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Everything You Ever Need to Know About Feminine Hygiene Products

Over the years, menstrual hygiene products options have increased. Gone are the days where only tampons and disposable pad were the only available option. Did you know that there was also a time where these products had no adhesive? But all that is in the past, and it’s a new dawn for the menstrual hygiene products.

about feminine hygiene products

It’s critical to reevaluate one’s hygiene needs, and one seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the reproductive phase. Menstrual hygiene is quite intriguing as there are several products that one can opt for now. Here’s everything you need to know about feminine hygiene products. 

Menstrual pads 

The sanitary towels have been around for quite some time. However, before its introduction, people used knitted washable menstrual pads or cotton rags. One can quickly get a disposable menstrual pad from a local drugstore or the supermarket.

Menstrual pads are an excellent option for younger women who are starting their menstrual cycle. They are quite user-friendly.

When it comes to selecting menstrual pads, one has to know their flow. It would be best to use maxi pads when you are going through heavy menstrual days while mini pads during the light days.

You can also select a mini pad that works for both scenarios to save you from buying the pads twice. If you are having an issue with the pad’s comfort, you ought to check on pads that conform to the style of your innerwear. 

feminine hygiene products


Are you physically active? Here is a great choice when you are on your menses. Tampons are great they hardly interfere with any exercise, even swimming. Most people prefer tampons are they are less messy. 

There are a wider variety of tampons that you can select from any time you are on your periods. Some have carboarded applicators while others have plastic applicators, and there are also others with no applicator.

When choosing a tampon, you ought to check on the absorbency rating system. It’s one of the best possible ways to determine which tampon type is ideal for your flow.

You ought to check the tampon box at all times. Some manufacturers pack various tampon sizes in one box. It thus makes it easier to know which one to use during lighter days and which to use during more massive period days.

Some tampons have a fragrance to assist one in reducing menstrual odor.

Menstrual cups 

Here’s another excellent option that once can use. The commercial menstrual cups have been around for a while. Over time they have undergone significant transformation to what they are today. You can now find a disposable or reusable menstrual cup.

The reusable menstrual cup 

The menstrual hygiene product is made of natural rubber and can get used for up to ten years. If you are environmentally conscious and worried about the effects of disposable pads on the surrounding, you can use this. Some cups hold up to a single ounce of the period fluid hat gets washed out once it’s full. One can either reinsert it or save it to use it during the next menstrual cycle.  

The disposable menstrual cups 

It’s a menstrual cup made of non-absorbent, as well as non-irritating thermoplastic materials. The bowl often conforms to one’s shape to inhibit any leakage. One can use this cup for 12 hours then dispose of it.

Period innerwear 

Here’s another exciting alternative for the menstrual hygiene product. They get made of unique absorbent material without the help of a disposable cotton pad. The crotch of the innerwear gets reinforced with four layers. The layers absorb both light and medium flow.

Some people prefer putting these on with the tampon instead of regular innerwear. The safety panty liner assists one to feel comfortable at all times. It gets made of a leak-proof, non-staining, or resistant as well as washable fabric. 

For you to get the best feminine hygiene product for your period, you must understand oneself and what works for you. Each female has a different period flow. You ought to check out the products mentioned above and choose one that not only suits your flow but also your way of life. 

How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy And Strong

Part of being a parent is worrying about our kids, and we should ensure that we teach them healthy habits when they are growing up, which includes taking excellent care of their teeth. As well as brushing and flossing their teeth daily, they will also need a healthy diet, which will help to ensure their smiles stay shining white for a long time to come.

How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy
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Below are some tips on teaching your children to look after their teeth so they can keep them beautiful and healthy.

Brush & Floss On A Daily Basis

After you eat, you must clean your teeth so that you remove any food particles which can cause plaque and tartar to build up and damage your children’s teeth. It would be best if you got your children into the habit of brushing after every meal and flossing their teeth once a day. Brushing regularly daily, along with flossing, is an excellent way to keep their mouths cavity-free. Your local North Shore kids dentist covering all of Sydney will be able to help advise you about the oral health of your children.

Rinse With Water

Ideally, you will brush after every meal, but this is not always possible, so one alternative is to have your children rinse their mouths out thoroughly with water after eating. Swishing water in their mouths will help to remove any debris and food particles from the teeth, preventing the build-up of acid.

Eat Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is good for our teeth and bones and adding calcium rich foods to the diet of your family is an excellent way to help them take excellent care of their teeth. Some calcium rich foods and healthy foods for your mouth are as follows:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Apples
  • Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Carrots
  • Almonds
  • Yoghurt

Avoid Sugary Foods

How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy
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You will also want to limit the number of sugary foods and drinks that your children consume, as these can have a significant impact on the health of your children, and their teeth. When you go shopping, ensure that you look at the ingredients on the food and drinks that you buy and try to reduce the kids’ sugar intake. They do not have to cut sugar out of their diet entirely, but limit how much sugar they get to have. You can try using it as an occasional treat, and that can have a significant effect on their health and that of their teeth.

Limit Acidic Foods

You will also want to control how much acidic foods your children consume, and this includes citrus foods. The acid can eat away at the enamel of the teeth and weaken it. It can also lead to pain and sensitivity.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

You will also want to introduce your children to the dentist at an early age to ensure that they are comfortable and do not suffer from any anxiety. Regular visits to your dentist will help to keep your children’s teeth healthy and prevent any small problems becoming significant ones by catching them early.

Early Signs of ADHD in Children

How do you identify if your child has ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? What are the early signs of ADHD in children?Let’s discuss.

Signs of ADHD in Children

There are different symptoms of ADHD and if you closely monitor you can easily identify the signs. However these are common signs only. If you find such symptoms and suspect that your child is suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) then you have to consult a doctor. Don’t worry. ADHD is treatable. There are ADHD Doctors for Children who are specially trained and well experienced.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is common in young children starting the average age of 7.However it can be identified through common symptoms and treatable if you get advice from specialized ADHD doctors.

Signs of ADHD in Children

Children suffer from ADHD usually shows behavior issues. Therefore most of the time they are left untreated because these children are labeled for their behaviour issues and not for the condition they suffer.

Below are some of the symptoms to identify such behavior issues that may be a sign to tell you about your child’s relation to ADHD.

Signs of ADHD

Below are the most common signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) .


It is common that children are active. However children with ADHD are always active and energetic. They will want to play continuously or engage in some task without getting tired until they are labeled for their over-activity.

They are Self-focused

 if your child is lack of social skills for his age then it can be a sign of ASHD. Usually children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are self-focused and for them it is difficult to take turns.

ADHD in Children

Lack of attention

This is one of the strongest signs of ADHD children. Those who suffer with ADHD are lack of concentration and focus. They even cannot complete a task they started. 

Difficulty in finishing a task

This can be due to the lack of focus. Children with ADHD are always with unfinished tasks. They are eager to start lot of things. It can be a new project, artwork,reading a book or organizing. However they fail to do the task until it finish. They start another new thing before finishing the current project or task.

Lack of organizing

Children suffer with ADHD are lack of organizing skills. They find it difficult to organize things in order. It can be a project or task they started; they fail to organize the activities in order in order to complete it. It also can be keeping his things in order. ADHD children find it difficult to organize.

Above are some of the common symptoms of ADHD in children. In case if you find these signs in your kid and if you suspect his or her behavior is unusual it is advised to consult a doctor. Be sure you are contacting one of the ADHD Doctors for Children in your local area.

Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

According to the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 6 million children aged 2 to 17 with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States. This condition is characterized by difficulty or inability to sit still, listen, wait, pay attention, and follow directions honestly ADHD. It can be challenging for the kids who are suffering from this condition, but one longitudinal study revealed that it could also cause severe emotional struggle and stress to their parents. Caring for a child with ADHD can lead to reduced parenting satisfaction, the presence of more depressive symptoms, and more undesirable interactions with the child compared to parenting other children. Here are the early signs of ADHD in children in case if you don’t know.

Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

Parenting is already challenging on its own, how much more if you have a child with ADHD. Instead of going through the journey alone, you should consider private parent coaching. A Western Australian study revealed the following benefits of ADHD parent coaching, which may prove that this intervention is what you need:

It Helps Improve Family Relationship

All the parents who participated in the research shared definite improvement in family relationships. Coaching helped parents gain a deeper understanding of ADHD-related behavior and how these behaviors manifest in their children.

Going through the process helped parents to fully realize that ADHD children are different than other kids, which means they should adapt and deal with them differently.  The intervention mainly helped parents develop a better appreciation of their ADHD children and learn healthy strategies to interact with them more positively.

Apart from the improvement in parent-child relationships, the study also showed marked improvement in ties between spouses and siblings because of coaching.

Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

It Helps Empower Parents

Parents with ADHD children tend to question their parenting skills and blame themselves for how their kids behave. These feelings cause frustration and discouragement. Being packed by family and friends who have little or no understanding of the condition does not help as well.

A parenting coach helps parents in realizing that honestly, ADHD is a neurological disorder and not a product of parenting style. The sessions also offer parents opportunities for parents to open up about their insecurities and feelings about raising an ADHD child without fear of judgment. Parents in the study found confidence in their parenting style after going through parent coaching.

It Reduces the Level of Parental Stress

The results of the study exposed that proceeding with a parenting coach helps in significantly reducing parental stress. Having an expert that they can talk with about their daily struggles and difficulties and having a knowledgeable guide to assist them in the journey gave the parents a new perspective in life.

Note that one of the leading causes of parental stress is misguided expectations. As the parents go through coaching, they learned more about their children and their condition. They also acquire the essential skills needed to handle their children’s problematic behavior. When parents know what to expect and are confident in addressing challenges, parenting becomes less worrisome and more meaningful.

Seeking help from an experienced parenting coach at reputable organizations like Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy does not mean you are giving up or losing hope. On the contrary, you are ensuring that your ADHD-child receives the best parental care possible. By relying on a reputable parenting coach, you are helping yourself, and your entire family, cope with the many challenges brought by the condition effectively and more positively.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling

It is a fact of life that medical or dental emergencies can happen at any time, regardless of whether we are on holiday or working away but you can negate the risk to a certain extent. If you suspect you have a problem or a potential problem with your teeth, the best course of action is to visit your regular dentist before you actually leave home. Far too many people overlook a niggling tooth problem and put it off to another day but the main problem with this approach is that it can make matters worse. The advantages of visiting your local dentist before you leave are obvious, they have your dental records and may be able to apply a temporary fix until you return from your holiday or work placement. But this scenario belongs in an ideal world. At the end of the day, if your teeth need urgent attention, you need to visit an emergency dentist wherever you may be.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
Image Source: Pexels

Australian Dental Expertise

Australia is well known across the world for its world leading standards of dental care. From Bangkok to Bali to Hanoi, you can see dental practices that proudly display their Australian accreditations, these accreditations reassure people that they are getting a high standard of dental care from people who have qualified in Australia. If you happen to be in Australia and need to see an emergency dentist in Brisbane, there are a number of high-quality dentists you can rely on. Finding a dentist whilst on the road is relatively straightforward but if you haven’t spotted a dental practice in your present location, you will probably begin your search by using the internet.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
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Finding an Emergency Dentist

As previously mentioned, if you haven’t seen a dental practice in the area where you are staying, the internet is a good place to find one. By simply typing ‘dentist + location’ into a search engine you should be presented with a comprehensive list of dentists in the locality where you are staying. If you need some specialist dental expertise such as denture repair or orthodontics you can also include that with your search term.

 As a general rule of thumb, you should try and find a dentist that can work around your schedule and enable to you to get back to your holiday or work as soon as possible. Obviously, this does not apply if you are in severe pain, in which case you will need to be treated as soon as possible regardless of other commitments.

Should you be needing an appointment for a small child, you may need to check whether your chosen dentist has any expertise in paediatric dentistry. Although dentists are qualified to work on anyone’s teeth regardless of patient age, some have more experience of treating young children than others.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
Image Source: Pixabay

Regardless of where you are travelling, you are guaranteed to receive an extremely high level of care from all dentists regardless of whether it’s an emergency or not.

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

As parents, we all talk about positive parenting. All parents want to be good parents to their children. However there are times which parents cannot control their children. Some children are with behavior issues. If your child falls into this category, how do you help him to overcome his issues? Is that through punishments or through careful attention and care?

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

If your child is inattentive, Hyperactive or Impulsive it can be a sign of ADHD. Therefore the best solution is to treat him under professional advice and guidance. Not through punishments!

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a medical condition that needs proper treatment. A child with ADHD has different attention span and different brain activity than other children of similar age. As they are unable to self-control or concentrate properly, this affects the child’s activities in at home, school and everywhere.

This is why parents with ADHD children should pay more attention on this matter in order to help their children to overcome the situation.

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

How Parents can help their child with ADHD?

ADHD is treated in different ways. Usually ADHD treatment includes Behavior therapy and medicine. At the same time parents will be guided through coaching on how to react with behavior issues of the child. It is also necessary to get the teacher’s support to the child to overcome this situation. When the parent get school support, it will be helpful for the child to enjoy the time at school.

Other than the specific ADHD treatment, below are the things that can be done by the parents.

ADHD is a condition that can be controlled with proper treatment. Therefore if your kid is diagnosed with ADHD, you can support him to overcome the situation by involving in the treatment process.

Learn more about this condition and understand your child’s behavior. Be sure to follow the instructions given to you by the ADHD treatment provider.

Learn how to approach your child in a positive way. By doing so, you can easily support your child to overcome the behavioral issues by improving his attention.

 If your child has to take medicine under his ADHD treatment process, Be sure to give medicine on time and in correct dose.

Connect with his school and talk with the teacher. Check how he behaves in the school. Get the support of the teacher in the process of ADHD treatment.

After all, it is important that you help your child in a positive way to treat this condition. ADHD is treatable. Contact a ADHD treatment provider or healthcare professional for advice.

How to Prepare your Child for the First Dental Visit

Do you have a kid who is curious about everything around him? Or does your kid show signs of stress when he hear that there will be a dentist visit soon? Regular dentist visit is important for kids from their young age in order to keep the oral health.

As a mom of a kindergartner, I am preparing for his first dental check .He is bit excited and even curious. Therefore here are some of the tips that I use to make him prepare for the first dental check. If you look for preparing your kid for the dentist check, I am sure these are helpful tips for you too.Oh,my kid has a loose tooth too. 🙂

How to Prepare your Child for the First Dental Visit

Understand the Right Time

It is recommended to visit the dentist as soon as the baby is 6 month old or when you see his first tooth appear. We even checked this Raleigh, NC Dentist for professional advice as they offer child’s first dental visit programs.

However in our case, we didn’t visit the dentist at that young age, but I was sure to follow good oral habits from his infant age. Therefore, our kid didn’t have any issues with his oral health.

However, as a parent, you should decide the right time to visit the dentist as it is a start of healthy lifestyle.

Prepare at home before the visit

You can talk to your kid about the dentist, where he is located and what to expect in the dentist visit. However be sure not to mention about tools that he may use. Your kid will get scared even before his visit the dentist.

Role playing as a dentist and making it a fun play at home is an excellent way to prepare the kids for their first dentist visit. Kids love pretend playing. Therefore help him to act as a dentist by surrounding the necessary toys. Your kid will be ready fast!

Be positive

From making an appointment with the dentist to the first dentist visit, keep everything positive. If your kid is young and easily understand what is going around, he will start getting worried. Therefore talk with him in positive way to prepare for the first adventure with the dentist.

Most dentists are friendly with kids and they know how to do necessary procedure and checkup without making kids stressful. Therefore, don’t worry. Prepare your kid for the dental visit making it a fun experience periodically. For dental needs in Raleigh you can always contact the family dentistry in the area.

My Kid Has a Loose Tooth – What is Next?

Last week my son told me that he was feeling uncomfortable while eating. He said he feels his teeth are aching. He is almost 6 years old now and I can see his kindergarten friends with lost teeth when smiling. So sweet their smiles are! 🙂

But, if not my friend called me the previous day, I never think of any signs of losing milk teeth. I may run to the doctor or dentist to check what happened to his teeth.  🙂

My Kid Has a Loose Tooth

Luckily my friend called me the previous day. Her son also in same age as my kid. She told about his son’s lose tooth story. So, I got the idea. I checked my kid’s teeth and finally found that one of his milk teeth is wobbly!

My feelings are mix of happiness and sadness. This wobbly tooth is a sign of he is growing to a big man. He is no more a baby. I am going to be a mom of a growing adult.

But,I am also with some scary feeling. How will be his new adult teeth? Will he own a beautiful smile as he has now? How to take care of his teeth when some teeth start wobbly? It is difficult to brush the area around the wobbly tooth properly.

Interesting findings

My kid is almost 6 years old when he has his first loose tooth.

His first loose tooth is same as his first baby tooth. One of two bottom teeth.

Girls in his kindergarten have already started losing their baby teeth. Now it is time for the boys of same age.

My kid is so excited to have a loose tooth simply because his friends have.

My Kid Has a Loose Tooth
He makes funny faces when I want to capture a photo with his loose tooth. 🙂

He is asking to prepare a coin to give him once the tooth is fallen, because his other friends got such a coin from parents. Well, as a Sri Lankan I don’t have such experience in our culture. We just throw the fallen tooth to the roof asking a squirrel to take it and give a new tooth in return. 🙂

Anyway, below are some of the details and tips I gathered around the web which are helpful for taking care of kid’s teeth. If your kid has a wobbly tooth, then these tips may helpful to keep his oral hygiene to the best.

Tips when your kid has a loose tooth

Keep the loose tooth clean

This is the hardest part. When the tooth is wobbly, it is hard to brush it properly. But I help my kid to brush his teeth well after meal gently and carefully.It is good to keep good oral hygiene throughout the days.

Don’t pull the loose tooth

I’ve read some articles about pulling the loose tooth. I am not a dentist. However with my experience and learning from childhood, it is better not to pull a loose tooth. Allow it to fall naturally. And wait for a beautiful adult tooth.

Talk with your kid about his adventurous experience

Well, I learned this from my little son. Every day he tells me about his friends who has loose tooth or who already has fallen tooth. He is really excited with this new experience. Therefore I encourage him talking about his new experience. It will ease his pain and even he will be more knowledgeable in taking care of the tooth.

Read books about loosing teeth

we are reading stories about loose tooth experiences. 🙂

It is exciting to read more adventurous stories about tooth fairy and loose tooth.There are interesting books for kids.It is always a good way to bond with the kid.These days we are reading stories about wobbly tooth and tooth fairy. 🙂

Get ready to reward him

Yes,I want to treat him with a coin or another reward when he loose his first tooth.I am still thinking of ideas. 🙂

Do you have similar experience with your kids? When they started falling teeth? Please share your thoughts. Let’s talk.

How to Get Rid of Brown Stains on Teeth

Having a bright and radiant smile is a wish for anyone. If you are a mom who worry about your or your kid’s smile due to discoloured teeth, then this post may help you with some helpful tips. I know that it is embarrassing to smile with brown stains on teeth. Although there are many reasons for teeth discoloration, the good news is that there are treatments to avoid such stains. I am sure you are happy now by hearing this!

get rid of brown stains on teeth

Then how to get   rid of brown stains on teeth? Before that, let’s see the reasons for stained teeth!

Causes of brown stains on teeth

One of the most common reasons for tooth discolouration is food & drinks. If you consume food and drinks with lot of artificial colouring , it can cause tooth discoloration. Dark colour foods including wines are culprits of stains on teeth. At the same time this also can be due to genetic reasons.

As per expert advice from this Dentist in Richmond, VA, Tobacco products can cause discolored or stained teeth. Such stains are hard to remove. If you have such addiction including smoking, it is time to think twice considering your overall health including brown stains on teeth.

Aging cause teeth discolouration naturally. During the aging process the white enamel degrades slowly. As a result, the underneath yellow dentin will expose. This will lead to brown stains or discolured teeth naturally.

 How to whiten your teeth?

get rid of brown stains on teeth

Although there are home remedies to whiten teeth at home, it is always recommended to visit a dentist to get advice or dental treatment on whitening.

Further there are teeth whitening products available in the market including whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwashes and rinses. Most of these products are easy to buy over the counter. When we contacted Richmond Teeth Whitening dentist, his advice is to get advice from professionals to treat any brown stains on teeth. As per experts, a dentist can treat your discoloured teeth with different dentistry treatments. There are also dentistry procedures for whitening teeth including prevention of further decay.

 If you experience discoloured teeth and thinking of How to get rid of brown stains on teeth, then the best thing to do is getting professional advice. Visit a dentist in your area who is expert on teeth whitening to get further advice and treatment.

Why do kids teeth not come in straight?

I am sure you worry about your kid’s teeth after they’ve fallen. This is why you have doubt about why do kids teeth not come in straight? Did you ever think like that? It is same with me although my kid still has his beautiful baby teeth!

kids teeth not come in straight

Most of the parents take good oral care of their kids’ teeth. They start practicing good oral hygiene habits even before the first tooth appear on their baby. However there are situations that children do not get straight teeth after milk teeth fallen down.

As a mom I always take good care of my kid’s tooth and even more I try to teach him good oral habits.

Now he is nearly 6 years old. I can see most of his kindergarten friends experience losing of milk teeth. So, he will lose his first teeth soon. Then, why I worry? Most of the kids do not get nice straight teeth back.

When their permanent teeth come in, these teeth may not come straight. Therefore, these days I am reading more on kids’ teeth issues and how to correct or prevent those.

Why do kids teeth not come in straight?

This is a common issue among many kids. Their adult teeth do not come in straight. What are the reasons for this?  According to Dr. Jason Gladwell who is popular for Raleigh Braces there are many reasons for this issue.

This can be due to hereditary factors and also due to habits. Some of the hereditary factors include missing teeth, small jaws, large teeth and wide spacing. Tongue thrusting is one of the common habits that can cause teeth issues. If your kid continues with thumb sucking, it is time to stop him doing that if you want to see straight teeth on him. All these habits and hereditary factors result in crowded teeth.

 How to straight your kid’s teeth

straight your kid’s teeth

There are orthodontic treatments to correct teeth. However before you come to this step it is important to prevent any habit your kid continues which can cause teeth issues. Correct the bad habits from the small age. It is also a known factor that use of pacifier for many years can cause teeth growing incorrectly. Visit your dentist periodically. Make it a habit to visit dentist from the kid’s young age. Then you can easily follow his advice for the appropriate age. If the teeth are not straight, an orthodontist can do treatment such as use of braces. Invisalign or invisible brace can be the best option if you think you want your kid to enjoy his smile than wearing a traditional brace. For invisalign in Raleigh, NC you can always contact Dr. Jason Gladwell. He is an expert for orthodontic treatments.

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