July 15, 2024

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for Kids

You may already established a bedtime story routine with your kid same as I do. However, you may have established a bedtime routine without knowing much about its benefit for your child. So, in this post I thought of sharing some of the benefits your kids can get when you spend time reading bedtime stories with kids.

With our personal experience, we love our reading sessions. My son loves to hear when I read bedtime story books for him. Recently I noticed his interest in reading more books, so I am happily continuing this good habit of reading good bedtime stories for him daily.

Here are some of the benefits of reading bedtime stories for your kids.

Bonding with the Child

With our personal experience, I really love this bedtime story time and it is same with my son too.Reading stories create a bond between us.

Bonding with your child is one of the most important benefits you can expect with bedtime story routines. At the end of the day you are able to sit close with your kid together and you both read the same story. You kid will listen to you paying more attention. It is a great way to describe him of the characters and even open discussions about the characters you find in the story.

Help to build your child’s vocabulary and Communication skills

You’ll notice that your child will use vocabulary which includes some advance phrases and words. They will learn how to express their feelings and emotions. By continuing this habit, kids will learn how to communicate with others in a good way including the lessons they learn from their bedtime stories.

Stimulate his imaginations

Have you ever noticed the facial expressions of your child when you read a story for him or her? For me this is the most exciting part when we read stories. Bedtime stories will stimulate kids’ imagination and even they will concentrate to a topic and make the story out of it. Logical thinking is another benefit of stories. In their mind there are different characters. Some are heroes. Some are innocent characters. He has lot of feelings and imaginations towards them. These imaginations and thinking will help your child to grow with a logical mind.

How to find bedtime stories?

If you want different story books, the first solution is buy good bedtime story books. You can buy online or from your local book shops. However, having lot of books and reading different books daily will make him more excited and your kid will not be bored with same bedtime stories every day.Other than that you can also join with a public library.

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for Kids

We usually buy children’s story books. Other than that we also use bedtime stories online. That is really easy to find bedtime stories online and we read free bedtime stories for kids. My son likes online bedtime stories when there are colourful illustrations. That is really a good idea to read different stories in different days.We found the free online bedtime stories shared at www.istorybooks.co are interesting,because of not only the stories,but also due to the beautiful illustrations.My son loves to see those colourful illustrations while reading.

Today my son started his playgroup sessions and we found that there is a library which all the kids can borrow books and keep it for a week. So, I hope he will have great time reading bedtime story books with me both online and offline.

Do you read bedtime stories for your kids? How do you find the children bedtime stories? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Update: We visited the libray and it is a great place for kids to find new books.Check our first library visit.We even use the book exchange corner at the public library to swap books.It is great to cultivate the habit of reuse from the early childhood.

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