March 28, 2023

How Sports Massage Relieve Tight Hip?

Tight and sore muscles are no fun at all. Most of us spend whole day in office sitting on the chair working in front of a computer making the whole body to stay in same position for a long duration. Such lifestyle leads to muscle tightness making it a reason for sore tight muscles in hip area. This is really uncomfortable and painful. However sports massage can help to loosen such tight muscles. A remedial massage will help you to get rid of painful sore hip. In this article I want to share some details on how sports massage relieve tight hip. You can look for a massage therapist in your local area who is well experienced in sports massage. However if you look for sports massage in London then you are lucky because there are well trained sports massage therapists ready to serve you! Don’t worry, if you are not from London then simply search for sports massage in your area, you will get lot of search results. Don’t forget to choose a reputed sports massage therapist in order to get the best results!

How Sports Massage Relieve Tight Hip

Reasons for tight hip

There is a strong coating called ‘fascia’ that covers our muscles. This fascia coating acts like a tissue and it covers all individual muscles. Fascia continues to grow while it also can get damaged with overused muscles. However when the fascia continues to grow around the muscle fibres, that cause shortening of muscles which create soreness and tightness. When you spend the day in same position with less movement, your hip muscles doesn’t move much either! This cause more fascia to grow and less worn down as your body is with restricted movement. When this continue, there is a chance that lactic acid can get trapped too which can cause irritation. Finally, results are not good for anyone who loves to spend a healthy lifestyle.

How sports massage relieve tight hip?

While sports massage is known as a remedial massage for such sore and tight hips, are you curious on knowing how sports massage can help sore hips? Let me explain.

How Sports Massage Relieve Tight Hip

Sports massage help to loosen the tight tissues. If you do such a massage by a professional and well experienced massage therapist, they can help you to get rid of the pain you are suffering due to sore hips. Sports massage help to restore the imbalances of muscles while creating a space around the hip muscles. As a result you will relieve from pain which occurred due to the tight muscles.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, sore and tight hip muscles are due to the lack of movement of the body. Such lack of movement causes compacted fascia. Therefore the solution is to reduce such tightened and compacted fascia in order to relax your hip muscles. This is how a sports massage can help you. During a session of sports massage, the therapist will help to improve the movement of the hip muscles to relieve pain.

Therefore if you suffer from sore and tight muscles, look for a professional and well experienced sports massage therapist in your area in order to relive from your pain easily.

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