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Save Environment Craft with Kids

I spent time making this Save Environment Craft with my kid which was a great bonding activity while giving him education and importance of saving our mother earth.

Save Environment Craft
Save Environment Craft

Save the earth or save the nature is an important message to convey for kids. They learn such valuable lessons from their early stages of life if we teach them. At our home, I always try to reuse, recycle or re-purpose items before discarding. Once we made a recycle box to collect the recyclable materials. At that time kid was a toddler and he enjoyed the project with me. This was a good initiative to teach him about importance of recycling.

Save Environment Craft

Now he is a kindergartner and he learn similar topics in his preschool. For this December holiday his teacher asked to create few art crafts choosing 2 topics. One was jungle theme and we made a lion from empty juice carton. And below is how we made this earth friendly art craft.

If you look for arts and crafts for earth day or saving earth arts & crafts to make with kids, this will be a great idea.

How to make save environment art craft?

make save environment art craft

Things needed:

Toilet paper roll or any cardboard roll


Card stock

A pair of scissors

How to make:

make save environment art craft
Kid engaged in making this art craft
We first covered the toilet roll with a used magazine paper

Cut a blue colour or relevant color paper to the size of paper roll. Glue on paper roll. Then Cover the paper roll with blue colour paper.

 Save Environment Craft with Kids
Save Environment Craft with Kids

Decorate it with Green or relevant colour to make it look like earth.

Cut few hearts from colour papers. Match the colours as you like. Make it beautiful by pasting small hearts in light colour papers.

Write earth friendly messages on these hearts. Some of the messages we wrote are as below which help the kid to understand the importance of saving earth.

  • Save water
  • Save electricity
  • Recycle
Save Environment Craft with Kids

There are many earth friendly messages that kids can use on this art craft.

Then, use a ribbon to paste the hearts. Attach all these messages to the earth we made using the toilet paper roll.

Finally we have an earth friendly craft made from items that are to throw away. Or we repurposed some of the items that are supposed to throw.

Skills to improve: scissor skills, awareness of importance of saving earth, recycle/reuse/re-purpose, concentration

Do you like such arts & crafts to do with your kids?

Top Tips For Roasting A Whole Chicken

Whole roasted chicken is among the few gratifying and comforting foods you can prepare. The aromas from a roasting chicken are not only inviting but also scream good news to everyone in the house. The only ingredients required to prepare a roasted chicken include pepper, salt, garlic, and a few other herbs. The key to a perfectly roasted chicken isn’t however with the spices, but with the technique used. A whole chicken is very affordable, and so is the roasting process. Any leftovers from the chicken make an excellent second meal, hence no wastage.  Although you can choose to a rotisserie chicken, you don’t have to be a master chef to master the art of roasting a full chicken. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Tips For Roasting A Whole Chicken

1. Dry equals crispy

You can start with a 4- or 5-pound frying or broiling chicken. Pat dry the chicken both inside and out with a paper towel.  It would be advisable to open the chicken packaging the night or morning before, then leave it uncovered in the fridge in readiness for preparation.

2. You’ll need some salt

Mix a tablespoon of table salt with pepper, then season the chicken generously on all sides. A tablespoonful of salt will be enough for a 5-pound chicken. In addition to seasoning, salt acts as brine, which helps keep the bird moist while in the oven.

3. Add more seasonings

For a deliciously tasty chicken, consider adding more seasonings to the mix. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, and minced garlic provide perfect seasoning for your chicken. Mix all these in a bowl, then rub the contents on and inside the bird. It would be advisable to season the bird then let it sit for several hours for a boost in flavor. Some people prefer their chcken nice and spicy, create a rub with your favourite spices and leave it to flavour the meat. Here is a lovely recipe for tandoori chicken – a spiced chicken meal from

Tips For Roasting A Whole Chicken

4. Season the cavity as well

Do not forget the bird’s cavity; slice up some onions, lemons, bay leaves, or an apple then place them inside the cavity. These will help add flavor and release moisture inside the chicken, making it tastier. Be sure to remove all the contents from the cavity before carving.

5. Tuck and truss

You’ll need to tuck the winds and tie (truss) the legs to keep everything secured and in place. This also makes the chicken more presentable while serving. Trussing and tucking is essential for it also helps keep the breast moist as the chicken roasts.

6. Baste, or not

This depends on how you want the roasted chicken to be. If looking for a crispy chicken, you should then avoid basting as this only leaves the chicken soft on the outside. If you, however, wish to have soft skin all around, you can then dot the chicken with butter, then brush it with oil before putting it in the oven. Basting and brushing however mean you have to open the oven door repeatedly. For this reason, it’s best to leave the chicken undisturbed in the oven until done.

7. Cook slow but steady

Unless you are in a hurry, cook the chicken at 350ºF for between 15 and 20 minutes per pound. This helps keep the white meat moist while ensuring everything (including the dark meat) is cooked perfectly.

8. Sheet pan, roasting pan, etc.

The traditional roasting pan will be enough to keep the chicken elevated as well as allow the bottom part to be crisp. You can also use a shallow sheet pan to facilitate crisping of the sides as well.  A large cast iron skillet is however my preferred option for it is good at retaining heat.

9. Check for doneness

Always avoid poking the bird too often when checking for doneness.  To prevent this, use a timer to help you keep track of when the chicken will be ready. You can also use a thermometer to check if the chicken is cooked well. Insert the thermometer in the breast or any other thick part. If the thermometer registers 165 degrees F, it is ready. You could also use a sharp knife to check for doneness as well. Insert the blade on the thickest part to see if the juices are clear. Be sure to avoid the bones when doing this.

10. Let it rest

If the chicken is done, set it aside for at least 15 minutes. This allows juices to redistribute as the chicken cools. You can then enjoy your perfectly roasted chicken.

Modern Wedding

Innovations and changing the present things are important. We must not stick to the old rituals and methods and try something new to make things interesting. This is why since recent times, things involved in the wedding have been changed which is so-called the modern wedding. One might have got bored with the same kind of wedding rituals and hence he should go for a modern wedding where things are changed and done in a different manner. Even people will enjoy attending something new and unique. Following are the ways in which you can improvise weddings to make it appealing:


Wearing the same kind of traditional wear has become common. Although it has still its own significance and a bride looks quite beautiful in it, but it has been continuing for a long period of time. That is why the bride, groom, and their families should wear something new and interesting which is in the latest trend. If you are planning to do so, one may look for Watters bridal dresses as it is the best available option at present as looks amazing! The groom must also dress up with something that matches with it so that you both together look a perfect pair!

    2. Decoration:

Modern Wedding

The venue where all the functions are going to take place should not be decorated in a casual and normal way. You should make sure that the venue is perfectly decorated so that your wedding looks grand and rememberable way. You can contact the nearest decoration company or agent for the best ideas to decorate your venue. You need to think out of the box to ensure that the decoration looks unique and completely different. It should leave all the relatives and friends attending your wedding amazed and they shall feel surprising!

    3. Food:

modern weddings

The party attendees might have gone bored eating the same type of food at the wedding. This is a good way to outshine and start something new. You can bring different dishes which are new as well as have a great taste for your wedding. You will receive appreciation and compliments from your relatives and friends for sure! This will improve your image in the society at a great level as you had a grand wedding function! So go to catering services and discuss with them about the same.

    4. Wedding Cards:

This may sound and feel silly, but sending the invitation cards completely different from the type of cards which are distributed till now. This step will result in bringing more and more relatives to your function to bless you and see the completely unique style of wedding. Hence, you must get your wedding card designed by a good designer and give it for printing to a reliable place. This small steps will contribute to having a grand and big wedding. One must also make sure that while you plan to perform something out of the box, it should also be such that everyone likes it!

Family Match : Compatible Families Together

Family Match is a web service, which is developed keeping in mind the need for a family for another family’s company. Family Match is like other dating apps which let you choose a partner of your choice. We understand how much it is important for families to find another family to hang out with. Whether you move to a new place or families in your current area are not compatible with you. This is a place for you to find what you need.

Family Match

Our aim:

FamilyMatch is currently under development. It is the world’s first family matching site. The aim of this site is to improve the quality of your social life. It can show you matches from your nearest area. It will find you a family where you and your child will find making yourself meaningful bonds.

FamilyMatch is currently under development. It is the world’s first family matching site. The aim of this site is to improve the quality of your social life. It can show you matches from your nearest area. It will find you a family where you and your child will find making yourself meaningful bonds.

Family Match

Who is this site for:

This service is for everyone. Whether you are a single parent, a couple or a family with many children. This site helps your kid under 13 to find suitable families to socialize with. Military families who are frequently travelling and families who home school their children can get the most use out of it.

FamilyMatch solves so many problems for your family. Sometimes kids get along but the parents do not and sometimes parents get along but the kids do not. Solution of this problem is also the FamilyMatch. FamilyMatch let you choose from many different families. There is no limit of options here. There are thousands of families waiting to be found which will turn out to be the perfect match for you. We understand when you and your family feel isolated even when there are so many people around you. This isolation comes from the feeling that there is nothing common between you and people around you.  

With technology developing so fast and people engaging with them more and more, people and families are being disconnected even from their own family. Technology in this reference is not bad in itself but there must be consistent development of tools which bring in positive changes in people’s lives. FamilyMatch helps you meet new families and find playdates for your kids. A prototype of this site will be ready within 60 days after the kickstart campaign ends. We have come to Kickstarter to gain support. To market the product and developing the app we need funds.  

Complications Faced by Over Weight Women & Solutions

Overweightness comes in one’s body along with several complications and hectic problems. A person becomes overweight majorly because of two reasons. First one is due to the lack of physical work and excessive consumption of unhealthy and junk food. And the second one is due to some medical issues such as side effects of medicines or due to some disease. The first one can still be controlled and reduced by exercise and controlled eating. But if someone gets overweight due to the second, he can hardly do anything and has to wait while it cures naturally. Anyways, following described are some major complications faced by an overweight woman along with the ways to handle them:

Complications Faced by Over Weight Women

1. Social:

First of all, accept the things which are at present. One must get worried about what others will think about your body. Getting comments from the people on our problem is nothing new! Thus, you must not bother about what others speak and think about you. This is natural and if not, you must take their comments as a challenge and start working on it. Moreover, a time will come when you will understand that their views hardly matter to you and then you will get used to it and start ignoring them. So, there is nothing to worry about your social life.

 2. Clothing:

You shall need the larger size which may often be not available on the dress you liked and picked up. This could be the moment of disappointment. However, there are some brands which make special amazing dresses for you and are comfortable too. Even for the special events like your daughter’s wedding, the mother of the bride plus size clothing with charming designs and colors are available. Hence, you can still look beautiful and elegant.

Complications Faced by Over Weight Women

 3. Health Problems:

If the reason for being overweight is the treatment of some already existing disease, then this is not a matter of concern for you. But those who are themselves responsible for their overweight, there are various severe diseases which can hit you including serious heart and blood pressure related problems. This can even lead to death if they are for a longer period of time. Therefore, you must start taking measures including exercise to control your weight and bring it to the normal range. Losing weight is not that difficult as that exaggerated by people.

4. Depression:

It is truly said that your physical contributes to your mental health. People who are overweight may feel depressed at some period of days because their physical health affects their mental health and thus occurs mood swings. Depression can also be due to the social factors which are mentioned in the first point. To overcome depression, one must have someone to share their thoughts and who can advise you well. You should also go out for a walk which will make your mood fresh as well as improve your physique. Moreover, yoga and meditation are medicine to all kind of problems in life!

Make your Baby Girl Look like a Princess – Know what Clothes to Buy for Her

Just because your baby girl is still wearing diapers, that doesn’t really mean that her wardrobe should be devoid of style. Moms should consider baby fashion whenever it’s time to click her first pictures as these are the pictures that you’ll be browsing throughout the rest of your life. Regardless of whether you wish to get her something totally unique or something matching the Disney theme or something funny, you can be assured that there is an outfit for all babies.

clothes to buy for girls

There is plethora of cute baby girl clothes that moms can choose from but despite the variety, there are several moms who end up being spoilt for choice. Are you a confused mom who doesn’t know what to buy for her Barbie? Read on for some wise tips on the styles to choose for your girl.

Frocks will never fade out of fashion

Whenever you think of dressing your baby girl, the first dress type that comes to your mind is frock. It’s true that frocks will never go out of trend as there will always be a kind of frock for every occasion and season. To begin with, a comfortable and soft frock is a must! While you can make her wear the frock itself, you can also pair it with a tight pair of stockings or leggings. Few common yet sweet colors like blue, pink, black and white will suit every occasion. For daily use, choose soft materials.

clothes to buy for girls

Jeans and top will always be the best combination

How about dressing your baby girl in a simple t-shirt or a shirt along a good and comfortable pair of jeans? For a shorter option, Denim Capri can also be a stylish choice. For both rainy and winter seasons, denim can be a good choice as it keeps the baby warm and protected from the cold.

Leggings and top is now a trendy pair

A pair of leggings along with a top can turn out to be an evergreen fashion for your baby. No matter the age of your baby girl, you can always team up a top with a pair of matching leggings as they are good for all seasons. Choose the length of the sleeve carefully depending on the season during which she’s going to wear it. There are half-sleeve, 3/4th sleeve and full sleeve tops to choose from.

Jumpsuits are super trendy

If you want your baby girl to look uber trendy and stylish, jumpsuits are certainly the best option. Does your baby girl already go out in the parks or for outings? If yes, jumpsuits are definitely going to suit her style. There are jeans and cotton jumpsuits that you can match with her body type and preference.

Shorts with tops are a safe choice

For your baby girl to feel the most comfortable, you can team up shorts with a matching top. How about trying a floral bottom along with a solid color top or may be the opposite?

So, if you’ve been wondering about what to buy your baby girl to make her look trendy and stylish, you can keep in mind the above listed dress options.

Benefits of Playing with Cardboard Castles and Forts

Do you want to know what the benefits of playing with cardboard castles and forts? Here in this post I want to discuss some of the advantages of playing with cardboard boxes for your kids.

Most of the kids love to play with cardboard boxes. Most of the time these cardboard boxes are turned into houses, buildings, fort or castles by the kids as they want to engage in active play using the empty box they own. Playing with cardboard boxes or making castles are full of fun. However do you know playing with cardboard boxes are not only full of fun, it is also educational?

Playing with Cardboard Castles

I am sure every mom knows that playing is beneficial for kids for their skill growth. But, did you ever think of why it is beneficial when your kid plays with castles, buildings & forts? Let me share some of the benefits.

How to create cardboard fort or castle for your kids?

Most moms love to DIY cardboard castle or fort for their kids. This will be a good bonding activity which also enables your kid to be creative. However most of the moms do not have enough time to make cardboard box castles from scratch.

Playing with Cardboard Castles

But, still you can engage your kids making cardboard box castle and allow them to be creative. Even if you do not have much time, you can help them making a cardboard box fort or castle just by buying a cardboard fort building kit. Just have a look at Make-A-Fort which offers a ready-made kit for building forts, mazes, tunnels and castles which save you more time. Still you can be creative with your kids when you use a ready-made cardboard fort building kit to make a cardboard fort which is also a great way to improve bonding with your kid.

Benefits of playing with cardboard castles

Basically, these are constructive activities. When your child creates or builds a castle he definitely has some plan and imaginary castle or building in his mind. This improves the creative skills and while building his castle he has to solve problems. Logical thinking is one of the other important skills a kid will improve while playing with cardboard buildings and castles.

Your kid will focus on the process of building the castle, making it a toy and creating other activities around it. As a result he will improve concentration and also he will learn to focus on work until it completes.

Playing with Cardboard Castles

Pretend play is beneficial for kids to improve lot of skills including creative skills and social skills. After building their castle, kids will have lots of fun with different activities around their castle or building. They will create different pretend play activities and role playing around the building they created. All these activities are beneficial for kids for improving their skills.

Above are the benefits of playing with cardboard castles and buildings. Now it is your turn. Create the environment for your kid to play with cardboard castles. You can either make your own DIY cardboard box castle or buy a ready-made cardboard castle to make a cardboard fort or castle!

Don’t Blame “Internet Addiction” on Tech Companies

The colossal amount of time that kids spend every day on social media, gaming, and other online activities is undoubtedly a top concern and frustration of parents. Some of these parents point their finger at tech companies and their predatory marketing schemes. The narrative is simple: kids are more anxious, depressed, asocial, and unmotivated than ever before due to the deluge of smartphone apps, online networks, and addicting games that have flooded the market over the past decade, and the creators of digital content should be held responsible.

Internet Addiction

However, before you jump on this bandwagon (if you haven’t already) ask yourself: is it possible “Internet addiction” is merely a symptom masking deeper problems? Is it possible that obsessive and compulsive Internet use is simply an outlet for personal, familial, and social problems that continue to remain unaddressed?

I offer alternative explanations below.

       Back in the 1990s, 64-bit games and shoddy apps like AOL Instant Messenger dominated the landscape. There were no amazing graphics. DSL back then is the equivalent of, if not worse than, 2G. Computers were far slower than they were now, and Apple had yet to launch its first version of the iPod, let alone the iPhone. Despite the primitive technology, I found myself “hooked” to games like speed chess during my early teenage years. It became increasingly difficult for me to “quit.”

       I played obsessively for hours without end whenever my parents weren’t there. After obtaining a high ELO score, I no longer found chess appealing and moved onto other games like Age of Empires and Starcraft. I suspected that I wasn’t alone in this regard, and as it turned out, my friends spent the majority of their leisure time doing similar activities online. Playing games. Toying with their MySpace account.

Not everyone, to be sure, but certainly a sizable minority lived their lives online.

This fact didn’t bother or prick my consciousness until my grades started to suffer in college. I had extraordinary difficulty controlling my excessive Internet and gaming habits during this time. It was then that I finally began to investigate the issue in greater depth.

       As of today, matters seem to be getting worse, not better. Back in 2010, a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that American children ages 8 – 18 spent, on average, more than 7 hours and 30 minutes online every day. This figure is similar across all other Western countries (Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.). Although “Internet addiction” and “gaming addiction” are uncommon and not as damaging as, say, alcohol or drug addiction, it is far more likely to affect any particular individual since almost everyone uses the Internet.

Beginning in the 1980s, “helicopter parenting” became more and more popular. “Helicopter parenting” describes a parenting style where the parents oversee and preside over most aspects of their kids’ lives, as opposed to the traditional style of setting boundaries (no drugs, no gangs, etc.) and allowing kids to explore within those confines. Helicopter parenting is often rationalized by the parents based on the following mindsets:

  • “If my child gets a bad grade, everything will fall apart.”
  • “Extracurricular activities will help my child get into a good university. Therefore, we have to squeeze in as many of these activities as we can.”
  • “I don’t want to let my child play outside, because who knows what will happen.”
  • “Children don’t know any better, so of course we have to take control.”

There are countless studies showing the increased levels of anxiety and failure to cope with “real world” difficulties among children who come from helicopter families. I can certainly attest to this, as my parents took great, perhaps even neurotic, levels of interest in “making sure I would become successful.” In the end, the lack of agency and experiences with failure early on made me far more susceptible to problems in my early 20’s.

Secondly, there is a gaping lack of “community” in most Western countries. By “community,” I mean a sense of belonging and true commitment to the welfare of a group as opposed to mindless pursuit of self-interest and self-aggrandizement. Loneliness and emotional disconnect are on the rise. Friends are often heard from, but not seen. This is especially true among younger people, who prefer texting and social media posts to actual face-to-face communication.

When social values and a sense of collective duty start to disintegrate, people start to lose “meaning” or “purpose” in life. Perhaps more importantly, the individual has a much more difficult time coping with difficulty and become easy prey for all sorts of behavioral problems (including Internet addiction).

People who lack necessary foundations of healthy living will easily succumb to their temptations when the times get tough, since pursuit of pleasure becomes their #1 goal. On the other hand, someone with a powerful network and is dedicated to helping others (i.e. a strong mother or father) is far more capable of weathering difficulties or bottlenecks in life.

My job here isn’t to guilt trip parents by casting them into the fire of blame, nor am I suggesting that society itself is irredeemably corrupt. Rather, it’s to encourage a discussion and critical evaluation of why some children are behaving in ways that run contrary to what “normal humans” naturally desire: companionship, community, meaning, genuine values, and success in life.

As I often repeat on my website True Digital Detox, acquiring these values, community-oriented mindsets, and learning life skills will prove to be the best deterrents to compulsive Internet use and gaming. Parents should take this into consideration.

Newborn Health Care: What are the Essentials you should have?

Every pregnant mom and new moms look for the best products and tools for take caring of their newborn babies. However most of the newborn essentials are packed with baby grooming products and diaper essentials. Other than these products and items, every new mom should own some of the health measurement tools and products in order to ensure that your newborn is in good health condition.

Newborn Health Care

Below are some of the most important items that you should own in order to take good care of your newborn baby.These items are essential for proper newborn health care.

1. Baby Breathing   Monitor

Baby Breathing & Movement Monitor are latest addition to any mom’s newborn essentials list. When you use a baby breathing monitor you will ensure that your baby is in good health and breathing well. When you use such type of tool to measure the baby movement status, it will reduce the risks such as sudden dizziness or failure to breathe well. This is why most of the pregnant moms like to add a baby breathing monitor to their baby essentials list. It is also important to buy the best baby breathing monitor in order to get better results.

2. Baby Digital Thermometer

Baby thermometer is the next essential tool for keeping measurement of your newborn. Most babies are delicate and they easily get sicknesses. Fever is one of the symptoms that you can find if your newborn is not well. Therefore it is essential to buy a good quality thermometer in order to measure the temperature of your baby when necessary.

3. Baby first aid kit

Newborn Health Care

A baby first aid kit is really helpful for any mom until you get doctors’ advice. Basically your baby first aid kit should include items such as cotton balls, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper and soma medicine such as baby paracetamol bought under professional advice. Other than these ,a thermometer and nail clipper should include too.

There are many other essentials that you should include to your check list when you prepare for welcoming your bundle of joy. However don’t forget to include above mentioned most essential items for newborn health care in order to make a safe environment for your new born.

The Best Car Seats To Buy This Summer

Car seat is an essential for any parent with little kids and babies. If you look for the best car seats to buy this summer,here are some tips. However, law regarding usage of car seats can be different in different countries. Therefore before you choose the best car seats; it is better to check the prevailing laws in your country.

Now it is time to choose the best car seats. Before choosing the best car seats, it is essential to know the things that you should consider before buying a car seat. Below I gathered some of the tips to choose your car seat after reading some articles published over other mom blogs.

Best Car Seats To Buy This Summer

How to buy the best car seat?

Read recommendations and reviews

When you read car seat reviews and recommendations, it is easy to choose the latest designs and styles with new features. There are mom blogs such as which share actual reviews and recommendations about car seats. In this way you can read ideas of other moms who has better understanding about car seats. After reading reviews, prepare a list of car seats that are suitable for your little one.

Best Car Seats To Buy This Summer

Check weight and height

If you look for a car seat for infant then the weight will be around 3.5kg.With such weight it is also easy to move the sleeping baby around. When you look for toddler car seat or for a grown kid, the weight can be higher. Therefore keep an idea about the weight of the car seat that is suitable for your kid depending on his or her age.

Check the safety fastening system

One of the big considerations of a car seat is safety. Therefore it is a must to check the safety fastening system of the car seat. Car seat fastening system should be safe and also it should be easy to attach and detach. Therefore check these things properly before you choose the best car seat for your infant or kid.

Apart from above things, you can also read the technical specification of the car seat before you buy. In case if you buy from a shop, then talk to the sales person or experts in the shop. They will help you with details of the car seat including its features. Use such tips too before you choosing the best car seats to buy this summer.

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