April 20, 2024

Avery Ranch Golf Club Offers An Unforgettable Wedding Venue

Couples that are looking for wedding venues have several considerations. One of the most important is the backdrop for photographs. When a couple looks back at their wedding pictures in years to come, they want to see a beautiful setting. They desire pictures that take them back to that special day. One place that provides such a venue is a golf course. It is green year round and always has water in numerous places. The typical golf course is not only designed to be a challenging place to play golf, but also a scenic location that draws people to appreciate its beauty. Of course, the course is not the only consideration for a wedding. There must also be facilities that will accommodate guests and provide them will a spacious locale for a reception. Finally, there must be a catering service that provide for every need not only of the wedding party but all of the family and friends who attend a wedding.

Avery Ranch Golf Club

In searching for golf course wedding venues near me, a bride can find such a place in Austin, Texas. The name of the course is Avery Ranch Golf Club. The club is located close to downtown yet provides a getaway setting. It runs along Brushy Creek which provides a perfect setting for photographs. Of course, the course itself is available for any wedding pictures. It combines with Brushy Creek and the course’s infinity pool as an endless opportunity to capture the special day for a lifetime of memories.

Avery Ranch Golf Club provides a full staff to cater whatever meal and beverages a bride and groom desire. They are available to meet a couple’s every need and want. There are two venues for a reception. One is Lakeview Event Center for up to 200 guests in a 4000 square foot facility. This will meet the needs of a larger wedding. It offers a private tree covered deck and views of Brushy Creek and the infinity pool. For a smaller wedding of up to 60 guests, Avery Ranch has a Sunset Club House with picture windows offering a spectacular view of the creek and pool. This is available for the couple who is planning a smaller wedding reception.

Avery Ranch Golf Club opened in 2002 and was designed to not only be one of the best golf courses near Austin TX but also a destination wedding venue. The planning of the course and the two wedding reception facilities took into consideration one of previously mentioned main reasons for choosing a golf course for a wedding. That reason is the breathtaking photo opportunities at Avery Ranch. The setting along Brushy Creek, the infinity pool, and the course itself were all designed to provide a couple with unforgettable photographs. The Lakeview Event Center and Sunset Club House were placed to maximize the view and make every photograph and memory something special. The lakefront wedding gardens are a beautiful place for a wedding. They were designed and placed in just the right spot to capture all the beauty of Avery Ranch.

Avery offers special wedding packages that include not only the venue but other amenities like linens, flowers, photography, open bar, and of course catering which is available to meet every need of the wedding party. Each package is designed to provide a special touch to whatever the bride and groom desire. The beauty of Avery Ranch and its attention to details not only in design but also in execution provides a special wedding venue.

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