July 18, 2024

Nights Out and Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

We observed the phases of the moon! Last few weeks my son showed interest on planets and the moon. He watched some planet songs for kids from YouTube and started asking questions. He was full of curiosity. So, I decided to show him the Moon and the phases.Instead of having indoor activities to give him the idea of phases of the Moon,our nights out were really a good and fun way to explore the changes of the sky and the Moon!

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

During the last weeks we went out every day at night. It was really fun and a new experience for him. We visited a nearby playground which stretches over a spacious land area. Although it was night time, the kids’ playground and the adjacent elders’ exercise area was really active with people from around the neighborhood area. So, we stayed there few hours watching sky and playing.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler
Having a drink while watching around.It was a great experience for him!

We watched sky and some days were full of clouds. There were days we could watch stars. His main attraction was watching the moon.As always he also didn’t forget to play at the playground.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler
Playground was with few kids.So,he could easily play as he wanted.

Some days,he liked to read a book at the playground.He could read books because it was not crowded with kids as it was night time.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler
Reading a book at night and at the playground is a really good idea!

We started our night out with crescent shaped moon and yesterday it was almost a circle. (Near to Full Moon) My son who is still a toddler loved his new night time experience. He enjoyed watching moon and changes of the moon shape day by day.

I was with phone camera,so the captures of the moon are not clear enough to share in this blog post.But,below is a capture from yesterday which it was almost Full Moon!

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler
Finally,it is almost Full Moon!

I guess as a toddler, this idea of moon phases from crescent shape to a round shape is good enough to learn bit about the sky, space and stars. He had good time and was not bored! I also had great time watching phases of the moon with my toddler.

Do you walk out at night with kids?Do you like kids night out? What are the activities which you like to do at night with kids? 🙂

Please share your ideas and experiences.






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10 thoughts on “Nights Out and Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

  1. I dont have any decent camera to take photos of the moon but I am using my lumix and the result is not that bad considering my lens if not even telefoto ones.

    Exposing your kids to the moon by going out is such a nice idea to teach him about it!

  2. I don’t really go out at night with the kids as they are normally busy with homework from school but if we do it will be to the park/playground nearby too.

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