July 15, 2024

Four Seasons Tree Craft for Children

This is an easy and simple craft activity for children. Four seasons tree craft is great for children to learn about different seasons and features of each season that they can experience. On the other hand, this craft is a great activity to learn through fun activities. We’ve made a parts of a plant craft before and it was another fun and educational craft activity that child engaged happily.

Four Seasons Tree Craft

Craft activities are always great for children to spend quality time in different activities. My son engage in craft activities from his preschool days. From this Paper Plate Toucan to the weather wheel, we have done a lot of crafts together. This Lion craft was also featured in the Community Art Gallery display. But, it seems I haven’t shared any craft activity recently although my son engaged in such activities. So, I thought it is time for another children’s craft post.

My son created this four seasons tree craft and enjoyed his time. I will not go through all the steps in detail as it is easy to understand through these photos.

How to make a Four Seasons Tree Craft for Children?

First, you will need a template that shows trees of all four seasons. The template should show trees of the same size for four seasons. If you search on the internet, it is easy to find a template for the four seasons tree craft.

Four Seasons Tree Craft
Spring tree

Then, ask the kid to colour the trees featuring each season. In these photos, you can see how my child thought of each season. He expressed those through the seasonal tree colourings.

Four Seasons Tree Craft
Summer tree
Four Seasons Tree Craft
Fall tree
Four Seasons Tree Craft
Winter tree

After colouring all four trees, paste those in a way to keep the tree stand.

Four Seasons Tree Craft
Four Seasons Tree Craft

Finally, the four seasons tree craft is done and the kid had an exciting time with his craft activity.

Do you like such craft activities? Please share your thoughts. Also read these 3 Fun Interior Design Ideas for Creative, Crafty Kids.

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