June 18, 2024

Online Interactive Games for Kids: Fun and Educational    

Here are our favourite online interactive games for kids that we played during the last few weeks. The best thing about these games is, that they are fun and educational games. Those are free and I found the game websites offer a safe online environment for children.

online interactive games for kids

We cannot avoid the fact that kids love to spend more time on screen. But, as parents, we know how we struggle to make a safe online experience for our children. Although I am another mom who tries to limit the online activities of my son, I am also a mom who allows him to spend reasonable time on online activities. However, these online activities are always under my supervision.

Recently, we found some new online games and I found those suitable for young kids to learn more educational concepts. Therefore, instead of just allowing my son to play such games, I thought of sharing some of the fun and educational games here as a blog post. As we tried and tested these games, you can allow your children to play without doubts about a safe online environment.

Well, here are our newly found online interactive games for kids! These fun learning games will help young kids to improve their critical thinking while boosting brain power!

Guess who game

Online Interactive Games for Kids

Guess Who is a free online game for kids where they can engage time in guessing about characters. In this classic board game, a child who plays this game can choose a character. Then he should ask questions about the character chosen by the other player. This is an interesting game where parents too can play with their children to spend time together. Check this Guess Who game and play with your child to spend more quality time together.

Connect 4 Board Game

Connect 4 Board Game

Connect 4 is another interactive board game that suits young kids. In this board game, players should get the same colour in a row. It can be vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. They should get 4 buttons in the same colour in a row to win. Kids can play with the computer or even with a friend or a family member.

Connect 4 Board Game

I found this game as another brain game that helps my son to think critically in order to win. We even had a great time while playing together. Sometimes it looks harder for a young child to play against the computer. But, it is not easy to win, my son started thinking of different ways to arrange his colour buttons. Therefore, I found this game helps him to think critically while enjoying his time playing. Check the Connect 4 Board Game and it is totally free as well!

We found different other interactive games on this same site. The best about this site is they share online interactive games for free. Therefore, parents don’t have to worry about purchasing new games. It is also a safe online environment for kids. Therefore, parents don’t have to worry too much. But, as with any online activity, too many games and screen time can spoil a child as well. Therefore, play safe & have fun while helping your children to improve their skills.

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  1. We have Guess Who and Connect Four as board games. It’s useful to know that we can also play them online when we’re away without having to pack an extra box!


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