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Happy Teachers Day 2020 + Our Thank You Gifts

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers around the world!

This year Teachers day will be fall on Friday 4th September. However in schools, the day is celebrated on 3rd September. While celebrating a day for Teachers is a new tradition for me, I was raised in a country where we respected our teachers in every way we could. I know it is same in different countries, nations and among cultures. This is why I always like to join with Teachers Day celebration in Singapore at least by a blog post and by encouraging the kid to respect his teachers.

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Teachers Day flowers

My kid is no more a preschooler. This year he started schooling as a Primary 1 student. He has many teachers compared to the preschool time. Kid is eager to go to school every day. All these are due to his teachers’ encouragement and motivation towards learning.

Teachers Day Gifts

To thank them and to appreciate their services towards him and other children, we planned prepare some flowers. However due to other schedules in life, this is not an entire crafty or DIY project. Instead I bought some roses and attached a card which was filled by kid’s hand writing to make it a more personalized gift.

Flower Gifts
We bought some flowers and cards for Teachers Day

Kid was busy writing all the cards to his teachers.

mom blog

It was a happy activity for him although it was night time he started making his cards.For the kid writing 10 cards continuously was a big task.

DIY Gifts with kids

Afterall the roses and cards were perfect as teachers’ day gifts!

Happy Teachers Day 2020

Anyway, I just want to mention that giving a small rose is not enough to admire the service that any teacher would do.

Happy Teachers Day 2020

But this is a way of recognizing the service and admiring them. In such activities kid will learn to respect and admire his teachers. He will value his teachers and their advice once he is grown up.

Happy Teachers Day 2020

Finally we came up with roses attached with a thank you card written by the kid.I attached the thank you cards to roses using a piece of ribbon.

Teachers Day flowers

Happy Teachers Day 2020 for all educators and teachers worldwide!

Parts of a Plant Craft for Kids

Making this ‘Parts of a Plant’ art craft was a fun activity for the kid. He enjoyed his time while learning the parts of a plant.

Covid-19 pandemic made us to stay at home. While we work from home, kid learns from home too. Home based learning was challenging but it was interesting too. Kid had to use the laptop and online platforms daily to access his school home based learning materials. However there were lot of time left after he completed his daily assignments.

Parts of a Plant Craft

Keeping kid busy is not easy. They easily get bored. Even he cannot go to a playground or no outside walking due to the strict measures. Therefore it is time to be creative in order to keep the kid busy without getting much bored. Arts and crafts are always my favourite way to keep the kid busy while educating him on relevant topics.

We did few art crafts during last few weeks and this ‘Parts of a plant’ is one of such activities. It was fun for him to spend time creating this craft while learning the parts of a plant.

Here is how he made his art craft on Parts of a plant with my guidance. If your kid is a kindergartner or a primary 1 student, then this craft will be a great idea to learn about parts of a plant while spending time on a craft activity!

How to make Parts of a Plant craft

Things you need:

Card stock

Pair of scissors

Glue stick

Pens/colours and pens as necessary


I am sure you can understand the steps of making this Parts of a plant craft by looking at the pictures.

Parts of a Plant Craft

Cut a card to make the parts of the plant art craft.

Cut another smaller paper in white as in the photos.

Ask the kid to draw a plant which shows the parts of a plant clearly.

Colour the picture.

Paste it on the card.

Parts of a Plant Craft

Inside the card , write the parts of the plants and describe it in few words. I asked kid to do this alone. So he searched and wrote it by self-learning.

Paste the written papers accordingly.

Parts of a Plant Craft

Finally cut each parts as shown in the photos.

Kids can use this parts of a plant craft to talk each other, to ask questions about parts of a plant or to simply play alone.

What are you doing during this stay home period? How do you keep the kids engaged during the school closure? Please share your thoughts.

First Birthday Party-Animal Themed

First Birthday Party-Animal Themed
First Birthday Party-Animal Themed

It was a blast at our home, because our son celebrated his first birthday on 2014 October. We celebrated it with a small party with some of our friends. As I wanted a theme, we went with ‘Animal theme’ because my son loved most of the animal songs. Read more about our fun first Birthday Party.

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Our 2nd birthday celebration was a Bob the Train birthday party.

Our 3rd birthday was a Pororo themed birthday.

Our 4th Birthday celebration was a Paw Patrol birthday party.

Our 5th birthday was a Poly Birthday.

We also celebrated 6th birthday.It was a Super Wings Birthday party.

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Train Birthday Party for Our Son’s 2nd Birthday

Few months ago our son celebrated his 2nd birthday. Actually he celebrated his 2nd birthday on last year October and still I couldn’t post any details of it. My blog is called ‘Diary of a New Mom’, but my diary is always outdated. 🙂 Anyway, late is better than never. So, this post will still have some value when he is grown up.

Train Birthday Party
Sanu is Two!

He celebrated his 2nd birthday in October last year. It was really busy and stressful period at our home. My mother arrived here from Sri Lanka and helped me on weaning. We started weaning him from breastfeeding, but my son was not happy. 🙁 He tried his best to get his favourite ‘breast milk’.

Okay,if you are curious,then here is how I wean my kid from breastfeeding.

Although his actual birthday was on October, we had to celebrate it few days before as we had plans to visit Sri Lanka for a holiday. I wanted to have a small celebration as I was not sure on how our days would be in Sri Lanka. Visiting Sri Lanka is always enjoyable as we can stay with family members. But, on the other way it is really tiresome. We travel from one place to another. No proper stay at any home. So, I planned to have a birthday celebration in Singapore before we leave as I can’t predict how it would be in Sri Lanka.

Train Birthday Party in Singapore Home

This time our birthday theme was train birthday. My son loves Bob the Train songs YouTube channel (Kids TV), so we could easily select the theme.

Train Birthday Party
DIY Train Birthday Party for 2 Year old

I love DIY birthday parties. So, most of the banners were done by me and I always involved my son with me when I was doing those crafts.One of the best ways to teach arts and crafts for toddlers! 🙂

Below is the Birthday banner for this train themed Birthday party.This DIY Train birthday banner is really easy to make when you have beautiful and colourful papers.

DIY Train Birthday Banner
Train Birthday Party Banner

I also printed photos of his 2nd year and made a photo banner which features a train.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

I have a plan of making a photo album for our son using his 5 years photos,so I capture a photo each month and I guess birthday is a good reason to print all the monthly photos.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

Below is a simple birthday cake done by me.Actually I bought few decorated pieces of cakes from a nearby bakery shop and made this train birthday cake.A toy train engine completed the look of the birthday cake.

Actually this was just a family celebration which we didn’t have any guests.So,we didn’t want a big Birthday cake.

Here is the tutorial for this easy train Birthday Cake.

Train Birthday Cake

Anyway,I still bought another small cake for the sake of cutting as I wanted to keep the Train Birthday cake few more minutes just to admire its beauty. 🙂

Birthday 081
Train Birthday Cake

We are ready to cut the cake.But,the train cake engine (train toy) is in our son’s hand 🙂

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My mother was the only guest for this Train Birthday party!

Sanu with his Grand Mother

Lunch was served for the train birthday party and we arranged it as a train using colourful containers.This colourful train toy helped a lot to create our lunch train.

Train Birthday Party Food
An easy food garnishing for the train birthday party

He looks bit tired as few days before the celebration,he fell down on the floor and ended up with four stitches on his chin. 🙁 In these photos,he is still with his stitches.

Anyway,our train birthday party is not yet over.We visited Sri Lanka at the end of September and we were there on his actual date of birth.(His birthday falls on the first week of October) My mother arranged a Birthday party at home inviting few kids in our neighborhood.It was a great opportunity for our son to play and mingle with some kids in Sri Lanka.My mother,as she left Singapore just before few days of our flight took some of the banners from the party saying she doesn’t have enough time to shop for birthday party supplies.On the other way,we could use most of the birthday supplies twice!

So here are some moments from the Train Birthday Party we had in Sri Lanka.Sadly,photos are not so clear and most of the photos with the kids are shaky.I could pick few photos anyhow.

Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

We used different candy,chocolates and sweets for the party.

Train Birthday Party
Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka with candy and sweets

Kids always love these types of candy parties than other food 🙂


For us it was easy to organize as we were on a holiday and with limited time.


Below are some of the decorations.

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka
Party favours for the train birthday
Train Birthday Party Door banner
Sanu with his cousin sister

Most of the photos are shaky.But I could find few photos with some of the kids who came to our birthday party.They all are so sweet and enjoyed the day with our son.

Some of the sweet kids

Below is a train! 🙂 Kids were playing.

Its games time.Kids enjoyed a choo choo train! 🙂
Some of the kids for our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Although we celebrate his birthdays with a party,we don’t forget to join with good causes.

This time we visited an elderly home near to our home (Sri Lanka) with some donations.We also offered tea party for the elders who reside there.It was a good time for us to spend time with them.


My son is almost 2 and half years now and we are waiting for his 3rd Birthday celebration.

How about you?Do you celebrate kids birthdays at home?If so,how do you celebrate?

Counting by Tens Caterpillar Craft for Preschool

This counting by tens caterpillar is another craft activity we made during the school holiday. If you follow this blog, then you know that my kid’s preschool teacher asks a craft project during each holiday.

Counting by Tens Caterpillar

Kid is in K2 (kindergarten 2) now. Instead of simply a craft, teacher asked to create craft activity that matches with different learning centres. Therefore we decided to create this caterpillar as a numerical centre activity.

Check our other recent craft activities on how to make save environment craft and how to make lion craft.

This is a bonding activity which we both kid and mom engaged time together .While I did cutting circles kid helped in gluing the circles as necessary.

Below is how to make this Counting by Tens Caterpillar.

Counting by Tens Caterpillar activity for preschooler


  • papers and cards as necessary
  • pair of scissors
  • glue


  • On a cardboard paste another paper circle and create the head of the caterpillar.
Counting by Ten Caterpillar
  • Cut 10 small circles using different colour papers
Counting by 10 activity for kids
  • Write the numbers by tens in each circle.
  • Glue the circles in order to make a caterpillar according to the number order.
Counting by 10 Caterpillar
  • Otherwise keep it as an activity for kids to create the number order when they count by tens.
Counting by Ten

If you find this craft activity is helpful, please let me know as a comment.

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Importance of Colouring Pages for Kids + Free Coloring Book

Do you introduce colouring pages for kids from their younger age of life? I actually introduced lot of colouring pages, coloring pictures, coloring books and even empty sheets with colours to my son when he was just few months old and able to sit on his own. At first he just drew lines with colours. And later on I could see he improved his skills on coloring and he also focus and concentrate on what he does when he colour any picture. Now as a toddler and nearly 3 years old, he colors his coloring sheets with different matching colors and for me it is a great development milestone as I was watching his progress throughout the years.

Now,my toddler uses different colours to create his beautiful art pieces 🙂

If you think colouring is just a skill for kids, it is wrong. Actually when I searched for benefits of coloring for kids, I was amazed with lot of benefits to raise happy and healthy kids by using colouring activities from their early days of life.There are lot of educational benefits of colouring too.

Here are some of the benefits which you can expect from such colouring activities.

Imaginations of a butterfly with different colours

It is a therapy and helpful for stress relief

It is obvious, same as for adults; colouring is a way of expression for kids too. They can calm down and express their emotions through engaging with a colouring activity.

Improves Motor Skills

Colouring can help improving fine motor skills while development of muscles of the fingers and hands with activities related to colouring.

Improve Focus, attention and Hand to Eye Coordination

Little ones are with really short attention span. They usually don’t concentrate in any work for long hours. Colouring can be a great activity to develop their attention span together with focus and hand to eye Coordination.


Colouring activities are a great way to express inner thoughts and ideas. So that it is same with young kids too. By introducing coloring pages from their early age of life, you are helping your kid to express his ideas and thoughts in way of beautiful art pieces.

Prepares kids for School

We can’t forget about the educational background we create by starting colouring pages. Young kids start their writing skills with colouring pages. When they know how to grab colour pencils, they also learn how to grab pencils to write. Colouring can be the start of writing, creativity, organizing, and use of papers, books and activities which prepares them for future education.

So don’t wait till it is late. Allow your toddler or infant to express their thoughts and enter into the world by giving beautiful and creative colouring pages with some colours. They will create beautiful pieces of art that you never think! They love colouring and you as a parent will have better time too.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

It is always easier when you have printable colouring pages, so you can print again and again when you need new colouring activity books. Collaborating with Kidloland, we have a free colouring book which you can easily print and share with your kids.

This free colouring book comes with 13 coloring pages which not only allow your kid to learn colouring, but also to improve the skills of word recognition. Each page comes with colouring object name and the illustrations are really attractive and cheerful.

free colouring book
Some sample pages from the free colouring book for kids

 So,why wait?

Download your free printable coloring book here

Also don’t forget to read our review and experience about Kidloland educational app which is really helpful for my kid to engage with activities such as singing, learning alphabet, colours, numbers and many more. It also comes with engaging activities such as puzzles, sorting and matching activities which are really beneficial for kids.









Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers

This is our weather wheel which we made as a preschool holiday project. In each school holiday, teacher asks us to complete a craft project according a topic given. As the kid is in kindergarten now, the crafts are not simply art crafts. Instead of simple art crafts, teacher asks us to prepare crafts that are suitable for the learning centre. Therefore the craft needs be an activity which kids can engage.

Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers
Our Weather Wheel Craft made for Preschool activity

Check this save environment craft which we made in last term.

For this term, there are 4 topics given and we chose ‘weather’ as the theme for our craft activity. This weather wheel is not a pure idea of me. I browsed and found this idea in many other websites and blogs. And finally here is our weather wheel which was a good bonding activity for both my kid and me.

While I did part of the work such as cutting, kid did colouring, writing and pasting.

Here is how we made the weather wheel activity for the preschool learning centre.

Note: we used the materials provided by the preschool for the class project. However you can choose relevant materials that makes this crafty activity easy and simple. A disposable plate is perfect for this weather wheel than cutting a cardboard.

How to make a weather wheel for preschool with kids?

Things needed

  • Cardstock
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Colour pencils and pens as necessary

How to make the weather wheel?

Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers
Easy steps for making Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers
  • Cut a circle from a cardboard.
  • Cut another circle from the colour paper which is smaller in size.
  • Divide the paper circle in to 6 equal parts.
  • Draw different weather conditions such as sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, and stormy and thunder.
Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers
Easy steps for making Weather Wheel Craft for Preschoolers
  • Write the names with the each drawn phases.
  • Paste the circle with different weather conditions in to the large circle.
  • Cut a small arrow from cardboard.
  • Connect it on the wheel as shown.
  • Weather wheel is ready.

How to use the weather wheel with kids?

Crafts for Preschoolers
Weather Wheel Craft for kids

Rotate the arrow to find different weather.

Kids will learn the names of different weather conditions while they play with the weather wheel.A good way to learn through play.

This weather wheel craft was a fun activity to do with the kid. Do you like making this weather wheel craft for preschoolers? If so,please let me know in comments.

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2 Easy to Complete Yarn Projects for Fall

Now that the fall season is here, it’s time to break out the crafts! There’s no better way to bond with your kids than through the power of craft, and this year, yarn-inspired crafts are all the rage.

Yarn Projects for Fall

Below, we’ve offered up two great fall-inspired yarn projects that you can easily complete with your kids. The first involves making yarn letters and is a beginner project, great for kids ages 5 and up. The second project involves making a yarn pot dangler and is best for kids ages 10 and up.

These projects are not only fun but also easy — all you need is to do is find some super bulky yarn in dozens of colors and then free up an afternoon to craft!

So, without further ado, here are 2 fun fall projects with yarn to help you decorate your home and bond with your kids.

Yarn Projects with kids

Yarn Font

This is a really simple project for any fanatic of fonts or typefaces. It’s also easy enough that kids should be able to handle it on their own! Just remember to show them the fundamentals and help them along!

What you’ll need:

  • Some yarn
  • Some pipe cleaners

This is a great project for you to do with your kids as you can help them read along the way. Once you master the creation of single letters, you can eventually spell out whole messages like Happy Halloween!

Step 1 – Connect the pipe cleaners by twisting them together to shape your letter.

Step 2 – Now, simply start wrapping yarn pieces around the letter and tie them off. Continue this until you reach your desired thickness.

Step 3 – Once you have the thickness you’re looking for, you can reshape the pipe cleaner to form any letter you please!

Flower Pot Dangler

Yarn Projects for Fall

Who wouldn’t want to dangle their potted succulents in bright fall oranges or deep browns? With the right yarn, you can create your own macramé plant hanger to brighten up any indoor space, or better yet, hang them from the porch.

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden pole ring
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Plant pot
  • Orange or brown yarn

Here’s how to make the dangler. Remember to talk your children through the steps carefully, and don’t let them handle the scissors.

Step 1 – Cut four pieces of your yarn into 2m lengths. Fold them in half and then take the folded end of the yarn and pass it through the pole ring. Now, take the other end through the yarn loop and pull it tightly. You should now have eight strands of yarn.

Step 2 – Separate the strands into four sections, with two strands per section. Tie one of those sections into a knot roughly 35cm down from the pole ring. Repeat for the other sections.


Step 3 – Now you’ll need to pair off the left strand from one section with the right strand from the left section. Tie the strands together roughly 10cm below the previous knot. Repeat with the other sections.

Step 4 – Repeat step 3 one more time, leaving an 8 cm distance between the knots.

Step 5 – Tie every strand together at the base where the plant pot will sit. Cut off the excess yarn to make sure you have an even tassel. Now simply place the pot inside the macramé dangler, and you’re set!

Paper Plate Toucan Craft with my Preschooler

I always love arts and crafts with my kid. We enjoy our time together in such activities when we don’t play outside or when we don’t read books together. Last week was preschool holiday for our kid. On his last day to school term, teacher gave a pack of crafty material to each child asking to make a bird.

The material pack included paper plates, bottle caps and papers to use for making a bird. It sounded interesting for us.

Anyway,before reading further,check our latest craft: weather wheel for preschoolers.

Paper Plate Toucan craft with my preschooler
Paper Plate Toucan

However we had a busy week last few days and it was the last minute that I came up with this idea of creating a toucan using paper plates. I found this idea while searching for paper plate crafts images on Google and loved the idea.(Actually my kid selected the toucan from the different paper plate bird crafts I showed to him)

So, here is how we made this paper plate bird.


Paper Plate Toucan craft with my preschooler

Paper plates

Colouring pencils/crayon

Colour papers


Pair of scissors

How we made this Toucan paper plate craft:

Simply we placed the paper plates as in below picture. Cut plates into halves and shapes that make a toucan.

Paper Plate Toucan craft with my preschooler

I asked my kid to colour the plates. He used his own imaginations and coloured the plates.

Finally we used glue to stick the paper plates together.

Paper Plate Toucan craft with my preschooler
Paper Plate Toucan

Our toucan is live now! My kid loved it and he was happy to take it with him to preschool on the first day of new preschool term!

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Lion craft for Kids

Looking for a lion craft for kids? This is a really easy arts and crafts project I did with my kid. He was asked to do a craft work by using recyclable materials for his preschool. His teacher gave us few themes and we chose the theme ‘jungle’ and decided to make this lion craft.

lion craft for kids
Lion Craft for preschoolers

Making this lion from empty drink carton was a fun activity for both of us. Kid enjoyed his time doing a craft activity with me. It was great for bonding. After making this lion craft, kid came up with different ideas to use empty drink cartons which is

Things needed:

lion craft for kids

Empty drink box


Card stock

Used magazine papers


How to make the Lion Art Craft

Clean the empty drink carton.

Apply glue on it. Cover it with a magazine paper.

Allow to dry.

Then cover it with a yellow colour paper. Using scissors you can cut the paper to exact size of the empty drink carton.

Then cut a circle using yellow colour paper. Cut another circle with red colour paper (it should be bigger than the yellow circle)

Cut legs and tail.

Paste as necessary to create a lion.

Draw eyes, mouth, nose and whiskers to complete the lion art craft project. This is a perfect craft to do with a preschooler and they can do most parts of this.

Skills to improve: scissor skills, hand eye coordination, awareness of importance of recycle/reuse/repurpose.

It is easy to make this lion with repurposed materials.Lion art craft is ready!

lion craft for kids
Lion Craft for kids

Other arts and crafts we did before:

Paper plate Toucan

Paper lantern decoration


Later we found that this lion craft has been chosen to display in the Community Art Gallery display board near the preschool.

Our lion craft on community Art Gallery Display board with other arts and crafts.
Our lion craft on community Art Gallery Display board

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