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School Holidays and Time Spent in Sri Lanka

As a mom who works from home, now I enjoy the luxury of spending long holidays. Before the kid’s arrival, we always had 2-3 weeks holidays in Sri Lanka as we both were working full time. We had to utilize our annual leaves in the best way whenever we visited Sri Lanka to see parents. However, now it is almost 5 years after I resigned from my full time job which I loved so much. Though I miss the working environment, I enjoy other privileges as a self-employed mom. As my clients are from around the world and due to I hire virtual staff online I can easily work from anywhere when I have the access to internet. That is one the secret for my long holidays!

We were planning to visit Sri Lanka when the November-December holidays started. However, as my father was not well and had to undergo a surgery, we had to change the dates. We visited Sri Lanka earlier than we planned. It was an enjoyable time among the family and friends. My kid enjoyed his time running around the lands. Finally we are back to Singapore and adjusting to the life here. As usual it takes some time to adjust to Singapore life as we spent nearly 2 months in Sri Lanka.

Anyway below are some moments that we experienced in Sri Lanka. This holiday is just after our recent June holiday in Sri Lanka. Although we didn’t visit many places during this time, kid experienced new things including his time exploring the nature.But,we also cant forget the first few days of the holiday which our kid caught with fever.

A visit around the home was enjoyable for my kid. For him it was like another day trip or another field trip. As my husband’s home land is bit larger, he could spend few hours walking around the land.

As always,this time too we arranged a pilgrimage to Anuradhapura which is a sacred city for Buddhists.My kid spent time with his grand parents learning how to worship Buddha.

Sanu,my kid had great time with his friend D at my friend’s home.Sanu always like to visit my friend’s home because of the playing time he enjoy with the friend’s kid who is of similar age same as my kid.

Finally,we are back in Singapore.There are many experiences to share including our recent birthday celebration of the kid. 🙂 And still we are missing our time spent in Sri Lanka with family and friends.

Sandcastles at East Coast Park-Singapore

East Coast Park which is a popular park destination in Singapore is with lot of family friendly activities. This park stretches over a beautiful beach making it a great place for family fun. Recently We spent a whole day there and enjoyed lot of activities. Among the activities, spending time in the beach was really fun and enjoyable.

We also spent time with sand playing with our toddler. Although we didn’t join in building such huge sandcastles, this is another activity which anyone can enjoy at the Singapore East Coast Park. There is one dedicated area which you can rent moulds for sandcastle building. Many families and groups were working together as teams to create such beautiful sandcastles. We could see those and my son too loved those.

Sandcastles at East Coast Park-Singapore

Sandcastles at East Coast Park-Singapore

These are some of the captures of sandcastles and people working as teams creating sandcastles. Aren’t these beautiful and creative?

Castle Beach – Beach stretch for Sandcastles at East Coast Park-Singapore

Castle Beach is the stretch of beach area where you can be creative with such sandcastles. You can get step by step instructions, sandcastle moulds or other accessories such as flags to decorate your castles from there. There is a small fee applied. But, I think this is a fun way to spend a day as a team or as whole family engaging in such challenging activity.

Sandcastles at East Coast Park-Singapore

Castle Beach at East Coast Park-Singapore

East Coast Park – Singapore (important information)

Park lighting hours: 7:00 pm to 7:00 am

How to get there: Along East Coast Parkway and East Coast Park Service Road

Address: East Coast Park Service Rd, 449876


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