June 23, 2024

Farm Fresh: Malaysia’s No.1 Fresh Milk Brand

Farm Fresh Malaysia Review

Farm Fresh is popular as the No. 1 fresh milk brand and one of Malaysia’s largest dairy producers. The special thing about Farm Fresh products is its all-natural processes which result in a 100% fresh and natural taste. Farm Fresh milk products include best-seller Farm Fresh Fresh Milk, Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk and Farm Fresh Lactose-Free Milk which we could taste a few weeks ago.

About Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh milk review

According to the founder and Managing Director of Farm Fresh Sdn Bhd, Mr. Loi Tuan Ee,” one of the key reasons to start Farm Fresh was to offer the freshest milk possible from the Johor farms to Singaporeans daily”

Farm Fresh has been awarded internationally recognized Certified Humane® accreditation due to the company’s commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. Therefore, when you drink Farm Fresh milk you assure that milk is from happy and healthy cows.

Our Farm Fresh Milk Experience and Review

milk gift

We received a pack of fresh milk from Farm Fresh Malaysia a few weeks ago which included Farm Fresh Fresh Milk, Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk and Farm Fresh Lactose-Free Milk. The Farm Fresh family fun box also included a DIY Ice Cream Kit which is great for a family bonding moment.

DIY ice cream kit
milk family pack review

When we received this family fun box, it was a delicious moment. At our home, we start the day with a glass of fresh milk. I know this is common for most families. This is why our glass of fresh milk should be actually fresh with full of deliciousness and goodness of milk to make a fresh start for the day.

Farm Fresh Malaysia milk review

I like to say that milk in this Farm Fresh family fun box was fresh and we could taste the deliciousness. Not only that, our kid enjoyed drinking fresh milk. With different flavours, he couldn’t resist tasting few glasses a day which made me happy as a mom. We all know that moms love to see their kids eat and drink more food varieties. Other than that, fresh milk is rich in calcium which is essential to keep children’s teeth healthy and strong.

Features worth mentioning

  • Farm Fresh fresh milk is made from 100% fresh milk
  • Milk is bottled at its Johor farms and transported to Singapore daily
  • No preservatives are added and Singaporeans are able to enjoy the freshest milk possible

To find out more details of available flavour and price details, visit www.farmfresh.com.my

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