June 15, 2024

Feeling Cards from McDonald’s and a Library Visit


Last week Monday was a school holiday for children in lieu of Hari Raya holiday on Saturday. Therefore, we decided on a library visit on Monday simply because I had to finalize a research paper I was writing and I knew if we stay at home it can end up as another unproductive day. We visit the library frequently and recently I tried to train him to spend in the library for a few hours.

After spending a few hours in the library, we were hungry and wanted to go for our lunch. The opposite of the library is a park and there is a Mcdonald’s outlet next to it. Therefore, I thought it is good to bring the kid to the McDonald’s through the park. So, we can spend time together.

Kindness Singa Lion
With Singa the Courtesy Lion , Singapore Kindness Movement Mascot

At the entrance of the library, there is a huge Singa Lion mascot and I captured a photo of my son with the mascot.

Then we walked through the park to the Mcdonald’s outlet. It is a beautiful park and good for leisure walks.


We spent some time at McDonald’s. Son liked to order his favourite Happy Meal and also an ice cream.

Good to have my drink in a recyclable eco-friendly paper cup.

I ordered hot Milo together with other food choices. Good to have my drink in a recyclable eco-friendly paper cup.

Mcdonald’s Feeling Cards for Children

It is good that we received a set of ‘Feeling Cards’ from McDonald’s from their recent limited edition launch. As per different media sources, McDonald’s aims at helping children to build up their emotional vocabulary through these cards. The set of cards included words that children can use to express themselves. These cards are part of the McDonald’s family mental wellness initiative campaign.

Mc Donalds Feeling Cards

We read cards together and it was a great bonding time for us as mom and son.

Mc Donalds Feeling Cards
Mc Donalds Feeling Cards

This card set also reminded me of the importance of the emotional and mental wellbeing of children. One of the cards says ‘Take a Wefie photo with your family’. Yes, we both captured a Wefie. But, I don’t look good in that photo 🙂 I thought it is good to share cropped part of my son on our Wefie. 🙂

Feeling Cards from McDonald's
Part of our Happy WefieWith Feeling Cards from McDonald’s

Not only for children, we all need to maintain our emotional wellness. I have different hobbies including reading which helps me in maintaining my emotional wellness.

Living in another country away from family, friends, and relatives, sometimes we feel that we are isolated. Sometimes we lack social events that we enjoy with parents and family there. But we admire other cultural events in Singapore such as the Pongal Festival and we find many ways to spend life happily in Singapore.

And, blogging is a great relief for me when I connect with people online through blogs.

How about you?

What do you do for maintaining your emotional wellness? Do you have different ideas or experiences? Please share your thoughts as a comment. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Feeling Cards from McDonald’s and a Library Visit

  1. I have not heard of these healing cards before, but we don’t go out to eat any more. I agree blogging keeps me connected with people too as we no longer have any family-we are seniors-and moved away to the lake from the few friends we had-but that’s ok I have many craft projects I enjoy and we really enjoy seeing the birds here.
    Happy T Kathy

  2. I love the idea of feeling cards and that park by Mc Donald’s looks lovely, a great way to walk off your meal. I haven’t been to the library for a long time, but I will plan a visit soon. I do miss it as I was a librarian for many years.

  3. I would have found it hard to work in the library if my child was with me.I would always be checking in on them. But working at home probably wouldn’t be any easier. Good for you for taking on that paper. And I like those cards they give at your McDonald’s . Here it is plastic junky toys. And wow, that park is amazing. I hope you have a lovely T day and Happy May to your also Amila. hugs-Erika

  4. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in years, but we used to go every once in a while. I hadn’t heard of these cards before. Cool. The library is also a place I haven’t been in ages. The pandemic got me into the habit of staying home lol or at least limiting indoor outings. I guess I could start to get out a bit more… but I’ve been happy enough with outings to parks and other outdoor facilities.

    Happy T Tuesday

  5. Hi Amila! I like that you spend a lot of time at the library with your son. I have loved libraries all of m life. The cards from McDonalds are a great idea, I never go to My D’s so I don’t know if they have them here. Happy T Day, have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  6. Your McDonald’s is SO different from ours. Your son gets health management and awareness cards and our kids get junk plastic toys! That is wonderful and he looks very happy and engaged reading those cards.

    So glad you can get your son to respect the library and remain quiet there. And the reward for being so good was his favorite happy meal. And ICE CREAM! I would be good for ice cream (grin). Love the park you walked through. It is beautiful. Of course, it’s good to see your drink came in an eco-friendly cup, too.

    Thanks for taking us to the library, the park, and McDonald’s and for sharing your drink with us for T this Tuesday, dear Amila.

  7. I’ve never seen those cards at McDonald’s but what a good idea. A beautiful park to walk in.
    Happy belated T Day. Jan S

  8. What a great idea about the cards with words for children to express their feelings. I totally agree that it is important for children and adults alike.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  9. I used to spend a lot of time in our local library when I was at school. It was close to the stop for my bus home so I would often pop in if I arrived at the stop early- there was also the weekly (mainly) visit with my Mum and brother to exchange or renew books. The feelings cards from Mcdonalds look like a great idea! The park you walked through looks interesting too. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  10. My Dad took me to the library while my brother had music lessons. Dad would leave me in the children’s section while he would use the research area (he was an attorney so used the law reference books). One of my happiest memories with dad is going to the library with him. Good that you are spending time with your son and building memories for him.

  11. What a great idea about the cards with words for children to express their feelings. I totally agree that it is important for children and adults alike.

  12. What a lovely bit of quality time spent with your son and I hope you managed to finish your research paper too!
    The park looks stunning, what a beautiful place for a stroll.
    The cards are a fantastic idea! Much better than the usual pointless toys they put in the meals.
    Have a lovely week Amila! 🙂

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