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Fun and Quirky Accessories for Your Child’s Room

Your child’s bedroom is a place where they can let loose and be anything they want to be. If they want to be a sloth, they can have a safe place where they can laze around in their pretend tree and be a sloth. Explore your child’s imagination and add some fun and quirky accessories to your child’s room. Themes for your child’s bedroom are always a must. If you are going to give your child’s room a theme, you can split the space into separate areas, with different themes and then add fun and quirky accessories.  

Accessories for play areas

Accessories for Your Child’s Room

Play areas don’t always have to be rooms full of toys—you can designate an area in the child’s bedroom just for them to wig out and play! Try adding a playhouse in your child’s room. You can easily buy an outdoor play structure and assemble it in the room so your child has a haven to play and learn. Try adding a teepee or a hide away tent to your child’s play area so they can pretend they are in a land far, far away. If your child likes to play with cars, get a carpet with a road map where your child can sit and race cars with their friends or siblings.

Accessories for reading areas

Accessories for Your Child’s Room

Reading areas don’t have to be a bore. Make reading fun again by bringing your child’s favorite book to life with stuffed characters and decor! You can jazz up your reading space by adding cool wall decals that are themed to your child’s favorite animal or character. Throw some decorative kids pillows down on the ground and let your child lie down and enjoy a good book. Or enjoy falling asleep to a good book on their big comfy pillow. Get a fun shaped bookshelf for your child to enjoy, like one in the shape of their first initial, in the shape of a wooden house, or even in the shape of an animal.

Lighting is important to a child in their reading area. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes. You can get lighting in the shape of a cloud, balloon, or even your child’s favorite superhero. Children like to read with flashlights and low lighting. Let your child pretend that they’re camping under the stars by adding a tent with a star projector to your child’s reading area. Lava lamps are also a good source of lighting for reading areas.

Accessories for lounging areas

Accessories for Your Child’s Room

Adults like to get away and veg out in a lounge area after work. Why wouldn’t children want to lounge out in their rooms after school? Turn a designated area of your child’s bedroom into their favorite lounge spot. Add some accessories like hammock chairs, or hanging pods that they can sit in to just get away from their worries. Lounge areas could have cool blow up furniture like a blow up couch that your child can use to lay back and play some video games or watch tv. Throw some bean bags on the floor in the shape of their favorite animal, or get a funny shaped chair for their lounging area. Your child’s lounging area can quickly become their go-to area to get away from it all and fuel their imagination.

Even the tiniest rooms can be a castle with a moat and a fire-breathing dragon to guard it, in a child’s eyes, that is. Add accessories to the room to enhance the experience. Bring out the creativity in your child after their long day of logical thinking. Give your child the space they need to encourage their imaginations to soar.

DIY Recycling Bin for Kids + Tzu Chi Recycling Day

Teaching kids about value of recycling is really important. I think we don’t have to wait till kids grow to teach them the value of recycling and caring for our mother nature.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

After I received a leaflet about Tzu Chi Recycling Day, I decided not to collect recyclable items only by myself; instead I wanted to join my toddler with the cause. As a start we made this DIY Recycling Bin which is a funful and educational activity to do with toddlers or even with grown up kids.

DIY Recycling Bin for Kids

Here is what we did. You can add some more ideas to this DIY Recycling Bin and make it more beautiful.

We used,

  •  A cardboard box (Actually what we used is an empty cake box which is supposed to throw)
  • Crepe paper for decoration
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

First we removed the lid of the cardboard box. Then I used sellotape on edges to make the box stronger.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Using the green colour crepe paper we made recycle symbol and we also pasted another purple colour crepe paper on top of the box just to make it beautiful.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Finally, it is done!

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

We have a beautiful Recycling Bin.

Now we can collect recyclable materials in this box till the next collection date. Last few days I collected few yogurt cups and milk bottles, so we put those into our recycle box.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Remember to wash and clean all items before collecting.After collecting recyclables,it is time to send those to a recycling point in your neighborhood!

Tzu Chi Recycling Day

In Singapore, every second Sunday of each month is Tzu Chi Recycling Day. Few days ago Tzu Chi Volunteers visited our neighborhood including our home to encourage residents to collect recyclable items. I missed joining with the April Tzu Chi Recycling Day, but I am preparing to join with the next Recycling Day together with my toddler.

Hope I will be able to teach him the value of preserving earth from his young age!

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Set Up the Perfect Photo Booth for Your Next Party

All set for your upcoming party? Are you thinking of innovative ways to multiply the fun? Stop thinking too hard; all you need is a simple photo booth rental to double the fun. No party is amusing without a photo booth. They aren’t just a fun addition to your shindig, but are a great way to engage people and capture their valuable memories.

While renting a photo booth, you can customize it based on your personal needs, or can even add your party favor to it. You can simply combine your photo booth with easy DIY backgrounds and some custom party props to make it the life of your party.

Here are a few ways you can customize your photo booth for making your party the best of times:

Get the best camera for your photo booth

A photo booth rental is not something where a person clicks pictures of you standing against a backdrop. Ideally, you would require a real photo booth to spice up the party! A “photo booth” where you could press a button, and get your funny moments captured just the way it is. It must capture two to three still pictures of your weird/awkward/candid moments and print them out for you and your friends. Many modern photo booths can also produce videos and GIFs for added fun.

There are different types of photo booth rentals available today and you can choose the right one depending on your party needs. The infinite photo party station comes with many amazing features, like face morphing, slow motion screening, light painting, and more. You also get to customize the interior colors and lightings in the photo booth. There are also many other photo booths, like the MOJO photo booth, firefly photo booth, the minipod, and more.

Choose your backdrop cleverly

Set Up the Perfect Photo Booth

DIY Backdrop from the 2nd birthday party.

Many photo booth rentals give you customized backdrops for your party favors. You can also create your own party backdrop for your photo booth, and add tons of fun to your photos. One of the best things about designing your own background is that you can come up with endless possibilities and ideas where you could bring out the party favors through your background. You even get to customize your backdrop depending on the theme of the party, like graduation party, birthday’s, wedding parties, and more.

Try using bright papers, weighted down balloons, hand drawn murals, and many such creative ways to design your own backdrop for the photo booth rental. You can even request your rental service to design a customized backdrop for you. The fun with friends, some crazy props, and a cool backdrop is all you need to click away your amazing moments.

Add fun to your photo booth with photo props

Photo props are a great addition to your booths for they give you something to do! You can easily customize them based on your party’s theme. They can be something personal, themed, or even funny. They are very simple to put together; and you can make your own party prop using party straws, wooden dowels, tapes, cardboards, and more. They would in fact double the fun you have clicking photos.

Including a photo prop will simply take your photographs to the next level. While using a photo prop, it’s recommended that you clean up everything else in the photo booth. A clean background, tight frame, and minimal distractions are all you need for making a perfect picture with a photo prop. You can even get customized props from your photo booth rental service. Many services offer emojis, food props, funny props, and more for your photo booths.

Put up a sign to direct the crowd

You can add a cherry on top of your party, just by putting up a sign that there’s a photo booth inside. This would easily redirect the crowd to the photo booth and you wouldn’t miss out any fun. You can simply download some printable signs and stick them around for directing the people. You can also buy customized posters from your rental service providers if you can afford them.

Think about walking into a photo booth and getting all those crazy moments printed on photo strips. That’s the amazing part of a party. Next time you organize your own party, make sure you place a photo booth and give your friends lots of fun and memories to take home!


Try XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage to Store Your Images

As a mom I take lot of moments of my son and there are lot of photos which we’ve taken during our holidays and family moments. These photos are really precious moments. Specially, photos like my son’s first steps, the first time he started crawling or even the first time we saw him just after delivery are so precious and those photos bring us back to those moments. All these are precious moments for any parent and that is why we need to protect the images including backups.

Secure cloud storage

In past I have few times experiences which my computer got virus attack and we lost most of our photos. After these incidents I really afraid of losing our family photos, so I take few precautions. One method is I always print photo books, so the most important photos are in the albums. Other than that I also use external hard drive to save some of the albums. However, now my computers and even the phones are full of images, so I need to find a way to keep backups of the family images.

XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage

I recently found that online storage is a great solution for back up image files. XXL Box is a great service provider for secure cloud storage, so after checking details of this service I signed up and started storing my image files.

XXL Box for business has many advantage for businesses including sharing with others and back up files to prevent data loss.

For us, parents this is a great way to use as a online storage of family images and moments and it is really easy to share images with others. Instead of uploading lot of images into emails (which sometimes fail sending),it is really convenient to share the link with others, so others can see the shared images.(other members of family). For me this is a really interesting feature as I always like to update and share family moments with my parents in Sri Lanka.

My Review and Experience with XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage

Here is my experience in creating an account with XXL Box and uploading some recent photos.

First visit and create your account.

XXL Box-Secure-cloud-storage-reviewCreating an account only takes few minutes and you will get 15GB free storage when you use the coupon code DOANM15 which is a special coupon code for Diary of a New Mom readers.

XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage to Store Your Images

You are done!It is time to upload your photos.I uploaded my album of our recent visit to Animal Resort ,Singapore.

XXL Box-Secure-cloud-storage-review

It was really fast to upload all the photos of the album to the cloud storage.I love that feature.Sometimes it is irritating to wait when we upload files.How about you? 🙂

XXL Box-Secure-cloud-storage-reviewAfter uploading the files,you will see your images.This is a great way to backup images and to share the images with others.

XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage to Store Your Images

You can also download the shared images without reducing its size. So, in future if you need to print any of the photos, you assure to download the exact size.If you want to share,you can download the link with option of private share.

Final Thoughts

I found XXL Box as a great solution for secure online storage of images.Files in XXL Box are end-to-end encrypted and ensure the privacy.

Try it.Visit and create your account.Don’t forget to use the coupon code specially created for readers of this blog.

Coupon Code for XXL Box online storage : DOANM15 (you will get free 15 GB storage when you sign up)

How do you protect your family moments and images?Do you backup files?Please share your thoughts.

How to Organize the Bath Toys – The Best Way

How do you organize your bath toys? If you have little kids at home, then it is common to have at least couple of bath toys to make their bath time happy, fun and interesting. It is same at my home too. My son has lot of bath toys ranging from rubber toys to bath time books. But, these toys look like clutter sometimes if I don’t organize and keep those properly in a place.

organize your bath toys

How do you organize bath toys? Remember, bath toys are always with water. If we don’t keep them in a proper storage which helps drain excess water that may create another problem. That is why bath toys need some special organizing method.

How do I organize bath toys?

Earlier I used a plastic container to organize bath toys. I kept all the small rubber toys in a plastic box after draining the water from toys.

But there is a downside. Although I drained water, always there is small amount water in these toys and those resulted some water to collect in the plastic container we used for keeping the toys.

Results of Improper storage of bath toys

As I stored bath toys in usual plastic containers, I found water around them and that tend to grow mold and mildew around the toys. Although I squeezed water from bath toys before storing, I couldn’t avoid mold.


Mold due to improper Bath toy storage

On the other way the little amount of water inside the plastic box is enough for breeding mosquitos if I forget to remove the water from the plastic box. So, it always has a potential of health risk.

My new solution – AGOL Bath Toy Organizer

organize your bath toys

I recently found a great way to organize bath toys. That is AGOL Bath Toy Organizer.It is not expensive too, so spending few dollars into a really functioning bath toy organizer is well worth than having a cluttered home or having some organizer which is not the perfect way to keep bath toys which contains water.

Here are the features of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer.

Features of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer

  • AGOL Bath Toy Organizer is lightweight and made of durable material and it is large enough to store a set of bath toys.
  • It is easy to install in the bath room or any wall with the suction cups. You can even use this toy organizer as a stroller basket or in car window.
  • When you buy this AGOL Bath Toy Organizer, you also will get 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. So, no need to worry about buying it.

Finally, I found this mesh bath toy organizer as a great solution to store bath toys as it helps to drain excess water. Read more details of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer before you buy, so you know this is the best solution for organizing bath toys for really affordable price!

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