April 19, 2024

A Guide to Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Tips For Hiring Movers

Cardboard boxes are some of the most frequently used packaging. This is because of their convenience, durability, and affordability.

Still, it’s not all that easy deciding what size you should use. There are several factors to consider before you buy one.


The best of all cardboard boxes balance light weight with being able to withstand some hard use.

The last thing that you ever want is to ship a product just to know the box showed up ripped having dents all around the exterior because it couldn’t handle the transit.

Cardboard boxes normally have two outer layers, which sandwich an interior flute of paper.

The exterior layers might be made out of Kraft paper. That’s thought to be not only tougher but also higher in quality than recycled paper frequently used in between the two outer layers.

It’s also more water-resistant, which is appropriate for things being shipped that might come into contact with moisture, such as rain.

Kraft paper also proves better for printing on. Also, its durability makes it an effective material for most cardboard packaging.


Single-Walled Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes that are single-walled are frequently used for storing personal possessions. They’re also used for shipping out light products that aren’t likely to suffer damage while in transit.

Don’t let a single-walled skeleton fool you. They can easily hold as much as 15kg, making them great for most item shipping needs.

The single-walled cardboard boxes we offer come in numerous sizes, so we’re sure you’ll find one you can use.

On the other hand, if you need something with dimensions other than what we already offer, let us know. We can see what we can do about customized requirements.

Double-Walled Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes with double walls, known as quality gaylord boxes are thicker than boxes with single-walled sides. These are typically used for the storage of heavier items, like books.

They are also used for the shipping of heavier things or products more likely to break.

As with their single-walled counterparts, the double-walled boxes we offer are made using Kraft paper.

This time, though, we have two sheets put together, instead of just one.

The boxes are consequently more durable, so they’re harder to bend, rip, or dent.

This gives you an assurance that they aren’t going to falter under pressure when stacked on top of each other. Also, if you use them for shipping, the contents will show up unscathed.

Put up to 30kg of weight in our double-walled boxes, which are also made using as much as 90-percent recycled materials.

We provide various sizes through our website, but we strive to supply you with any solution that you might need.

Contact us if you need dimensions that aren’t shown on our website.


Obviously, it can be a serious waste to buy a huge box just to ship something small. That’s why you have to measure any item that you want to send.

That can be easy enough for customers that only buy single items. Still, what do you do if they get two different products? Or even more?

Calculating how much physical space every item is going to need inside a box should help you estimate the variation you’ll need.

Box sizes are often listed as LxWxH. L stands for length, W is width, and H is height. Knowing what dimensions you need makes the entire process of picking a cardboard box a lot simpler.


We manufacture our cardboard boxes in a number of different shapes.

Rectangles are the most common ones, as we have various lengths for many different dimensions.

Just don’t be fooled by dimensions alone and pick the first box you find that’s longer than it is wide. You could pick something that’s too narrow without even knowing it.

Cardboard boxes with really narrow widths might be mistaken for conventional rectangular boxes, so be sure you carefully read the dimensions before you make your purchase.

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