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Modern Wedding

Innovations and changing the present things are important. We must not stick to the old rituals and methods and try something new to make things interesting. This is why since recent times, things involved in the wedding have been changed which is so-called the modern wedding. One might have got bored with the same kind of wedding rituals and hence he should go for a modern wedding where things are changed and done in a different manner. Even people will enjoy attending something new and unique. Following are the ways in which you can improvise weddings to make it appealing:

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Wearing the same kind of traditional wear has become common. Although it has still its own significance and a bride looks quite beautiful in it, but it has been continuing for a long period of time. That is why the bride, groom, and their families should wear something new and interesting which is in the latest trend. If you are planning to do so, one may look for Watters bridal dresses as it is the best available option at present as looks amazing! The groom must also dress up with something that matches with it so that you both together look a perfect pair!

    2. Decoration:

Modern Wedding

The venue where all the functions are going to take place should not be decorated in a casual and normal way. You should make sure that the venue is perfectly decorated so that your wedding looks grand and rememberable way. You can contact the nearest decoration company or agent for the best ideas to decorate your venue. You need to think out of the box to ensure that the decoration looks unique and completely different. It should leave all the relatives and friends attending your wedding amazed and they shall feel surprising!

    3. Food:

modern weddings

The party attendees might have gone bored eating the same type of food at the wedding. This is a good way to outshine and start something new. You can bring different dishes which are new as well as have a great taste for your wedding. You will receive appreciation and compliments from your relatives and friends for sure! This will improve your image in the society at a great level as you had a grand wedding function! So go to catering services and discuss with them about the same.

    4. Wedding Cards:

This may sound and feel silly, but sending the invitation cards completely different from the type of cards which are distributed till now. This step will result in bringing more and more relatives to your function to bless you and see the completely unique style of wedding. Hence, you must get your wedding card designed by a good designer and give it for printing to a reliable place. This small steps will contribute to having a grand and big wedding. One must also make sure that while you plan to perform something out of the box, it should also be such that everyone likes it!

4 Useful Tips For A Public Marriage Proposal

You know your partner best, so this should guide you when deciding whether to pursue a public proposal or a more intimate event. If you are 100% certain that your significant other will love the idea of you bending on one knee to ask for their hand in marriage in front of a crowd, then it’s time to plan for a successful public proposal.

Tips For A Public Marriage Proposal

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Before you get lost in the excitement of a possible engagement, here are a few tips to help you pull off a successful public proposal:

1. Is It A Sure Yes?

Pardon us for asking again but we feel that we cannot emphasise this enough. You should only attempt a public proposal if you are at least 100% sure that your partner will say yes, otherwise plan for a more private affair.

Some will say you can take the risk if you are 80% certain that you will succeed in your proposal, but imagine the embarrassment you and your partner will have to endure if, for example you had a flash mob public proposal, and your partner says no? That’s not even considering being heartbroken yourself. Save yourself all these pains by considering other options.

2. Put Your Heart Into Planning.

Since you are putting your heart out there for the world to see, it is important to plan ahead and ensure that you have everything and everyone you need for the occasion and that you are ready to pitch a winning proposition. Also, because you’re doing this with eyes and maybe cameras on you, then you can’t afford to mess up any of the details.

Make sure that you plan for a perfect proposal that does not, in any way, humiliate your partner or yourself. So don’t just wing it. You only get one shot at this so plan ahead and make sure that you get it right.

Tips For A Public Marriage Proposal

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3. Be Creative.

If you’re thinking of placing the ring in the cake, or similar stuff, we suggest you find a better, less cliche manner of proposing marriage. There are tons of creative ideas for getting your partner to say yes to a lifetime with you. You can even search from a good number of public proposal ideas online and find one that suits you best, just personalise the details to make it more romantic.

4. Make Your Partner The Inspiration And The Priority Of Your Plan.

When you have chosen one of those engagement rings Brisbane gentlemen get from Ringleaders, your primary consideration is whether your partner will like it or not. It’s the same with planning the proposal. Everything should be about your partner. From asking whether they would like it done publicly or not, to deciding on the specific details that will fit their personality, what they desire should be prioritised over your own wants.

Your partner should also inspire your plans so that your proposal rouses the right emotions in them by making her feel extra special. Wear an outfit that she likes, sing her favorite song, or decorate the venue with her favorite flowers. These are small details that will surely endear you to your partner even more.

Tips For A Public Marriage Proposal

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Also, when planning, you should consider their reaction. While they may feel excited about the proposal, they might feel the need to hold their emotions in because there is an audience. This can be quite an awkward situation for you and your fiancé. But, if your partner has an outgoing personality and will have no qualms about expressing herself with other people, then a public proposal is definitely the way to go.

Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses – Best Tips

Your child’s wedding day is one of the best moments of life for any mom. When hosting a wedding of a child, mother of the bride plays a major role. Even if you are going to be mother of groom, you will be one of the attendees who get more attention from the wedding guests. Therefore it is really important to dress well choosing the best mother of the bride dress for you.

Choosing mother of the bride dresses

Although I am still not in that stage, I have experience where my friends and sometimes my relatives spend more time to choose their mother of the bride dress when they plan their daughter’s wedding day. Therefore with such experience I thought of sharing this post on how to choose the mother of the bride dress that suits you best.

Choose your look

Before you start your shopping for mother of the bride dresses, be sure to choose your style. This is the basic idea on how you want to appear on the wedding day. If you decide to shop with Mother of the Groom, then it is also better to understand some of the wedding etiquette. Do you know that mother of the bride can choose her look at the wedding before mother of the groom choose her dress and her look? If you both shop together, it will be an awesome experience to bond together. However be sure to have some idea on such wedding etiquette.

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Check more styles before you choose

There are different mother of the bride dress styles that can make you look stunning on your child’s wedding day. Instead of just buying a dress for the wedding day, be sure to browse different styles. This will give you an idea on latest trends and styles. Even if you wear plus size dresses, don’t worry. Nowadays there are stunning plus size mother of the bride dresses available that make you look slim and beautiful. Be sure to choose the neck style and sleeves to match your size.

Decide on the length of your dress

Before you shop for your mother of the bride dress, be sure to decide on the length. This is not about the exact length of the dress. Just think of size of the dress you want to wear on your daughter’s wedding day. Be it a short mother of the bride dress or long mother of the bride dress, don’t worry. You can easily choose a beautiful design when you shop with right wedding dress shop.

Coordinate your dress with maids.

It is highly recommended to coordinate your mother of the bride dress colour or design with the bridesmaid dresses. This choice will give beautiful look in wedding photos. A thematic wedding always look neat and beautiful.

When you follow these steps and tips, it is easy to choose your mother of the bride dress that can make you a happy mom. Be sure to check the quality of the material before you buy any dress.

Avery Ranch Golf Club Offers An Unforgettable Wedding Venue

Couples that are looking for wedding venues have several considerations. One of the most important is the backdrop for photographs. When a couple looks back at their wedding pictures in years to come, they want to see a beautiful setting. They desire pictures that take them back to that special day. One place that provides such a venue is a golf course. It is green year round and always has water in numerous places. The typical golf course is not only designed to be a challenging place to play golf, but also a scenic location that draws people to appreciate its beauty. Of course, the course is not the only consideration for a wedding. There must also be facilities that will accommodate guests and provide them will a spacious locale for a reception. Finally, there must be a catering service that provide for every need not only of the wedding party but all of the family and friends who attend a wedding.

Avery Ranch Golf Club

In searching for golf course wedding venues near me, a bride can find such a place in Austin, Texas. The name of the course is Avery Ranch Golf Club. The club is located close to downtown yet provides a getaway setting. It runs along Brushy Creek which provides a perfect setting for photographs. Of course, the course itself is available for any wedding pictures. It combines with Brushy Creek and the course’s infinity pool as an endless opportunity to capture the special day for a lifetime of memories.

Avery Ranch Golf Club provides a full staff to cater whatever meal and beverages a bride and groom desire. They are available to meet a couple’s every need and want. There are two venues for a reception. One is Lakeview Event Center for up to 200 guests in a 4000 square foot facility. This will meet the needs of a larger wedding. It offers a private tree covered deck and views of Brushy Creek and the infinity pool. For a smaller wedding of up to 60 guests, Avery Ranch has a Sunset Club House with picture windows offering a spectacular view of the creek and pool. This is available for the couple who is planning a smaller wedding reception.

Avery Ranch Golf Club opened in 2002 and was designed to not only be one of the best golf courses near Austin TX but also a destination wedding venue. The planning of the course and the two wedding reception facilities took into consideration one of previously mentioned main reasons for choosing a golf course for a wedding. That reason is the breathtaking photo opportunities at Avery Ranch. The setting along Brushy Creek, the infinity pool, and the course itself were all designed to provide a couple with unforgettable photographs. The Lakeview Event Center and Sunset Club House were placed to maximize the view and make every photograph and memory something special. The lakefront wedding gardens are a beautiful place for a wedding. They were designed and placed in just the right spot to capture all the beauty of Avery Ranch.

Avery offers special wedding packages that include not only the venue but other amenities like linens, flowers, photography, open bar, and of course catering which is available to meet every need of the wedding party. Each package is designed to provide a special touch to whatever the bride and groom desire. The beauty of Avery Ranch and its attention to details not only in design but also in execution provides a special wedding venue.

How to Take Care of your Tungsten Ring

Wedding rings are a symbol of eternal love. That’s why everyone puts so much care and attention when choosing their wedding ring. They want it to be perfect. Some people like to go with gold rings or prefer a more pure platinum band. Others like to buy tungsten rings as they are much more durable than gold or platinum wedding bands.

Although you are busy as a mom doing household chaos and running after kids, it is also important to take care of your belongings including your jewelries. If you own a tungsten ring, then this guide is to remind you on how to take good care of your ring even if you are a busy mom.

How to take Care of your Tungsten ring

Wedding rings are not only costly but they also hold a tremendous emotional value. That’s why it is essential to take proper care of your wedding ring. If you don’t maintain your wedding ring correctly, it can lose its luster and become dull. Even tungsten bands require a little maintenance even though they are so tough.

Here is how to take care of your tungsten ring properly.

How to properly clean tungsten carbide rings

After years of use, your ring may get dirty if you don’t clean it periodically. This can make them lose their shine and reduce their visual impact. Luckily, all you need is to clean them properly to bring them back to life. It is important that you don’t use any strong chemicals or cleaning solutions while cleaning your ring as they can damage your ring.

All you need is a solution of mild soap and warm water, a clean damp fabric and a toothbrush. To clean your tungsten ring, soak it into the warm soap solution for about 30 mins. After that, take it out and scrub it thoroughly with the damp cloth. This will remove most of the dirt. The next step is to rub your ring with the toothbrush. The bristles in the toothbrush will reach any engraving or ridges and clean them out. You can do this as long as you feel necessary. After cleaning your ring with the toothbrush, rinse it with clean water and dry it with a clean towel. You can repeat the whole process until you are satisfied.

How to take Care of your Tungsten ring

How to protect your tungsten ring from damage

Tungsten carbide rings are very tough and scratch resistant but they are not indestructible. If you accidentally drop your ring from a height onto a hard surface, it can crack. So make sure not to leave it in places where there is a chance they may drop. Needless to say, you should never strike it with any heavy objects. Tungsten is not malleable like gold or platinum. So, they will shatter instead of bending.

Also, avoid bringing them into contact with any harsh cleaning agents such as chlorine, ammonia or bleach. These can corrode the surface of the ring or create blemishes. Thus, you should always take off your ring before taking a dip in a swimming pool. If your ring ever comes into contact with any of these chemicals, immediately clean it with some warm water. After that, rinse it gently with a dry towel.

Avoid using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on tungsten rings. Since tungsten is not malleable, it can cause microscopic fractures in the ring and eventually shatter it. However, if you still want to take the risk, be sure not to leave it in the solution for more than 1 min.

When you are not using your tungsten ring, place it in a soft pouch and store it in a safe place. Although tungsten is a hard metal, it doesn’t hurt to take some extra precautions.



Best Tips to find your Right Wedding DJ in NJ

Are you a NJ mom? It can be your daughter’s or son’s wedding. As a mom you also have certain responsibilities when planning a wedding. If it is your daughter’s wedding day, then you sure to have visit many places with her including bridal shops to purchase her wedding dress. You also need to give her right advice in selecting wedding vendors and entertainment although she wants her dream wedding as she wished!

Have you considered wedding entertainment as an important item for your wedding? Most brides pay attention and spend lot of time selecting wedding venue, but they don’t pay much attention for selecting the right entertainment for the wedding. That is why in this post I gathered few tips for you to help in selecting the right wedding DJ in NJ, so you can use these as helpful guidelines to select your wedding DJ.

Tips to find wedding DJ in NJ

Tips to find wedding DJ in NJ

When you look for a wedding DJ in NJ, referrals and recommendations from your friends and family members are helpful. They will tell you their experiences with recent weddings they attended. So, keep these reviews as a shortlisting point and select few NJ wedding DJs to your list.

Then you can contact each wedding DJ in Nj and check their availability, past experiences and how they provide their service once booked. Any terms, conditions are important to know before you book.

Check the music type they provide. A friendly wedding DJ NJ who has many years’ experience and established in the business is perfect for your wedding as you will find it is much easier to work with him on your wedding day.

Once you checked and talked with your NJ wedding DJ, next is to confirm him for the wedding. Check the cost of hiring. However keep in mind; you get what you pay for. A well-established wedding DJ may command higher price, but you can assure to get quality service, entertainment too. Considering all these facts, you can hire a wedding DJ NJ for your wedding without worries.

For professional and experienced wedding DJ NJ,you can also check as they are reputed as New Jersey’s Premier Wedding DJ in NJ.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to find the right entertainment provider in New Jersey.

Dresswe Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses for a Beautiful Wedding

Planning a wedding is really exciting. It is one of your dreams and it is going to come true. Now it is all about planning the wedding. Have you decided a wedding theme yet? If you have a wedding theme, then planning your wedding is easy as you can match wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding decorations with the same theme. So, you’ll have a wedding with much organized look.

In today’s post, I am going to introduce you some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses which are really affordable. When planning the wedding, you also need to consider your budget, right? So here are some ideas for your bridesmaid dresses which I found from Dresswe.

Simple Scoop Neck Appliques Ruched A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

Simple Scoop Neck Appliques Ruched A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

Dresswe is an online shop for all your bridal needs including wedding dresses and even wedding accessories. Among lot of wedding items to feature,I selected these dresses from the collection of cheap bridesmaid dresses from Dresswe. Hope you’ll like my selections.

Below Pretty Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress is one of my favorites and the colour looks peaceful and calm.


Dresswe Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Pretty Sweetheart High Low Bridesmaid Dress Photo link:

I simply like below bridesmaid dress,the colour and style both are really great for any young girl who is going to be a bridesmaid.As I feel,this dress gives a cheerful look for the bridesmaid.

Dresswe Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Sweet A-line Sweetheart Pleats Bodice Knee-length Nastye’s Bridesmaid Dress
Image from:

After selecting above cheap bridesmaid dresses to feature in this post,then I checked the lace bridesmaid dresses at!I love entire collection of Bridesmaid dresses.

What is your comment for the below bridesmaid dress which I found from the collection of lace bridesmaid dresses at Dresswe?

First-Class Scoop Neck Lace Bowknot Short Bridesmaid Dress

First-Class Scoop Neck Lace Bowknot Short Bridesmaid Dress

All these bridesmaid dresses are really affordable.Have a look into Dresswe and select your preferred Bridesmaid dresses.

Happy shopping!

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