July 20, 2024

Connect with Nature Workshops for Mum and Kids

We are living in a world where we experience climate changes and possible future threats. These threats created us to think about living in an eco-friendly lifestyle. And we know our children will be the future of this world. They will make the decisions and they will be the policy makers. This is why it is important to teach children on how to live a green lifestyle. We believe that sustainability starts with children!

When we teach the children on how to live a sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle, they will grow with environmental friendly habits and knowledge which helps the entire world.

How to teach your kids sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle?

It starts today.

Teach them how to connect with nature in every possible way. Surround them with green activities which help them to take responsibility in their actions. Each step they take today will help them to grow as responsible citizens who love nature.

This is where we came up with our Connect with Nature workshops. Started as a good cause by Dr.Parvathy Subhadra, MD of Green in Future Pte Ltd, below are our workshops created with children in mind. These workshops will create awareness about green lifestyle while connecting children to the nature with hands on activities.

Terrarium making Workshop (Duration : 1.5 hr)

Conducted by Dr.Parvathy  Subhadra, this terrarium making workshop is one of the best ways to connect with nature while living in an urban city. We all know that planting is relaxing. Children will explore their creativity while making this mini garden in a glass bowl.

Not only for kids, our workshops are open for parents as well.

During this workshop, Dr.Parvathy will explain the process of making a terrarium and how to take care of it at your own home even with mild shade of sunlight.


  • Connectivity with nature activity
  • Awareness of green lifestyle
  • Improved creativity & attention
How to make a green building

How to Make a Green Building (Duration: 1 hr)

This workshop is created to connect both STEM and sustainability concepts together. Initiated by Ms.Amila Gamage who is an Engineer in construction industry, through this workshop children will learn to design an eco-friendly building. They will brainstorm the green concepts to use in their building which they will take responsibility even as grown adults in future.

During this ‘How to make a green building’ workshop, children will learn what they can do in order to create a green building and they will experience their knowledge in a hands on activity.


  • Awareness of sustainability and concepts of STEM
  • Improved creativity & attention
  • Connectivity with green lifestyle   

Mindful yoga (Happiness & Gratitude ) : (Duration: 30 minutes)

We end up our workshops with a 30 minutes session of mindful yoga where children learn the basics of mindfulness. With the guidance of Ms.Dhara Shantilal, this yoga session helps children to enhance their well-being while controlling negative emotions. They will learn how to respond rather than reacting. At the end of the 30 minutes session, children will feel calm by themselves which improves their attention.


  • Calms the mind
  • Lower stress level
  • Improves the sense of balance

Other workshops:

Horticulture Therapy by Dr Parvathy

Microgreen Growing at your own kitchen by  Dr Parvathy

How to make your home green by Ms.Amila Gamage

For the 3 hr workshop which consist of above 3 activities,


These workshops are available on demand.

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