy with the food delivery by 8 Crabs seafood restaurant due to different reasons. This is why I am writing this 8 crabs review in order to share the good news with others in Singapore. And do you know the best secret? 8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore that use grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. Therefore the customers are able to taste fresh meatier crabs when they place their order with 8 crabs. Not only crabs, there are other seafood and poultry dishes which you can order.

Okay, now I want to share about 8 Crabs food delivery and my experience from placing order until the food satisfy our cravings.

What is 8 Crabs?

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant is a Singapore based award winning crab and seafood delivery who serve the customers’ island wide. Their signature dish include premium AAA Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs while there are other seafood dishes prepared with fresh seafood from Sri Lanka.

Why crab delivery by 8 crabs is unique?

Although there are other seafood dishes that you can taste, this review will not complete if I don’t mention more about their crab delivery. Did you ever know what makes a delicious crab meal?

The crab meals are cooked with freshly caught wild crabs from Sri Lanka. Do you know that crabs grown in crab farms which are limited in space undergo lot of stress as they prefer to live alone? When the crabs are too stressed they produce ammonia. Anyway such farm grown crabs are cheaper in price as they are grown with the aim of profitable business. Although it is cheap such ammonia produced stressed crab will not give you the best taste as wild crabs can be.

This is why crab delivery from 8 crabs is so unique.


8 Crabs source their crabs from Sri Lanka and air flown daily to Singapore in order to deliver fresh crab meals.

Therefore crab delivery from 8Crabs includes meatier, bigger, less watery and tastier crabs that satisfy your food cravings.

With 12 kitchens across the island they also promise to deliver your order within 1 hour. Therefore One Hour Crab Delivery makes 8 Crabs unique from other similar delivery services.

Our Experience with 8 Crabs food delivery ( 8 Crabs review)

8 Crabs Review

Well, I was invited to experience meal delivery from 8 Crabs. While 8 Crabs best sellers include award winning chili crab, black pepper crab and Salted Egg Crab, we included more seafood and poultry to our order due to some dietary restrictions.

Our order included Premium Cereal Prawn, Prawn Paste Chicken, Yam Ring, Butter Battered Calamari and Mee Goreng.

Placing the order using 8 Crabs website was smooth and it only took few minutes. Once we add items to the cart, you can choose the preferred delivery time. Note that orders over $120 are entitled to free shipping.

Once we placed the order we received it at the specific time period without any delay.

Above all, the foods delivered were really hot and fresh. I only had to arrange the food for our meal.

Then the tasting experience!

Yam Ring

Yam Ring
Yam Ring

The Yam Ring was surrounded with crispy exterior that anyone cannot resist.The filling is so rich with blended flavours of nuts,shrimps,mushroom and other ingredients.

Cereal prawn

Premium Cereal Prawn
Premium Cereal Prawn

The cereal prawn must be another signature dish of 8 Crabs. Prawns were well coated with buttery and crispy cereals to add flavor. Overall it is a heavenly experience for any seafood lover. And don’t forget that we enjoyed bigger and meatier prawns and those were easy to de-shell too.

Mee Goreng

Do you know that all food items tasted heavenly? Well balanced flavours and freshness in every bite! Among all I cannot forget the delicious Mee Goreng which is well coated with flavours.

Mee Goreng
Mee Goreng

Butter Battered Calamari

This is one of our favourites! Butter Battered Calamari could caught my kid’s attention.He loved crispy tasted calamari and couldn’t wait until I complete my photo session. 🙂

Butter Battered Calamari
Butter Battered Calamari

Although these are home delivered foods,all food items were fresh and crispy.

Prawn paste chicken

Prawn Paste Chicken
Prawn Paste Chicken

This prawn paste chicken wings are definitely a must buy! Do you know why I want to say like that? In each bit I could taste the prawn paste flavor while enjoying the crispy delicious chicken!

8 Crabs Review

After all we are happy with our dining experience with 8 Crabs food delivery. I know that you may have bored with same food during this Circuit Breaker period. Then why not order your next meal with 8 Crabs?

Visit for more details.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with 8 Crabs. I received the above food from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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Whyzee for Online Birthday Cake Delivery #Review

I am sure after reading this review about Whyzee birthday cake delivery and about their cakes you will need to taste delicious cakes. Their cakes are so much delicious and make others want to feel the taste. This is why I am telling that you will have sweet cravings after reading this Whyzee bakery review. 🙂

Whyzee cakes review

During this Covid-19 circuit breaker time we found how online shops and online delivery services are helpful. While online shopping is not a new thing, sometimes such services were not admired much by most people as they were used to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops.

But, Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we lived so far. During the stay at home period, we were lucky these online delivery services existed. This is where I admire services such as Whyzee bakery’s cake delivery which help us to celebrate occasions even during the pandemic.

Whyzee cakes review Singapore

Recently we received the opportunity to taste their freshly baked cakes while spending time at home. It was a great experience specially during the circuit breaker period. Other than that, personally we all at our family could taste the freshness of cakes delivered in every bite. Those were delicious too.

What is Whyzee Bakery?

Whyzee cakes review

Established with the goal of delivering the best freshly baked artisanal cakes island wide in Singapore Whyzee is the one stop place for cake lovers. Be it a birthday or any celebration, there are different types of cakes to choose from. They also specialize in delivering freshly baked egg-less cakes.

Below are the notable features of Whyzee bakery’s birthday cakes and egg-less cakes.

Features of Whyzee Birthday cake delivery

Last minute cake delivery in 1 hour : Don’t worry of you plan a celebration last minute or even if you forget to order a freshly baked cake for someone you love. You can still order your birthday cakes from Whyzee bakery and they will deliver just in 1 hour.

Whyzee bakery review

Fresh and delicious: While you can easily by cakes from any place it is not easy to by freshly baked cakes unless you place the order at least few days before the actual date. However Whyzee cake delivery assures to send freshly baked cakes even for last minute orders.

Affordable rates: This is another feature that I want to mention here. If you visit their site then you will note the cake prices which are really affordable compared to the quality, freshness, taste and service.

Our experience and Whyzee cakes Review

We received 3 cakes from Whyzee bakery which are Mango Mousse cake, Tiramisu cake and Chocolate desire cake. All these cakes were packed with its flavours and we could taste the freshness in every bite.

Mango Mousse cake

Whyzee Mango Mousse cake
Mango Mousse cake from Whyzee

This Mango Mousse cake was the favourite of my kid. Not very sweet, but full of mango flavor this Mango Mousse cake could satisfy the sweet cravings of us giving the best cake experience for us!

Whyzee Mango Mousse cake

Check details of this Mango Mousse Cake from Whyzee Bakery.

Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu cake
Tiramisu cake from Whyzee bakery

While I like other cakes, this Tiramisu cake is my favourite cake among all. Each and every bite of this Tiramisu cake from Whyzee bakery filled me with coffee flavor. The creamy layers added extra flavor to my tasting experience. If you love coffee or Tiramisu then this cake is for you!

Tiramisu cake review

Chocolate Desire Cake

Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee
Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee

Full of chocolaty flavor this is the perfect choice for anyone who loves chocolates. The top of the cake is a chocolate mirror glaze. Inside the cake you will find layers of delicious chocolate mousse. It is a perfect birthday cake for anyone who loves chocolates.

Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee

We had a great cake experience with Whyzee. This is why I want to share this Whyzee cakes review to help you to make your birthdays extra special.

Why not trying these cakes for your next birthday celebration? Visit for more cake ideas as they offer a range of designs and flavours.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Whyzee Bakery . I received the above cakes from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review

Well, it is time for a pillow review. I hope this SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review will help you to decide on which pillow you should consider for a better sleep. That’s why I want to share my honest review as I know the importance of comfortable sleep without stiff neck next day. As a mom with busy lifestyle I know the pain of having stiff neck, lack of sleep and yet do the necessary things for the day. This is why I always love to choose comfortable and suitable bedding materials for our home.I know this step helps us to improve the sleep quality.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review

This Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz is amazing and it could give me good, continues and comfortable sleep throughout the night. Therefore here is my experience simply because a pillow review will definitely help you to know the experiences of others who actually used.

What makes a good pillow?

Some pillows are so soft and don’t provide a good support for the neck. There are some pillows which change its shape after use of few days. Such pillows end up giving neck pain and stiff neck for the users together with other sleeping disorder symptoms. This is why it is important to choose a quality pillow for a continuous non disturbing sleep.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review
Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz

What makes SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Special?

Well, after using this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow for few weeks I know it provide a comfortable sleep through the night. The pillow is soft and comfortable to sleep. However it doesn’t change the shape after the sleep. The comfort is same on the next day too.

So, what makes it so special? Below are some features of the SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow.

Features of SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow

 It adapts for all sleepers even you are a back-sleeper, side-sleepers or a combination-sleeper.

When you sleep it supports under your neck avoiding the possible pain. At the same time the memory fluff filling of the pillow will sink more to the centre of the pillow when you rest on it. This feature allows you to avoid neck pain and other possible sleep problems due to disturbed sleep.

Pillow Review
SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow

There is a super-breathable pillow protector comes with the Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow. This pillow protector not only protects the pillow but also allow the air to flow throughout the pillow.

SleepWiz Pillow Review
super-breathable pillow protector

There are durable memory fluffs to maintain the volume of the pillow for years. Due to this feature you will have a soft comfortable pillow for years.

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow
Durable memory fluffs

SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow Review -Our actual experience

Well, after receiving this pillow for the review purpose I changed my existing pillow and shifted to the new pillow. I experienced all the above mentioned features of this Memory Fluff Pillow.

Yes it supports the neck and head very well. During the sleep it supports under the neck at the same time the memory fluff filling of the pillow will sink more to the centre of the pillow giving a good support for the head. As a result I could wake up on the next day without any neck pain. I don’t remember any day with poor sleep.

I used it for few weeks in order to experience how it works. So far I love this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz.

If you look for a new pillow or if it is time for you to change the pillow then check more details of this Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow by visiting SleepWiz.Currently it is offered in a discounted price!Grab the deal! 🙂

Do you have experienced stiff neck due to the pillow? Or do you have experienced poor sleep any day? Please share your thoughts as comments.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with SleepWiz. I received the above pillow from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

OneClass Review : A Resource for study materials and homework help

OneClass is a platform where students can get homework help online. Students can get study materials, guides and homework help when they use OneClass online platform. Due to its benefits for both parents and students I thought of sharing this OneClass review with you all. I hope my experience will help you to understand what OneClass is before you decide to get homework help or tutoring for your children. 

OneClass Review

Why I wanted to check OneClass?

Most parents worry about their teen children’s homework. This is why most children attend tutoring programs. However there are debates on tutoring programs as it makes students more tired.  Finding a reliable tutoring program is another issue. Sometimes it is obvious that many students do tuition hopping when they cannot get the necessary guidance.

Further During this Covid -19 pandemic we all understand the importance of online educational platforms. Most countries around the world are under lockdown or under strict social distancing measures to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 virus. Schools are closed and students have to study from home. There is no way to attend neither tuition classes nor connecting with tutors unless they use online platforms. This is why online teaching platforms are helpful for the students. As a mom I too worry about my son’s education and activities during this stay at home duration.

As I was introduced to I want to share my experience through this OneClass Review.

What is OneClass?

OneClass is an online platform that connects students and tutors. It is also a wonderful place to find study materials and guidance. If any student wants homework help for specific subject they can get the necessary help by visiting Isn’t it awesome?

Features of OneClass

It is a resource for study materials

OneClass Review

Students can find study materials for most schools and university programs. Once you visit OneClass you have to choose the country ansd respected university or school to find the available resources. At present most of the American university materials can be found in this platform. There are other countries as well such as Canada and Australia. This is a great way to find class notes and resources when your children need help in specific subjects.

Free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor an live streaming

During this Covid-19 pandemic this is the biggest advantage for students around the world. Join with free live streaming to learn the subjects that are on free tutoring program.

This free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor is one of the worth mentioning feature of OneClass.Its really free to join.Your children can book their free tutoring session to study online.

Join the free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor!

You can earn by contributing

Do you know that you can earn when you use OneClass? There are different ways to earn with OneClass. You can earn money as an official note taker. To qualify for this program you have to send an application for review. But it is a simple and easy process.

Above are some of the reasons to check and join with OneClass. You can check more details and join with this online tutoring platform by visiting

Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids : A New App for kids + Promo Code

If you look for preschool games for free then this app is for you. Why? Let me explain. I want to introduce the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids app with promo code to enhance your kid’s learning experience.

Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids

As a mom I always look for ways to help my kid to learn new things. I know it is same for most of other parents with the concern on better development of their kids. Early education plays a major role in any kid’s development. As parents we have to play a big role. But the world has changed so much. Education is not only through reading books or writing on papers. There are many other tools that we can use to keep the kids engaged while learning actively. Mobile apps are part of such tools.

In this hard time battling with Covid-19 situation most parents found it difficult to keep the toddlers and young kids to stay at home to keep them safe. We have to adapt to the home based learning as the schools are closed. They can’t go to the playgrounds in order to keep social distancing and to prevent catching up the virus. How do you keep your kids safe at home while helping them to use the time engaging in helpful activities?

With home based learning, kids have to use computers and online tools than before. Instead of blaming on such educational games and apps, parents found it helpful to give the necessary education together with funful activities. This is where educational apps for toddlers and kids are helpful.

A new app called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids is launched with promo code LOVE4KIDS at the right time to allow more learning opportunities for young kids.You can download it by visiting the app store.

Visit this link to download Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids from App store.

promo code LOVE4KIDS

Features of Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids App

Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids

Games and apps are a great way to keep the preschoolers, toddlers and young kids in active learning. They learn naturally while playing. This is why apps are helpful for teaching basic concepts such as counting, colours, vocabulary and even letters through fun apps. As a mom I experience all these with my kid since his toddler age.

Below are the notable features of Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids App that are worth mentioning.

  • There are no third party advertisements. This is the most admirable feature by me because then I know my kid is using an app safely. Further, no wifi is needed to this app.
  • There are 696 interactive and colourful flashcards with advanced controlling system.
  • In this app you will find over 150 matching game levels. As we know that toddlers get bored easily, this is helpful to keep him or her engaged while learning new things daily.
  • There are 32 different elements for your toddler to explore. These elements include indoor, outdoor, animals, numbers, letters and many more.
  • Animated teacher named Marina is there to help your toddler with voice narrations. My kid loves this feature because he feels like interacting with a teacher in real time.
  • A clean interface that is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and young kids. With a visually appealing interface parents can keep trust on its benefits for their young kids.
  • This App is developed with the focus of developing motor skills, critical thinking, concentration, attention and memory span, cognitive abilities of toddlers and preschoolers. Therefore parents do not need to worry when choosing this app.

Our Experience and Review

Kids App review

I downloaded Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids app for my kid and he loved using it.As a mom I always check such apps before allowing him to use.The app is really useful for young kids to explore different topics suitable for the age.

My kid started improving his vocabulary relevant to the given topics.

Games app for Kids review

It was fun learning together with playing with excitement.The brain tests are making him excited! Due to the simple and cluttered free screen time,this app will be a great companion for his learning journey.

Promotion is happening now!

Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids is a free app. Therefore you can easily download it by visiting app store.

If you like to allow your toddler to experience the advanced level of his learning then you can easily upgrade your app for a few dollars.

And here is the good news!

As a promotion for its launch on 15th June, you can upgrade the app for free using the below code.

Promo code : LOVE4KIDS

Use this code after downloading Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids App and you can save $6.99 instantly. And you will gain more benefits by allowing your young kid to explore more skills!

This offer ends on June 30th.

Then why wait? Visit app store to download this app or check facebook page to find more details.

8 Durian : Singapore Online Durian Delivery #Review

It’s a Durian post! Moreover, it is a durian delivery post today. Can you imagine tasting fresh durian without even going out from home? But still fresh as it is scooped out from the fruit? This 8 Durian review is all about that!

8 Durian is the newest in the town which offers durian delivery across Singapore. And here is our 8 Durian review to spread this good news around!

8 Durian delivery review

Durian season in Singapore usually starts around June and you can find fresh durian till September. This is the best season to taste delicious and creamy durians.

In Singapore you will find durians everywhere. There are different types of durians with different names and quality. Singaporeans know how to pick the best tasting durians. And if you live in Singapore you must taste this King of the fruits, otherwise you cannot be part of the Singapore. Well, this is not a rule. But this is what was told by my colleagues when I started working on my first job in Singapore back in 2009.And I became a Durian lover too.The same colleagues even introduced me to another Singapore must try,which is mooncakes.

Best Durians may pricey. But you can’t challenge the taste of fresh durians from quality harvesting. As our experience with 8 Durians is so good so far, here is our review. So you know what to choose.

Features of 8 Durians delivery

  • Fresh durians harvested from private high mountain plantation located in Pahang, Malaysia
  • Durians are plucked freshly from trees that are 15 years old and the trees not from an overcrowded plantation.
  • Premium quality durians for affordable price
  • 8 Durian is a durian delivery service which you can place the order online.
  • Website is clutter free and easy to choose the products and place the order.
  • Free same day delivery for orders placed above $100
  • 1 hour express delivery

8 Durian review and our experience

After reading the above features of 8 Durian delivery service, I am sure you are excited to know how we tasted the durians delivered. Yes, here is our 8 Durian review which include details from ordering to delivering to our tasting experience.

The ordering process

Ordering durians is really easy as the website is easy to navigate. The available durian varieties are with necessary details such as type, plantation, harvest and even the taste which is helpful for anyone who doesn’t know much about durians to place their order.

The delivery

Durian delivery Singapore

When I placed the order, I had to choose the delivery date and time. I received my durians on the due date and sharp within the time period I have mentioned.

Durians were packed perfectly in order to keep the freshness. If you don’t want to taste the durian right away, you can even keep it for few hours in the fridge as the packaging is properly sealed.

The tasting experience

8 Durian delivery review

In 8 Durians website you can find mainly 3 types of Durians including Premium Black Gold Durian , Mao Shan Wang and Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’.I placed the order for Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’ and Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’ durians as these are varieties that tastes creamy and sweet.

Our tasting experience was enjoyable.

Singapore durian review blog

Premium Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade :

With rich and creamy texture every bite of premium Mao Shan Wang durian could allow us to taste the freshness of durian. It was satisfying and our durian craving was arousing. Seeds are small therefore more flesh in each bite.

Here is my little reviewer who was waiting for durian tasting till I capture few photos. 🙂

Durian review

Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’

8 Durian delivery review

Although it is difficult to identify the exact differences between the tastes if these 2 durian types, Mao Shan Wang is still a rich creamy and slightly bitter durian. The colour is darker compared to the Premium Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade. Each bite was full of deliciousness which aroused the taste buds.

8 Durian delivery review

Overall we had great durian tasting experience.

I know that you are a durian lover.And I know that you want to check how the durian delivery works.You can read more and choose the preferred durian types when you visit

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with 8 Durian. I received the above products from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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