June 17, 2024

Book Exchange Corner at the Public Library : Reuse Your Used Books

Book Exchange Corner Singapore

Where to donate books in Singapore? Did you ever think of that? I know you have a collection of used books but in good condition. And you need to buy new books for your reading collection. This is something we are facing right now too. Where can I drop off used books in Singapore? It was a doubt for me a few years ago. Luckily we found the right place to share our used books. It is NLB Book Exchange Corner!

What is Book Exchange Corner?

Book Exchange Corner Singapore

In the public library, there is one corner with a bookshelf where you can keep your well used and pre-loved books. I found this as a good initiative to reuse books. If I know someone who loves reading I am happy to share our used books. Practically I found it is difficult sometimes. But, with Book Exchange Corner in the public library, we can easily donate our books even during each library visit.

We usually visit Ang Mo Kio public library. You can check the library near to you for the book exchange corner. Most libraries in Singapore are with a book exchange corner.

NLB Book Exchange Corner

How to donate books to the library book exchange corner?

If you have used books that are in good condition, consider donating to the library book exchange corner. This is a community-driven project where people can drop their books on the shelf at the library. Be sure to keep your books organized on the shelf. It is not just to drop and go.

If you love to read a new book, then you can take up to 3 books too. The books in Book Exchange Corner are the pre-loved books of other readers. You can browse and take a book to read. Remember to return the books on your next visit.

Doesn’t this sound good?

At home, we read a lot of books. My kid is a book worm too. I helped him to cultivate the habit of reading books when he was really young. When the kid was born I started reading him bedtime stories. Reading a book before sleeping was a habit at our home.  We started using the public library when the kid was a toddler. Here is our first library visit. Surprisingly my kid started reading on his own at a really early stage which was another benefit of reading from a young age.

donate books to the library

Now, it is time to teach him about the value of reusing his books. I believe that he needs to learn about sharing his used and loved books with others. For that purpose, I found Library book exchange corner is the right place to share our used books.

These captures are from our recent visit to the library where we donated a few books to the library book exchange corner. As I want the kid to learn the importance of sharing and reuse of books, I asked him to choose a few books that he loves donating. Therefore though I helped him, donating these books are under his responsibility and he loved choosing the books and sharing them. It was a good weekend project for us!

How reuse old books

Benefits of reusing the used books

  • When you find a way to reuse your old books,that act will help others to read a new book without the need of buying.
  • When kids are involved they will also learn the habit of sharing,reuse and caring the environment from the early stage of their life.
  • We can’t forget the great positive impact on environment when we reuse.Each single and simple act counts.
  • You’ll find space in your home.Instead of keeping things that you really don’t use,it is good to find a new place for some of your used items.

You can even recycle your used ink & toner cartridges using the box next to the Book Exchange Corner. There are many ways that you can contribute to our environment.

recycle your used ink & toner cartridges Singapore

I shared this post as part of our green lifestyle series. With a simple act, we can help the community and nature. Going green is not difficult. You can start it today. And be sure to involve the children. They are the future generation and they will grow with these concepts.

Below are some other activities that you can do with your children in order to spend a green lifestyle with them.

Do you like the idea of swapping books or donating books? What do you do with your used books?

Please share your thoughts.

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23 thoughts on “Book Exchange Corner at the Public Library : Reuse Your Used Books

    1. I have lots nice books as well, but I need to confirm and make sure if frontier at Jurong point also practicing this?
      As I do not want to carry all the way in the end they don’t accept.
      Appreciates your early responds.

  1. That’s very smart, because all of the books mtg daughters read over and over are sitting in the corner somewhere collecting dust. I’ll be sure to look for a Book Exchange Corner next time I go to the library. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Recycling is such a great idea to help the community and the world at large or as my daughter calls it upcycling. I usually recycle as much as I possibly can every day.

  3. This is such a great idea. I have actually stumbled upon a phone box in my area that is used as a book exchange library as well: take a book and leave another one in return.

  4. In the beginning, I totally support what you have put up here. Unfortunately, I have noticed that a man comes nearly everyday to the book exchange corner at the main branch and carries away several bags of book with hardly any look at what he is taking. I discreetly followed him one day and found that he would hand over them to the secondhand bookshop on the second storey of Bras Basah Complex, directly facing the escalators. It is heartbreaking to see the public donating their books in good faith that they are sharing with others. But they are in fact supplying stocks to a bookstore for profit. I hope you will point this out so that your readers are alerted to this. I find it so sad that your good intentions and theirs should be abused in this manner.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I totally agree with you. There are people who take advantage of such good initiatives. I will update the article with these points too. So that others will know what else can happen to their donated books.

  5. I really missed the book exchange corner at Bras Basah library basement 1, it was went missing after the B1 library section closed down under renovation, not sure whether it is coming back and when ?

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