June 15, 2024

Ideas to Help Children Connect with Nature

Ideas to help children connect with nature

Here are some ideas to help children connect with nature! Why I wrote this blog post?There are reasons.Today kids are surrounded with loads of gadgets and technology. These keep them away from spending time outdoors. On the other way, most of the children grow without any idea about their nature. They even do not have an idea about loving and caring nature. We even find that parents complain about internet addiction of their children.

Apps and video games are not always helpful for kids and young children. There should be a balance between using all these technology tools to their life. This is where parents have a responsibility in connecting their children with nature. Connect with nature is not all about spending time outdoors. It must be fun and enjoyable. When they find nature activities are enjoyable, they will start admiring the nature.

How you can do this? Here I gathered few ideas which you can do with your children. These activities will help kids to connect with nature.And these are activities we do at our home with the kid!

Identify things in the nature

Ideas to help children connect with nature

Find a book with pictures of nature, birds, leaves or trees which can be found in your local area.Go outside with you kid and  identify those in the book with your kids. They will love this activity while learning new things.

Go for a nature walk

Even if you live in a city, this is something that you can easily do with kids. Go on a nature walk and spend time leisurely. The neighbourhood park can be an ideal spot for such a nature walk. Allow the kids to relax and breathe fresh air.Check our recent nature walk to Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park.

Use the technology too

My son’s capture : Did you notice the dove?

Today’s kids are more on gadgets and technology. Use this to your advantage. Grown up kids can enjoy photographing the nature or create a video of their journey while you are in a nature walk or in an outdoor activity. Such new hobbies will keep them engaged with nature.

Above photograph is captured by my son during the recent nature walk.He enjoyed his time with photography.If you noticed there is a dove in this picture and my son wanted to capture it. : )

Grow plants

Sіmрlе Home Improvement Prоjесtѕ to dо with уоur Kіdѕ
My kid loves to help me with planting seeds..

If you live in a spacious land, gardening is something you can easily do with kids. Even you can engage kids in container gardening too.We do this at our home.Check one of our planting efforts when he was a toddler.

You can even try indoor gardening and urban gardening with your kids in case if you don’t have outdoor garden space.Check our microgreen growing attempt in Singapore with the kid.

Fruit & vegetable harvesting

This is one of the best things you can do with kids. If you don’t have facility, check vegetable farms that allow kids to pick produce and farm tours.In our Sri Lanka holidays I dont forget to find him such opportunities.

Make a terrarium

making a terrarium

A terrarium is a great way to bring a garden inside the home. It is a great way to connect with nature. Spend time creating a terrarium and ask the kids to take care of it. They will enjoy their time in new gardening activity!Check our terrarium making activity.

If you are in Singapore,you can join with our Connect with Nature Workshops too.

Do you have other ideas to help children connect with nature?Please share.

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25 thoughts on “Ideas to Help Children Connect with Nature

  1. In this period not being able to leave the house is making social development very difficult and not for children, contact with nature is in fact something fundamental … so yes it should be encouraged!

  2. Children should be encouraged to play more outdoors. I remember how as a child, I used to be out playing all the time. Doing quests in the local park is a great way to spend time outdoors and learn more about the world we live in.

  3. What a list of great ways to encourage kids to connect with nature, I still remember climbing several fruit trees in the garden as a child growing up. So much fun.

  4. This was a much needed blogs! Living in the city, it’s often difficult to let your children enjoy nature. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I have always been connected to nature. I do live in a busy city but whenever I get time I visit the countryside to connect with nature!

  6. Great ideas. My niece always loves the outdoors activities and this is a great post. Love reading thanks for sharing ❤️

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