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Mixbook Photo Book Review

As Mixbook is one of my favourite photo book creating companies I want to share this Mixbook Photo Book Review to help you to decide on creating your next photo albums. Actually Mixbook is not only a company which provides the facility to create photo books.They also offer wide range of products and services which are really helpful for anyone who loves creativity and who loves to organize things in a better way.

Mixbook Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review

Things you can do with Mixbook

You can easily find beautiful themes and designs for birthday invitations and baby shower invitations. Not only for baby birthdays, you can also use photo printing service for other events such as your wedding or even for travel memories. Are your phone and computer full of digital photos? Why don’t you think of printing some of the best photos and create photo albums? With Mixbook you can also order photo prints and the rates are really affordable. Thinking of decorating your home with some beautiful wall art? I always love to create canvas prints using my travel photos which I am proud of. Printing a beautiful canvas print is really easier with Mixbook as you can do all just by staying in front of your computer within few single clicks.

Mixboo Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Our Family Photo Book for 2015

What I mentioned above are some of the things which you can do with Just by visiting the site, you can find more details of their products.If you love to create a scrapbook online,their photo book making software is really fun and easy to use.

Actually in this post, I want to share about Mixbook Photo books which I always love to create. I’ve shared some Mixbook reviews before and I also plan to share a Mixbook birthday photo cards review in future. Till that, here is my review on recent photo book created with Mixbook.

Mixbook Photo Book Review

If you remember, recently I shared a post about my experience on creating a photo book with Mixbook. Now, it is time to share the actual experience and review of Mixbook photobook.

Truly I love to create photo books with Mixbook. There are many reasons for me. But, to keep the post simple and short, below are some of the reasons to choose Mixbook as my favourite photo book creating company.

  • Use of the Mixbook photo book making software is really easy and fun. I could select a beautiful design from the available designs. What I like most is that I could insert text as I want. I could also change the design and insert some custom pages to my photo book when I create it with Mixbook.
How to create a family photo book
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use photo book software
  • I could create custom  pages as I like.Use of stickers and text was really fun and it is a good way to write some memories on the photos.
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use custom pages with text and stickers
  • Finally, the rates are really reasonable and shipping rates are not so high.
  • I also want to mention another feature I really like and which I use for my next photo book with Mixbook.

It is the facility of adding contributors. That’s really helpful when we need to create a photo book together with friends and other family members.

Here is how I use that feature and why I like Mixbook so much. If you heard, recently Sri Lanka faced to an unexpected severe flood situation. Our homes were flooded too till the roof top.( Can you imagine the condition of my school day photos and childhood day’s photos? All are damaged and I really feel sad. But, now I have facility of collecting the photos from my school friends who live in different countries. Using the Mixbook facility to create photo books with contributors, I started another photo book to print some memories from school days. As my other friends have their own copies; I invited them to contribute to my photo album with photos they have. It is so much fun and really helpful to collect some of my photos.

Overall I am happy with my photo books created with Mixbook and I’d like to recommend this photo book making company for anyone who likes to preserve family memories. You can easily preserve your family memories with Mixbook!

How to save money when you order your photo book?

Well, this is for those who like to save money from their shopping.

Do you know that Mixbook offers really good deals time to time?

To receive the latest updates, you need to join with their Newsletter. When you visit, create an account and start creating your photo book.

While you create your Mixbook photobooks, you can keep an eye on ongoing promotions. Some promotions offer upto 50% discounts on photo book prices. Some time they also offer free shipping. They send Mixbook coupon to your inbox and when there is a great discount you can order your photo book. This is the best way to save from your photo book.

Other than using Mixbook coupon codes, you can also join with their refer friends program. That will allow you to earn $20 when your friend orders a book.

Don’t you think making photobooks are really awesome way to preserve family memories?Check Mixbook and see how amazing their photo book designs are!

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Do you like photo books? How do you preserve family memories?


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First Birthday Party-Animal Themed

First Birthday Party-Animal Themed
First Birthday Party-Animal Themed

It was a blast at our home, because our son celebrated his first birthday on 2014 October. We celebrated it with a small party with some of our friends. As I wanted a theme, we went with ‘Animal theme’ because my son loved most of the animal songs. Read more about our fun first Birthday Party.

Also read below posts to find how we celebrated birthdays.

Our 2nd birthday celebration was a Bob the Train birthday party.

Our 3rd birthday was a Pororo themed birthday.

Our 4th Birthday celebration was a Paw Patrol birthday party.

Our 5th birthday was a Poly Birthday.

We also celebrated 6th birthday.It was a Super Wings Birthday party.

If you look for ordering birthday cakes online in Singapore,then read our experience here: Whyzee cakes review

Train Birthday Party for Our Son’s 2nd Birthday

Few months ago our son celebrated his 2nd birthday. Actually he celebrated his 2nd birthday on last year October and still I couldn’t post any details of it. My blog is called ‘Diary of a New Mom’, but my diary is always outdated. 🙂 Anyway, late is better than never. So, this post will still have some value when he is grown up.

Train Birthday Party
Sanu is Two!

He celebrated his 2nd birthday in October last year. It was really busy and stressful period at our home. My mother arrived here from Sri Lanka and helped me on weaning. We started weaning him from breastfeeding, but my son was not happy. 🙁 He tried his best to get his favourite ‘breast milk’.

Okay,if you are curious,then here is how I wean my kid from breastfeeding.

Although his actual birthday was on October, we had to celebrate it few days before as we had plans to visit Sri Lanka for a holiday. I wanted to have a small celebration as I was not sure on how our days would be in Sri Lanka. Visiting Sri Lanka is always enjoyable as we can stay with family members. But, on the other way it is really tiresome. We travel from one place to another. No proper stay at any home. So, I planned to have a birthday celebration in Singapore before we leave as I can’t predict how it would be in Sri Lanka.

Train Birthday Party in Singapore Home

This time our birthday theme was train birthday. My son loves Bob the Train songs YouTube channel (Kids TV), so we could easily select the theme.

Train Birthday Party
DIY Train Birthday Party for 2 Year old

I love DIY birthday parties. So, most of the banners were done by me and I always involved my son with me when I was doing those crafts.One of the best ways to teach arts and crafts for toddlers! 🙂

Below is the Birthday banner for this train themed Birthday party.This DIY Train birthday banner is really easy to make when you have beautiful and colourful papers.

DIY Train Birthday Banner
Train Birthday Party Banner

I also printed photos of his 2nd year and made a photo banner which features a train.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

I have a plan of making a photo album for our son using his 5 years photos,so I capture a photo each month and I guess birthday is a good reason to print all the monthly photos.

Train Birthday Photo Banner

Below is a simple birthday cake done by me.Actually I bought few decorated pieces of cakes from a nearby bakery shop and made this train birthday cake.A toy train engine completed the look of the birthday cake.

Actually this was just a family celebration which we didn’t have any guests.So,we didn’t want a big Birthday cake.

Here is the tutorial for this easy train Birthday Cake.

Train Birthday Cake

Anyway,I still bought another small cake for the sake of cutting as I wanted to keep the Train Birthday cake few more minutes just to admire its beauty. 🙂

Birthday 081
Train Birthday Cake

We are ready to cut the cake.But,the train cake engine (train toy) is in our son’s hand 🙂

Anyway if you love ordering birthday cakes online,then read our Whyzee cakes review to find out our experience.


My mother was the only guest for this Train Birthday party!

Sanu with his Grand Mother

Lunch was served for the train birthday party and we arranged it as a train using colourful containers.This colourful train toy helped a lot to create our lunch train.

Train Birthday Party Food
An easy food garnishing for the train birthday party

He looks bit tired as few days before the celebration,he fell down on the floor and ended up with four stitches on his chin. 🙁 In these photos,he is still with his stitches.

Anyway,our train birthday party is not yet over.We visited Sri Lanka at the end of September and we were there on his actual date of birth.(His birthday falls on the first week of October) My mother arranged a Birthday party at home inviting few kids in our neighborhood.It was a great opportunity for our son to play and mingle with some kids in Sri Lanka.My mother,as she left Singapore just before few days of our flight took some of the banners from the party saying she doesn’t have enough time to shop for birthday party supplies.On the other way,we could use most of the birthday supplies twice!

So here are some moments from the Train Birthday Party we had in Sri Lanka.Sadly,photos are not so clear and most of the photos with the kids are shaky.I could pick few photos anyhow.

Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

We used different candy,chocolates and sweets for the party.

Train Birthday Party
Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka with candy and sweets

Kids always love these types of candy parties than other food 🙂


For us it was easy to organize as we were on a holiday and with limited time.


Below are some of the decorations.

Our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka
Party favours for the train birthday
Train Birthday Party Door banner
Sanu with his cousin sister

Most of the photos are shaky.But I could find few photos with some of the kids who came to our birthday party.They all are so sweet and enjoyed the day with our son.

Some of the sweet kids

Below is a train! 🙂 Kids were playing.

Its games time.Kids enjoyed a choo choo train! 🙂
Some of the kids for our Train Birthday Party in Sri Lanka

Although we celebrate his birthdays with a party,we don’t forget to join with good causes.

This time we visited an elderly home near to our home (Sri Lanka) with some donations.We also offered tea party for the elders who reside there.It was a good time for us to spend time with them.


My son is almost 2 and half years now and we are waiting for his 3rd Birthday celebration.

How about you?Do you celebrate kids birthdays at home?If so,how do you celebrate?

Pororo Themed Birthday Party for 3rd Birthday

We threw a Pororo themed Birthday Party for our kid when he turned three! This is a long due post and as always I am late with some posts. Now my son is going to be 4 years old in next October. So, before he reaches 4 years old, I am rushing to share some posts related to his Pororo Birthday Party!

Pororo themed Birthday Party
Our Pororo themed Birthday Party table

Why Pororo theme?

Pororo is a cute little penguin who is the main character of Pororo and the friends cartoon series. Well, I am a mom who allows my kid to spend time with apps and tv shows under my control with limits. Other than Peppa cartoon series, I allow him to watch Pororo and the friend too as this series is suitable for his age as I think.

Now, I am talking about last year which my kid was below 3 years of age. He loved Pororo and still he loves. He also loves to watch Pororo educational series which teaches about patterns, counting and other educational topics.

As I love to select a theme for his birthdays, last year I selected ‘Pororo’ as our 3rd Birthday party theme.

Well, we didn’t have guests for our home. Instead we celebrated his Pororo Birthday Party at his Playgroup with his teachers and friends. It was a lovely and memorable moment.

Here are some of the highlights from our 3rd Birthday celebrations with Pororo themed birthday decorations and supplies.

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake

Before everything I wanted to plan his Pororo themed birthday cake. When I checked online, I could find beautiful Pororo cake design ideas. However as we celebrated the birthday at his playgroup, I had to check with the teacher. Instead of cutting a birthday cake and serve the kids, teacher was happy to have cupcakes. I loved that idea too as cupcakes are easy to serve to the kids.

However, I couldn’t find a place to buy cupcakes easily. There are cupcake shops around my neighborhood, but they have some limitations. Finally I found . They were really helpful and I could place my order online. We ordered Pororo themed cupcakes.

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake
Pororo Birthday cupcakes

Although we bought cupcakes for celebrations at the playgroup,I also wanted to blow candles at home as a way of family bonding. So,below is my birthday cake for him.

If you look for ordering last minute birthday cakes in Singapore,check our Whyzee cakes review.They deliver birthday cakes and you can even place order last minute.

How I made this Pororo Birthday Cake?

It is really simple. I bought a plain yet simply decorated cake from nearby bakery shop. The cake came with a ‘Happy Birthday’ topper. To the same cake, I created a cake topper using a sticker with Pororo and friends. I pasted that sticker on a toothpick creating a beautiful and easy cake topper. 🙂 Finally, here is our very own Pororo Birthday Cake!

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake

Pororo Themed Birthday Party decorations

This time, I didn’t spend much time for the Pororo Birthday decorations. Instead I could easily buy Pororo themed Goody bags and party supplies for affordable rates from the nearby shopping mall.(NTUC FairPrice)

Pororo themed Birthday Party

Party hats

Pororo themed Birthday Party
Goody bags and party hats with Pororo theme

I couldn’t find Pororo themed party hats. Instead I bought a pack of DIY party hats. Using Pororo and friends stickers, I personalized those party hats to match the party theme.

Pororo themed party
Pororo themed Birthday party masks and horns for kids

Here are some of the moments from our Pororo Birthday party with my kids playgroup friends.

Pororo themed party
A photo with his friends.I covered the little faces due to privacy.

Kid was so happy because his father visited his playgroup.This is once a year happening as I am the one behind the kid’s school events always.Kid had a big story to share with his dad after the playgroup. 🙂

And a mommy son moment!

After the playgroup,we celebrated his birthday at home blowing candles and cutting this really simple cake.

We had a great day with the kid.To make him happy,I also visited the Pororo Park with him.So he was full of activities with Pororo and the friends.It was a birthday party which created memories for him with his favourite cartoon character!

Birthday party Album

This time I created his 3rd Birthday party album with Zno photo books.

Mixbook is my other favourite company for his photo books.

These days I am busy planning his next birthday.He will be 4 soon. 🙂

Do you like birthday parties?Do you throw birthday parties with a theme?

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub – Singapore

Last week I shared about the Magical Christmas Dream Party at AMK hub.We visited the shopping mall again during the night time to experience the Snowy bubbly show.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

It was fantastic for kids.My son also enjoyed his time catching bubbles and shouting and running here and there with other kids.

Also read about our recent Christmas experience in Johor Bahru.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

On one side,it was snow effects.Kids had great time experiencing ‘snow’ and it was great for both young and elders.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

See,lot of snow till kids get covered with some snow! 🙂

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

My son was bit surprised with his new experience.He was checking foam on his hands.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

Finally,it was a great night at AMK hub.

How about your week?Please share your posts with memories and stories.

Also Check easy ways to make Christmas memorable for kids.

Rabbits in a Cage and Roosters-Sri Lanka Road Trip

It is another Wordless Wednesday!In this blog,this is my Wordless Wednesday post #3.However,this week post is wordfull!

Recently we visited Sri Lanka and we enjoyed few road trips.These captures are from one of such road trips which we visited Polonnaruwa,a one of the must visit location in Sri Lanka.

Our route was through a popular wildlife park which is called ‘Minneriya National Park‘. We really didn’t have plans to visit the national park and our aim is to reach another location.However,we saw peacocks and other birds while travelling through this route.

Rabbits in a Cage

There are few spots that ‘Elephants’ cross the road.So,we who travel along the road have to give priority for those animals/elephants who are the owners of this wildlife conservation area. 🙂

We started our road trip so early for the reason that we wanted to pass the wildlife conservation area during day time.However at the last kilometer of the road along Habarana,we saw an elephant crossing the road.Well,I really didn’t try to capture a photo of that elephant who crossed the road.Instead stayed silent till he crossed to the other side of the road. 🙂


Just after this incident,we reached to the area where people live or where there is no much risk.Then we saw a restaurant,actually that is the first spot we found which we can refresh ourselves after driving few kilometers through the jungle area.

Rabbits in a Cage

My son who was sleeping woke up and he was really happy with what he saw.It is a rabbit cage!

Rabbits in a Cage

This is the first time he saw rabbits! (live).He really enjoyed his time looking at the rabbits and looking at how they were feeding.


And he also found some roosters! 🙂


Finally,I was really happy because there are lot of things to see for us when we go out for a road trip.In this trip,we found this place and it is  good that kids and toddlers can enjoy their time during the tour.

Also check how our toddler spent his time in a shopping mall with a mirror.

Family Match : Compatible Families Together

Family Match is a web service, which is developed keeping in mind the need for a family for another family’s company. Family Match is like other dating apps which let you choose a partner of your choice. We understand how much it is important for families to find another family to hang out with. Whether you move to a new place or families in your current area are not compatible with you. This is a place for you to find what you need.

Family Match

Our aim:

FamilyMatch is currently under development. It is the world’s first family matching site. The aim of this site is to improve the quality of your social life. It can show you matches from your nearest area. It will find you a family where you and your child will find making yourself meaningful bonds.

FamilyMatch is currently under development. It is the world’s first family matching site. The aim of this site is to improve the quality of your social life. It can show you matches from your nearest area. It will find you a family where you and your child will find making yourself meaningful bonds.

Family Match

Who is this site for:

This service is for everyone. Whether you are a single parent, a couple or a family with many children. This site helps your kid under 13 to find suitable families to socialize with. Military families who are frequently travelling and families who home school their children can get the most use out of it.

FamilyMatch solves so many problems for your family. Sometimes kids get along but the parents do not and sometimes parents get along but the kids do not. Solution of this problem is also the FamilyMatch. FamilyMatch let you choose from many different families. There is no limit of options here. There are thousands of families waiting to be found which will turn out to be the perfect match for you. We understand when you and your family feel isolated even when there are so many people around you. This isolation comes from the feeling that there is nothing common between you and people around you.  

With technology developing so fast and people engaging with them more and more, people and families are being disconnected even from their own family. Technology in this reference is not bad in itself but there must be consistent development of tools which bring in positive changes in people’s lives. FamilyMatch helps you meet new families and find playdates for your kids. A prototype of this site will be ready within 60 days after the kickstart campaign ends. We have come to Kickstarter to gain support. To market the product and developing the app we need funds.  

Avery Ranch Golf Club Offers An Unforgettable Wedding Venue

Couples that are looking for wedding venues have several considerations. One of the most important is the backdrop for photographs. When a couple looks back at their wedding pictures in years to come, they want to see a beautiful setting. They desire pictures that take them back to that special day. One place that provides such a venue is a golf course. It is green year round and always has water in numerous places. The typical golf course is not only designed to be a challenging place to play golf, but also a scenic location that draws people to appreciate its beauty. Of course, the course is not the only consideration for a wedding. There must also be facilities that will accommodate guests and provide them will a spacious locale for a reception. Finally, there must be a catering service that provide for every need not only of the wedding party but all of the family and friends who attend a wedding.

Avery Ranch Golf Club

In searching for golf course wedding venues near me, a bride can find such a place in Austin, Texas. The name of the course is Avery Ranch Golf Club. The club is located close to downtown yet provides a getaway setting. It runs along Brushy Creek which provides a perfect setting for photographs. Of course, the course itself is available for any wedding pictures. It combines with Brushy Creek and the course’s infinity pool as an endless opportunity to capture the special day for a lifetime of memories.

Avery Ranch Golf Club provides a full staff to cater whatever meal and beverages a bride and groom desire. They are available to meet a couple’s every need and want. There are two venues for a reception. One is Lakeview Event Center for up to 200 guests in a 4000 square foot facility. This will meet the needs of a larger wedding. It offers a private tree covered deck and views of Brushy Creek and the infinity pool. For a smaller wedding of up to 60 guests, Avery Ranch has a Sunset Club House with picture windows offering a spectacular view of the creek and pool. This is available for the couple who is planning a smaller wedding reception.

Avery Ranch Golf Club opened in 2002 and was designed to not only be one of the best golf courses near Austin TX but also a destination wedding venue. The planning of the course and the two wedding reception facilities took into consideration one of previously mentioned main reasons for choosing a golf course for a wedding. That reason is the breathtaking photo opportunities at Avery Ranch. The setting along Brushy Creek, the infinity pool, and the course itself were all designed to provide a couple with unforgettable photographs. The Lakeview Event Center and Sunset Club House were placed to maximize the view and make every photograph and memory something special. The lakefront wedding gardens are a beautiful place for a wedding. They were designed and placed in just the right spot to capture all the beauty of Avery Ranch.

Avery offers special wedding packages that include not only the venue but other amenities like linens, flowers, photography, open bar, and of course catering which is available to meet every need of the wedding party. Each package is designed to provide a special touch to whatever the bride and groom desire. The beauty of Avery Ranch and its attention to details not only in design but also in execution provides a special wedding venue.

Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom? Here are 5 Things to Determine First

Some women like the idea of being a stay-at-home mom after your baby is born. While this may be an easy decision for some women, it’s often a challenge for others, as there are many different things to first consider. If you’re expecting a baby and would like to be home with your child, here are five things you should determine first to know if it’s the right decision for you and your family.

Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

1. Can you afford it?

The very first thing you need to consider is if it’s something you can afford. The cost of living continues to rise, and many couples have found that each person has to work in order to cover their expenses. Before your baby is born, it’s important to look hard at your finances and determine if you can afford to stay home with your baby. Look at your current budget and see how it will change by adding in the cost of a new baby along with the cost of childcare. Then, look to see if there are things you can do now to make it easier to stay home, such as paying off a car to avoid a car payment or paying off debt to eliminate monthly expenses.

After looking at your budget, you may find that making changes now will allow you to stay home, or you may find that you can stay home as long as you work part time. Preparing yourself head of time will help you determine if staying home is something you can actually afford to do.

Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

2. What policies and perks could you lose?

Aside from knowing if you can afford it, it’s important for you to also look at what policies may change or become lost if you opt to leave your job. For instance, if you are receiving insurance through your employer, you’ll either need to opt for private insurance or see if you can be added to your spouse’s policy. You’ll also want to do the same for retirement savings plans and any other perks you may be getting through your employer. For instance, if you have a company car with company-paid insurance, you’ll need to plan for another vehicle and additional insurance. According to Mercury Insurance, “Shopping for insurance policies early will help you save money,” and with a new baby on the way, saving money will be important.

3. Can you handle it?

Being a stay-at-home mom is not for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to stay home with your child if you would rather be a working mother. At the same time, you may WANT to be a stay-at-home mom, but you may find that it’s not something you can handle. Being a stay-at-home mom requires a lot of work and a lot of patience, and it’s often exhausting and overwhelming. If you don’t think it’s something you’ll be able to handle successfully, then maybe it’s not the right choice for you.

4. What is the long-term plan?

Being a stay-at-home mom can come in many forms, so it’s a good idea to determine what your long-term plan will be. For instance, do you want to stay home only for the first year of your child’s life, or do you want to stay home until they graduate high school? There are a lot of things you’ll need to factor, such as cost, but having an idea of your long-term plan can help you take the right steps. For instance, if you want to go back to work sooner rather than later, then it’s a good idea to keep contacts with people in your industry or take some classes to stay current with latest trends. This way, your time out of the workforce won’t hinder your chances at finding a job when you’re ready to go back.

5. How will you handle the change?

Before you become a stay-at-home mom, it’s important for you to have an open dialogue with your spouse about the change that will take place. Often stress can occur between the working parent and the stay-at-home parent, and you don’t want your relationship to suffer because of this change. Be sure you are both aware of the expectations of each other and communicate any pros and cons to help you both make a decision you’re comfortable with.

Being a stay-at-home parent is not always the right choice for everyone, so before you have your heart set on turning in your letter of resignation, be sure to consider all this first.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Life with a toddler is always full of happiness, surprises and of course sometimes it is with lot of pressure. Traveling with toddler is really enjoyable if you plan well. Otherwise, you will end up with complete disaster. If you don’t pack all the essentials with you, or if you don’t plan how to keep your toddler engaged, you will not have a good time during your trip.

Few days ago I read some posts shared by Chris and Karen in their blog about their experiences on travelling with twins. After reading their travel posts on traveling with twins, I thought of sharing this post in this blog with my experiences thinking these tips might help other parents who want to enjoy their time traveling with toddlers.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Anyway below tips are not specifically for flying with toddlers, instead these are tips for traveling with kids in a road trip or even for a dayout.

(You can read for ideas on travelling with twins, and of course they discuss about topics such as parenting, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in their blog)

Pack light

Sure, you need to bring all the items which you want, specially the things that need for your toddler. But try to pack light and avoid unnecessary items. Bring only the essentials with you. You can also buy some consumables like diapers and tissues at the destination. But, remember to pack all the essentials for few days if you are not sure of the availability of such items at the place you visit.

Bring toys or story books

This is a common trick of most moms and it is same with me. I always bring few of my sons favorite toys with us when we travel. Just notice what is his favourite toy or toys and bring that with you. Luckily my son loves some of his rubber toys which are animals and those are not very heavy. Whenever we go, he brings those with him and he is fully engaged playing with his toys.

If your toddler like reading books (I mean looking at pictures of the books), then bring 1 or 2 books with you. When he is tired and bored with his toys, these little books will do the tricks.

Let your little one nap whenever possible.

If your little one likes to have a nap during traveling, then let him do so. You can easily explore the city or complete some of your shopping while he is sleeping. On the other way, they will stay fresh if they get enough sleep during the trip. So, allow your toddler to have a nap whenever possible.

Pack some snacks

Keep them full always. If they are not hungry, they won’t make noise. But once they are hungry and start making noise, it is difficult to control or stop them. Still their little tummies need food in every one or two hours. So, keep some of his favorite food with you and give them time to time. You know your toddler’s eating habits. So, offer him some snacks accordingly.

Find toddler friendly Activities

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

It can be a day out for a museum or any other place which you are interested in. But always find kids friendly activities during your trip. Some restaurants are with kids play area. If you use such place for your meal, your toddler will have a great time playing there. There are also playgrounds or other places which your kid can relax during the trip. If you cannot find kids friendly activities or if you didn’t plan that, simply a spacious area in a shopping mall or in a park is enough for them to play.

Find kid friendly accommodation

This is my favourite tip for any vacation. Don’t forget to book a kid friendly accommodation on your destination in order to keep your kids happy and engaged. Some accommodations are provided with kids’ swimming pool which is an ideal activity for toddlers. Other kid friendly facilities include kids playground and water play area. Kids love walking outdoors. Therefore, if your accommodation is with a spacious garden, that will be a happy place for your kids to experience the outdoor. Keep these points in mind before you book your accommodation at the destination.

How do you travel with your toddler?Do you have any other tips to share?Please comment below.

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