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What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Not only adults, children too must wear masks when they go out due to the current pandemic situation and safety precautions. If your kids are young or preschoolers then finding the right mask that protects them can be challenging. Of course there are different types of masks available in the market! However when it comes to kids masks, the mask need to protect them while it is comfortable to wear. Then what type of mask should children wear? Which masks are comfortable for kids to wear during the school hours? Are these comfortable masks providing the protection against droplets? These are some common questions that most parents ask.

What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Why children need to wear masks?

With the Covid-19 pandemic people had to change the way they lived before. Staying at home was mandatory for few months. Now, wearing a mask is compulsory when you go out. All these measures are to protect against the Covid-19 which is a global pandemic now. World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask for both adults and children when go out depending on the local authorities. This is why it is important to know the best types of masks that are suitable for kids.

But some kids refuse to wear masks for a long time. Help them to understand the reason they wear masks. You can even buy protective masks with cute designs to make it attractive for kids. I found such beautiful and cute masks at Paragon Tools which are suitable for kids.

kids masks

For my kid I tried few different types of masks including both disposable masks and reusable masks. All these masks come with pros and cons. After all it is for the protection of the kids from getting sick. After all it is necessary to know the best types of masks for the kids before you buy.

What are the available face mask types for kids?

There are both disposable and reusable masks for children which are also available in different sizes depending on the kids’ age. However it is important to know the most suitable types of masks before you purchase for your kids.

Features of good face masks for children

When you purchase masks for the young kids and grownup children it is also important to choose the right size. Adjustable masks are the best as it is easier to make it fit for the child. If you buy cloth masks or reusable masks then check about the material. It should be breathable and comfortable for the kids. Some of the reusable masks I bought were with nose wire. That helps to keep the mask on place without moving around. However, if the nose wire is damaged or if it comes out from the mask it can hurt the kids. Therefore be sure to check the nose wire for damages before you purchase.

What Type of Mask Should Children Wear

Check the number of layers in the kids’ masks before you buy. Usually kids’ masks are with three protective layers. If you can insert a filter to your kid’s mask it will work as an additional protective layer. Check these features before you buy masks for your children.

Buy few extra masks for your kids and pack 1-2 masks individually in sealable bags. Keep those in their school bag. This allows the kids to change their masks after few hours it provides better protection against the viruses or droplets.

If the masks you purchase come with sealable packs you can use the same bags to pack the masks for the children. I bought individually packed reusable masks and found that I can use the sealable bag to pack his masks for the school.

Finally, the masks you choose for children should protect them from droplets. While there are stylish masks available, try to choose the masks with few layers. Don’t forget that the masks should be comfortable enough too. 

If you were in doubt thinking what type of mask should children wear, I hope this guide help you to find some information.

Ergonomics For Children

Nowadays there are many new furniture designs in the market which promise different benefits. However do you know the importance of ergonomics for children? As a mom of a primary school child I know the importance of giving him the right support to grow healthy in both physically and mentally.

Ergonomics For Children

Keeping your child’s posture in right position is really important due to many reasons. However when the child is growing up they tend to use study desk and chair for a longer period of time. Specially, when the kid starts schooling he or she has to sit long time on a chair while using a desk for writing. As this duration can be longer compared to their preschool days, right posture is really important. This is why many parents worry about their child’s posture when they grow up. When talking about children’s right posture we cannot ignore the ergonomics for children!While there are ergonomic products such as kids desk chair available in the market, in this article I want to share the details on why ergonomics matters.

What is ergonomics?

Here is a simple definition for the term ergonomics. Ergonomics is a combination of two Greek words ergon and nomos. ergon means work and nomos means rule. In simple words ergonomics is the science of human work.

Therefore ergonomic designs are the products created with special attention to its users making it comfortable with attention to other factors such as health and safety.

Why Ergonomics for Children is important?

In case if you have doubt on the reasons for considering children ergonomics then here are some details. After reading these you will know why children ergonomics matter.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, right posture is important for children. There are studies that have shown the relationship with back pain and posture. Back pain can start from early stages of life such as childhood making it a painful experience throughout the lifetime. Due to this reason it is important to take extra care to prevent such back pains in future life stages.

Early school days are important in child’s life as their development in both physical and mental are rapid in this stage. As parents it is important to support their children to keep the posture health by providing necessary advice and necessary furniture. Parents can easily educate children about right posture. Young children like to learn new things. They are curious too. Therefore giving them educations about ergonomics and right posture will not be any difficult task.

Poor ergonomics can cause physical stress on children. Due to wrong posture young children will not study in a comfortable environment. As a result this can even lead to problems in their studies and attention span too. This is why most parents like to buy kids desk chair designed with ergonomics in mind to create comfortable and healthy learning environment for their children.

Benefits of ergonomic furniture for children

Above we discussed the importance of ergonomics for children. Poor ergonomics can lead to health issues and even problem in studies. Therefore to prevent such issues ergonomics designs of furniture can be used. There are many benefits of ergonomic furniture for children. Mainly such furniture allows children to practice right posture.

Ergonomics chairs encourage children to sit properly while working in a better natural environment. This is specially important for children who study for a longer period. When they do not experience any difficulty in their sitting position naturally they will do better in their studies.

This is why ergonomics is important for children.

Mini Dental Implants: All You Need To Know

In case you are unaware of what dental implants are, here is a quick overview. Dental implants are titanium pins that are screwed into a person’s jawbone and these act as solid anchor points for prosthetic teeth. Dental implants have been around for a few decades, and this is regarded as a permanent solution to missing teeth. While implants are not cheap, they should last a lifetime.

Mini Dental Implants
Image Source : Freepik

Mini Dental Implants

Originally designed to anchor a lower set of dentures, mini dental implants are also recommended for people with a reduced jawbone, as the pins are much smaller in diameter than regular dental implant pins. Always go to an established dental clinic and after an initial examination, the dentist can make a recommendation, which might be mini dental implants.

Small People

As you would expect in a small person, their attributes are slightly less and regarding the jawbone, very often the best solution is to use mini dental implants, as they are thinner in diameter, although they are the same length.  

Bottom Denture Fixing

The bottom gum begins to fade when the teeth have been removed, and this ridge that usually holds the bottom set of dentures recedes to the point where the dentures are no longer anchored. Mini dental implants can be fitted into the jawbone and they fit directly to special fixings in the denture, thus holding them in place firmly. Many people wear traditional dentures on the top set, with mini dental implants that hold the lower set of dentures firmly in place.

The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

When you have mini dental implants fitted, the healing time is very little. In most cases, the lower dentures can be fitted at the same time the mini dental implants are fitted. Mini dental implants are less invasive than regular implants, as they do not require surgery, hence the downtime is minimal. If you think you are a candidate for mini dental implants, make an appointment with a dentist that has considerable experience working with mini dental implants, who can give you a professional assessment. For safe and reliable dental implants in Auckland or anywhere else outside the area, a Google search will help to locate a suitable clinic.

Crowns & Bridges

Mini Dental Implants
Image Source : Freepik

When a person has a tooth break off and the roots are healthy and intact, a crown would be the best treatment, which involves grinding the tooth down to a post, then fitting a prosthetic tooth. A bridge can be used with one or more missing teeth, using the teeth either side as bridge anchors. The dentist would discuss possible treatments with the patient before choosing the best way forward.

The mini dental implant is the perfect solution for fixing bottom set dentures, and this non-invasive treatment has almost no downtime. The treatment is very affordable when compared to regular dental implants. Whether to anchor the bottom set of dentures, or instead of regular dental implants, mini dental implants are an affordable alternative to their larger cousins.

When to Get Braces for Kids

When to get braces for kids? Is this the problem you have right now? Do you know as a mom of a kid who is 7 years old, I have the same question right now. Yes I also in doubt thinking whether my kid needs braces or not. This is why I wanted to find out more details on how to straighten kids teeth and when to get braces for kids.

When to Get Braces for Kids

As I found some interesting and valuable details I want to share all these as my new blog post. I am sure you will find this information as helpful.

Most parents worry about their kids’ teeth problems. Crooked teeth or if the teeth are not straight it is time to think about orthodontic treatment. Don’t worry.You can expect straighten teeth with braces if you take action at the right time without waiting.

However you cannot decide whether your child needs orthodontic treatment or not. Even if your child needs to wear braces to straighten teeth you have to seek advice from a professional orthodontist. In this way you will get the right decision and treatment.

Does your child need braces?

Well, how to you tell if your child needs braces?

If you suspect that your child has an issue with teeth and teeth are not straight then it is recommended to visit an orthodontist.

Usually you can achieve better results if you visit an orthodontist at his early age.7 years is an ideal age to visit an orthodontist.

If you notice any crowded or misplaced teeth or if you notice the teeth and jaws are not in correct shape or not in appropriate proportion then these are signs to visit an orthodontist.

Some other signs include chewing difficulties of kids, finger sucking, abnormal or misaligned teeth and mouth breathing.

If you notice such signs then make an appointment with the orthodontist and he will recommends if the child needs braces.

Does your child need braces?

The right time to wear braces for kids

Usually orthodontic problems can solve at any age. However it is recommended to visit an orthodontist at early stage. Between 10-14 years is known as the ideal time for wearing braces for kids. Before placing the braces it is also important to discuss with your child and let him know the importance of wearing it.

This age can be very sensitive and due to different appearance it may not comfortable for him to wear it.It is good to share information with the child about braces and how it improves the smile.

Types of braces for kids

Types of braces for kids

There are different types of braces for kids.

Metal braces are more popular for many years. Kids can even choose different colours for metal braces. With improvements Metal braces are known as comfortable to wear for young kids compared to other available braces for kids.

Tooth coloured braces which are made of porcelain are suitable for teenagers as these are less noticeable compared to metal braces. However these porcelain braces needs more time to clean.

In below video Dr.Kevin Lee from Pacificwest Dental explains the different types of braces. It is worth watching to have more understanding about the braces for kids.

video by Dr.Kevin Lee

After all, if you suspect that your child has an issue with his or her teeth and if you suspect the teeth are not straight then don’t wait. Book and appointment with an orthodontist in your area and seek his professional advice.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling

It is a fact of life that medical or dental emergencies can happen at any time, regardless of whether we are on holiday or working away but you can negate the risk to a certain extent. If you suspect you have a problem or a potential problem with your teeth, the best course of action is to visit your regular dentist before you actually leave home. Far too many people overlook a niggling tooth problem and put it off to another day but the main problem with this approach is that it can make matters worse. The advantages of visiting your local dentist before you leave are obvious, they have your dental records and may be able to apply a temporary fix until you return from your holiday or work placement. But this scenario belongs in an ideal world. At the end of the day, if your teeth need urgent attention, you need to visit an emergency dentist wherever you may be.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
Image Source: Pexels

Australian Dental Expertise

Australia is well known across the world for its world leading standards of dental care. From Bangkok to Bali to Hanoi, you can see dental practices that proudly display their Australian accreditations, these accreditations reassure people that they are getting a high standard of dental care from people who have qualified in Australia. If you happen to be in Australia and need to see an emergency dentist in Brisbane, there are a number of high-quality dentists you can rely on. Finding a dentist whilst on the road is relatively straightforward but if you haven’t spotted a dental practice in your present location, you will probably begin your search by using the internet.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
Image Source: Unsplash

Finding an Emergency Dentist

As previously mentioned, if you haven’t seen a dental practice in the area where you are staying, the internet is a good place to find one. By simply typing ‘dentist + location’ into a search engine you should be presented with a comprehensive list of dentists in the locality where you are staying. If you need some specialist dental expertise such as denture repair or orthodontics you can also include that with your search term.

 As a general rule of thumb, you should try and find a dentist that can work around your schedule and enable to you to get back to your holiday or work as soon as possible. Obviously, this does not apply if you are in severe pain, in which case you will need to be treated as soon as possible regardless of other commitments.

Should you be needing an appointment for a small child, you may need to check whether your chosen dentist has any expertise in paediatric dentistry. Although dentists are qualified to work on anyone’s teeth regardless of patient age, some have more experience of treating young children than others.

Getting an Emergency Dental Appointment Whilst Travelling
Image Source: Pixabay

Regardless of where you are travelling, you are guaranteed to receive an extremely high level of care from all dentists regardless of whether it’s an emergency or not.

London Weight Management Review and My Experience

Here is my London Weight Management Review after actually experiencing their weight loss treatment.I hope this will be helpful and give you information on how the London Weight Management program works.Below is my experience towards weight loss journey.

Early this month I visited London Weight Management for a session and thought of sharing my experience in this blog. Before writing more, I want to say I am not overweight. But, after giving birth, I lost my shape. Although I lost my pregnancy weight within a year, I have fat accumulated under my arms, tummy and waist area. So, I thought of trying their first session when I received the free trial offer from Sample Store.

London Weight Management is one of the Singapore weight loss programmes and I selected their Ang Mo Kio outlet for my session.

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London Weight Management Review

However, before going for my appointment, I checked actual blog reviews on London Weight Management sessions and I found reviews are both positive and negative. Sometimes, I was on doubt thinking whether I go there or no because it is like most of the review percentage is negative.

Finally I decided to try their first session and experience it by myself.

Here is my experience and review.If you look for recent 2016 London Weight Management Review,then my experience would be helpful for you. Anyway I don’t have many photos, instead of taking photos I enjoyed my weight loss session at London Weight Management.

London Weight Management –Review & My Experience

Treatment Experience

My appointment was scheduled for 4.30pm but I reached there around 4pm because of some other reason. My plan was to wait there till my turn. However, I didn’t have to wait much; a beauty consultant came to me and started her consultation.

London Weight Management Review

First she took my height and weight. Then she explained me how my diet can affect body weight and how she can help reducing the overall weight.

London Weight Management Review

She also explained that their program is focusing only for reducing whole body weight and not for specific areas such as under arm or tummy area. For me it is fine and I wanted to see how this works.

After the beauty consultation, it is time for my first session. She said that will be in 3 procedures.

  1. Aroma Steam bath (15 minutes)
  2. Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment
  3. Electrical Muscle Stimulation

For Aroma steam bath, I was provided with a private steam bath cubical. Before that they took me to a room and I changed into a robe given by them.

London Weight Management Review

There are lockers which we can keep our belongings till we complete our treatment. So, we no need to worry about handbag and other such things during the entire session.

London Weight Management Review

I had around 15 minutes steam bath in my own freedom. According to them this steam bath is to open the pores and to better absorbent of the products they use in the next step. ( Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment)

After the steam bath, the consultant gave me the Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment.

After the treatment, she wrapped me in a blanket. As per her it is an infrared warm blanket which helps to eliminate toxins through sweating. She asked me to ring the bell near the bed if I can’t bear the heat.

London Weight Management Review

However, for me it was bearable although I was sweating.

After the entire treatment I had a shower and the beauty consultant measured my weight.

My results are amazing!

Weight just before treatment(in robe) : 51.2 kg

Weight after treatment (in robe) : 50.6 kg

It seems I have lost 600g after the first trial. However at the beginning the consultant told me usually it would be 100-400g loss in initial session. So it seems I have lost more weight than they promised.

She also showed me other measurements such as hip,arms etc.

The Good:

Overall my experience with London Weight Management is good. I like to have another session there as there are no pills, injections or such kind of weight losing methods involved.Aromatic steam bath and lavender scrub are really good way to rejuvenate after tiresome and busy days.

London Weight Management Review

The Bad:

However, there is one negative point that can affect the overall quality of service. The beauty consultant at London Weight Management tried hard selling from the beginning of session even before I start my treatment. Without trying, how do I decide whether I join or not?I also want to see if there are any side effects or not. So, I need time to decide instead of buying right there before seeing actual results.

Yes, I lost weight after a session. But, taking a decision doesn’t only depend on figures.


Other than hard selling part, I really like their treatment session and I will go again when I get free time even the price is higher than package rate.

Let me know your experience and idea on this London Weight Management Review.

Disclaimer: This review is based on a free trial session which I received through Sample Store.

Visit London Weight Management @

Detoxing From Sugar? No Big Deal!

Addiction is real.

It means having a strong attraction or desire for anything, and the word itself suggests a negative connotation.

It is a force of habit, which has negative consequences, especially when it comes to our health. It may either be due to the corrosive nature of the parasitic character of the method itself.

Addiction has enormously disastrous effects on the body, mind, and soul of the addicted person. Addiction also ruins a person’s personal and social life. Society tends to discriminate against an addict in a very judgmental fashion, often to an extent where that person becomes extremely unacceptable to the patterns of society.

Such people become alienated from the routines of a normal life. Addictions tend to weaken the body and, after taking the addicted substances, the addict feels pacified or sated. However, this sated feeling does not last for a long time. It is incredibly short lived and not worth the consequences.

The problem is that in the long run, addiction results in weakening the body and paves the way for dysfunction of both the body workings and the brain. Addictions include anything: foods, drinks, or other physical substances, but also co-dependency, a hostile attitude towards others and greed.

If you want to cleanse your body and want to free of toxin then start with a good diet plan that promotes detoxing. Your daily meal should include food that promotes detoxing. If you follow a Candida diet then you will help your body to detox. I found this in a recent guide published.The reason is simple. A candida diet is meant to detox your body while boosting the immune system. While you have to cut down sugar from your meal plan, you can include low sugar fruit to add natural sugar and to satisfy your taste buds.

sugar addiction is real

Human beings are programmed to like sugar and are genetically prone to enjoy sugary food more than other types of food.

Almost all of us are genetically hardwired to favor a sweet dish over anything else.

Excessive use results in diabetes, trouble losing weight and other sugar related problems that have begun to crop up recently.

Even people who do not want to take sugar are sometimes unaware of taking it because sugar is latent in almost all foods we have in our diet. Excessive intake of sugar keeps you overweight, unhealthy and fatigued. It’s not surprising then that many recent online diet programs like the South Beach Diet, Beyond Diet, Weight Watchers all ask you to cut down on sugar as much as possible (read this).

Sugar is quite hard to get rid of and can be very deadly for people who get a very little amount of exercise.

Watching diets closely is not something practical in the modern world. Most of us do not realize what is happening until it is too late. Sugar can cause addiction and sugar cravings, which is not natural.

For your health, sound and balanced life, sugar addiction can be one of the greatest impediments.

If you need to be sure of good health, a sound mind and permanent weight loss or weight stability, you have to be serious and selective about consuming sugar and sugary substances. In this post, I hope to help define what sugar addiction is, and help you identify the symptoms. I would also like to show you how to distinguish between a healthy usage of sugar and how it crosses the line to become an addictive substance.

I’ll also give you a quick treatment plan and steps on how to stop cravings. You can overcome sugar addiction! I’m here to help you do it, and the advice given in this book is sound advice, based both on experience and expertise in the subject. Rest assured. You will find help within this post, and it may just save your life.

Weight Loss and Sugar Connection

Research and studies have proven time and again that most people that remove or drastically reduce sugar from their diet are going to lose weight.

This is inevitable because when you are removing fatty processed and high sugar foods from your diet, this means you are taking in fewer calories. When you eat fewer calories, you’re going to lose weight. The numbers don’t lie.

Weighing your blood sugar levels is essential for overall fitness and well-being, healthy hormones, directing your body to burn more stored fat, and boosting your metabolism to shed pounds, according to Dr. Oz.
What happens is people make a habit of eating unhealthy sugary processed foods that trigger repeated spikes in blood sugars. This not only affects your mood and increased risk of disease, but it also interferes with your ability to lose weight.

With high blood sugar levels, you are communicating with your body to store more fat and not burn it. Balance is important, and that comes from removing extra sugars and eating a healthy well-balanced diet.

How To Start Detoxing

Having the courage to recognize you have a sugar addiction and WANTING to take action. Gain the knowledge required to create your plan and make it happen. Psychology Today experts say it takes more than six months of repeating an action to make it a habit. That’s where you don’t have to focus so intensely on the new action. Change is tough, and we are resistant to it.

FACT: If you want to leave your sugar cravings at the candy store you are going to have to crave change and make it stick. You are in control of you; so, ultimately, there’s nobody to point the finger at but yourself if you decide to jump ship and not climb back on. There are lots of different tactics and strategies to get the sugar off your plate and out of your mind.

Here are a 7 tips to get you started.

Give Yourself a Taste – WebMD dietitians believe you should start by giving yourself a little. Most people fail because they try to go cold turkey, shock their system, and quickly slip back into their unhealthy habits. Have two bites of cake or a mini chocolate bar. If you are feeling completely deprived, you are more likely to fail.

Try Finding Combinations – This one is just like sitting on the fence. You are looking to get nutritious with a little treat. Have a few strawberries dipped in chocolate. Or a sprinkle of brown sugar on your oatmeal. A nut mixture with a few smarties in it hits the spot. This will help you crave healthy foods, and the extras will soon fade away.

Flip the Switch – This is a tough move. Just be wary the first few days afterward you may be feeling a little “off.” Depending on how much sugar your body was used to. Your cravings will dissipate, but you have to be willing to wait it out.

Turn Up the Fruit Volume – Initially, this may seem like a cheap consolation prize. Out of your Halloween treat bag do you want an apple or a peanut butter cup? By eating more fruit, you will curb your craving for fructose faster. And if you stick with it long enough you’re going to start craving all-natural ripe and tasty fruit!

Take Up a New Hobby – I call this one the distraction method. If you start thinking about chocolate ice-cream or fresh baked cookies, hop on your horse or practice your golf swing. Get excited about something new in your life to help forget about sugar.You can even start gardening to spend quality time in a hobby.

Get Support – It’s funny in life how many times we are okay with disappointing ourselves, but we’re not so good with letting other people down. Shout it out to the world your commitment to knock excess sugar out of your life and let your cheerleaders help keep you on track.

Eat every 3-4 Hours – By making sure you eat small meals regularly, you’ll keep your blood sugars level and ward off sugar cravings. Willpower gets incredibly difficult on an empty stomach. Get Back On Your Horse – If you happen to fall when you’re out with friends and decide to eat a big ice-cream sundae, or you dive into the cookie one night when you were feeling bummed; pick you up and move on. Don’t worry about it, because we all steer off course from time to time. One slip up won’t kill you. Just make sure it’s the exception to the rules.

What You Can Eat On The Sugar Detox

sugar is evil

Sugar is evil, and it will sneak up on you in the most hidden ways. If you are even remotely looking to lose weight, an addiction to sugar has to be quit, you absolutely need to go cold turkey. You cannot keep living your life according to ‘just one more dinner roll, and I will quit.’
Carbohydrates and sugars are as addicting, if not more so than a drug and for this reason; all sugars must be cut out of your diet completely.

Part of quitting sugar is to know what you can and cannot eat. While the diet will be focused around wholesome foods like proteins and nutrient-dense veggies, there are still foods that you must avoid like potatoes and similar starches. Keep reading to learn the foods to eat and avoid on the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet.

Proteins – Proteins are an essential part of the sugar detox diet since they keep you feeling full and help balance your blood sugar. It is especially beneficial to start the morning with a breakfast packed full of protein.

Vegetables – Low-starch veggies are encouraged on the Sugar Detox Diet. They contain carbohydrates, but these are not digested the same way that starches and sugars are. In fact, you can eat as many fresh veggies as you want since they are low-calorie and full of nutrition.

What You Cannot Eat

Processed foods – ‘Healthy’ foods like yogurt and granola bars may be full of sugars or artificial sweeteners that harm your dieting efforts. Others like pre-made lunches and crackers are even worse. Avoid all processed foods and replace them with wholesome choices that will help curb cravings and leave you feeling full and energized.

Grain products – In the first ten days of the diet, you should avoid all grain products. Switch out tortilla shells or a hamburger bun for a lettuce wrap. Avoid artificial sweeteners and additives for your coffee, as well as sports drinks and other sugar-filled products.

Starch-filled Vegetables – You should also avoid any starchy vegetables in the first ten days of your diet. This includes winter squash, sweet potatoes, beets, and other potatoes (red, white, yellow, etc.).

Dairy – Something else to avoid in the first ten days of the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet is dairy products. This is because you may have a sensitivity to the lactose in dairy without realizing it. You can switch this out for alternatives like almond milk and soy.

So that’s it, simply by eating the foods recommended and avoiding the ones mentioned above, you should be able to reduce your sugar cravings and addictive behavior by at least 75-80%.
As for weight loss, simply give this way of eating a try and you will actually start losing weight without even doing anything else!

BONUS: The 5 best drinks on the detox

Water: When it comes to hydration, water is the best option for people with diabetes. That’s because it won’t raise your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can cause dehydration. Drinking enough water can help your body eliminate excess glucose through urine. Women should drink approximately 8 glasses of water each day, while men should drink about 10 glasses. If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, create some variety by: adding slices of lemon, lime, or orange

Unsweetened tea:
Research has shown that green tea has a positive effect on your general health. It can also help reduce your blood pressure and lower your LDL cholesterol levels. Some research suggests that drinking up to six cups a day may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. However, more research is needed.

Whether you choose green, black, or herbal tea, you should avoid sweeteners. For a refreshing taste, make your own iced tea using a chilled fragrant tea, such as rooibos, and add a few slices of lemon. If you don’t mind caffeine, Earl Grey and jasmine green tea are also great options.

Unsweetened coffee: A 2012 study found that drinking coffee might help lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers found that the level of risk dropped even lower for people who drank two to three cups per day. This also held true for people who drank four or more cups per day.

This applies to both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees; so, if caffeine makes you jittery, feel free to grab a cup of decaf. As with tea, it’s important that your coffee remains unsweetened. Adding milk, cream, or sugar to your coffee increases the overall calorie count and may affect your blood sugar levels.

Sugar-free fruit juice: Opt for something that’s sugar-free and 100 percent juice. If you’re using a meal plan, make sure you account for the juice you choose. On average, four ounces has about 15 grams of carbohydrates and about 60 calories. You can also try vegetable juice alternatives.

Blend a mix of green leafy vegetables, celery, or cucumbers with a handful of berries for a flavorful supply of vitamins and minerals

Low-fat milk: Dairy products contain helpful minerals, but they add carbohydrates to your diet. Always choose unsweetened, low-fat, or skim versions of your preferred milk.

You should limit yourself to one or two glasses a day. You can also try dairy-free, low-sugar options, such as fortified nut or coconut milk. Be aware that soy and rice milk contain carbohydrates.


Sugar addiction is a big hurdle when it comes to weight loss. You can give your health and weight a big boost by drastically reducing the amount of sugar you consume.

If not for anything else, at least give this 21-day diet a try for the sake of your body, and just gauge how you feel after just 3 weeks.

I am willing to bet my hat you’ll stick with it for many more months or years to come!

5 Tips To Improve Your Metabolism Post HCG

Once you have completed your HCG diet program, you will need to give special attention to what you eat if you wish to maintain your new weight. And one important aspect of weight loss that you should focus on is the metabolism the body. Below, we list out five tips that can help you improve this metabolism rate.

It is common to get heartburn when you are on HCG. This heartburn or acid reflux can be a sign of Gerd condition too.

If you are experiencing GERD condition or acid reflux then it is important to include GERD friendly food items in your meal. As mentioned in this guide it is also recommended to eat food in small portions avoiding big portions. In this way you will trick your brain and satisfy your food cravings. Further, be sure to avoid fast food if you experiencing Gerd or acid reflux.

Eat The Breakfast

5 Tips To Improve Your Metabolism Post HCG

Make sure that you always eat your breakfast every single day. And as far as possible, eat it shortly after you wake up. This will be good enough to kick-start the metabolism process for the day. In fact, research has found that people who do eat breakfast early manage to keep their weight in check far more than those who have a late breakfast or skip it entirely. Plus, it is recommended that you pack the breakfast with all the essential daily nutrients.

Green Tea

5 Tips To Improve Your Metabolism Post HCG

By regularly consuming green tea, you will likely experience weight loss. This is primarily because of the fact that they convert the fats stored in your body into free fatty acids. This can boost the fat burning process by around 17%. In addition, since green tea will improve the metabolism rate of the body, they are also expected to act as a ‘plateau breaker’, which can help you get through any more diets you have in mind. If you need more energy for your workouts, green tea is one of the best natural pre workouts.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

5 Tips To Improve Your Metabolism Post HCG

You should also make omega 3 fats a part of your daily diet. These are mainly found in fish like tuna, salmon etc. and helps to control the metabolism in the body. In addition, they can also minimize leptin hormone resistance, which can eventually help you burn out fat much faster. Ideally, you must take about 1000 to 2000 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids each day. And in case you are a vegan and do not wish to eat fish, you can still get omega 3 from items like walnuts and flaxseed oil.

Cold Water

While drinking lots of water is indeed helpful in keeping the body hydrated, it will also help you with improving your metabolism. In fact, consuming about half a liter of water will boost your resting metabolism by about 24% for a short period of time. Ideally, you should drink cold water since it burns out more calories than regular, lukewarm water. This is because the body will use even more energy to ensure that the cold water you have ingested is warmed to your body temperature.

Build Muscle

Start hitting the gym and building the muscle. Building up muscles will consume a lot of energy, and will also burn fat much faster. It has been estimated that a regular 30-year-old female who works out for about 30 minutes two time a week, will improve the resting metabolism by almost 100 calories per day in a matter of just four months. This alone should be able to convince you as to the importance of doing regular exercises. Combined with a proper diet, you can surely meet your goal of maintaining a healthy figure.

And if you are planning to take another round of HCG, then be sure to check out for more information about how to prepare for additional diet cycles.

Sleep as much as You can for Better Future

Sleep is important. We spend almost third of our lives sleeping because our bodies need rest to work correctly, right sleep is as necessary as good health. It’s our daily basic needs that should complete. A large number of adults’ complaint that their sleep needs are not up to the mark due to very different reasons. But the fact is it’s important for our health, and we are not taking it seriously and that’s a good sign. Sleep, nutrition, and physical activity are critical to our health and if we don’t get enough of them, we sacrifice our lives. Sleep is where our body and mind repaired, you can’t use your body without proper sleep for a long time. We see many of our women don’t get enough sleep and hence they’re falling ill and facing other pressing issues. According to a survey, 40℅ women don’t get proper sleep, and 17℅ of them don’t even sleep for like 2 hours in a day.

Sleep as much as You can for Better Future

How much should a person sleep?

Sleep requirements are different for each person. How much nap you need depends on your health, age, and lifestyle. How much sleep you need is very in different ways as mentioned but it’s necessary to keep in mind where you fall to sleep and what other factors are affecting the quantity and quality of sleep you need. The National Institute of Health suggests that “New-borns and preschool-aged children need almost 16-18 hours sleep, school-aged children need at last 10 hours sleep, and adults sleep 9-10 hours”.

Importance of sleep for women:

Sleep as much as You can for Better Future

Different Stages demands the unusual amount of sleep, and same goes for women. Sleep has a significant impact on their personal lives. There are many stages in women life such as pregnancy, and pregnant women often experience incomplete sleep because they have to get up to go to the toilet frequently and that’s not good for her and her baby. Once a woman becomes a mother the responsibilities are double for her to take care of the child, between all these things women often don’t get enough time for their sleep.

We think of about sleep when our body and brain temporarily shuts off. But the fact is when we sleep our mind and body is getting ready and preparing for the next day. More specifically, Proper sleep is necessary to:

Stay Active:  After a sound sleep, the energy level of our body gets higher. Good sleep also helps you to concentrate on your job, study, and many more important things.

Memory booster: Sleeping is the most crucial time where our brain shape memories and make the connection between events, experience, and feelings. It also helps you to remember things.

It’s important where we fall asleep, and that’s the reason why most of us don’t get a right amount of sleep. There are many websites like  where you can find your perfect mattress according to your budget.

Ovarian Cancer – Spreading Awareness Together

Ovarian Cancer – Spreading Awareness Together

Cancer can be devastating for those who are touched by it. Whether a diagnosis is given to a family member, friend, co-worker, or of course yourself, we can all agree cancer can rock your mind, body, and soul inside-out. In light of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which is in September, I’d like to share some eye-opening statistics, factors that increase a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer, and ways we can try to reduce our risk.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Things to Consider

Did you know 14,000 women die each year from ovarian cancer? This is an alarming number, especially considering half of the women who develop ovarian cancer are under 60. Here’s another shocker: pap smears do NOT detect ovarian cancer. I’m sure this is upsetting to many women, including myself, since I thought my yearly trips to the gynecologist inherently included cancer screenings on top of STD testing and our general wellness check up. It’s no wonder only 15% of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at stage 1–  we didn’t know we had to ask for a separate test. Given that most women don’t “look forward” to the uncomfortable conversations at their yearly exams, this is something we need to be bringing up in addition to the routine Q&A, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

Period Pain or Cancer?

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Now think about it for a second. If most women are under the impression that they’re being screened for cancer at their yearly exams, then there doesn’t seem to be a reason to bring up telltale symptoms of ovarian cancer, which many women would commonly attribute to aunt flow. Speaking of symptoms, let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • Feeling the need to urinate urgently or often
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Back pain
  • Pain during sex
  • Constipation or menstrual changes

Out of these nine signs of ovarian cancer, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of women could confuse at least six of these symptoms with their monthly menstrual cycle, and a few others with a UTI. So ladies, please listen to your body and don’t feel shy bringing up any of these symptoms to your OB/GYN, and ask about getting screened for ovarian cancer if you have any inkling of these symptoms.

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Genetic Factors to Look Into

Along with being proactive regarding these (confusing) symptoms by chatting up your gynecologist and stating any abnormalities in the exam room, ask your family about any history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer, and report any findings to your doctor. And whether or not you have a history, it’s smart to get tested for the genetic mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genetic mutations greatly increase a woman’s risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. If you end up testing positive for either mutation, your doctor will be able to better identify any symptoms you’re having (if any), and take the proper steps to monitor your health. He or she may recommend oral contraceptives as one way to reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer. Oral contraceptives also seem to reduce this risk especially for women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. To find out if you have the mutation, you can be tested with a simple blood sample.

Be Wary of Products

In the heat of the summer, it may seem like a good idea to grab some scented feminine wipes to use after the gym or dust yourself with a light powder in the morning to stay fresh down below. Or, perhaps you’re under the impression that during your menstrual cycle, you should be using scented tampons. To be honest, the marketing of feminine products can be confusing and even misleading, especially for the unsuspecting consumer. But, the vagina is self-cleaning, so scented tampons, feminine washes, and powders are totally unnecessary to keeping the vagina healthy and fresh, and can actually cause harm down below.

Not only do scented products of any kind, including scented tampons, kill the good bacteria that should be in the vagina, but these products allow the bad bacteria to overgrow. Dusting baby powder on your nether regions to stay fresh can also cause problems of a different kind. Numerous scientific studies and juries have found a direct link between talc and ovarian cancer, and doctors have associated the mineral with lung problems as well. If you’d like to dust yourself with a light powder to stay comfortable, try cornstarch, arrowroot, or rice powder. These have all been found safe for women and baby, and many brands have switched to these alternative minerals. Whether or not you choose to use any feminine products, remember that it’s recommended to use simply use a mild, unscented soap and warm water to clean your nether region.

Stay Active

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

We all know exercise has wonderful benefits, but did you know that keeping a healthy weight could reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer? If you’re like millions of Americans, this can take some motivation! Let’s break things down. Studies from the Mayo Clinic suggest 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. I know that sounds like a lot at first glance, but if you think about it, that’s a brisk walk around your neighborhood for only 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday! Not only can keeping a healthy weight reduce your risk of ovarian cancer, but exercise helps to balance out the neurotransmitters in your brain that affect mood as well as mental function!

Keep the Conversation Going

I hope this was helpful information and you share some life-saving information with loved ones everywhere since the more we know about our health, the better off we are! We can do small things to spread awareness. Text some girlfriends and ask if they know about the early symptoms of ovarian cancer, and if not, tell them. Call your family members and suggest you go for a walk together to keep active. Share information on genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 on social media for your followers and their families. Let’s all work together to help spread the word on common symptoms of ovarian cancer and ways we can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer for women all over the world. Remember, talk to your gynecologist if you have any questions or concerns about ovarian cancer.

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