April 20, 2024

History’s SuperHeroes – Booklet to Help Children to Learn History

Historys SuperHeroes

We really like our experience with the book “History’s SuperHeroes”. It is a book that helps children to acquire knowledge about history’s superheroes keeping their eyes away from TV, phones, and other gadgets. This book includes a variety of activities that keep children engaged forgetting their screen time. Further, they will read and learn about real superheroes forgetting their cartoon characters. This is why I like this book and thought of sharing our experience as a blog post because this will help other parents to find this booklet.

Spending June school holiday mostly inside the home due to the current pandemic situation, I know my kid is bored without many engaging activities. I cannot completely keep him away from devices. But, I try to make sure he spends a balanced day with a mix of activities. This is where I found this History’s SuperHeroes as a helpful book for kids to learn about notable characters and what they have done to the world while engaging in interesting activities.

What is inside History’s SuperHeroes?

Historys SuperHeroes

As the name suggests, History’s SuperHeroes is a book about notable characters from history. Children will read and learn about history’s superheroes such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and many others. Now, if you think this book is just another book that contains life stories of these superheroes, no it is not. The book includes unique activities in each chapter. After they read about a character, they can engage in activities that improve their creativity, resilience, mindfulness, humility, and other skills that are necessary to grow as responsible citizens.

Our experience with History’s SuperHeroes book

Quotes from history’s famous people

When I introduced this book to my son who is a bookworm, he was happy to read the book. The book is a digital copy and we printed it. But, my son liked to read the book as a digital copy as well. I found it is a great way to utilize his screen time reading a book instead of watching cartoons for many hours. I know most parents are with the same concern. He loved colouring activities. This is the first time he engaged in mandala colouring although he has other colouring books at home.

Historys SuperHeroes
Mandala colouring to practice patience

Mandala colouring was interesting and I could see how patient he was when he was colouring the pictures. Another activity he loved is meditation. Through this chapter, he learned to meditate and he practiced mindfulness. Then I could see he was completing the activity sheet with his experience.

Quotes from history’s famous people

There are other activities too such as giveaway challenge and help a younger friend where kids can cultivate good character skills. As a mom, I am happy that I could give this book to my kid. It is a book that helps children to cultivate good skills while learning about history.

The good news is that you can get this book at a discounted price now. To read more details, click here.

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