July 15, 2024

Car Tyres in Singapore : Things you should know

Tyres are one of the main important parts for any car. However most of the car owners in Singapore forget to keep an eye for the condition of their car tyres due to many reasons. Although we cannot blame the car owners for forgetting to check the car tyres due to the busy lifestyle, this post is to remind you the importance of maintaining good car tyres when you drive in Singapore roads. As parents, you will not only need your car for weekend traveling but also for fetching your kids from school and many other trips starting from working place to shopping malls. Therefore below are the important things that you should know about car tyres in Singapore.

Car Tyres in Singapore

How to buy a quality set of tyres for your car?

It is important to use the tyres of correct size for your car. In order to find the right car tyre size you can refer the owner’s manual. Once the tyre size is decided, be sure to buy quality car tyres that come with warranty. As there are reputed car tyre brands available in Singapore you will not find it difficult to buy a set of tyres for your car. Nowadays there are online car tyre shops too. You can easily buy car tyres online when you shop with a store such as Amtyre which saves you both time and money. Whichever method you use to buy your tyres, be sure to choose the correct size, quality and tyre design.

How to maintain your tyres in good condition?

After you buy your car tyres, it is also important to maintain those in good condition. You should need to check tyre pressure in regular interval. It can be every two to three weeks; you have to ensure that the car tyres are in its optimal working condition. If you find any issue in your car tyres, get advice from the professionals and rectify the issue immediately. Wheel alignment is another important thing to do in order to maintain your car tyres in good condition.

When is the right time to change your car tyres?

Car Tyres in Singapore

Other than owning quality car tyres and maintaining those in good condition, you also need to change the car tyres when it is the right time. However, how do you identify the right time to change the car tyres? Below are some of the signs to look for.

  • If your car tyres show any visible damage, don’t think twice. Consider buying new car tyres.
  • Check the tread wear indicators. If the indicators are fully visible that is a sign of worn tyres.You should change your car tyres as soon as possible.

Above are the important things you should know about car tyres in Singapore. If you like to be a good driver, then it is also necessary to maintain your car in good condition. Among all other things to do to maintain your car, tyres play an important role. Therefore don’t ignore these tips. Be sure to change your car tyres when it is necessary!

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