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How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

How to remove crayons from the wall? Is this what you are thinking now?I had the same issue when I found it was time to clean and organize our home again.Our kid was so creative on part of the living room ,so that it is the time to get rid of these crayon marks.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

Parents know when their kids get creative. It is common to have crayon drawings and writing on the walls at one stage of life of any kid. Although my kid used books, papers and whiteboard for his expressions he also expressed his thoughts in some parts of our walls. Colouring pages were his favourite way to spend time.But he loved to draw in a wall too. Luckily he didn’t mess whole area of the walls. Therefore no much work for us.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

We allowed the kid to be creative and didn’t bother to repaint the walls until now. He is going to be 7 years old and now he doesn’t want to use walls for his creative ideas. Therefore I started our latest living room makeover project.

Removing these crayon marks from the walls is part of my project before I use wallpaper on the wall. After some research I found this method and it worked for us.

It is simple. What you need is toothpaste and cleaning cloths.

How to remove crayons from the wall using toothpaste?

Here are the easy steps on removing crayons from the wall.

  • Simply apply some tooth paste on the crayon marks.
  • Allow few minutes. (1-2 minutes)
  • Then using a damp cloth, wipe the toothpaste away.
  • You will see a clean wall with no more crayon marks.

Doesn’t this sound easier than having to repaint?

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall
We even used toothpaste to remove pencil marks from the wall.
Clean wall without Crayon marks.

Other methods to remove crayons from the walls

I used toothpaste for removing crayons and it worked for me. And it is easy to find toothpaste at home compared to other materials. However I found some other methods too to remove such crayon paintings. Anyway I didn’t try below methods and sharing just for information.

It is said that soap and water can do the magic of removing the crayons. Try it if you like.

Baking soda and vinegar is another solution for removing crayons from walls.

Do you know any other method? Please share as a comment.

Packing Effectively When Moving To A New House

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that the average person does. You can make it even worse when you do not pack things correctly as your belongings may get damaged in transit. When it comes to packing up your home, you will want to do it methodically and ensure you have everything that you need to get the job done correctly. Below are some tips to help you with this and make your move as stress-free as possible.

What You Will Need

Packing Effectively when Moving
Image Source : Freepik

It is highly recommended that you use one of the cheap removalists Brisbane locals trust when moving home. If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, you will need to ensure you have all the correct materials to pack up your household. Items that you will need are:

  • Plenty of boxes of multiple sizes
  • Packing material
  • Packing tape
  • Marker pens
  • A trolley to move heavy boxes

When you have all of these, you will be ready to start the process of packing and get yourself ready for moving home.

Pack One Room At A Time

You will want to start in one room of your home and carefully packing everything that is there, starting with putting the boxes together. Ensure that you put them together well and use plenty of tape to prevent them from falling apart when you lift them. Place heavier items at the bottom and ensure that you do not put too much into each carton. You will also want to use packing material sparingly and try to prevent the items in the box from moving around during transit. Once each carton is fully packed, seal it using packing tape, and then use your marker to write on the side the room it came from and some of the items inside, which will make unpacking a lot simpler. When moving the boxes, ensure that you lift correctly, bending at your knees and using your legs to lift. If something is heavy, get help or use a trolley to move it, which will make it much easier for you.

Start With The Rooms With More To Pack

Packing Effectively when Moving
Image Source: Freepik

As well as packing each room in turn, you will want to start with the places that have more items that need packing. You often find that the kitchen, bedrooms, and garage will have the most things, so these are excellent places for you to start. Work your way through each room of your house and when finished, load the boxes onto your transport, ready to set off to your new home.

Arriving At Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, you will then need to unpack everything and place the items in the relevant rooms of your new house. As you have written the contents of the box and the room from which they came on the side, it is simple to make sure that you take each box to the correct location. In no time at all, you can unpack your belongings and settle into your new abode, with little stress and preparation to take on this new chapter of your life.

How To Create An Indoor Garden At Home

An indoor garden is a great way to grow fruits, herbs, vegetables and more all year-round. Indoor plants are popular due to many reasons such as; brightening up indoor spaces, easy to take care of, have mood-boosting qualities, and can be used in various indoor decor themes. 

How To Create An Indoor Garden At Home

If your home doesn’t have tons of square footage, it doesn’t mean you can’t exhibit the strength of your green thumb. In fact, indoor plants don’t need to take up much space and a windowsill will get you started. If you are interested in duplicating Mother Nature indoors, here’s a guide on how to create an indoor garden indoor.

In case you need any garden supplies, give Growace a try.

Getting started

Before we educate you on how to create a successful indoor garden at home, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with what you’re getting yourself into. Make the internet and books your best friend and learn about indoor gardening. Start with sunlight issues and select a room that can accommodate plenty of natural light. Besides, be informed that air conditioners and heating will affect the average temperature to a large degree. Determine how many degrees are perfect for most plants to thrive. Most importantly, if you have limited space, opt to hang baskets as a way of maximizing space to grow more plants.

You can also consider having a terrarium for your home as it is easy to maintain.Here is how to make a terrarium.

How To Create An Indoor Garden At Home

1. Preparation

First things first, you should decide the style of indoor gardening based on your household preferences. The two general styles of gardening are;

  • · Container gardening – This is a common gardening style that uses containers with well-mixed soil. It is an ideal option for individuals looking forward to rearranging their plants or growing any type of plant and in any size
  • · Hydroponic gardening – A special type of indoor gardening that utilizes non-soil starter and fertilized water, arranged vertically. It’s a perfect choice for anyone willing to grow a variety of plants in a limited space

2. Find the right space

Creating a successful indoor garden depends heavily on the space you’re willing to set aside for your plants. It’s not the same if you only have a table, windowsill or an entire room at your disposal. The idea is to look for an area with a tile floor or linoleum or use tarps if you have them. Maximize your growing space by making shelves and avoid growing your plants in cold temperatures such as garage or attic which can kill them or slow their growth rate. Also, avoid areas with a fan or air vent to prevent your plants from drying out. The area you choose must have adequate lighting to allow your plants to benefit from at least six hours of sunlight every day.

3. Containers – Made, bought or reused

There are a variety of containers available in the market that you can buy for a few bucks but with the right tools and skills, you can make them all by yourself. Indoor plants can use any container from empty yogurt cups to large metal or wood containers, depending on the type of plant. As a rule of thumb, the container you choose must allow proper drainage and big enough to allow roots to penetrate. If your container doesn’t have a draining hole, consider adding pea gravel or small rocks at the bottom to enhance drainage.

You can as well reuse containers for planting but you must first clean them using a water solution of bleach to prevent the spread of disease that could otherwise affect your plant’s growth. It is still okay to recycle plastic bottles or bigger cans especially if you don’t want to strain your wallet.

4. Prepare the soil

How To Create An Indoor Garden At Home

When it comes to soil preparation, most people make a mistake of grabbing a bunch of soil from their garden and transferring it to the planting containers. And because you’re reading this article, don’t make this mistake. Soil from outside contains insects and diseases that could kill your plants. Besides, it doesn’t contain the proper balance of sand and clay for a perfect porosity. Even though you can buy a pre-made potting mix, it’s possible to make your own with 1 part vermiculite, 1 part coir peat, and 2 parts compost using the following procedure;

  • · Start by soaking the 1 part of coir peat brick to allow rehydration
  • · Properly mix vermiculite and coir peat and add in the compost

5. Choose your plants and buy seeds

Indoor gardening is fun as it gives you an opportunity to grow your preferred plants at home. There is a possibility to purchase seedlings but it’s recommendable to start from scratch using seeds especially if you want to enjoy the growing experience. Indoor gardening gives you unlimited possibilities and you can plant any plant from fruits and herbs to flowers and decorative greens. However, there’s a limitation of space availability and the ceiling height of your house. If you wish to grow different varieties of plants at the same time, ensure that they have a similar requirement of temperature, total humidity, light, and watering.

6. Maintain your plants

After planting your garden, you must be aware that your work is not over yet. You should maintain your plants with general care which involves the following;

  • · Fertilizing

Indoor plants tend to quickly use most of the nutrients from the soil and growing medium. Besides, some of the nutrients are leached out by water and therefore, they need a boost with extra fertilizer. It is recommendable to use organic fertilizers and hydroponic nutrients for your plants, but you should follow the instructions on the package carefully.

  • · Temperature

Most plants thrive in temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, although a variance of 10 degrees on either side is still okay. If the temperature in your house is too cold, the leaves of your plants will begin to dry, lose their chlorophyll and eventually fall off. On the other hand, too high temperature makes the plants small and weak. It is advisable to invest in the Autopilot Cooling Thermostat to control heating and cooling in the plant’s environment.

  • · Humidity

If you’d wish to grow healthy and vigorous plants, you must come up with a strategy to control moisture in the growing space. You can opt to mist your plants every day or purchase an environmental controller or humidifier to regulate indoor humidity.

  • · Watering

Plants grown in a container tend to dry out very fast and therefore, you should be prepared to water them regularly. However, watering should be done only when you notice the soil is dry and the water should stay on room temperature for sometime before using it. Most importantly, be careful not to overwater your plants.

  • · Lights

If you look at vegetables garden outdoor, one thing you’ll realize is that they are planted in areas where they can get the maximum amount of sunlight. Most herbs and vegetables require a minimum of six hours of daylight for them to thrive and when growing indoors, you’ll have two options.

First, you can grow your plants near a window for them to benefit from direct sunlight. Secondly, if the growing space doesn’t accommodate enough light, you should consider using artificial lighting which is famously known as grow lights.

Grow light kits and grow lights are not as easy as purchasing light bulbs and given that different vegetables and plants require different types of light for growth, there are two types of grow light kits to consider;

  • · Warm spectrum grow lights – They have a low number on the scale approximately 3000K and perfect for growing peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and other fruiting plants
  • · Cool spectrum grow lights – They have a high number on the scale approximately 6500K and perfect for seedlings as well as leafy vegetables

Last but not least, there are various types of grow lights bulbs as well from traditional incandescent to LED and fluorescent and you can choose one depending on your household needs and your financial situation. If you don’t have time to research about these bulbs, go for LED as they last longer and will save on electricity.

Importance of proper lighting

Plants require light for energy and survival – Plants get energy from light through a process known as photosynthesis. During this process, light energy is converted into chemical energy and this leads to the production of sugars like glucose which provide food for the growth of your indoor plants

· Light is needed for the plant’s growth and development – Outdoor plants grow strong and healthy because they receive enough light. Therefore, lack of enough light will make your indoor plants grow tall and spindly

Bottom line

Let’s face it, it’s the desire of every person to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from their gardens. However, most of them are afraid that they don’t have enough space and end up giving up on their cultivation dreams. The good news is that you don’t need a yard to make your dreams come true as you can grow any plant indoors on a windowsill or on a corner of an abandoned room. Indoor gardening comes with tremendous benefits such as cleansing your household air, improving the aesthetics of any indoor space, boosting your moods and providing your family with a wealth of fresh and yummy foods and this article will help you grow your first plants successfully.

How to Make a Terrarium with Succulents

Making your own terrarium is a fun activity and it is really simple. If you want to know how to make a terrarium with succulents then here is how we made it. Succulents are beautiful plants that don’t need much water. They also prefer sunlight moderately. When you understand these, it is really easy to maintain a terrarium in your home without much hard work.

How to make a terrarium with succulents

Anyway our terrarium is with special features. It is a terrarium made out of a DIY terrarium kit. And this is also a terrarium with succulents and made with a kid.

What is a terrarium?

In case if you are new to a terrarium and do not have an idea on what it is, let me share. In simple words a terrarium is a mini garden or it can also describe as a mini greenhouse. Most of the times, terrariums are made using glass containers. With layers of stones, soil and rock a glass terrarium creates a beautiful display to any home.

What are succulents?

Succulents are kind of cactus which are resistant to drought. These small plants can well adapt to the dry environment and prefer sunshine. Visually these small plants are beautiful and suitable for indoor gardening or terrariums.

How to make a terrarium with kids

I made my terrarium with the kid. It was a fun activity and for most steps my kid involved. Therefore if you look for garden activities or DIY activities to do with kids, try a terrarium.

Here are the simple steps on creating your own terrarium. We used DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor.

Things you need:

If you use a DIY terrarium kit, then you don’t have to worry about all materials and tools for making a terrarium. However if you do it from scratch, then here are the things necessary.

  • A Glass container
  • Small stones/gravel
  • Activated charcoal
  • Potting soil
  • 3-4 succulents (you can use other plants too)
  • Decorative rocks


You can easily follow below steps.  

First add a layer of small stones at the bottom of the glass container.

Then add a thick layer of soil mix on top of the small stone layer.

making a terrarium

Now it is time to plant your succulents.

Dig around 2-3cm holes on your soil layer. Remove the succulents from its pots and plant inside the glass container.


You can arrange the plants as necessary and according to your own design.

Then use some soil to cover the roots.

Finally, it is time to decorate your terrarium.

Use remaining gravel, stones and rocks to cover the exposed area. Create a mini garden using all the rocks and stones inside your DIY terrarium kit.

You can also Place beautiful figurines accordingly to create your final garden scene.

How to take care of your Terrarium?

How to make a terrarium with succulents

It is also important to take care of your terrarium. Treat it as a mini garden in your home. As we used terrariums it is important to not to water frequently.

Here are some tips to take care of your terrarium with succulents.

Place your terrarium in a place where it receives indirect sunlight.

Water the plants once every week using the given bottle.

Remember to water the soil around the plants without watering over the succulents.

Rotate your terrarium frequently to get enough sunlight.

In this way you can easily take care of your succulents and the terrarium.

Now you have a beautiful terrarium made with succulents! And it is a terrarium made with kids. Keep it in a beautiful corner of your home as part of home decorating!

Paw Patrol Birthday Party for 4th Birthday

My kid loves Paw Patrol. This is why he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his favourite pups from Paw Patrol cartoon. He turned into 4 in last October (in 2017) which I had to plan his birthday party with his favourite cartoon characters.As always,here is our story behind the Paw Patrol Birthday party celebration for the kid’s 4th birthday.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party for 4th Birthday

Note: This is a post which was in my drafts for about an year.Publishing in 2019 as I want to keep the blog with some of our life stories.. 🙂

We didn’t invite guests to our home. Instead of that, we celebrated his birthday with his preschool friends. At the time of planning our Paw Patrol birthday party for 4 year old kid, I had difficulty in finding some party supplies easily. This is why I had to be little creative to keep everything within our theme.

Though it is months after the birthday, I am sure this Paw patrol birthday party will give some ideas if you plan such a themed birthday party for your kids.If you love DIY themed birthdays parties,then these ideas will help you. 🙂

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

Paw Patrol Birthday party for kids

I ordered the cake from a bakery shop in my neighbourhood. This birthday cake was supposed to share with preschool kids and teachers. So, I ordered a cake with soft butter icing which will keep its taste instead of decorating it with many colours. Same time, I ordered a set of Paw Patrol cake figurines to decorate the cake. (Non-edible Paw Patrol figurines/toys)

Cake shop owner has already decorated the birthday cake with some toys, so I used Paw patrol toys around the cake just to symbolize our theme. Anyway, kids loved the cake and its taste. Teachers loved too as it was less sweet.

Also read this Whyzee cakes review where you can order birthday cakes online.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake for the Home – A piece of cake decorated

Though we planned celebrating our Paw patrol birthday at preschool, I just planned family celebration on the day of kid’s birthday. He was so happy to see this small cake with his Paw Patrol characters. I just decorated a piece of cake to keep him entertained and excited before go to the preschool.

Paw Patrol Birthday party for kids
A piece of cake decorated with Paw patrol toys to please him in the morning before go to the preschool… 🙂
Paw Patrol Birthday party for kids
Paw Patrol Birthday backdrop for home,simple and fast decoration with balloons and crepe papers
How old are you? I am 4
Paw Patrol Birthday party for kids

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Hats

Paw Patrol Birthday party hats
DIY party hats- Bought basic hats and decorated with Paw patrol stickers to match with the theme.

I couldn’t find the exact Paw patrol themed party hats. So, I was creative in decorating the party hats with Paw patrol characters. I always use the same trick with themed stickers. This time also, I use Paw Patrol stickers to decorate the party hats. You can check similar tutorial here on how to DIY party hats.

Paw Patrol Goodie Bags

Paw Patrol Birthday Party for 4th Birthday

I was lucky to find these Paw Patrol themed goody bags/loot bags from a shopping mall. From the same place I could buy Paw Patrol themed toys and supplies for the goody bags. That was the fun part of planning the Paw Patrol birthday party. I also ordered some Paw Patrol stickers to add inside the goody bag which kids love to find in a birthday goody bag.

Paw Patrol Birthday celebration at the Preschool

Kid was little bit shy and excited at the preschool, so he kept his eyes closed during the celebration. Teacher said this can be due to his first birthday celebration in the new preschool. 🙂

Paw Patrol Birthday Party
Paw Patrol Birthday Party for 4th Birthday
Shy boy with half closed eyes… 🙂
Shy boy with closed eyes… 🙂

His friends wished him with Happy Birthday song and kids were excited. When our kid was late to blow the candles, his friends helped him to blow! That was a celebration with fun, joy and excitement among little kids.

Kid was happy with Paw Patrol birthday party.

The Gifts

This is the exciting part for my kid.The Gifts!


birthday gift for 4 years old kid
A scooter is a perfect birthday gift for a 4 years old kid

He received a scooter from his father as his birthday gift.

Paw Patrol Kiddy ride

He was so happy with his Paw patrol Kiddy Ride in nearby shopping mall.I am happy that I found this Paw patrol kiddie ride there. 🙂

Visit to a Tree House (Visit to Jacob Balas Children’s Garden)

I spent a day with him at the botanical garden as he requested a visit to a Tree House. (There is a Tree House at Children’s Garden of Singapore Botanical Gardens)

At the tree house
We are playing hide and seek.Can you find me? 🙂

We spent mom-son time together at the Jacob Balas Childrens garden of Singapore Botanical Garden.From playing to hide and seek to walking around the exhibits at the garden,it was quality time spent for both of us.

At the suspension bridge of Jacob Balas Children’s Garden
At the Herbal garden area of Jacob Balas Children’s Garden
Water play at Jacob Balas Children’s Garden
play time at Jacob Balas Children’s Garden

I already created his birthday album with MixBook and waiting to see it.

It was a simple yet happy birthday celebration with the kid.

And this year kid is going to be 6 years old.Before his 6th birthday,I will update the blog with his 5th birthday story too! 🙂

Below are our other birthday celebrations.

Animal Themed birthday for 1 st Birthday

Bob the Train themed Birthday for 2nd Birthday

Pororo themed Birthday for 3rd birthday

Paw Patrol Themed Birthday for 4th Birthday

Robo Car Poli Birthday for 5th Birthday

Super Wings Birthday for 6th Birthday – Planning now

Do you like to plan such themed birthday parties for your kids? Please share your thoughts.

7 Uncommon and Minimalist Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2018

When did Christmas decorating get so stressful? Also, how are we this far into December? If you’ve just started thinking about what you’re going to put on your Christmas tree, there’s no need to panic just yet. Super ornate decorations are not compulsory, and you can throw together that’s simple, minimalist, and get still completely charming. Here are a few ideas from around the Internet to get you started, but believe me, the sky is the limit, and you’re only constrained by your imagination.You should also check these easy ways to make Christmas memorable for kids.

1. The All-White Winter Wonderland

Minimalist Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

This Christmas, consider not throwing every decoration you have onto that tree. Maybe it’s time to let go of those faded nutcrackers from twenty years ago, or those golden bells that you plan to paint every year but never get around to. Think all-white and elegant, just artificial white flowers and balls, personalised christmas baubles for each member of your family and a little fake snow as a finishing touch.

2. Little Trees, Big Effect

Maybe you don’t want to go for a tree so tall that you’re scared the tree topper will touch the ceiling. Instead of one huge tree, you could do a lot of little ones! A table top Christmas tree is the perfect way to save space while getting into the festive spirit, with lots of miniature ornaments to match. If you’re not in the mood for ornaments, wrap the base in burlap and add some frosting. You can also replace garlands with ribbons.

Minimalist Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

3. The Bare Tree

Leaves are optional! If you’ve been thinking about taking a plunge with a leafless tree this year, go for it. Paint it gold and silver and decorate it with whatever takes your fancy. Without the dense foliage to cover them up, your ornaments will stand out even more, and the effect will be stunning. Bare trees also look great with just lights.

4. Maybe No Tree at All?

Don’t freak out, but a tree is not always a tree. Basically, anything can be a tree, and maybe this is the year we finally break ourselves out of the cycle of bringing some poor evergreen home, piling it with decorations, and then throwing it out. Book trees continue to be a perennial favourite, but there are lots of other options. You can hammer blocks of wood onto your wall to make a two-dimensional tree outline that’s lots of fun to decorate, or even better, or even draw the tree in chalk and decorate with gifts at the base.

5. The Tree of Sticks

Another unconventional idea, but this tree has tons space under it for gifts. Use tall sticks joined at the top to make a tripod or quadropod, and then wrap pine garlands around it to create the leaves. Decorate as desired, step back, and enjoy.

6. The Outdoor Tree

Outdoor trees are the easiest to decorate. Use pine cones and lots of little lights, and you’re done in no time. This Christmas tree shows off your holiday spirit and stays out there for all to enjoy.

7. Any Branch Will Do

Finally, remember what we said about anything being a tree? If you find a really interesting tree branch with lots of smaller branches… branching out, stick it in a clear flower vase and decorate with ribbons and clothes pegs.

None of these ideas require too much time or work but could just be the picture-perfect Christmas tree that you’ve been looking for. Wow your family, friends and neighbours with a tree to remember, and inspire them to go the non-traditional route too! Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and minimalist Christmas.

Making Your Home Brand New Again

One of the main reasons that someone decides to move into a new home is because they are dissatisfied with how their current home looks. They are tired of the same old walls, the outdated kitchen or the less-than-perfect bathroom. It seems justified to simply move into a new home for a change of scenery.

However, you have so much invested into your current home, moving may not be the right answer.

Making Your Home Brand New Again

Your Investment Is More Than Just Your Home

When you purchased your current house, you established a home. You became familiar with the neighborhood and neighbors, you joined in activities in the area, you shop, work and enjoy social activities in this area, and that is a lot to give up when you move. The sense of community that you feel when you purchase a home and make yourself a part of a community is harder to reestablish each time you move. Finding a way to keep all of these good things may be a better choice for you in the long run.

Remodeling Creates A New Home

Instead of investing into a brand new home in a new and unfamiliar area, consider remodeling. You can change everything in your home and make it brand new again. Renovating your home can be an exciting choice that will allow you to stay within your community while achieving the “perfect” home.

Change the curtains and blinds

Windows play an important part in any home improvement project. As windows are one of the point of attraction for any home, you can add great value for your home by simply changing the existing curtains to some new elegant curtains. With elegant curtains available in the market, you can easily select the right designs that add value to your home. How do you get your kids involve for this if you like to entertain them with your home renovation project? Simply get their ideas to choose the colours and designs of the curtains. They will happily help you to select beautiful curtains for their bedrooms!

Making Your Home Brand New Again

Selecting A Contractor

Before you begin your renovation and remodeling project, it is important to find the right contractors. An experienced, licensed and insured contractor is necessary for a quality job. If you are unsure how to find the right contractor for your project, consider using a service such as RenovationExpert.com for help. Services like these screen contractors and have the ability to recommend experts in the area of home remodeling that you need.

Always Get A Second Opinion

When you are screen contractors for your project, make sure that you have a minimum of two, but preferably three, different contractors give you an estimate for the job. Not only will this give you a good perspective of the actual cost of the project, it will also give you a chance to see what each contractor has to offer. Some contractors may have different designs or materials for you to select from, making the remodeling an even more exciting experience.

You do not have to give up the comfort and community you enjoy because you are no longer thrilled about your home. Opt for a remodel or renovation to create the perfect house. Do not be afraid to learn more about remodeling or how to pick a contractor. The more you know about the process, the happier you will be when the project is finished.

Electrician Tips for Different Electrical Services

Hiring an electrician in Australia isn’t always an easy task. It can be stressful, and depending on your project, can be very dangerous, for the contractor hired, as well as yourself or your loved ones. One thing to consider though, is if you are needing to hire an electrician, or if you simply have a DIY project. Once you decide that you have to hire electricians, then you can use these tips in order to find the best services possible for your project at hand, and get the most out of your electrical contractor.

Electrician Tips

Price Isn’t Everything

Of course, there is the factor of price, and while it’s important, it’s not the most important factor. You should keep in mind though, that the most experienced electricians may offer higher prices than those of non-seasoned vets, but they’ll also understand the value of a budget and offer competitive prices to you.

Insurance is the Key

If you’re wanting to lock down the right electrician for your home or commercial project, you want to make sure that your technician is licensed and fully insured. Electricity isn’t funny at all. It’s created so many deaths worldwide over the years, and is one of the most dangerous elements that has been found in nature to this date. That’s why it’s important to have a great bit of insurance to not only protect your electrician that could be under fire, but also to protect you from any liability of errors, issues, damage to your home, and most importantly, an accident.

Do They Offer Emergency Services?

Some electricians operate on a simple nine-to-five hours of service. Unfortunately, this can put you in a bind if you have an electrical problem in the middle of the night. That’s why the best electrical companies offer emergency services and are always on call.

Electrician Tips

Ask for References and Warranties

Most electricians can specialize in a bunch of tasks; therefore, they are probably going to give you the best when it comes to having a diverse amount of services they can provide. At the same time, because they may be able to adapt to a situation, you want to ask for a gallery, or even a reference list, plus some of their most recent project clients in order to give you the best overall well-thought-out reviews of their service.

You also want to make sure that you’re not just going to pay for the service, only to have something go wrong in the end and have to hire them back out again. If this happens, you’re going to lose interest and they’re going to lose business. The best ones out there know this, while the newer and fakers don’t know every detail.


Whether you have a DIY solution that can be assessed, need a quality inspection, a great team of electricians with a large fleet, and over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, you can count on Reed Group Services to give you a great quote and get the job done right. They even have honorable and faithful discounts for others, which definitely add up.

Reason to Have the Best Bamboo Shower Bench

Most of you will agree that your bathroom is the only place in the entire world where you get some moments of peace and some time to think of proper solutions to some of the toughest problems in your life. There are also many of you who believe that your bathroom should be exquisitely designed and well-maintained in order to loo neat and clean all the time. It is needless to say that there are various types of bathroom accessories that are available in the market. These accessories make your showering experience enjoyable and easier in several ways. One of the most common amongst these accessories is the shower bench.

Bamboo Shower Bench

Why Should You Have A Shower Bench?

It is needless to say that shower benches serve multiple purposes, most of which are even unknown to many of you. Some of the reasons for you to have a shower bench have been discussed below.

  • Storage Space: You will be surprised to know that shower benches can easily be used as a storage option. There are many types of shower benches in the market. Some of these can also become an extension of the tub decking. The top of these benches easily opens up with large spaces inside where you can keep many things safely, mainly bathroom supplies.
  • Relaxation: When you stay at a 5-star hotel, the first thing that attracts you is the hotel spa. How would you feel if you had a similar setting at your own bathroom? A shower bench can give you the feel of relaxing at a spa in your own bathroom. If you can remodel your bathroom, it can help you get a wonderful opportunity to create that similar spa environment in your own house.
  • Convenience: Having a shower bench in your own bathroom can prove to be rather convenient in several ways to you and your family. For example, the women in your family can easily sit on a shower bench and shave their legs. You can store a wide array of items in your shower bench such as towels, shampoo bottles, and soap. If you are injured in some way and find it tough to stand up for long, a shower bench can give you an opportunity to sit down and take your bath without putting much stress on your legs.
Bamboo Shower Bench
  • Accessibility: With the availability of a shower bench in your own bathroom, it gives you the ability to take your shower sitting on the bench instead of standing up. This is highly useful for overweight and injured people. Even if you are on a wheelchair, a shower bench will prevent you from having to stand in order to shift yourself from the chair to the bench. You can simply align the wheelchair with the bench and slide your way across.
  • Design: When it comes to the design of a shower bench, there are numerous varieties for you to choose. You can choose a simple yet elegantly designed shower bench for your bathroom. There are also some that are pretty long and project out of the shower area of your bathroom to allow water to flow over just like a stream. If your bathroom is not that big in size, you can opt for fordable shower benches for yourself. However, these benches cannot be used as a storage space for various bathroom items such as towels and shampoo bottles.


There may be several reasons for you to opt for a shower bench for your own bathroom. Irrespective of the reason, shower benches can easily help to enhance the overall functionality and look of your shower space. There are several professional consultants who can help you choose an appropriate shower bench for your bathroom. However, it is always better to stick to your budget and keep the available space in your shower area in mind when deciding upon a suitable design.

It is true that there was a time when having your own shower was something extraordinary for people. However, it has become a common sight in this modern era. Today, people are concentrating on enhancing the overall look of their bathrooms so that it makes them feel happy. While choosing a suitable design, apart from the available space of your shower area, you also need to keep the color and design of your existing bathroom tiles in mind. If you opt for something that is not suitable to the existing design, it may seem odd to anyone visiting the bathroom for a quick shower.

Making The Most Of Your Back Garden

We all have those jobs and tasks around the house that we keep putting off for another day. The trouble is, when you put these jobs off, it often means that the jobs become bigger, requiring more time and effort to complete them. The garden is one such area that many people put off for as long as they can, but getting a head start on it will mean that you have an extended living area in your home when the sun comes out to shine.

Making The Most Of Your Back Garden

Hard Landscaping

The addition of flagging or decking to the outside of your home is an excellent way to extend your living area and create the perfect area for BBQ’s or gatherings. Adding this kind of feature to your home can be accomplished by someone with good DIY skills, or you may wish to use the services of a professional landscaper to do the job for you.

Adding Storage

It is important that you can keep everything organised in your home, which includes the garden. If you do not have a garage, or there is no space available, you will need to find a space to locate all of your tools that you use in the garden such as fork, spade, lawnmower and other such implements. You can find sheds like Armstrong metal buildings, and garden workshops online from many different retailers, and they are available in a variety of sizes, as well as finishes. You may even have enough room to make yourself a small man cave and give yourself a retreat where you can forget about the world for a while.

Making The Most Of Your Back Garden

Adding A Bit Of Colour

Creating the perfect environment in your garden may need the addition of some colour, and whether you have borders dug full of flowers and plants, or have planters scattered around your garden, adding colour can make the place feel much more inviting. By adding plant life to your garden, you are also making it much more appealing to wildlife, so you will be encouraging animals and insects to visit your garden, giving it a natural feel even in a built up environment.

Easy To Maintain

One of the best ways to ensure that you create a usable space in your garden that will get plenty of use is to make sure that whatever your do with your garden it is easy to maintain. How easy a job you want will all depend on how much time you have to devote to your garden, and the less green-fingered of us may also consider artificial turf to reduce the maintenance considerably.

Plan Ahead And Design Well

You may wish to transform your garden yourself, or you may use the services of a professional gardener, whatever you do make sure that you design a garden which suits you, your family, and also your lifestyle. Choose features that you like, and do not worry yourself about what the Jones have down the road. Be creative and look online at websites such as goodhousekeeping.co.uk, which have plenty of excellent tips and ideas for the perfect back garden.

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