June 18, 2024

How You Can Discover Your Next Favourite Book

Discover Your Next Favourite Book

It can sometimes feel as though the online communities around books are somewhat less obvious than they are for movies, TV shows, and video games. For any of those options, if you want to look at what is considered good, or perhaps find some discussion around it, it can feel very immediate and obvious, with outlets like IMDb and Metacritic doing much of the legwork. However, when it comes to books, you might feel as though you’re somewhat on your own.

Fortunately, that’s not entirely true, you just need to know what your options are, and you might even grow to appreciate this less obvious sign-posting that leads you to take risks on books that you might not otherwise consider.

Reading Apps

Perhaps you want to embrace the digital age and all the ways in which these technological developments have altered your relationship with the hobby of reading? If this is the case, reading apps might be your first port of call, giving you not only a convenient way to find the books that you’ve heard of but sometimes going off recommended suggestions based on what you’ve read before.

You might feel that to do this, you need a phone that can provide you with a large enough screen, which may cause problems, as you might not want to carry around something with that much bulk to it. This is where Motorola Smartphones at Lenovo could come into play, providing you with a classic smartphone screen that you can fold away for discreet, convenient transport and reading.

Your Enjoyment of Other Mediums

It’s tempting to think of reading as a hobby that’s completely insular from visual mediums, such as movies or games, but you might be surprised at how much of one can influence the other when it comes to inspiration. One medium can explore what the other can’t, due to its very format, but you might find that the atmosphere and tone that you find from one might make a certain book a natural step forward.

Looking into the development of the initial movie or game that you enjoyed might shine a light on what those behind it were inspired by, but you might also find an online discussion that helps to point you in a certain direction.

Discover Your Next Favourite Book

Author Favorites

It’s natural when you enjoy a book written by a certain author, to look at what else that author has written and leap to that for your next port of call. However, you might once again find that the answer lies in inspiration. Looking to interviews and other sources of information wherein authors divulge their favorite books can help to lead you to the roots of what you enjoyed before. You might find that sometimes a multitude of inspirations led to the end product, so it might take going through the full range of their inspirations before you get to one that you truly love but trying a whole slew of new books can help to broaden your perspective.

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