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Why Take a Road Trip?

Road trips cut out all of the waiting around for delayed flights and allow you to start your vacation the moment you pull off your drive. Sound good? It should. Below, we’re going to cover some other reasons to take a road trip.

Why take a road trip

But first, it’s prudent to mention that the open road attracts large transportation vehicles, and accidents do happen – try calling a Toronto truck accident lawyer if you are affected. Now, let’s get to it…

There’s more to travelling than turning up

There’s nothing wrong with a beach vacation. You sit in the sun, you indulge in the various cocktails, you put up with the hotel entertainment in the evening, and you go to bed happy that you’re living the beach vacation dream. Then, you wake up the next day and you do it all over again. What could possibly be missing? Well, quite a lot…

If you’ve never taken a road trip, you’re missing out on multiple daily experiences that you just can’t get from package trips. Simply chauffeuring yourself from A to B means paying attention to the area’s geographical layout and taking in visual cues as you learn your way – you don’t get the same sense of size and distance and location when you arrive by plane.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the stories on the way 

Travel broadens the mind. It also makes you more chatty. Not necessarily in a boorish way, but more so that you will be able to chime in with remarks and opinions whenever anybody mentions places that you’ve visited. When you travel by car on a road trip, your potential for expanding your collection of travel stories is increased exponentially.

For example, nobody wants to hear about the person sitting next to you on the plane who insisted on hogging the entire armrest for the duration of the uncomfortable flight. However, people’s ears will prick up at the mention of the time you had to stop on a cliff edge mountain pass because an aggressive llama blocked the road ahead. Road trips have a natural ability to attract a whole library of stories that just can’t be experienced and compiled via any other form of travel. 

Plan your trip, your way, every day

Package holidays are old news, a throwback to a pre-internet era when people would struggle to conduct their own research, and so instead relied upon a travel company to lead the way. Bizarrely, that’s what some people who don’t mind paying for experiences that may not interest them still want. But if you’re somebody who likes to get the most of life, and if you’re somebody who wants to squeeze every minute out of your trip, road trips are the answer.

Choose a different city every day. See the things you’ve always wanted to see. Do all of the things in one trip that you previously thought might have to be drawn out over several years of vacations. Fill up the tank and start ticking off those bucket list destinations.

What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Not only adults, children too must wear masks when they go out due to the current pandemic situation and safety precautions. If your kids are young or preschoolers then finding the right mask that protects them can be challenging. Of course there are different types of masks available in the market! However when it comes to kids masks, the mask need to protect them while it is comfortable to wear. Then what type of mask should children wear? Which masks are comfortable for kids to wear during the school hours? Are these comfortable masks providing the protection against droplets? These are some common questions that most parents ask.

What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Why children need to wear masks?

With the Covid-19 pandemic people had to change the way they lived before. Staying at home was mandatory for few months. Now, wearing a mask is compulsory when you go out. All these measures are to protect against the Covid-19 which is a global pandemic now. World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask for both adults and children when go out depending on the local authorities. This is why it is important to know the best types of masks that are suitable for kids.

But some kids refuse to wear masks for a long time. Help them to understand the reason they wear masks. You can even buy protective masks with cute designs to make it attractive for kids. I found such beautiful and cute masks at Paragon Tools which are suitable for kids.

kids masks

For my kid I tried few different types of masks including both disposable masks and reusable masks. All these masks come with pros and cons. After all it is for the protection of the kids from getting sick. After all it is necessary to know the best types of masks for the kids before you buy.

What are the available face mask types for kids?

There are both disposable and reusable masks for children which are also available in different sizes depending on the kids’ age. However it is important to know the most suitable types of masks before you purchase for your kids.

Features of good face masks for children

When you purchase masks for the young kids and grownup children it is also important to choose the right size. Adjustable masks are the best as it is easier to make it fit for the child. If you buy cloth masks or reusable masks then check about the material. It should be breathable and comfortable for the kids. Some of the reusable masks I bought were with nose wire. That helps to keep the mask on place without moving around. However, if the nose wire is damaged or if it comes out from the mask it can hurt the kids. Therefore be sure to check the nose wire for damages before you purchase.

What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Check the number of layers in the kids’ masks before you buy. Usually kids’ masks are with three protective layers. If you can insert a filter to your kid’s mask it will work as an additional protective layer. Check these features before you buy masks for your children.

Buy few extra masks for your kids and pack 1-2 masks individually in sealable bags. Keep those in their school bag. This allows the kids to change their masks after few hours it provides better protection against the viruses or droplets.

If the masks you purchase come with sealable packs you can use the same bags to pack the masks for the children. I bought individually packed reusable masks and found that I can use the sealable bag to pack his masks for the school.

Finally, the masks you choose for children should protect them from droplets. While there are stylish masks available, try to choose the masks with few layers. Don’t forget that the masks should be comfortable enough too. 

If you were in doubt thinking what type of mask should children wear, I hope this guide help you to find some information.

What Is the Devotion System?

A saying ‘women are from Venus, men are from Mars’ tells a lot about the complexity of male-female relations. It’s a known thing that relationships have always been tricky, in a sense. The fact that both men and women enjoy playing ‘hard to get’ says so. All that can make your search for Mr. Right much difficult.

What Is the Devotion System

With new technologies and the Internet, finding a suitable partner has become much faster and more convenient. These allow people to be more comfortable behind the screen than they are during a face-to-face conversation.

Dating platforms have become a place most people go to when they want to find a relationship material. That’s why dating rules changed somehow. Now, there are some vital things to know about meeting people on the Internet before starting the online quest for love.

Modern Dating Tactics

For some reason, many think that dating today is much more complicated than before. Things haven’t changed in terms of how to start a relationship (it still takes people to like each other and ‘click’). The novelties in how people get to know each other occurred. Everything got digital form, and so did the dating.

On the one hand, the Internet and the modern means of communication have alienated us. It’s no longer necessary to see someone in person to talk or express emotions. One smiley, gif, or photo has become a substitute for words, a gentle look, a hug, and even something more.

But the digitalization of dating also has its positive sides. When this concept emerged, see here. One of them is that you have access to more people than you would ever meet in person. That means your chances of finding a partner grow.

Dating tactics are changing too. They are now adapted to modern times. For example, it is completely normal to see multiple men until you opt for Mr. Right. The stigma that there is only one soul mate for each person is overcome. But once you get into the relationship, you could use some help to enjoy it to the fullest.

Devotion Is Vital For Every Relationship

Devoting yourself to your partner is a virtue on its own, and it’s probably the one thing that your loved one will cherish the most. Still, most men find it hard to commit. If you check the full Devotion System review, you’ll see which guys are ‘keepers’ and how to make them stay.

People who devote themselves to their relationship are more likely to have a fulfilled love life. Depending on the idea you have about your partner and relationship you’re in, you’ll know if you’re ready to be loyal or not. Sometimes it might seem challenging, but it can also be incredibly beneficial.

One of the facts about modern relationships is that partners cheat much more than before. These are not always physical acts, but modern means of communication give people more opportunities to ‘have a side dish beside the main course.’ If you think this can happen to you, you need to work on yourself and your partner.

Why Should You Look Up For a Partner Using Dating Platforms?

Using modern technology for various purposes has become a thing in recent years. Online dating allows you to find yourself a partner faster than any other method. Moreover, you can look up for potential soul mates outside of your country, making online dating the unparalleled one.

More on the good sides of meeting people online, find below:

It’s much more convenient to learn about your potential partner by looking at their profile information, photos, and videos than talking to them in person. As much as this might sound obscure, many would agree that this approach is fun and insightful.

 People who meet their potential partners on the Internet have an advantage when they go out on a real date. They already know a lot about their potential partner, so the ‘ice-breaking’ isn’t necessary at all. That’s because people are much more open and judgeless when they type than when they talk.

New Experiences Will Change Your Perspective

If you aren’t familiarized with the online dating system, it might feel repulsive. But once you get it and see how everything is pretty straightforward, you’ll tend to like this method. After your first date with someone you met this way, your perspective will significantly change for the better.

Two people start a relationship, but also destroy it. About the things are the enemies of your love fable, read on this page. So you need to get the best advice on how to make your man happy and want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Women often use little tricks to make their love strong and safe from all dangers. Successful and effective online courses can help them do this because they combine psychology, experience, and logic.

Is Quality Over Quantity Important?

Dating websites users usually search for different types of relationships. They might be looking for short-term dating but for long-lasting commitment as well. But no matter what, they need someone who shares their thoughts.

Finding a partner that’ll understand you and all your desires means you’ve hit the jackpot. As much as it might sound unachievable, it’s entirely possible. Don’t expect to find a perfect match the first time you visit the platform, but be patient, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Don’t raise your expectations too high so you won’t get disappointed if you can’t find a suitable date. Be persistent and use dating platforms regularly. You can filter your search and be more detailed in what you’re looking for. Eventually, someone will show up. It’s something like an online law of attraction.

If your love started online, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be like any real-world relationship. You have the right to demand devotion from your partner, especially if you have been together for some time. And if they refuse, you can use psychology to ‘make’ them happy and content in monogamous relationships.

Packing Effectively When Moving To A New House

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that the average person does. You can make it even worse when you do not pack things correctly as your belongings may get damaged in transit. When it comes to packing up your home, you will want to do it methodically and ensure you have everything that you need to get the job done correctly. Below are some tips to help you with this and make your move as stress-free as possible.

What You Will Need

Packing Effectively when Moving
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It is highly recommended that you use one of the cheap removalists Brisbane locals trust when moving home. If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, you will need to ensure you have all the correct materials to pack up your household. Items that you will need are:

  • Plenty of boxes of multiple sizes
  • Packing material
  • Packing tape
  • Marker pens
  • A trolley to move heavy boxes

When you have all of these, you will be ready to start the process of packing and get yourself ready for moving home.

Pack One Room At A Time

You will want to start in one room of your home and carefully packing everything that is there, starting with putting the boxes together. Ensure that you put them together well and use plenty of tape to prevent them from falling apart when you lift them. Place heavier items at the bottom and ensure that you do not put too much into each carton. You will also want to use packing material sparingly and try to prevent the items in the box from moving around during transit. Once each carton is fully packed, seal it using packing tape, and then use your marker to write on the side the room it came from and some of the items inside, which will make unpacking a lot simpler. When moving the boxes, ensure that you lift correctly, bending at your knees and using your legs to lift. If something is heavy, get help or use a trolley to move it, which will make it much easier for you.

Start With The Rooms With More To Pack

Packing Effectively when Moving
Image Source: Freepik

As well as packing each room in turn, you will want to start with the places that have more items that need packing. You often find that the kitchen, bedrooms, and garage will have the most things, so these are excellent places for you to start. Work your way through each room of your house and when finished, load the boxes onto your transport, ready to set off to your new home.

Arriving At Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, you will then need to unpack everything and place the items in the relevant rooms of your new house. As you have written the contents of the box and the room from which they came on the side, it is simple to make sure that you take each box to the correct location. In no time at all, you can unpack your belongings and settle into your new abode, with little stress and preparation to take on this new chapter of your life.

Ergonomics For Children

Nowadays there are many new furniture designs in the market which promise different benefits. However do you know the importance of ergonomics for children? As a mom of a primary school child I know the importance of giving him the right support to grow healthy in both physically and mentally.

Ergonomics For Children

Keeping your child’s posture in right position is really important due to many reasons. However when the child is growing up they tend to use study desk and chair for a longer period of time. Specially, when the kid starts schooling he or she has to sit long time on a chair while using a desk for writing. As this duration can be longer compared to their preschool days, right posture is really important. This is why many parents worry about their child’s posture when they grow up. When talking about children’s right posture we cannot ignore the ergonomics for children!While there are ergonomic products such as kids desk chair available in the market, in this article I want to share the details on why ergonomics matters.

What is ergonomics?

Here is a simple definition for the term ergonomics. Ergonomics is a combination of two Greek words ergon and nomos. ergon means work and nomos means rule. In simple words ergonomics is the science of human work.

Therefore ergonomic designs are the products created with special attention to its users making it comfortable with attention to other factors such as health and safety.

Why Ergonomics for Children is important?

In case if you have doubt on the reasons for considering children ergonomics then here are some details. After reading these you will know why children ergonomics matter.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, right posture is important for children. There are studies that have shown the relationship with back pain and posture. Back pain can start from early stages of life such as childhood making it a painful experience throughout the lifetime. Due to this reason it is important to take extra care to prevent such back pains in future life stages.

Early school days are important in child’s life as their development in both physical and mental are rapid in this stage. As parents it is important to support their children to keep the posture health by providing necessary advice and necessary furniture. Parents can easily educate children about right posture. Young children like to learn new things. They are curious too. Therefore giving them educations about ergonomics and right posture will not be any difficult task.

Poor ergonomics can cause physical stress on children. Due to wrong posture young children will not study in a comfortable environment. As a result this can even lead to problems in their studies and attention span too. This is why most parents like to buy kids desk chair designed with ergonomics in mind to create comfortable and healthy learning environment for their children.

Benefits of ergonomic furniture for children

Above we discussed the importance of ergonomics for children. Poor ergonomics can lead to health issues and even problem in studies. Therefore to prevent such issues ergonomics designs of furniture can be used. There are many benefits of ergonomic furniture for children. Mainly such furniture allows children to practice right posture.

Ergonomics chairs encourage children to sit properly while working in a better natural environment. This is specially important for children who study for a longer period. When they do not experience any difficulty in their sitting position naturally they will do better in their studies.

This is why ergonomics is important for children.

How to Manage Long Car Journeys with Little Kids

Long car journeys with little kids can be stressful. While most adults don’t particularly enjoy sitting in a car for hours on end, we can see the bigger picture. Little kids often can’t.

While you might not be too worried about your kids being bored, there can be serious implications. When they get frustrated, kids can distract the driver and accidents become more common. If you get into an accident, you might wish to speak to this car accident lawyer (Orlando) for more information. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to try to keep little kids happy during long car journeys. Here are some ways to help manage long car journeys with little kids.


We all get cranky when we’re hungry. But, as a parent of young children, you’ll know that they’re the most susceptible to this. They often don’t associate their feelings with hunger. So, help to keep the hunger cranks away by providing lots of refreshments for the journey. While you don’t want to plug them with sweets, having a few road trip car snacks to keep them happy will make the journey go much quicker. Don’t forget to keep them hydrated with plenty of water, too.

Comfortable clothing

Kids can get cranky when they’re uncomfortable. No one enjoys sitting for long periods of time in clothes that dig into the stomach or make us too hot. So, make sure that your little kids are clothed properly for the journey. Think loose fitting clothing, plenty of layers for fluctuating temperatures, and something easy to remove when they need the bathroom.


Keeping your little kids distracted is key in enduring, long car journeys. When they’re focusing on something else, they’ll forget that they’re stuck in a car. Audiobooks are a great way of keeping the whole family entertained in the car. You can listen collectively and be unanimously gripped by a story. The Harry Potter audiobooks are a great choice for long journeys, as they are good long stories with plenty of plot to keep your child engaged.

Regular breaks

manage long car journeys with kids

It’s important for people of all ages to take regular breaks in the car, but it’s especially important for little kids. Stopping and taking a quick walk, having a bite to eat or simply getting some fresh air will make them feel refreshed and less cooped up. If siblings have been bickering, try to separate them for a little while to give them some space.

Car games

Who doesn’t love a game in the car? While new technology means that kids can watch films or play video games, nothing quite beats a traditional car game. Playing I Spy or Twenty Questions keeps them engaged and develops their skills, while being entertaining and fun. Much better than being glued to a screen.

Mini Dental Implants: All You Need To Know

In case you are unaware of what dental implants are, here is a quick overview. Dental implants are titanium pins that are screwed into a person’s jawbone and these act as solid anchor points for prosthetic teeth. Dental implants have been around for a few decades, and this is regarded as a permanent solution to missing teeth. While implants are not cheap, they should last a lifetime.

Mini Dental Implants
Image Source : Freepik

Mini Dental Implants

Originally designed to anchor a lower set of dentures, mini dental implants are also recommended for people with a reduced jawbone, as the pins are much smaller in diameter than regular dental implant pins. Always go to an established dental clinic and after an initial examination, the dentist can make a recommendation, which might be mini dental implants.

Small People

As you would expect in a small person, their attributes are slightly less and regarding the jawbone, very often the best solution is to use mini dental implants, as they are thinner in diameter, although they are the same length.  

Bottom Denture Fixing

The bottom gum begins to fade when the teeth have been removed, and this ridge that usually holds the bottom set of dentures recedes to the point where the dentures are no longer anchored. Mini dental implants can be fitted into the jawbone and they fit directly to special fixings in the denture, thus holding them in place firmly. Many people wear traditional dentures on the top set, with mini dental implants that hold the lower set of dentures firmly in place.

The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

When you have mini dental implants fitted, the healing time is very little. In most cases, the lower dentures can be fitted at the same time the mini dental implants are fitted. Mini dental implants are less invasive than regular implants, as they do not require surgery, hence the downtime is minimal. If you think you are a candidate for mini dental implants, make an appointment with a dentist that has considerable experience working with mini dental implants, who can give you a professional assessment. For safe and reliable dental implants in Auckland or anywhere else outside the area, a Google search will help to locate a suitable clinic.

Crowns & Bridges

Mini Dental Implants
Image Source : Freepik

When a person has a tooth break off and the roots are healthy and intact, a crown would be the best treatment, which involves grinding the tooth down to a post, then fitting a prosthetic tooth. A bridge can be used with one or more missing teeth, using the teeth either side as bridge anchors. The dentist would discuss possible treatments with the patient before choosing the best way forward.

The mini dental implant is the perfect solution for fixing bottom set dentures, and this non-invasive treatment has almost no downtime. The treatment is very affordable when compared to regular dental implants. Whether to anchor the bottom set of dentures, or instead of regular dental implants, mini dental implants are an affordable alternative to their larger cousins.

Happy Teachers Day 2020 + Our Thank You Gifts

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers around the world!

This year Teachers day will be fall on Friday 4th September. However in schools, the day is celebrated on 3rd September. While celebrating a day for Teachers is a new tradition for me, I was raised in a country where we respected our teachers in every way we could. I know it is same in different countries, nations and among cultures. This is why I always like to join with Teachers Day celebration in Singapore at least by a blog post and by encouraging the kid to respect his teachers.

Check our Teachers Day 2017 and Teachers Day 2019 posts too.

Teachers Day flowers

My kid is no more a preschooler. This year he started schooling as a Primary 1 student. He has many teachers compared to the preschool time. Kid is eager to go to school every day. All these are due to his teachers’ encouragement and motivation towards learning.

Teachers Day Gifts

To thank them and to appreciate their services towards him and other children, we planned prepare some flowers. However due to other schedules in life, this is not an entire crafty or DIY project. Instead I bought some roses and attached a card which was filled by kid’s hand writing to make it a more personalized gift.

Flower Gifts
We bought some flowers and cards for Teachers Day

Kid was busy writing all the cards to his teachers.

mom blog

It was a happy activity for him although it was night time he started making his cards.For the kid writing 10 cards continuously was a big task.

DIY Gifts with kids

Afterall the roses and cards were perfect as teachers’ day gifts!

Happy Teachers Day 2020

Anyway, I just want to mention that giving a small rose is not enough to admire the service that any teacher would do.

Happy Teachers Day 2020

But this is a way of recognizing the service and admiring them. In such activities kid will learn to respect and admire his teachers. He will value his teachers and their advice once he is grown up.

Happy Teachers Day 2020

Finally we came up with roses attached with a thank you card written by the kid.I attached the thank you cards to roses using a piece of ribbon.

Teachers Day flowers

Happy Teachers Day 2020 for all educators and teachers worldwide!

Are Anti-Cellulite Leggings Effective? How Do They Work?

Are Anti-Cellulite Leggings Effective
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Dimples on the face are definitely adorable. But not so much on the butt and thighs, right? Did you know that nearly 90% of women across the globe are genetically inclined toward developing cellulite? No wonder questions like are anti-cellulite leggings effective? are so commonly asked.

Brands claim that the compression factor of their anti-cellulite leggings not only smoothens your dimples. But the technology also massages away cellulite. So how about getting to the bottom of this claim. Is it really true? And if not, then what do anti-cellulite leggings actually do?

Anti-Cellulite Leggings – What Are They?

Photo credit:

These types of leggings don’t have a special definition or appearance. They’re simply body-hugging stretchy pants. The kind that shapes your figure. And makes your muscles, bumps, lumps, and cellulite look smooth. But some anti-cellulite compression leggings also contribute to burning extra fat and reducing cellulite. Around the buttocks, thighs, and legs.

Do you happen to be acquainted with shapewear in the form of corsets, bodysuits, etc.? If yes, then cellulite-banishing leggings work pretty much the same way. But for the lower body of course.

In comparison to regular pants or leggings, the anti-cellulite version is slightly tighter. But in a snug and comfortable manner. The materials used for designing such leggings do an excellent job of minimizing the appearance of cellulite. While also shaping your lower body. Thus, making your figure look smoother and more flattering.

Synthetic fabrics are the most commonly used as they tend to create a firm grip. Such as polyester, nylon, neoprene, and spandex. On the other hand, cotton loses its firmness over time.

Generally, anti-cellulite leggings start from the waist and travel all the way down to your ankles. There are leggings that end at the calves as well. But, more often than, full coverage till the ankle is more common. There are plenty of brands that design different styles. So you can make them a part of your daily casual and workout attire however you like.

On the whole, these leggings feel very comfortable while also fitting snugly against your skin. To smooth out the visibility of cellulite and also fight it.

Anti-Cellulite Leggings – How Do They Work?

Image credit :

The best anti-cellulite leggings are almost always constructed using high-quality, effective polyamide. This particular fabric offers exceptional, surprisingly skin smoothening and firming properties.

On top of that, there are a few brands that incorporate elements like Vitamin E, caffeine, bioactive mineral crystals, etc. These perform the task of firming up your skin and providing antioxidants. Therefore, reducing cellulite and its appearance.

Moreover, the compression effect induces heat therapy to boost blood circulation. And this is very useful in the case of workout sessions.

You should also know that the polyamide fabric has the capacity to absorb your body heat only to use it for generating more heat. And that, in turn, accelerates the process of fat burning and cellulite removal.

So there’s no denying that anti-cellulite categorized leggings break down your fatty cells and revitalize skin cells. Thus, minimizing the stubborn visibility of cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Leggings – Do They Work for Weight Loss?

Are anti-cellulite leggings effective in terms of weight loss? Please keep in mind that cellulite friendly leggings do not shed weight automatically. You have to put in some work for that to happen. Such as exercising properly and consuming a healthy diet on a daily basis. But what they certainly do is speed up the process of weight loss. That’s for sure.

If you wear them during your workout sessions, these leggings definitely benefit in one way or another. By generating more heat and sweat, compressing your skin, and boosting blood circulation.

In fact, such leggings improve microcirculation. And this activates your muscles during the strenuous exercise session. While also promoting muscle recovery after your workout.

To a certain extent, compression-equipped anti-cellulite leggings also relieve your sore muscles. And prevent the possibility of muscle injury as well. Thanks to the remarkable thermal properties of these leggings. That leads you to sweat more, which eliminates more cellulite-causing toxins from your body. They also burn your fats faster.

You can also wear anti-cellulite pants and leggings for creating a slimming, more flattering body shape. They re-shape and smoothen out the silhouette of your body. Apart from helping you shed extra pounds of course.

Check this YouTube video:

Are Anti-Cellulite Leggings Effective – Final Say

I’m not going to lie to you and say that your cellulite is going to disappear if you wear anti-cellulite leggings for a month. But I am going to state that achieving this goal, in the sense that reducing your cellulite is possible if you wear such leggings during your workout sessions.

No doubt, the compression effect causes you to sweat more. Thus, burn more calories and fats faster.

As for minimizing the visibility of cellulite, you can completely rely on cellulite-banishing leggings. They create a firm, smooth, flattering shape around your buttocks, thighs, and legs. So you get the slimming silhouette you desire.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

How to remove crayons from the wall? Is this what you are thinking now?I had the same issue when I found it was time to clean and organize our home again.Our kid was so creative on part of the living room ,so that it is the time to get rid of these crayon marks.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

Parents know when their kids get creative. It is common to have crayon drawings and writing on the walls at one stage of life of any kid. Although my kid used books, papers and whiteboard for his expressions he also expressed his thoughts in some parts of our walls. Colouring pages were his favourite way to spend time.But he loved to draw in a wall too. Luckily he didn’t mess whole area of the walls. Therefore no much work for us.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

We allowed the kid to be creative and didn’t bother to repaint the walls until now. He is going to be 7 years old and now he doesn’t want to use walls for his creative ideas. Therefore I started our latest living room makeover project.

Removing these crayon marks from the walls is part of my project before I use wallpaper on the wall. After some research I found this method and it worked for us.

It is simple. What you need is toothpaste and cleaning cloths.

How to remove crayons from the wall using toothpaste?

Here are the easy steps on removing crayons from the wall.

  • Simply apply some tooth paste on the crayon marks.
  • Allow few minutes. (1-2 minutes)
  • Then using a damp cloth, wipe the toothpaste away.
  • You will see a clean wall with no more crayon marks.

Doesn’t this sound easier than having to repaint?

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall
We even used toothpaste to remove pencil marks from the wall.
Clean wall without Crayon marks.

Other methods to remove crayons from the walls

I used toothpaste for removing crayons and it worked for me. And it is easy to find toothpaste at home compared to other materials. However I found some other methods too to remove such crayon paintings. Anyway I didn’t try below methods and sharing just for information.

It is said that soap and water can do the magic of removing the crayons. Try it if you like.

Baking soda and vinegar is another solution for removing crayons from walls.

Do you know any other method? Please share as a comment.

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