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How Can You Save Money When Shopping For Your Baby?

Welcoming a baby is a blessing in almost everyone’s life. Any parent would tell you that there is no emotion like it in the world – the feeling that you will do everything for this little person. But it is not all about fun and games.

Save Money When Shopping For Your Baby

A baby is a precious and expensive undertaking. Go to online baby stores in the USA to see for yourself the prices of the items. Do a quick calculation of the essentials, diapers, clothes, formula, bottles, accessories, and toys. You will be able to see the expenditure level for yourself.

According to estimates, you will spend an average of 12,000 USD during your baby’s first year. The USDA study was done in 2010, so the expenses should have increased when you factor in inflation. By the second year, the average costs will reach 12,500 USD.

Save Money When Shopping For Your Baby

For instance, every week, you are looking at a minimum of about 50 USD for diapers, baby food, and formula if you are not breastfeeding. You do not even count the money you spent prepping up the nursery, baby crib, stroller, clothes, toys, hygiene supplies, and other accessories.

Thus, you do need a helping hand. Here are some money-saving tips when you have a baby in the house:

  1. Be smart about buying diapers – Most kids complete potty training by the time they are three or four years old. It means your house will be filled with diapers for the first 36 months of the baby’s life. If you see a sale at your local supermarket, buy in bulk. And forget about brand loyalty, especially if the baby is past the infancy stage. Most brands also offer coupons so you can take advantage of those to bring down the cost. If you do not mind the laundry, you can consider reusable diapers. You are contributing to the environment, too.
  2. Shop online – You save money when you go to online baby stores in the USA. For instance, you do not spend on gas when you do not need to go to the grocery store. Second, online merchants typically offer free shipping when you reach the minimum amount of purchase. Third, you can always get a discount on some of the items. Also, you can try out cash-back apps to get rewards. By using the apps every time you make a purchase, you can earn points, which can be converted to cash. Some apps will deposit instant money on your debit card for each purchase you make from partner retailers.
  3. Schedule your shopping at the end of the month – Most stores, even online merchants, have a monthly quota to meet. They also replenish their inventory by that time. It means old stocks need to go, and that usually results in discounts.

Lastly, do not forget to sign up for online coupon programs. Nobody cuts magazines and newspapers anymore for coupons. There are plenty of online websites that offer the instruments that you can use to get discounts on baby stuff or other goods. You need to be creative when it comes to the expenses for your baby. If you are not careful, they can quickly rack up.

Things Walmart Shoppers Need to Know on this Black Friday

Walmart is one of the popular places for Black Friday shoppers. It is simply due to the huge savings they can enjoy. Do you know that this year Walmart Black Friday deals and offers are already launched? Some of the early deals are happening now even before the Black Friday sale!

Things Walmart Shoppers Need to Know on this Black Friday

 With some of the pre-Black Friday deals, the sales period has already started. Therefore it is your turn now to know how to save money when you shop with Walmart. With my shopping experiences, here are some of the tips and important details that are worth knowing when you shop with Walmart and other popular retailers.

What are the things Walmart shoppers need to know on this Black Friday?

What to Buy from Walmart during the Black Friday sales?

While there are many items on sale, my favourite department is Home & garden section. With lot of appliances, furniture and other decorative gadgets, this department is always full of things that I love to buy. Surprisingly most of the expensive items are on sale with huge discounts during the Black Friday sales period. This is one of the reasons to shop with Walmart to save big.

There are many items on sale even during this pre-sale period. However in order to save more from most important items for the home, it is better to have some idea on the items which you can enjoy great discounts.

Here are some of the things you can buy from Walmart!

Kitchen appliances are my all-time favorite items to buy on discounts. During the Black Friday sales period you can find great deals on kitchen appliances and gadgets which are essential for any home. KitchenAid Mixer is one of such popular kitchen gadget that you can buy with huge discounts during this sales period. If you check the Walmart website you can see a great deal on KitchenAid mixer even during this pre-sale period.Check this deal which is unbelievable.

I even found some great offers for coffee makers. These pre-sales discounts are nearly 50% from the usual price tag. Therefore be ready with your list to enjoy more savings.Check this coffee maker with over 50% discount.

As per shopping experts there will have more great deals during the Black Friday for the items such as TVs, kitchen appliances and video games.

What are the predictions for Black Friday deals on Walmart?

Well, if you are excited about the current deals on Walmart, then I know you are excited to know about the predicted items on sale. As per shopping experts you can save much from TVs and other electronics. If you check the pre Black Friday deals on Walmart, at the moment there are deals happening with nearly 50% discounts on selected electronic items. Luckily Slickdeals has shared a list of Walmart deals which I found as very helpful for shoppers. I like to refer their predictions on Walmart deals on this Black Friday. You can check this list of Walmart Black Friday deals shared by SlickDeals before you shop.

How to save money when you shop with Walmart on this Black Friday?

Black Friday shopping tips

I know you are eagerly waiting for Black Friday deals to buy most necessary items. Few days ago I shared a post with tips on saving money from this Black Friday. In order to save big, prepare for the sales before the Black Friday. Watch for the deals happening. As the pre sales period has already started, you can check Walmart for current promotions and offers. Refer to the predictions by shopping experts. In this way you can get some idea on what will be on sale. Plan your shopping list before the sales starts. And be sure to start shopping on right time!

When will the Walmart’s Black Friday sale start?

This is a common question from many shoppers. When will the Walmart Black Friday sales start? Although the pre-sale period has already begun now, it is wise to know the exact time that it will open for special Black Friday sales and offers. As usual, Walmart will be in operation during the Thanksgiving Day. On the Thanks giving day it will open for Black Friday sales same as last year. Last year it was opened for Black Friday deals on the Thanksgiving Day and at 6pm.However if you check the Walmart online shop you can find many deals have already started!

Above are some of the important tips to help you to prepare for this coming Black Friday. Get ready with your shopping list and save big from giant retailers such as Walmart!

Do you think these things Walmart Shoppers need to know on this Black Friday are helpful?What are your Black Friday shopping tips?

How to Prepare for Black Friday 2019 and Save Money

Black Friday 2019 is just around the corner. It is time to prepare for the big savings. This year Black Friday falls on November 29th and you will see most of the stores are getting ready to the best deals of the year! If you plan to buy your favourite items during the Black Friday sales, it is better to prepare early.

Although Black Friday sales are ideal for saving money, if you don’t plan it well you may end up spending more for unwanted items. You may even buy cheap quality items simply because of the lowest price. Therefore be sure to plan well and prepare well for this Black Friday to avoid such experience the best savings of the year!

How to Prepare for Black Friday 2019

Usually I like to save money using great deals, offers and discounts. I always use coupon codes for my purchasing as it is a great way to buy quality items for discounted rates. Black Friday is one of the favourite times for me to buy things I want for a really discounted rate.

Therefore In order to help you to prepare for your Black Friday shopping, here are some of the tips and strategies that you can use. These tips will help you to choose the best deals without compromising the quality.

Start early

How to Prepare for Black Friday 2019

Although Black Friday is scheduled to November 29th this year, it is not the only day which you can find deals. Most of the time these deals and offers are available for the whole month! Therefore start early and check your favourite shops for their current offers. Online retail shops are in this list too. You can find more discounted items when you shop online. Keep an eye to all these offers until you choose the best items and desired stores to buy.

For this Black Friday , Slickdeals has published a list with everything you need to know about finding the best Black Friday deals 2019.In this post they also advice to start early. Other than that they advise on Best Black Friday Deals and which stores have the best deals. You can read all the Best Black Friday Deals from Slickdeals by visiting their website. 

Sign up for email newsletters

Before everything, plan your shopping list. Decide the items that you must buy during the sales period. Create a list and include the possible stores which you want to buy these items. Then visit the website of each of these stores. Subscribe or signup with their newsletter. In this way you will get the latest discounts, deals, coupons from your preferred stores.

 How to Prepare for Black Friday 2019

Prepare your shopping list and prioritize the items in order

It is important to prepare your shopping list in order to not to miss any important item. However after making your list of items, spend some time to prioritize your shopping list. In this way you can easily choose the must buy items from your list while you shop. Give priority for such items in the top of your shopping list to cover most of the necessary items for your home for the next year.

Create a budget

Well, during the Black Friday sales you will find great deals, coupons and offers. But, don’t try to buy all of the items that are on sale until you drop. Instead of that, make a budget and stick to it. If you buy items that are not necessary but due to its lower price, you will end up spending money on unwanted things. Finally, Black Friday sales may not help you to save big!

 Above are my favourite ways to prepare for the Black Friday sales. These steps help me to save money during this promotion period. Try all these tips. I am sure you will find good deals, discounts, offers and finally great savings too.

Happy Black Friday shopping!

Baby’s First Trip to the Store: Tips to Make it Easier on You Both

Every new mom has experienced that feeling of simultaneous excitement and anxiety when thinking about that first trip to the grocery store with your newborn baby. The thought of leaving the comfort of your home and venturing out with your little one can definitely prove to be an intimidating step.

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

Don’t stress because we have a handful of tips that is sure to make that first trip out as successful as possible!

Timing is Everything

Getting your newborn on a schedule can be extremely difficult. In fact, most babies don’t settle into a routine until they turn two to four months old. Do your best to pay attention to their cues and plan your shopping trip around that.

If you’d like your little one to sleep during the trip, try feeding her and then taking off right after. If you want to go when they’re awake, leave right after they wake up from their nap. Whatever time is best for your baby is what’s going to be best for you.

Prep the Diaper Bag

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

When it comes to an outing with your baby, you can never be too prepared. Consider what might come up during your trip to the grocery store —will he need to be fed? Will he need a diaper change, or have a blow out that will require a new outfit? Does he have a preferred binky or blanket that can soothe him if he starts fussing? Stock up your diaper bag with all of the essentials before you head out the door.

Choose your Parking Spot Wisely

As you drive up and down the aisles of the parking lot, do your best to find a spot that is close to the cart corral. No matter how far away from the store you end up, this will make it easy for you to get a cart as soon as possible to get baby settled in. It will also prove to be helpful for getting your cart returned after your shopping trip without having to carry baby too far. Those car seats can get pretty heavy!

Make Baby Comfortable

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind for the baby’s first shopping trip is to do everything you can to keep her comfortable. Dress her in a comfortable outfit for the outing, and be mindful of the weather for that walk from the car to the store. Consider looking at a car seat hammock, like Binxy Baby, to help you keep your baby in her car seat for the entire trip. As long as your baby is comfortable, she will stay content.

Keep it Simple

We wouldn’t suggest going to Costco for a big haul for your baby’s first trip to the grocery store. Make a small list of items you need, or go with the intent to get yourself a treat (because you totally deserve it!). Not only is this a big step for your little one, but it’s a big deal for you, as well.

Depending on how soon you’re making this trip after your delivery, it’s possible that your body is still healing and that you’re only able to do so much. Don’t push yourself! It’s ok to know your boundaries and keep this first outing quick and straightforward to help you both get used to it.

You don’t need to worry about your first trip to the store with your new baby. This won’t be your last trip to the store and these tips will help you and your baby to have an easier time.

5 Benefits to Giving Out Shopping Bags with your Company Logo

When it comes to putting your brand or business out there, offline marketing is as important as online marketing. After all, in the day to day life, people are not always online. And a good way to make your marketing strategies more effective is to incorporate it into daily life. For instance, shopping is something a lot of us do regularly. And with that comes the use of shopping bags all the time. It is efficient and makes shopping easier. So as a brand or a business, in order for you to incorporate it through marketing strategies, include your company logo in shopping bags that you give out.

Check how to prepare for Black Friday Shopping.

Benefits to Giving Out Shopping Bags

Here are five benefits to giving out shopping bags with your company logo.

1. You get to promote your brand.

The first and most important benefits you will be getting of you give out shopping bags with your logo is that you get to promote your brand. The shopping bag will serve as a promotional item while at the same time it is used regularly by people. This means that you get to maintain your brand’s recognition with these shopping bags. Moreover, it will make people recognize your brand and know more about your company every time they reach for the shopping bag.You can easily use cotton bags or tote bags with your logo printed for the purpose of brand promotion.Check for cotton bags.

2. You can reduce your company’s carbon footprint especially if you use reusable bags.

Reusable or recycled shopping bags are a great way to minimize your company’s carbon footprint. Recycled materials make a great promotional item for your company as it gives old items like used plastic to have a new purpose. You can definitely have customized shopping bags done with your company’s logo such as in Custom Earth Promos. It’s a great place to start and you can get more reusable shopping bags here.

Benefits to Giving Out Shopping Bags

3. Shopping bags are versatile items.

Shopping bags can literally be used for a lot of things. You can use it to carry groceries from the store to your home, you can use it as picnic bags, a beach bag, or just about anything else. For this reason, it makes a good promotional item as it can be used with anything. And incorporating your company logo with it will give it even more value. It will also make a good impression to potential customers as your company will be portrayed as one that supports recycling and reusing items. It will spread a good word about your brand.

4. You get the most out of the money you spent on marketing.

When it comes to marketing, we definitely want to get the most of what we are investing. The great thing about giving out shopping bags with your company logo is that it effective to catch people’s attention and it is also budget-friendly.

5. It can be used for style or a statement.

Carrying a bag that has a brand logo makes a bold statement. So when you give out shopping bags with your logo, it will make people recognize your brand and at the same time, use it as a mix of style and statement.

How to Buy the Best Baby Products for your Newborn

Parenting journey is really exciting. Among the activities include in raising a kid, Shop for cute baby items is really an enjoyable experience for any mom or dad. However, it is not all about buying cute baby items. You need to shop for quality products that are safe for newborn babies and reduce any risks. In order to help you on shopping for newborn necessities, here are some tips that I gathered with my experience on raising a baby boy.

How to Buy the Best Baby Products

Always Buy quality products

You need to buy many items for your baby. When you are going to begin your parenting journey, you will need many items to take care of your newborn. Some of the must have items include baby cot, baby stroller, baby carrier,car seat and feeding equipment. All these should be quality products that can last for few years until the baby is grown to a kid.

Quality baby products are always safe to use. Such products will ensure the comfort of your baby without safety risks. You can check DDJade for latest baby products and their prices are affordable too.

How to buy the best baby products

Consider safety

Nowadays there are many latest fashionable baby products in the market. However these baby products may lack of safety concerns for newborns. Therefore consider the safety and comfort of your newborn before you choose any design. Specially with baby gear such as baby stroller, baby cot and baby carrier, it is a must that you consider safety features before buying. Otherwise, your newborn baby may face severe health risks and safety issues while he is growing when you use products which are not created with safety in mind.

How to buy the best baby products

Don’t forget the style

After all don’t forget the style. You need to enjoy your parenting journey. Stylish baby products will keep you happy and cheerful same as your baby. You need to stay happy. For all these, stylish baby products are a great way to enjoy each and every moments of your parenting life. Therefore consider buying latest products that also quality and with safety features.

With all above tips,I hope you will enjoy shopping for your baby gear!

4 Tips to Finding the Best Hoverboard

Since their release, hoverboards have always impressed people of all ages for many different reasons. They are fun to ride, and unlike cruiser bikes that challenge some people, they are very easy to maneuver. Most models have battery-powered systems that will ride well both indoors and outdoors. They are also portable. In addition to that, hoverboards are eco-friendly, inexpensive, convenient and have no maintenance cost. Do not hesitate if you’re planning to buy one. You will certainly enjoy using it.

Buying a cheap hoverboard is a safety hazard since it increases the risk of falling. Other hoverboards may come with low grade parts such as batteries that could harm people. Therefore, it would be essential to consider every aspect and quality of a hoverboard before purchasing one.

Here are the top10bestpro tips to finding the best hoverboard:

finding the best hoverboard


1. Safety


When shopping for an electronic device, it is important that you ensure they are as safe as possible. Many people tend to overlook safety with disastrous results while buying for hoverboards. Check its battery pack, for example. They are pretty much everything when dealing with hoverboards. Apart from determining how fast and how far you can go, they also add weight to the hoverboard. Batteries that do not overheat and degrade over time will serve you best. Low grade models lack this feature in cells which may cause explosions and burn the house down. They are also a threat to human health. You should also look for UL- certified hoverboards.

2. Build quality

Hoverboards have become very common in their market saturated with different brands all after your cash. If you buying the hoverboard online make sure to choose a trusted manufacturer because there are significant differences in build quality with hoverboards. For instance, the frame, sensors, internal motors, the housing material as well as other electronic components may differ. It would also help a lot to read online reviews before settling on one manufacturer. For clarity, do your homework on a specific model and also pay attention to what customers are saying. For the best quality ensure you choose a reliable manufacturer.

  3. Speed and range

The range of a hoverboard means the total distance it can go with a single full charger. Hoverboards with high range travel far and vice versa. You should consider high range hoverboards for commuting to work or school. Low range hoverboards are suitable for recreation purposes and also cheaper compared to high range ones. When it comes to speed, most models range from 3 mph to 10 mph. There are also those that run up to 12 mph which is very fast. Therefore you should consider the range and speed depending on the purpose you wish the hoverboard to play.

  4. Durability

It would be pointless to buy a product that will break down after a week or two. Make sure you buy a product with durable components to get value for your money. These components include the chassis which should be able to support your weight. Check the wheels too. A durable hoverboard should have sturdy all-terrain wheels.


Back To School Shopping Tips that Save you Money

Back to school shopping is really exciting for kids. With new school bag, lunch box, shoes and all supplies, they get excited to go to school. It is same with my kid too. After every school holidays, he eagerly waits to see his teacher and friends. And he loves everything new.

But, as parents, we need to plan back to school shopping properly to avoid missing any item. At the same time, it is also important to avoid unnecessary things that are really not important for the new school term.

Back To School Shopping Tips

Below are some of the back to school shopping tips which I follow and which can be helpful for you too. These tips will save you both time and money. When you plan properly, back to school shopping will be really a fun experience!

Prepare a back to school supplies list

Most of the time, teacher provides a list of back to school supplies .However, don’t forget the other essentials such as school bag, shoes ,lunch box and water bottle. When you have a shopping list which include all these back to school supplies, it is easy to shop the things from the list. It is easy to find a back to school supplies list from  as they have separate lists from kindergarten to 12th grade. For my kindergartner, I found their back to school supplies list as helpful because it includes everything from the school bag. You will never miss any item!

Buy quality school supplies

During the back to school time, there will be many promotions and cheap sales. However, instead of only looking for saving money by buying cheap supplies, check the quality too. If the pencils you buy are not easy to sharpen or the pens you buy at cheap price are leaky, then such things will cost you more. You will need to buy these supplies again. But, you can look for offers and sales of reputed quality school supplies brands and shop from them for a discounted rate. It will be a good investment for the whole new school term.

Check for promotions and offers

As I mentioned above, quality matters. However, during the back to school period, you can find many offers and promotions. You can get a lot of quality supplies while saving money using Kohls coupon. When you buy school supplies using such offers, you can easily save money. If you have more than one kids, this will be great to save from each kid’s supplies list.

Buy basics in bulk

You need some School supplies such as pencils, pens and notebooks more than one. When you buy these supplies in bulk, you will save money and you will also have a stock at home to use when need. Set up a separate storage in your home for extra school supplies and you can keep the items for a period.

Above are some the great tips that I use for my kid’s back to school supplies shopping. If you know more tips, please share as a comment.

5 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

Is your father the adventures type? Does he like to spend time outdoors? Well, show some love to your dad on this Father’s day by sending him a beautiful gift.

Unlike women, men like gifts for their usefulness. Sending a beautiful card with some flowers won’t cut it. So, you must carefully decide what type of gift to give your father. Fortunately, we have some great gift ideas for you. Whether it be for someone with outdoor hobbies like golf, running, fishing or someone who likes camping, travelling or hiking, these gifts will definitely impress any dad.Nowadays hoverboards are popular among the dads too.

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

1. A Large Travel Bag

Travel bags are a great companion for men who love to take frequent trips. A good quality travel bag can lighten the load on your shoulder and hips, and reduce the strain on your neck by distributing the weight more evenly. They are also designed to carry more items in less space. This is achieved by making specific compartments for common objects. Thus, it removes the need to carry multiple bags and helps to move more easily and freely.

2. A Multi-tool a.k.a Fishing Pliers

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

When people ask us what are the best gifts for dad, we often recommend them a multi-tool. If your dad likes fishing then he will definitely love one of these. A multi-tool houses a number of essential compact tools. The most common tools in a multi-tool include wire-cutters, exchangeable bit drivers, pliers, knife and bottle openers. So, they are not only useful as a fishing tool but can also be utilized for a number of different purposes. Also, they are easy to carry around, lightweight and will save your dad the hassle of carrying multiple tools.

3. A Digital Camera

People love to capture intense or emotional moments because it makes them feel nostalgic in the future. Gifting a personal digital camera to your father can make him feel like you really care for him. Unlike a DSLR, a digital camera is easier to carry around and is less costly. However, they can still take the perfect shots to capture some beautiful moments. Since digital cameras are more compact, they are less likely to get damaged and also take less space. In fact, most people tend to carry these on their hands as they are so lightweight.

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

4. A Fitness Tracker

If you dad loves exercising or is into running, he will definitely love a fitness tracker. A good fitness tracker will help your old man monitor his heartbeat, count his steps and help him analyze his daily activity. In fact, modern fitness trackers can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and help you to make calls or even send messages. They can also track sleeping schedule, sleep quality, and help you become more alert and disciplined by setting smart reminders to move. Plus, they also look cool.

5. Hiking Boots

Is there any better thing to gift someone who loves to spend their time outdoors? If your dad likes hiking or loves camping then this is the perfect gift for him. Premium hiking boots are not only comfortable to wear but are also recommended for safety purposes. The soles of a high-quality boot will provide better traction when walking on a moist or slippery surface. These are also much more durable than regular shoes and provide a better walking experience when walking on uneven surfaces or rocks.

Things to do Before Choosing a Humidifier for your Baby

Are you thinking of buying a humidifier for your baby nursery? Most of the parents prepare the baby nursery with all relevant things even before the baby arrives. This will make the life easier once the baby arrives. A humidifier is one of the essentials for your baby nursery due to many reasons.

Things to do before choosing a Humidifier for your baby

Why do you want to buy a humidifier for your baby?

Newborn babies are with sensitive skin and they are also with really sensitive respiratory system. Dry air can cause many effects on babies including skin irritation and lung problems. This is why a humidifier is an essential item for any baby nursery.

However, with many brands and different models of humidifiers available in the market, you need to choose the right one which is suitable for babies. In order to help you choosing the best Humidifier for your baby, here are the things you should know before making your purchasing decision.

Things to do before choosing a Humidifier for your baby

Things to check before you buy a humidifier for the baby

Check the features

As there are many different products available, you need to check all features of the humidifiers comparing each type that are suitable for babies. As mentioned in HumdifierGeek , you need to start the comparison of features by determining the humidity level of your baby nursery room or in your home.

Check the safety concerns

With a humidifier, you need to consider some safety features too. A humidifier comes with burn risk. With hot water vaporizer you need to ensure that humidifier is not easily reachable for kids in your home. Also, before you buy, consider the ideal moisture levels that it can maintain in your room.

Check recommendations from others

Read Online reviews, humidifier reviews and other parents’ experiences with different brands before you purchase. When you read such actual experiences, you will gather more information about specific humidifiers making it easy to choose the right one for your baby nursery. You can also ask your friends and family members who own humidifiers for their recommendations. They will give you tips and advice from their actual experiences which are really helpful for choosing the right humidifier for your baby room.

When you are with the knowledge on available brands and features of humidifiers, it is easy to shortlist few models. Then compare the features and price of the each humidifier and make your purchase. If you buy your humidifier for baby from any online shop, you will probably save money too.




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