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3 Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You

While the birth of a new baby might make it harder to find time to watch your favorite sports team play, your passion for your team surely hasn’t died down. If you’re a sports fanatic, then you likely are excited to prep your little one to be indoctrinated into the world of sports including liking every single team you do. Even your little soon-to-be fan can express their team spirit! Here are three ways you can help your baby have a part in all the fun.

Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You
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Dress Them in Fanware

From baby hockey jerseys to pacifier sets displaying your favorite football team, there are fanware baby items for every occasion. Apart from looking undeniably cute in a football jersey or in a cheerleader dress, your little one will have the chance to display their favorite team (that is until they can choose for themselves). You can even have the whole family get dressed up in matching outfits and take some unique family pictures!

Design a Sporty Nursery

Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You

Another fun way to let your baby enjoy the joy of sports with everyone else is to design them a nursery with a sports theme. You can choose to go with a generic sports theme, or you can go all out and decorate their room with the colors and symbol of your team. There are many ideas online that can help you get started!

Take Them to a Game

While watching TV isn’t recommended for children under the age of two, one great way to let your baby experience the thrill of the game is to take them with you to watch one in person! While the age of your baby will determine how much they will get out of the experience, there will be plenty of new sights, sounds, and smells for them experience! Just make sure to stay in the shade if it’s sunny out, bring plenty of snacks and toys, and try to find a location where noise will be at a moderate level.

Teaching peace to children through reading

Books teach children about peace in different ways some will use pictures, metaphors, others ask questions and some are direct. It is important to teach children about peace because they are the future generation and they also need to have peace as illustrated in Several approaches enable one to teach children about peace.

Teaching peace to children through reading

Make room for peace at home

For one to have peace they must first have inner peace. Children should have an area or a room in the house where they can go for quiet time or when they are feeling unsettled. At the same time have books that provide a story for kids that focus on peace as the main thing.

Teaching peace to children through reading

Find peace in nature

Children can discover nature on their own or they can be taken for a walk outside accompanied by an adult. Some children’s books focus on nature and even have beautiful pictures and drawings which also enable the reader to reflect on nature especially when the weather outside is not favorable or if they live in a harsh environment.

Make time for creative play

It has been determined through research that children who engage in make-believe playing games will tend to have reduced aggression and at the same time have increased empathy towards others. In the same way, children reading should be chosen carefully to expose them more towards books that promote peace rather than books that tend to encourage violence.

Teaching peace to children through reading

Engage children’s hands and hearts

Children can be taught the art of giving directly by having them engage in the experience directly. They can make their gifts for friends or family which they will give to them in person. They can also go through their stuff and give away a valued toy or possession to somebody who is in need. This will further enhance the art of giving in them. They can as well be exposed to written material or stories about giving and selflessness.

Support peace education at school

Parents can encourage their children’s schools’ to start peace education programs. The children can be encouraged to study through reading, an area of the world that is in conflict and enable them to look at it from a different perspective. In this way, they will know that every conflict has many different layers and to foster peace one must be able to listen to all sides.

Establish a family foundation

Children can be taught from an early age to save regularly some amounts or they can even be taught how to give a tithe any time they receive a gift or allowance. Parents can help the children choose a charity together. A more informed choice can be made by reading books and therefore enabling the child to make a choice that has a personal meaning to them.

Face local needs

Children can be made to be comfortable with people who are in need in their community by ensuring that they engage with them directly. This can be by directly helping the poor, the sick and even the elderly. Through reading they can learn of other areas that are in need and where they can be of help.

Train Birthday Party for Our Son’s 2nd Birthday

Few months ago our son celebrated his 2nd birthday. Actually he celebrated his 2nd birthday on last year October and still I couldn’t post any details of it. My blog is called ‘Diary of a New Mom’, but my diary is always outdated. 🙂 Anyway, late is better than never. So, this post will still have some value when he is grown up.

Train Birthday Party
Sanu is Two!

He celebrated his 2nd birthday in October last year. It was really busy and stressful period at our home. My mother arrived here from Sri Lanka and helped me on weaning. We started weaning him from breastfeeding, but my son was not happy. 🙁 He tried his best to get his favourite ‘breast milk’.

Okay,if you are curious,then here is how I wean my kid from breastfeeding.

Although his actual birthday was on October, we had to celebrate it few days before as we had plans to visit Sri Lanka for a holiday. I wanted to have a small celebration as I was not sure on how our days would be in Sri Lanka. Visiting Sri Lanka is always enjoyable as we can stay with family members. But, on the other way it is really tiresome. We travel from one place to another. No proper stay at any home. So, I planned to have a birthday celebration in Singapore before we leave as I can’t predict how it would be in Sri Lanka.

Train Birthday Party in Singapore Home

This time our birthday theme was train birthday. My son loves Bob the Train songs YouTube channel (Kids TV), so we could easily select the theme.

Train Birthday Party
DIY Train Birthday Party for 2 Year old

I love DIY birthday parties. So, most of the banners were done by me and I always involved my son with me when I was doing those crafts.One of the best ways to teach arts and crafts for toddlers! 🙂

Below is the Birthday banner for this train themed Birthday party.This DIY Train birthday banner is really easy to make when you have beautiful and colourful papers.

DIY Train Birthday Banner
Train Birthday Party Banner

I also printed photos of his 2nd year and made a photo banner which features a train.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

I have a plan of making a photo album for our son using his 5 years photos,so I capture a photo each month and I guess birthday is a good reason to print all the monthly photos.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

Below is a simple birthday cake done by me.Actually I bought few decorated pieces of cakes from a nearby bakery shop and made this train birthday cake.A toy train engine completed the look of the birthday cake.

Actually this was just a family celebration which we didn’t have any guests.So,we didn’t want a big Birthday cake.

Here is the tutorial for this easy train Birthday Cake.

Train Birthday Cake

Anyway,I still bought another small cake for the sake of cutting as I wanted to keep the Train Birthday cake few more minutes just to admire its beauty. 🙂

Birthday 081
Train Birthday Cake

We are ready to cut the cake.But,the train cake engine (train toy) is in our son’s hand 🙂

Anyway if you love ordering birthday cakes online,then read our Whyzee cakes review to find out our experience.


My mother was the only guest for this Train Birthday party!

Sanu with his Grand Mother

Lunch was served for the train birthday party and we arranged it as a train using colourful containers.This colourful train toy helped a lot to create our lunch train.

Train Birthday Party Food
An easy food garnishing for the train birthday party

He looks bit tired as few days before the celebration,he fell down on the floor and ended up with four stitches on his chin. 🙁 In these photos,he is still with his stitches.

Anyway,our train birthday party is not yet over.We visited Sri Lanka at the end of September and we were there on his actual date of birth.(His birthday falls on the first week of October) My mother arranged a Birthday party at home inviting few kids in our neighborhood.It was a great opportunity for our son to play and mingle with some kids in Sri Lanka.My mother,as she left Singapore just before few days of our flight took some of the banners from the party saying she doesn’t have enough time to shop for birthday party supplies.On the other way,we could use most of the birthday supplies twice!

So here are some moments from the Train Birthday Party we had in Sri Lanka.Sadly,photos are not so clear and most of the photos with the kids are shaky.I could pick few photos anyhow.

Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

We used different candy,chocolates and sweets for the party.

Train Birthday Party
Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka with candy and sweets

Kids always love these types of candy parties than other food 🙂


For us it was easy to organize as we were on a holiday and with limited time.


Below are some of the decorations.

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka
Party favours for the train birthday
Train Birthday Party Door banner
Sanu with his cousin sister

Most of the photos are shaky.But I could find few photos with some of the kids who came to our birthday party.They all are so sweet and enjoyed the day with our son.

Some of the sweet kids

Below is a train! 🙂 Kids were playing.

Its games time.Kids enjoyed a choo choo train! 🙂
Some of the kids for our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Although we celebrate his birthdays with a party,we don’t forget to join with good causes.

This time we visited an elderly home near to our home (Sri Lanka) with some donations.We also offered tea party for the elders who reside there.It was a good time for us to spend time with them.


My son is almost 2 and half years now and we are waiting for his 3rd Birthday celebration.

How about you?Do you celebrate kids birthdays at home?If so,how do you celebrate?

Potty Training Tips for Positive Success

I remember the time which I was looking for potty training tips everywhere over the websites. I was excited to start our adventure with my little son and finally we could do it! Potty training is important when your baby grows. Usually toddler stage is ideal for starting potty training. It is also necessary to check whether your little one is ready to potty training or not.

Potty Training Tips

Potty training is not so simple. If you don’t do it right it can be a painful experience for both your child and for yourself. This is why it is important that you know the best approach to train your child for the potty at the right time.

To help you on this milestone, here are some potty training tips which I learned during my journey of parenting a little boy.

Start potty training when your child is ready

This is really important for a smooth potty training journey. If you start it at the right time when your toddler is ready, then you both will enjoy the process. As per my ‘go to’ potty training resource the golden window for starting potty training is when the kid is between 20-30 months of age.

Look for the potty training readiness signs before you start. Some of the signs include staying dry for few hours, able to sit on a potty and showing a regular pattern for the bowel movements. If you see these signs then that may be the ideal time to start your adventure with the kid.

Potty Training Tips

Read and learn about potty training

Learning about potty training is really helpful for you as a mom. Specially if you are a first time mom like me, you will have lot of doubts about potty training. Even if you are not a first time mom it is also important to refresh your knowledge and ideas about potty training. You can read some books about potty training. I always read mom blogs to find tips and advice about potty training from other fellow moms. Usually I trust mom blogs in my parenting journey because they share their actual experiences through the blog posts same as me.

Buy potty training essentials

To start your potty training adventure it is essential that you have all the necessary items. You can prepare a list of potty training essentials in order to not to miss any item. An attractive potty is one of the main essentials. You can shop together with your little one and choose a potty that he or she likes. This step will encourage your kid to be independent too. Don’t forget the pull up pants or underwear which is essential for successful potty training.

Potty Training success Tips

Make potty training fun

Don’t make potty training stressful. If you expect your kid to learn everything fast and go to the potty by his own when necessary, you will not only ruin yourself. You will make potty training stressful for your little one too.

Allow time and expect accidents during this period. Relax and make it a fun experience for your kid.

Above are some of the tips that you can follow in order to make potty training experience memorable for both you and your little one. It will take time although there are some kids who adapt to the potty fast within few days.

Be patient and enjoy your parenting adventure with your kid.

Happy potty training!

What to Consider when Choosing your Baby’s Activity Table?

Home education from a very early age is an increasingly interesting issue for parents who, even before their children go to nursery school, want them to have a percentage of self-sufficiency that allows them to adapt as quickly as possible to interact with other children and other spaces.

Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

For this reason, educational researchers make studies and propose activity charts for babies, because it is considered that a child’s education does not begin when he or she starts going to school, but much earlier.

Simple and high-quality Baby Activity Table is easy to choose, just look at the site whyienjoy and check out the list of the best strollers in 2020. This will help you save time and get a breast pump with all the features your wife will feel better.

Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

The learning towers are one of those latest creations of the experts in education and will help the child to stand on his own feet with small actions, as well as motivating him in his adaptation to practical life. This system can be put into practice as soon as the baby can stand on his or her own feet, and the difficulty of the tasks will grow as the child can overcome the obstacles. But before starting a learning tower, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  1. The house must be prepared and adapted for the baby to begin standing activities.
  2. There is an important variation between how household tasks were performed when the child did not walk and how they should be done now, such as storing harmful substances or leaving objects in drawers within reach that, now that he is standing, he can access.
  3. Your baby has developed a sense of curiosity. Now he no longer wants to be on the floor if he cannot see what is happening and participate in everything he is discovering.
  4. Your baby not only stands up but also has just started to walk. From that moment on, it needs continuous mobility and wider spaces. This means an increase in the time you spend watching your baby’s movements.
  5. An important factor is the progressive change in your baby’s diet. The aim now is to ensure that the child begins to acquire healthy eating habits, in line with the energy expenditure that this increased mobility entails.
  6. The main goal is to encourage in the baby the natural motivation that is developing to learn, and you want it to do so in a free, respected and respectful, and as independently as possible.
Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

No one knows better than parents the first curiosities that are awakened in their children. So, when it comes to creating a table of activities to help the baby develop according to the points we discussed above, you must follow a previously agreed plan and put it as a script to follow.

  1. Design the table of activities as if they were links in a chain. Adapt the table and modify it according to the baby’s progress, if necessary, because what cannot be controlled is the speed with which the objectives are going to be achieved. The whole table depends on the child and his or her progress.
  2. Create a series of rules of conduct that the baby must acquire when carrying out the activities. Emphasize the type of behaviour you want to reinforce with each activity on the board, adapted to the child’s ability to understand.
  3. Establish a reward system. That the child begins to understand that, after a task done satisfactorily, he gets his reward, will help to build motivation.

Protect your Preemies During Winter Months from RSV

Babies are so delicate. They need due care and attention to grow well without any problem. Premature infants who are born under 36 weeks are more delicate and they need more care than others. The age of infants under 6 months age is more vulnerable and due care and protection is need for them to survive. During the winter season you need to pay more care and attention to your infant who is premature especially because it also the ‘RSV Season’

What is RSV?

RSV or ‘Respiratory Syncytial Virus’ is common especially during the winter season. RSV makes infants ill and it has become the leading cause for infant hospitalization. Babies under 2 years old are in more risk of getting sick with this virus. However premature babies are in danger as their underdeveloped lungs are not so strong to fight with RSV.

Protect your Preemies during winter months from RSV

What you can do to protect your infants Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Know the symptoms

As parents you can help prevent this RSV and protect babies from it. First know the symptoms of RSV such as common cold, persistent coughing or wheezing. Babies will show the signs of gasping breaths. If you notice these symptoms, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Take preventive actions

RSV is spreadable easily through activities such as touching, sneezing and coughing. You can help preventing RSV by washing their hands properly. Keep the toys, clothes and other such items clean always and keep your infants and babies away from crowds especially during the RSV season.

Take the Next Steps

Take one more step further to help prevent this RSV by helping for an investigational drug. Join with other parents with high risk infants, who are supporting a nationwide clinical study to research on a drug to prevent serious lung infection which is caused by RSV.

Available only during the RSV season this study is named as NURSERY Pre-Term. If your infant is preterm and under 6 months, he or she is at high risk of RSV. Check and see more details on how you can join with the community to help protect babies from RSV.

Protect your Preemies during winter months from RSV

How to Find Parenting Advice for New Moms

Parenting is an exciting journey. If you are pregnant at the moment and going to bring home your bundle of joy, then here are some valuable tips that you can follow. New parents or first time moms do not have experience on parenting a newborn. Even they face difficulties in different stages of kids life. Toddler stage, which is also popular as terrible two is one of the milestones of a kid’s life which parents need to be careful. If you are a new mom, then you don’t have any idea on how to face the issues and challenges on parenting journey. It was same with me with my kid. From newborn age to until today, I wanted to seek advice from others when I face parenting challenges!

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Therefore below are some ideas on where to find parenting advice easily when you want quick decisions.

Ask advice from your parents and friends

Your mom knows the best. You can ask advice from your parents when you have issues in parenting. Other than that your close friends are a good source of information. Those who are already parent know how to find solutions in issues, which place to go for buying baby items or even which doctor to consult. Your friends will give you a lot of real experiences, details and recommendation which they know. Therefore contact your close friends who have kids when you want some advice.

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Follow mom blogs

Read and follow mom blogs which share real parenting experiences. Here I mean real mom blogs which you can see their personal stories in raising kids. Yes, of course you can follow this blog Diary of a New Mom which I share my own experiences and lessons learned while parenting my kid. Other than this blog, there are many other mom bloggers who share honest advice. One of such mom blog is Parental Grind.  Mom blogger Nidia shares her parenting experiences with others through interesting blog posts. She also shares tips on traveling with children, raising happy kids and other information that are helpful for a happy family. That is why I love to read such mom blogs to get more advice for myself. You can subscribe for few such mom blogs to get more tips on parenting.

Choose such few mom blogs and read their updates to gather more advice on raising your kids.

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Forums and mom clubs

There are forums and other online communities for mom where you can ask for advice. When you join with such community, you will connect with moms around the world. It is one of the quick ways to find parenting advice when you want. Most of the moms are with hands on experience of raising kids and they are helpful too. Therefore choose few forums and online mom communities to connect with other moms around the world or specific to your local area.

Above are some of my tips that I use for finding parenting advice. How do you get parenting advice and tips? Please share as a comment below.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub – Singapore

Last week I shared about the Magical Christmas Dream Party at AMK hub.We visited the shopping mall again during the night time to experience the Snowy bubbly show.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

It was fantastic for kids.My son also enjoyed his time catching bubbles and shouting and running here and there with other kids.

Also read about our recent Christmas experience in Johor Bahru.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

On one side,it was snow effects.Kids had great time experiencing ‘snow’ and it was great for both young and elders.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

See,lot of snow till kids get covered with some snow! 🙂

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

My son was bit surprised with his new experience.He was checking foam on his hands.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

Finally,it was a great night at AMK hub.

How about your week?Please share your posts with memories and stories.

Also Check easy ways to make Christmas memorable for kids.

How to Teach Reading for your Toddler

The topic ‘How to Teach Reading for your Toddler’ sounds more stressful if you imagine of your really young kid reads a book alone. Sure, they can’t read alone. And I don’t mean that you have to sit with your toddler and start teaching him or her to read books. However, as early learners toddlers are capable of grabbing the new ideas and skills. Your young toddler can start developing good reading habits before he even learns to read.

Also read: How to Teach Children to Use a Dictionary

In this post I want to share some of my experiences and what I do to improve his reading skills. Before teaching our toddler to read, I always created reading environment around him and those helped him to develop his reading habits. Here are our some of the tried and tested tips to help you to develop a reader in your kid!

How to Teach Reading for your Toddler
How to Teach Reading for your Toddler

Start reading from the day your newborn arrives home

Yes, you can start developing a reader right when your newborn arrives home from the hospital. Newborns respond to the rhythm of a voice and being drew close on a warm lap. There are books with nursery rhymes or beautiful pictures which are suitable for toddlers and infants.

Read before your toddler

When you read books, blogs or magazines, make it before your toddler. Children learn from what they see. If they observe that you are interested in reading, they are more likely to catch up the enthusiasm. They will sure follow you and start showing interest on books.

Set a reading space

You can modify a corner of the couch or a chair and make it a reading space in your toddler’s room. Arrange a spot that is comfy, has good lighting and space to keep a few books. This will make your toddler cozy and comfort with reading. We created a reading corner for our kid and he enjoys his time there. Sometimes it is just arranging books. There are times he just plays with books. But he loves his time at the reading corner.

Visit library with your toddler

how to teach reading for your toddler

Many libraries conduct story hours or literary programs for young kids. Take trips to the library with your toddler to give him a chance to raise good reading habits and also see other kids doing the same thing. You can borrow books when you are a member of the library. These books are good enough to read together with your kid.

Inspire toddlers to choose what to read

Visit library and give your child time to choose books that catches his interest. Children are more probably want to read books that they chose themselves. These activities create some responsibility and he will also improve his self-confidence.

Find reading moments during daily activities

How to Teach Your Toddler to Read
Reading a Menu is a good idea when there is no new book around 🙂

You can help your child to watch out for reading moments. It can be reading road signs, magazines or leaflets. A toddler can easily recognize the alphabet letters on Newspapers or on the leaflets. I do the same with my kid asking him to show me the letters in Newspapers.

Create a bedtime reading routine

If you read bedtime stories for your kid, this will be a daily habit. We read few books before go to the bed. Now it is a daily routine which my kid enjoys. That reading time also help to improve our bonding. So we love our bedtime reading routine!

Give your toddler lot of books

how to teach reading for your toddler
how to teach reading for your toddler

Surround your toddler with lot of age appropriate books. Create a mini library at your home. We have a collection of books which are suitable for toddlers. Other than the books we buy, we also keep the magazines which my kid can easily spend time among pictures and letters.

Other than the expensive books for toddlers, we also buy books for affordable rates. Sometimes I buy books from flea markets which are used books. But still, these books are great additions for our mini library. After all it is my kid who loves to read!

Use Book Subscription services

Book subscriptions services are really great as it is like receiving a gift each month. I found my kids love for books when he receives a book subscription by mail. The excitement for his new books last for days and he repeats reading the new books he receive.

Above are some of the things and tips which we use at our home to improve reading skills of our kid. Do you use any of these tips? If you know any other idea, please share below

A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

The approach and onset of winter bring about the hassle of keeping warm, especially for our babies. The little infants’ system hasn’t learned how to regulate its internal temperature.  It all falls back to you, to keep them and their rooms warm and comfortable.

With the help of some natural warmth, extra insulation, and home electric appliances, you can raise the temperature in your baby’s room to keep it consistently warm. Just keep track on the heat so that it doesn’t go overboard.

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Keep reading for the full guide.

1. Invest In A Thermostat or Indoor Thermometer

It is surprisingly easy to overheat a baby’s room in an attempt to keep it warm. Experts recommend you keep temperatures in your child’s room between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why you’ll need to install a thermostat or use an indoor thermometer to keep track of the temperature.

A good criterion to follow is to keep the room warm enough for a lightly clothed adult. Test it on yourself. If it is too warm for you, then it’s too warm for the baby.

2. Make Use Of The Natural Warmth

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Whenever it is beautiful and sunny outside, keep your curtains open to let in the natural sunlight and heat. This will keep your baby’s room bright and warm enough all day while saving you money as you won’t be running heating appliances.

3. Use A Space Heater

If your baby’s room is freezing and you need it heated up real quick, then you should consider using a space heater. They are perfect for such situations.

However, you have to consider the safety of the child. Keep the heater a reasonable distance away from flammable items. Keep it even further from the baby as the hot surface burns skin very easily.

Also, not all space heaters can be used in baby’s room. Kerosene or radiator heaters are to be avoided. If you want to select a space heater for your baby’s room, has reviewed some products.

4. Install Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtains (also known as insulating curtains) are another excellent way of keeping warm air in your baby’s room. Keep them close to the windows as possible and let them fall on to the window sill or even the floor. Keep them closed at night to prevent the warm air from escaping through the window.

5. Seal The Windows

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Faulty windows are a “firm No” in your baby’s room. They tend to be drafty, letting cold air in and reducing the temperature of the room. This is bad for your baby’s health and your wallet. You will spend a load of money trying to keep the temperature up. Instead, use sealants like caulk or weather stripping to keep the drafts out and warm air in, or replace the old leaky windows with new sealed ones.

6. Keep The Door Closed

Once you’ve settled on the way to heat the baby’s room, keep its door closed. This way, no heat is lost, and if you are using a space heater, you will save more on energy bills as the device won’t work too hard to keep the confined space warm.

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