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Antique Jewellery : First Buying Tips

There are a lot of reasons to love antique jewellery, those fine pieces specially handcrafted for a person many years ago. If you are considering acquiring a few of them, you have to ensure what you get are authentic pieces.

Antique Jewellery Buying Tips
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Building an antique jewellery collection can be a bit overwhelming and you may be tempted to buy as many as you can. However, it is important to remember that you should go for quality instead of quantity as oftentimes, big discounts lead to poor quality items and even counterfeit ones. You should take time as buying antique pieces is one of those major investments you make in your life.

Below are tips on buying fine antique jewellery.

  • Don’t Rush – As stated above, take all the time you need in deciding on whether or not to buy expensive antiques. You have to think it through and not let yourself get carried away with the excitement of actually owning an antique piece.
  • Set A Budget – This is one of the first things you should decide on, as having a budget tells you how much you are willing to spend on antiques. You will know which items you should be focusing on. Your antique dealer will also be able to point you to items that are within your budget, helping you avoid overspending and even help you save some money.
  • Research Online – Spending an hour a day researching on antique jewellery as well as your favourite periods will be invaluable in the long run. You get to improve your knowledge and be able to make informed decisions before making a purchase. The internet is the perfect place to get all the information you need.
  • Steer Clear Of Personal Sales – If you’re a newbie antique collector, it is better that you avoid entertaining sales from private individuals. You could end up with a fake item in your hands. When faced with an offer, you can ask as much information as you can, take pictures of the item and send them to your trusted antique dealer. Always seek your dealer’s opinion before buying any antique piece.   
  • Go To An Established Antique Dealer – By reading about a particular dealer’s history as well as checking reviews online, among others, you’ll be able to determine whether he or she can be trusted. Established dealers have a reputation to uphold, so it is always best to go to them. Be able to forge a good relationship with that kind of dealer. Online antique jewellers range would be extensive, they would be able to cover all periods, allowing you to stumble upon an item that suits your taste and your budget.
  • Always Seek Second Opinions – Whether or not you are sure about a piece, it would do a novice collector like you a lot of good to consult an expert. Never buy pieces out of whim. Even if you know quite much about antiques, the opinion of an expert would save you from getting into a deal with unscrupulous dealers.
Antique Jewellery Buying Tips
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With the above tips, you’ll be able to spot a good deal from an unscrupulous one. The chances of ending up buying something counterfeit would be greatly reduced. As long as you have a reliable antique jewellery dealer on your side, you will be able to make the great purchases. 

Top Trends For Women In 2019

Every year the fashion week in New York, London, and Paris introduce new trends in the fashion world. With the intention to rule the fashion business and overthrow the current trends in the industry, this global trade show presents some of the most stunning and innovative ideas for fashionistas to follow.

Top Trends For Women

If you are one of those enthusiasts who prefer to look trendy and fresh in every look, then this article is for you. Here are the top charted trends in 2019 for women.

  • Solid Shades In Bright Combinations

Leading fashion brands emphasized that solid shades are to rule the streets of fashion hubs across the world. If you are interested in flaunting your dauntless personality, then solid shades are for you. Pair solid shade tunics or tops with textured bottoms in bright shades. Stand out of the crowd and grab the eyes of the people around you wherever you go.

  • Casuals Are The New Punk In Town

Long gone are the days when casuals were specifically chosen for leisure purposes. You can easily witness celebrities and top fashion critics moving around the buzz-town in printed pajamas and loose fit tees. The casuals are the new statement of punks in the town. Try putting some body-fitting bright colors with loose trousers. If you are worried about your private exposure, you can try wearing a wireless bra to avoid any visible lines. Casuals are all, everyone is talking about in the fashion world this year. Be calm and cool while posing the best of your looks in trendy casuals in 2019.

Top Trends For Women
  • Sneakers Are Making It To The Top Charts

Every year Pinterest releases a list of search terms that would trend including terms from travel to food, and to fashion and lifestyle. One of the predictions which it released was for sneakers. And it surely gained a lot of popularity this year post the Summer Fashion Week. You can choose from various colors and designs. Including solid luminescent shades to high heel sneakers. The market is flooded with articles for you to choose from. Make sure you choose the one keeping in mind the combination of apparel you’ll be wearing it with.

  • Accessorize For Enhanced Appeal

Accessories are not just a piece of complimentary apparel, they are the true enhancers of one’s appearance. This year oval-shaped sunglasses, bamboo tote bags, and chunky wristwatches were ruling the stage throughout the event. Match the style and you are good to go. Make sure you consider your own appearance and match the other pieces of your apparel before you buy a new piece of accessory.

Top Trends For Women
  • Overcoats And Shrugs Are Still In Trend

Overcoats and shrugs offer the coziest feeling to the wearer. Loaded with style and punched with trending elements such as sequins and laces, these layers make the perfect complete look. Over the years, these two pieces of apparel have not witnessed much change. And they are still in trend.

These style statements are not for the enthusiasts and fashionistas alone. Anyone can try and put on these pieces and be the model in perfection.

8 Ways To Get Edgy For Homecoming

Don’t be contented with just blending in with the crowd or worse, with the wall. Go out there into the limelight. Stand out at your homecoming dance!

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It’s quite easy to attract attention for the right reason during this event, what with the edgy homecoming ideas floating around. You can go for a sexy mini dress or dare to don a suave suit, or you can try something else. With the right guidance, you can pull any look you go for without looking like you are trying too hard.

Here are some hot tips for you to become the star on the big night. 

Look Good Like It’s Your Business With A Suit Dress

Who says only men wear tuxedos? Stun the crowd with your fashion-forwardness by wearing a tuxedo dress to your homecoming. Get one with an element of surprise that is at the same time elegant, like metallic nails or shimmery sequins.

Play With Textures & Patterns

Textures and patterns keep your homecoming look interesting even with a neutral color. Get yourself some polka dots, ruffles or even sequins. They’re perfect to be paired with V-neck. If getting them all mashed in one dress is too much for you, you can have just two of those fun elements like a polka dot dress with ruffles.

Dare To Go Bold In Colors

By simply choosing a bold color, you can set yourself apart from the throngs of perennial go-to colors for homecoming. There are hot pink homecoming dresses you can try that will not only make you look daring but also fierce and feminine. Cause a stir by coming in with a throwback homecoming look of bold makeup and big hair or keep things cool with a one-shoulder midi dress and comfortable pumps.

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Shimmer With Sequins

Sequins always get some attention, and you can wear them in any occasion. To look edgy, think along the lines of bright hued sequin mini dress or a rainbow outfit with dark tones. You can pair your choice with a black faux leather bag. 

Go Sheer

Be on point with a trumpet dress with embroidery, pretty pastels and a sweetheart neckline. This sweet, polished look will be fit even for the next royal wedding.

Be Sensational, Go For Satin

As the event is all about flirting and having fun, channel your inner Lily James by opting for a sheer midi slip dress. Wear some sparkly jewelry. Tone the whole look down with simple makeup.

Perfectly Pastel

Why not make your cotton candy dreams come true and throw on one of those cold shoulder tulle midi dresses in shades of pastel pink? Opt for an edgy hairstyle with a lot of statement clips to give your look with a punch of punk rock.

Go Vampy, Dark & Pretty

Image Source: Pexels

Don’t like the title “pretty princess”? Then don’t be. If “edgy queen” is more your liking, you can find a ballroom tulle dress that comes in midnight blue. It will be perfect for your vampy look. Pair it with pops of color through electric eyeshadow and bright accessories.

These are some of the most edgy styles you can try for homecoming in 2019. Have your pick of any of them or get inspired to create a style of your own.

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

The right type of bra provides the requisite support which is why it is important that we support and maintain them well in return. There are many women who wear different bras with different attire while there are many who prefer the same bra for all types of outfits. If you have a habit of wearing the same bra for two days, it could change the condition of your bra. This happens because it does not have the chance to breathe and get into the normal shape. It is recommended that every woman should have extra bras and rotate those weekly. In order to get the best out of the bras, follow the below-mentioned tips to wear, wash, store and maintain.

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

Wearing the bra

When you wear your bra, do not invert the cups so as to fasten or do not put it on backward. Instead, throw your arms inside the straps first and settle the cups in place by lifting your boob one by one and plopping it down. Reach around your back to do the clasps and fasten the bra without taking a look at the clasps. Wear the right bra for the right occasion. Do not wear normal bras to the gym, they are not designed for excessive sweating. You can look for the right type of bras on and ensure that it fits you well and goes well with your attire.

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

Washing the bra

Let us admit to the fact that scheduling a unique washing cycle is not at the top of our priority. Ideally, it should be. Washing your bras separately will help preserve them. The best way to do this is to separate all your clothes and pile them. You can use a mesh laundry bag for the same. You can simply pop the bras in a wash bag which will not only clean the bra but will also stop it from the twisting and clasps catching on other clothes. Do not put the bras in a dryer but hang them on a clothes horse.

Storing the bra

Never cram your bras in a drawer. This leads to it being pulled forward and backward every time you open the drawer and will ruin the shape of the bra. Lay them on top of one another and ensure that the cups are not bending. If you do not have space for a separate drawer, simply hang them up using hangers in your cupboard.

You need to remember to use the loosest clasp with a new bra and move towards the highest as your bra ages with use. Remain organized when it comes to storing the bra. Clear out a separate drawer in order to store your bras. It will add convenience to your life and will also keep the bra in its best condition. Use these simple tips to wear, wash and store your bras. Remember to replace bras after every eight to ten months.

Prom Dress Ideas For Those Who Like To Dazzle

The prom night is the highlight of every girl’s educational journey and gives them the opportunity to express themselves away from the vigours of study, but to get the very most out of this auspicious occasion, some forward-thinking is essential.

Prom Dress Ideas
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Like studying for those all-important exams, preparation is key to achieving the desired result. If you are looking for the perfect prom dress but cannot make a final decision, some input from friends and family may be of use. You may also try to glean some inspiration from online sources.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a prom dress is your body type. Certain dresses may look good on some people but certainly not on others, if you like the look of a dress but are uncertain if the style suits you, be sure to get an opinion from a third party. There are breathtaking white prom dresses available online that you can check out. When choosing, make sure the style you select brings out the best of your figure.

Types Of Prom Dress

There are a number of different styles to choose from both online and in the shopping malls and you will probably know what style and colour suits you the best. For example, a shift dress that hangs from the shoulders allows more room for the bust, waist and hips whereas a sheath dress is more fitted, suiting a more petite lady. There are simply hundreds, if not thousands of different styles available, one or more of which is certain to look good on you and help you shine at your prom night.

The key to finding the perfect prom dress is patience. Plan well in advance and use all of the resources at your disposal and you will find the perfect dress that will make you shine like a diamond.

Pairing Up With A Friend

An ideal way to shop for a prom dress is to go with a friend who is also buying one. You can exchange views and opinions and hopefully buy two dresses that are not only dazzling on the eye but also suit you perfectly. One plan of action you could follow could be to visit a shopping mall and try on a few dresses, find one that suits you down to the ground and then see if you can buy the same one online. Online prices tend be cheaper than physical shop prices as the retailer saves on renting valuable floorspace, they can then pass these savings onto you. So now you know what to do, set a date with a friend well in advance of the prom night and help each other select the perfect dresses for your big night – two heads are better than one!

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When you have identified the perfect prom dress, it is important that you buy from an experienced retailer who is well regarded by previous customers. Check some online reviews, check any onsite testimonials and with any luck you’ll find the prom dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Make your Baby Girl Look like a Princess – Know what Clothes to Buy for Her

Just because your baby girl is still wearing diapers, that doesn’t really mean that her wardrobe should be devoid of style. Moms should consider baby fashion whenever it’s time to click her first pictures as these are the pictures that you’ll be browsing throughout the rest of your life. Regardless of whether you wish to get her something totally unique or something matching the Disney theme or something funny, you can be assured that there is an outfit for all babies.

clothes to buy for girls

There is plethora of cute baby girl clothes that moms can choose from but despite the variety, there are several moms who end up being spoilt for choice. Are you a confused mom who doesn’t know what to buy for her Barbie? Read on for some wise tips on the styles to choose for your girl.

Frocks will never fade out of fashion

Whenever you think of dressing your baby girl, the first dress type that comes to your mind is frock. It’s true that frocks will never go out of trend as there will always be a kind of frock for every occasion and season. To begin with, a comfortable and soft frock is a must! While you can make her wear the frock itself, you can also pair it with a tight pair of stockings or leggings. Few common yet sweet colors like blue, pink, black and white will suit every occasion. For daily use, choose soft materials.

clothes to buy for girls

Jeans and top will always be the best combination

How about dressing your baby girl in a simple t-shirt or a shirt along a good and comfortable pair of jeans? For a shorter option, Denim Capri can also be a stylish choice. For both rainy and winter seasons, denim can be a good choice as it keeps the baby warm and protected from the cold.

Leggings and top is now a trendy pair

A pair of leggings along with a top can turn out to be an evergreen fashion for your baby. No matter the age of your baby girl, you can always team up a top with a pair of matching leggings as they are good for all seasons. Choose the length of the sleeve carefully depending on the season during which she’s going to wear it. There are half-sleeve, 3/4th sleeve and full sleeve tops to choose from.

Jumpsuits are super trendy

If you want your baby girl to look uber trendy and stylish, jumpsuits are certainly the best option. Does your baby girl already go out in the parks or for outings? If yes, jumpsuits are definitely going to suit her style. There are jeans and cotton jumpsuits that you can match with her body type and preference.

Shorts with tops are a safe choice

For your baby girl to feel the most comfortable, you can team up shorts with a matching top. How about trying a floral bottom along with a solid color top or may be the opposite?

So, if you’ve been wondering about what to buy your baby girl to make her look trendy and stylish, you can keep in mind the above listed dress options.

Pepping Up Your Wardrobe This Year? Consider Some Masculine Jewelry Additions

What is it about jewelry that speaks so much? From the ornate and detailed to the minimalist, a good accessory can accentuate a man’s wardrobe exponentially. Jewelry can be a nod at a trend or present a personal message in your outfit through a particular motif. Whether you are picking up a piece for yourself or considering a gift for a loved one, here are some interesting recommendations and points to ponder.

Masculine Jewelry

Cuban Links – Loved By High Fashion

The Paris Spring-Summer Fashion Week is where the future trends can be sighted. Jewelry for men is clearly on the radar if you are looking to usher in the New Year with the latest styles. Designers are banking on a bit of bling to contrast with their high fashion outfits and the results are spectacular.

Cuban links come in a variety of designs, metals, and finishes but the fundamental principle remains the same. The chain is a rich, chunky accessory that can be closer to a centerpiece attraction than any other men’s jewelry item. You can check out an immense collection of Cuban link chains at this store and they have all the trendy designs. 

Know Your Alloys

When you are picking up a Cuban link chain, you have many metal choices. If you are looking at gold variants, then the most common choices are 18K, 14K, and 10K apart from the softer higher-gold ratio versions. 18K is perfect for finer, more delicate jewelry – not recommended for sturdy, heavy chains. 14K does not get tarnished so easily and has a high percentage of gold (58.3%).

10K gold is harder than the 14K version and hence makes more durable accessories. It is a more economical choice without shedding the allure of the precious metal. Therefore if you are looking for a chain that will be worn often, it is a prudent choice.

Similarly, 10K white gold offers a unique sheen and is a good alternative to 18K white gold. The exclusive cool tone that white gold offers makes it blend well with different gemstones. It is also more versatile when you consider pairing it with your wardrobe.

Rhodium coating also adds to the durability of your new jewelry piece by making the core metal corrosion resistant and also reducing possibilities of allergy.

Make A Statement With Pendants

A chain can also be personalized. Pendants allow you to add a statement to your outfit and you have a wide spectrum to explore in terms of designs and themes. If you wish to add some stones to your chain, then the pendant is an apt addition. Some of the eye-catching precious gems are rubies and diamonds while designs can be something as simple as a dog-tag to an ornate diamond-studded crucifix.

Bracelets For Men

If you are looking at alternatives for neckwear then the Cuban link design on a bracelet is also a good choice. It provides a more subtle approach to accessorizing your outfit while the underlying posh theme remains. The bracelet is a nice gift for someone who is still not initiated to the world of men’s jewelry. It is worn just like a watch and because of its slender shape is usually partially covered by shirt cuffs.

When picking up a bracelet, ensure that it does not clash with your watch or finger rings. Stick to the same side of the tone spectrum – a 14K white gold bracelet will not look good with a gold-toned watch but a yellow gold version will fit in.

Some bracelets come with extra embellishments – like rubies or a set of small diamonds. The Franco bracelet is less chunky than the Cuban link – the chain loops are smaller and more delicate and provide a solid finish. Dog tag beaded bracelets and ID bracelets provide further options – functional military styles that have been reinvented to blend seamlessly into a trendy outfit.

Watches – A Timeless Obsession

Watches are not considered to be strictly jewelry for obvious reasons. There is a lot of precision engineering and functionality at work to define these fascinating items as a mere aesthetic accessory. On the other hand, there is no denying that a beautiful watch tells a tale better than any other addition you may wear.

Aficionados of luxury watches will spell out a limitless list of reasons why nothing can be compared to the joy of owning a good timepiece. When you consider making this big investment on a scintillating watch with so much history and detail, it helps to do a bit of homework.

Diamond Watches?

Are you looking for something that is exquisitely ornate, yet presents a reserved sophistication? A Patek Philippe watch is heirloom material – this Swiss house made the first ornamental wristwatch way back in the mid-19th century and their legacy of rich, opulent pieces continues with every new release.

Hublot diamond-studded pieces are more accessible from a budget perspective and this relatively modern Swiss watch house has enamored fans by blending high fashion aesthetics to the impregnable mechanisms that one expects from a luxury watch.

A Trusty Rolex

When it comes to watches, Rolex remains it its own category. It is a groundbreaking company that is responsible for many innovations that we now take for granted. You do not need to flaunt a Rolex – these watches are instantly recognizable to the discerning eye. Whether you are wearing a dress model at a wedding party or entertaining a GMT Master on your wrist with your regular smart casuals, you have a conversation starter at all times.

If you want to raise the jewelry quotient, the world’s favorite watchmaker has many embellished models on offer – adding an extra glow to celebrated pieces like the Datejust, the Daytona, the Skydweller, and more.

Cuban link chains, bracelets, luxury watches – these are just some of the wonderful accessories you can add on your shopping list as you look to begin the new season in style. Whether you hit the club or conquer the boardroom, keep it simple and stay comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Jade Roller

Jade roller is the latest facial tool popular among women who love to keep their skin healthy. If you are keen on having tight and firm facial skin, then jade roller is the right skin care tool for you. Although jade roller is becoming so much popular these days, it is not a recent beauty secret. Jade and other gem stones are used by Asian women from ancient days to keep their facial skin tight,healthy and firm.

Benefits of Using a Jade Roller
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What is a Jade roller?

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard about jade roller before, let me explain.

A jade roller is a basic tool that is used for facial skin care and it comes with a smooth jade stone attached to a handle. This jade stone can be rolled across your face while holding from its handle. Check this Luxury Jade Roller in case if you haven’t heard about it before. Then you will know more details and how to use a jade roller to improve your skin condition!

Benefits of using a jade roller

As per skincare experts, jade roller benefits starts from natural detoxification. When you use a jade roller on your facial skin then that encourages natural detoxification process of lymphatic system. Such drainage in skin improves blood circulation and blood flow which helps to glow your skin. This is where jade roller gives the major benefits of self-massage techniques.

A jade roller is also a great way to calm down your skin. It is easy to use and it is a simple basic facial tool which you can use every day. You don’t have to go for facial treatments frequently when you use a jade roller on your skin.Not only on facial skin,you can also use a jade roller to massage other areas of the body including neck and hands.

It is no secret that our facial skin muscles are with lot of tension. As a result of this tension wrinkles can appear. However with proper massage techniques using jade roller you can easily get rid of such wrinkles on your face. Jade roller massages help to iron out the wrinkles giving you an instant glow of the skin.

Finally, a jade roller is one of the skin care tools that you should own in order to keep your skin glowing. Simply learn how to use your jade roller for a perfect skin condition when you own one!

Do you use a jade roller? If so please share your experience below as a comment.

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses – Best Tips

Your child’s wedding day is one of the best moments of life for any mom. When hosting a wedding of a child, mother of the bride plays a major role. Even if you are going to be mother of groom, you will be one of the attendees who get more attention from the wedding guests. Therefore it is really important to dress well choosing the best mother of the bride dress for you.

Choosing mother of the bride dresses

Although I am still not in that stage, I have experience where my friends and sometimes my relatives spend more time to choose their mother of the bride dress when they plan their daughter’s wedding day. Therefore with such experience I thought of sharing this post on how to choose the mother of the bride dress that suits you best.

Choose your look

Before you start your shopping for mother of the bride dresses, be sure to choose your style. This is the basic idea on how you want to appear on the wedding day. If you decide to shop with Mother of the Groom, then it is also better to understand some of the wedding etiquette. Do you know that mother of the bride can choose her look at the wedding before mother of the groom choose her dress and her look? If you both shop together, it will be an awesome experience to bond together. However be sure to have some idea on such wedding etiquette.

Image credits:

Check more styles before you choose

There are different mother of the bride dress styles that can make you look stunning on your child’s wedding day. Instead of just buying a dress for the wedding day, be sure to browse different styles. This will give you an idea on latest trends and styles. Even if you wear plus size dresses, don’t worry. Nowadays there are stunning plus size mother of the bride dresses available that make you look slim and beautiful. Be sure to choose the neck style and sleeves to match your size.

Decide on the length of your dress

Before you shop for your mother of the bride dress, be sure to decide on the length. This is not about the exact length of the dress. Just think of size of the dress you want to wear on your daughter’s wedding day. Be it a short mother of the bride dress or long mother of the bride dress, don’t worry. You can easily choose a beautiful design when you shop with right wedding dress shop.

Coordinate your dress with maids.

It is highly recommended to coordinate your mother of the bride dress colour or design with the bridesmaid dresses. This choice will give beautiful look in wedding photos. A thematic wedding always look neat and beautiful.

When you follow these steps and tips, it is easy to choose your mother of the bride dress that can make you a happy mom. Be sure to check the quality of the material before you buy any dress.

How to Choose New Eyeglasses for Your Family

Does someone in your family need a new pair of prescription eyeglasses? If this is your first time picking out a new pair of glasses you may need some guidance on how to pick one out that will actually look good on the person wearing them. You can use the tips in this article to help you find just the right pair of glasses whether they’re for you, your spouse, or one of your kids. Keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself at your local optical store.

How to Choose New Eyeglasses

The Right Frame for the Right Shape Face

When shopping for a new pair of glasses, you’ll need to focus on the shape of the frames. This is the key to finding a pair of glasses that looks good. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Round face shape: If your family member has a round shaped face go with a pair of glasses with a square or rectangular frame.

Square face shape: If you’re shopping for a family member with a square shaped face go for a pair of glasses with a round or oval frame.

Oval face shape: If you need new eyeglasses for someone in your family than pick out a pair of glasses with wide frames.

Heart face shape: If you’re looking for a pair of glasses for a family member with a heart shaped face then get a pair of glasses with a wide frame.

How to Choose New Eyeglasses

A Pair and a Spare

When you buy a new pair of glasses for yourself or someone in your family you should always consider getting a spare pair of glasses. That’s because you don’t want to have to run out to your local optician every time someone loses or breaks their glasses. The spare pair can be a less expensive frame. After all, it’s just back up.

It Takes All Kinds

There are many different kinds of eyeglass lenses. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Progressive lenses – Used to correct nearsightedness and distance vision. These lenses are also known as bifocals with no lines.

Bifocal lenses – These lenses also correct nearsightedness and distance vision.

Single vision lenses – These kinds of lenses either correct nearsightedness or distance vision, but not both.

Also read: tips for taking care of your eyesight

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