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Top Tips For Launching A Beauty Brand On Instagram

Are you interested in launching a new beauty brand on instagram? These tips will make the whole process a lot smoother – take a look.

Further instagram is one of the popular platforms among parenting influencers and social media influencers.

Determine Where Instagram Fits In Your Social Strategy

Creating your Instagram marketing strategy needs more than simply posting a lot of pictures on the site.  You need to ask yourself what Instagram allows you to do that other social networks do not and how you can align your Instagram marketing with your other social platforms.  Once you have done this you need to create a clear and consistent point of view for the marketing.

The images that you create for the account need to be eye-catching and offer users the story of your brand.  The most successful beauty brands on Instagram have a consistent storytelling model and incorporate certain colors and hashtags.  You content should also be balanced with different content types such as images, videos and GIF%u2019s while telling your brand%u2019s story to the users.

Top Tips For Launching A Beauty Brand On Instagram

Create A Community

Creating a community on Instagram is important and you can do this by asking your followers to post pictures on their feeds and re-posting them on your own.  When you include your followers in this manner, they feel more connected and are willing to engage with your brand more.  You should also reach out to influential beauty bloggers who already like your product and share their content across your social accounts.

It is also important that you are constantly engaging with your followers.  If they leave a comment on your posts you should try commenting back.  Leaving comments on their posts will also make them feel better about your brand and feel that they are part of a community.

Here are some good tools

Authenticity Thrives

One of the interesting things about sites like Instagram is that they turn products into experiences.  You need to embrace your brand%u2019s personality and values on this site.  By doing this you can create an environment which allows your followers to connect emotionally with your brand in an authentic manner.

It Not A Brand, Its A Lifestyle

When you look at the Instagram feeds of beauty brands you will not only find amazing images, but tutorials and glimpses into the lives of the founders.  Leveraging your inside information to give your followers a feeling of community and that they are part of an exclusive group seeing this information.  There are other brands that take a different approach by incorporating their products into everyday life.  This helps your consumers become part of the brand%u2019s story instead of being a spectator.

Listen And Learn

A study has shown that 62% of Millennials state that they are more likely to become a loyal customer of brands that engage with them on social media.  This is figure in mind you should push to engage with your followers and create this bond between your brand and your users.  By creating this connection you are also able to find out what is in demand at any time by having your own mini focus group.

The modern consumer wants to be in control and social media has given them the opportunity.  Inviting your customer to be part of your brand early on will help you maintain your relationship and a loyal customer base.

Importance of Colouring Pages for Kids + Free Coloring Book

Do you introduce colouring pages for kids from their younger age of life? I actually introduced lot of colouring pages, coloring pictures, coloring books and even empty sheets with colours to my son when he was just few months old and able to sit on his own. At first he just drew lines with colours. And later on I could see he improved his skills on coloring and he also focus and concentrate on what he does when he colour any picture. Now as a toddler and nearly 3 years old, he colors his coloring sheets with different matching colors and for me it is a great development milestone as I was watching his progress throughout the years.

Now,my toddler uses different colours to create his beautiful art pieces 🙂

If you think colouring is just a skill for kids, it is wrong. Actually when I searched for benefits of coloring for kids, I was amazed with lot of benefits to raise happy and healthy kids by using colouring activities from their early days of life.There are lot of educational benefits of colouring too.

Here are some of the benefits which you can expect from such colouring activities.

Imaginations of a butterfly with different colours

It is a therapy and helpful for stress relief

It is obvious, same as for adults; colouring is a way of expression for kids too. They can calm down and express their emotions through engaging with a colouring activity.

Improves Motor Skills

Colouring can help improving fine motor skills while development of muscles of the fingers and hands with activities related to colouring.

Improve Focus, attention and Hand to Eye Coordination

Little ones are with really short attention span. They usually don’t concentrate in any work for long hours. Colouring can be a great activity to develop their attention span together with focus and hand to eye Coordination.


Colouring activities are a great way to express inner thoughts and ideas. So that it is same with young kids too. By introducing coloring pages from their early age of life, you are helping your kid to express his ideas and thoughts in way of beautiful art pieces.

Prepares kids for School

We can’t forget about the educational background we create by starting colouring pages. Young kids start their writing skills with colouring pages. When they know how to grab colour pencils, they also learn how to grab pencils to write. Colouring can be the start of writing, creativity, organizing, and use of papers, books and activities which prepares them for future education.

So don’t wait till it is late. Allow your toddler or infant to express their thoughts and enter into the world by giving beautiful and creative colouring pages with some colours. They will create beautiful pieces of art that you never think! They love colouring and you as a parent will have better time too.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

It is always easier when you have printable colouring pages, so you can print again and again when you need new colouring activity books. Collaborating with Kidloland, we have a free colouring book which you can easily print and share with your kids.

This free colouring book comes with 13 coloring pages which not only allow your kid to learn colouring, but also to improve the skills of word recognition. Each page comes with colouring object name and the illustrations are really attractive and cheerful.

free colouring book
Some sample pages from the free colouring book for kids

 So,why wait?

Download your free printable coloring book here

Also don’t forget to read our review and experience about Kidloland educational app which is really helpful for my kid to engage with activities such as singing, learning alphabet, colours, numbers and many more. It also comes with engaging activities such as puzzles, sorting and matching activities which are really beneficial for kids.









Car Tyres in Singapore : Things you should know

Tyres are one of the main important parts for any car. However most of the car owners in Singapore forget to keep an eye for the condition of their car tyres due to many reasons. Although we cannot blame the car owners for forgetting to check the car tyres due to the busy lifestyle, this post is to remind you the importance of maintaining good car tyres when you drive in Singapore roads. As parents, you will not only need your car for weekend traveling but also for fetching your kids from school and many other trips starting from working place to shopping malls. Therefore below are the important things that you should know about car tyres in Singapore.

Car Tyres in Singapore

How to buy a quality set of tyres for your car?

It is important to use the tyres of correct size for your car. In order to find the right car tyre size you can refer the owner’s manual. Once the tyre size is decided, be sure to buy quality car tyres that come with warranty. As there are reputed car tyre brands available in Singapore you will not find it difficult to buy a set of tyres for your car. Nowadays there are online car tyre shops too. You can easily buy car tyres online when you shop with a store such as Amtyre which saves you both time and money. Whichever method you use to buy your tyres, be sure to choose the correct size, quality and tyre design.

How to maintain your tyres in good condition?

After you buy your car tyres, it is also important to maintain those in good condition. You should need to check tyre pressure in regular interval. It can be every two to three weeks; you have to ensure that the car tyres are in its optimal working condition. If you find any issue in your car tyres, get advice from the professionals and rectify the issue immediately. Wheel alignment is another important thing to do in order to maintain your car tyres in good condition.

When is the right time to change your car tyres?

Car Tyres in Singapore

Other than owning quality car tyres and maintaining those in good condition, you also need to change the car tyres when it is the right time. However, how do you identify the right time to change the car tyres? Below are some of the signs to look for.

  • If your car tyres show any visible damage, don’t think twice. Consider buying new car tyres.
  • Check the tread wear indicators. If the indicators are fully visible that is a sign of worn tyres.You should change your car tyres as soon as possible.

Above are the important things you should know about car tyres in Singapore. If you like to be a good driver, then it is also necessary to maintain your car in good condition. Among all other things to do to maintain your car, tyres play an important role. Therefore don’t ignore these tips. Be sure to change your car tyres when it is necessary!

Birthday Party Planning with Mascots

Planning a kids Birthday Party is really exciting. We as parents wants to organize the best ever birthday party for the kids. So far I’ve organized my sons first birthday and 2nd birthday party and I had great time planning the parties with my little kid.

Now he understands more than he was in his first and second birthday parties. Even he asks me to arrange his 3rd Birthday party with his favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spider man and so on. Although his Birthday is on October, I understand that this time we can really make him excited and surprised by organizing a super exciting party with his favorite characters.

That is why I am thinking of having Party Mascots for his next birthday. I am sure he will be super excited same as his friends. This time he has new friends too as he started his playgroup.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots

As there are many tips available for you to check on planning a birthday party, I decided only to share some important tips on having a party mascot or having mascot moments for your kids party.

You need to employ well experienced mascot company in order to give the kids maximum entertainment and excitement.

Birthday Party planning with Mascots
Image Credits: MXC Party Mascots

Select the mascot characters according to their age and preferences. For this you can get your kid’s ideas too. For example, Mickey Mouse can be favorite for toddlers while spider man can be a favorite character for a kid around age 5.

You can discuss more details and how to organize the arrival of party mascots with the entertainment company which you are going to hire.

MXC Party Mascots for your Party entertainment needs

As a party rental company located in Fresno, CA, MXC Party Mascots provides entertainment for kids parties and any celebrations with appearance of your favorite characters. You can also rent bounce houses, tables and chairs and concession machines when you contact MXC Party Mascots.

Concession Machines
Concession Machines available at MXC Party Mascots

Check MXC Party Mascots for more details and you will see lot of photos of mascots and how they have provided entertainment for kids. Happy and exciting faces in these photos are the best reviews and recommendations for you if you are looking for Party Mascots in Fresno, CA.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots
These happy faces are the best recommendation for you about MXC Party Mascots 🙂

Have you ever used the service of party mascots for any of your parties? Please share your ideas.If you want more ideas,check these ideas to do for your kid’s birthday.

Best Tips to Buy Baby Products for Deal Price

I always love to buy cute and lovely products for my son. At the time he was born, I had great time making him beautiful with cute socks, onesies , caps and other accessories. It is really a lovely experience. Anyway I didn’t have much time to visit local shops. Instead I started shop online and it is really easy and a convenient way to buy baby products from home while attending other tasks.

With online shops, you can check a good collection of styles and designs before you order. This is one of the advantages of online shopping.

However, when you know some tips on how to save both money and time on online shopping, you can easily take the advantage of online shopping. Here are some of my tips to buy baby products for deal price. Hope these tips are helpful for you.

buy baby products for deal price

Shop all required items in one shop

When you shop more than one item from the same shop, you can save money on shipping. Most online shops offer free shipping after certain amount of purchasing. You can always utilize these offers.

Shop with deal sites

Have you noticed deal sites? These websites offer huge deals daily for selected items and sometimes the prices are really cheap as they give more than 50% discounts.

For example, check Frisky Deals. This online shop offers huge discounts on products including activities such as restaurants, spas and hotels and products which include baby socks and toys.

Check deal sites such as Frisky Deals and buy your essentials whenever there is a huge deal going on. This is one of the best ways to save money on baby items.

Find Coupons

buy baby products for deal price

Coupons are another great way to save money. Once you shop with an online store, before check out you can search for a coupon for the store. In this way you can easily save some percentage of money from your items.

Above are some of the ways I save money on online shopping. Currently there is a deal going on for infant baby socks and other household items on can check and save more than 60% of your bill! How to Make and Save money

Well, the truth is we need money to survive. We need more money to live comfortable life.

However, the problem with many people is that they are not getting enough income which is able to satisfy their daily needs and wants. On the other way, most People don’t follow any money saving method. They simply spend for what they want and they buy things they want without considering their income. That’s why most people end up with spending more than they have. Finally they can’t afford paying credit card bills and suffer with debt.
If people develop habits on saving money and spending money on a budget, they can simply improve their finances. It is a saying that ‘If you save money, the money will save you’. How to Make and Save money

How about you? Do you consider saving money in every expense you make? Although you have enough money to spend, it is better to follow a budget and some money saving tips to save whenever possible. There are many ways to save money from your daily grocery shopping, when paying bills and even when you go for entertainment. Coupons and discounts play a major role when it comes to save money. Other than that you can save money if you buy bulk or if you buy from discounted sales.

Anyway, how to find tips on saving money and earning extra income?

My recent finding is Topsy-Turvy Mommy’s Tale! It is a website full of tips, tricks, and insider information on how to make and save money. In, you will find details of latest freebies and great coupons. Up-cycle old products are a great way to reuse and re-purpose. shares great tips and information on great ways to up-cycle old products. Even she shares information on how to get more organized and utilize your time better. An organized lifestyle is the basis for a successful debt free life.

So, have a look into and find more interesting information and tips on how to make & save money!

Tips to Buy Wholesale Jeans Online to Fit your Style

Wholesale shopping is a perfect way to save some money. On the other way, with online shopping, you can always select new arrivals and latest fashion items from a good collection of clothes. It is really easier than visiting store by store spending more time.

However, online shopping must be done carefully. You need to follow safety measures to ensure that you receive the correct items which fit you well. Especially when you shop jeans for wholesale price, you need to make sure the jeans you order online are perfectly fit with your size.

Here are few tips for you before you do your wholesale shopping online to buy jeans.

few tips for you before you do your wholesale shopping online to buy jeans.

Make sure you shop with established wholesale online shop

Although search online for wholesale shopping is the easiest way to buy jeans for wholesale price, still you need to find a reputed and established wholesale distributor. Online Stores like Enewwholesale are reputed and established in the market and you can find many positive reviews and experiences if you check.

Quality of the Jeans

Before you select the jeans you love, check the material, stitches and quality of the item. Most wholesale shops show the details of the product including the material type. Read all these information carefully and get some idea about the quality of the jeans which you are going to buy for wholesale price.

Check the price and other discounts

Of course, you go for wholesale shopping because you need to save some money than from a retail shop. So, the price of a pair of jeans matters. Compare the wholesale price with retail price and see how much you can save by wholesale online shopping.
Also some wholesale shops offer attractive discounts when you purchase over some amount.

wholesale jeans online

Keeping above tips in mind, have a look into Enewwholesale jeans collection. You’ll love the entire collection of stylish jeans. Enewwholesale is the online marketplace for wholesale clothing shopping. In Enewwholesale market place you’ll find vendors providing latest stylish jeans and other clothing items for wholesale price. Another interesting thing for anyone who look for buying jeans for wholesale price is that you’ll find latest styles and designs including boot cut, low-waist, stretch, hip huger, straight leg etc.

Happy shopping!

5 Considerations For Buying A Family Kitchen Table

In generations gone by, the heart of the home was the hearth of your fireplace. This isn’t often the case these days since we rely on electricity and appliances to do our cooking chores. Instead, you’ll probably find your family congregating again and again around your kitchen table. Since this piece of furniture is in many ways the nerve center of your home, you should exert some careful thought when you’re in the kitchen table market for a new one.

Buying A Family Kitchen Table

Fitting Your Space

Until you take out your trusty tape measure and learn exactly how much space you have available, there’s really only so far you can go in the process of shopping for a kitchen table. You wouldn’t want to find the absolute ideal table online and then discover it’s six inches too long after you’ve bought it, would you? Bear in mind that cramming the largest possible table into your kitchen isn’t always the best idea. Your interior design choices might work better with something smaller and more intimate than you have space for. Of course, if you regularly invite guests into your kitchen then maximizing the amount of seating you have available will be important!

How High?

This is primarily an area of concern if you have a family with younger children. Standard table heights are fine for teens and adults, but they may prove challenging to youngsters. Small children and tall tables can be an irritating mixture. Not only do you need to worry about booster seats and helping children up and down, but you also increase the risk of an accidental fall. Consider buying a lower table if you’ve got younger mouths to feed.

Buying A Family Kitchen Table

Shape Choices

Square versus round is the eternal debate here. There are advantages to both sides. Square tables fit into square rooms and relate to other furnishings easily. You can also tell at a glance how many chairs you’ll need. On the other hand, a round table is often a great way to save space in a smaller kitchen.

Define Your Seating Needs

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how many chairs you’ll be using on a daily basis; just count up your family members. How often do you end up inviting others over, though? You might want to invest in a few extra chairs at the same time that you’re buying a new table. Provided you have the storage space, this can take a lot of the hassle out of entertaining.

Getting A Leaf

Here’s another choice to consider if you anticipate different numbers of people at your kitchen table. A table that’s designed to accommodate a drop-in leaf (or leaves) can be expanded with a minimum of fuss. Tables of every shape are available with leaves if you want to go this way.



Save Money When you Shop Kids Clothing with Liljellybeans

Buying baby clothes is really exciting. If you check around, you’ll find that there are lots of stores for kids and baby clothing with different qualities and designs. Whenever we go for shopping or whenever we go for any tour, one of the must do is buying clothes for our son. However, sometimes these stylish kids’ clothes are expensive. Some clothes are expensive than adult clothing. On the other way, kids are very talented in making their clothes stained or dirty. As moms we know that how many clothes they need to change for a day. Although we take many precautions to protect clothes, there may have food stains or even paints when they do some creative work. Specially this is more common  with babies and toddlers.

Liljellybeans Kids online consignment store


Recently I came across this Kids online consignment store and I really attracted to their pricing and designs of kids clothing available. Really they offer kids clothing for unbelievable prices.

Liljellybeans is an online consignment shop which mainly offers kids clothing. In this shop you can easily find both new & Pre loved kids’ clothing and other items such as toys for unbelievable prices. Other than the low prices they offer for the kids’ clothing, you can also save from many ways when you shop with Liljellybeans.

How you can save money with liljellybeans kids online consignment store?

Liljellybeans-kids store

There are many ways you can save money on children’s’ clothing when you shop with liljellybeans Kids online consignment store.

  • Prices are really cheap and affordable. So, when you shop anything you will save money than you shop with any other retail shop.
  • Shipping is completely free when you order $50 or more. If you shop for lower than $50, then shipping is a flat rate of $4.95! You already know the shipping rates of most online shops. So, I am not going to explain more on how cheap this shipping rate is.
  • You can also sell your used kids clothes and items with liljellybeans. This is a great way to earn some money! This sounds really interesting, right?

Coupon code Exclusively for Diary of a New Mom Readers

Liljellybeans kids’ online consignment store is kind enough to offer free shipping for readers of this blog. Use the code FREESHIPNOW when you shop with Liljellybeans. You’ll get free shipping for all your orders.
*Coupon is valid for 31 days only.

So,why wait?Head on to and see what are your favorite items for your kids on this Christmas!

3 Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

Being a new mom isn’t just the most important job in the world, it’s one of the most rewarding too. One of the greatest things about becoming a mom is the way that friends rally round and show us just how much we mean to them, so of course it’s important that we do exactly the same to our friends who are also experiencing the joys of becoming a mom. A baby shower is a great way to do this, and here are three ideal gifts you can give to a new mom at the shower or after they return home with their baby.

1. Organic Gift Set

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

As a new mom, you’ll know that there are certain essential items that you just can’t have too much of, and a gift set is a great way to provide supplies of many of these vital items. They typically contain beautiful romper suits, a swaddling cloth, a hat and a bib and they’re guaranteed to keep baby warm, contended and looking oh so cute. When they’re organic, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to help the planet too, which will be great news for our children’s generation. It’s a perfect baby shower gift UK and beyond, and there are lots of gorgeous styles and varieties to choose from.

2. Champagne

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

We naturally think of buying a present for the newborn baby, and the gift sets above are an unbeatable purchase for that purpose, but don’t forget that mom could do with a little pampering too. The journey through pregnancy and then childbirth is an incredible, joyous, life affirming one but, let’s face it, it can also be draining physically and emotionally. Help your friend celebrate and get the fizz back in their life by buying them a fine bottle of champagne. It’s the world’s most famous and exclusive wine, and it can only be grown in a carefully specified area of France. The result is that it tastes great and it makes drinking it seem very special, so what better treat for a new mom? If you’re lucky, she might even let you have a glass of it.

3. Time

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

Gifts are valuable for two reasons: they strengthen relationships, and can mark special occasions. But one of the best gifts a new mom can receive doesn’t cost a penny and is incredibly valuable: time. Moms are run off their feet, and the natural worries that come with motherhood can leave us feeling even more tired, so any help from a friend is always appreciated. When you give a new mom a card, write in it a pledge that you’ll be there whenever needed, from babysitting to simply sharing quality time with her.

With gifts for a new mom, it really is the thought that counts, and baby gift sets, champagne, and a personalized message saying that you’re there for them are all perfect presents which are sure to be appreciated. Being a new mom is an amazing experience, but it’s even better when you realize that you’ve got your best friends forever by your side.

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