June 18, 2024

Our Experience Playing Free Online Games with the Child

Playing Free Online Games with the Child

Yes, you read it right. I am going to share our experience playing free online games. I am sure this post will give your some ideas on keeping the kids entertained without making them addicted to games.

I am another mom who controls my child’s screen time. But, I am not a mom who completely stops him from using online games and websites. If you follow my blog for few years, then you know I have introduced some of the educational apps and websites that are suitable for kids and young children. Today’s post is about another site that I allow my son to play online games. But, don’t get scared when you heard about online gaming. I don’t allow my child to play anything and everything. However, I allow him to play brain games that are suitable for his age.

My latest finding is plays.org where anyone can play online games free. With the pandemic still affects around the world, one of my concerns is to keep the kid entertained while helping him to do his home-based learning activities. I have strict concerns about his online activities. But, with the home-based learning and due to health and safety concerns, we don’t really engage in outdoor activities. His time in playgrounds is limited. Do you know what happened? He started screaming ‘I am bored’. He is missing his traveling and outdoor activities much. I remember he enjoyed his time at Zone 2000 during our Bintan holiday among different games.

As a work from home mom, this was disturbing my work and on the other way, I didn’t want the child to suffer inside the home. I found few options that he can engage time when he is bored.

One of the things he started includes learning Microsoft PowerPoint presentations which is a new idea for him and good for him at the age of 8. He is making different presentations and he enjoys it. Then I introduced him to writing an online storybook. He wrote a book and it is published as well. There will be a post soon with his new book-writing adventure. The other thing he enjoys is playing games at plays.org

Our experience playing free online games  

Before allowing plays.org to my son, I tried few games. I found some games that are really good for little ones as brain activities. Staying most of the time inside homes, this site is helpful for me to keep him entertained while doing his studies. And, I don’t have worries with our selected games because these are brain games or educational games.

puzzle game for kids

My son’s favourite game is Blocky Puzzle Game where the players need to fill a puzzle using the given colorful playing pieces. He enjoys it and he is already in level 42. By playing this puzzle games, he improved his ability to solve puzzles with analytical skills. When I join with him, he starts telling me his playing tips such as that I have to start from the corners and check the block shapes to match with the puzzle. So, I know he learns while playing this online game.

His other favourite game is Dino Bubbles Bubble Shooter Game.

This is a kid friendly bubble shooter game where players need to get same color bubbles in a row. As it is a bubble shooter game, he excites easily and he shows like he is actually playing a game at the playground.

Playing Free Online Games with the Child

There are some other games as well he find interesting and I found educational. These games are suitable for young children. This site works fine in computers as well, so you don’t have worry about giving a mobile phone to your child in case if you don’t want.

Finally, I could allow the kid to play educational games happily when he feels bored staying inside home. I hope this post is helpful for you to find educational and entertaining games online free.

Let me know your experience with online games below as a comment.

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