June 21, 2024

Our Relaxing Sri Lanka Holiday – June 2017

I am back after one month long holiday! It was a really relaxing holiday after our Sri Lanka holiday in 2016 October. however we were affected by the recent flood disaster in Sri Lanka too. We planned this holiday during the school holiday month, so we could enjoy a month long relaxing time among the friends and relatives. My kid was the happiest among all.

We reached Sri Lanka on May 27th, however due to heavy floods we couldn’t visit many places during the first two weeks until my husband’s leaves are over. 🙂  He returned Singapore in 2 weeks and we spent the rest of days visiting some places.

Relaxing Sri Lanka Holiday
Picking Rambutan direct from trees was an exciting experience for Sanu!

As always I use our time in Sri Lanka to give more different experiences for our son. It is time for him to play as he wishes. I also packed some of his favourite toys, colouring books and some busy bags too. Colouring books are always helpful to keep him busy in airports and in first few days till he adjusts to the new places.

It was the Rambutan (a tropical fruit) season in Sri Lanka.It was nice that we could enjoy delicious Rambutan and Sanu got the opportunity to pluck directly from the Rambutan trees.He also enjoyed his time running over paddy fields which I believe as treasurable moments for him.

Relaxing Sri Lanka Holiday
Sanu had opportunity to spend time running over paddy fields!

This time, I spent more time relaxing and without working online. I had to plan the future as I am in a struggle between taking decision on doing a full time job or working from home. Though I like working from home, it doesn’t allow me enough time to concentrate on my work. On the other way, a full time job will come with more stressful moments although it is with fixed monthly income for me. Finally, I decided to try another few months working from home on engineer related jobs in more organized way! That’s the best outcome of this relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka!

We spent time on Buddhist pilgrimages

Other than relaxing, I could plan few pilgrimages to Buddhist places with parents. We really enjoyed our days.

The blog will be updated with exciting products, giveaways and tips/advices posts. Stay in touch! How was your days?

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11 thoughts on “Our Relaxing Sri Lanka Holiday – June 2017

  1. What a nice experience of picking rambutans directly from trees. I’m sure your children will treasure such experience. I still haven’t been to Sri Lanka so I would love to go and see their attractions. Anyway, to answer your question, I’m just resting at home for the meantime since I got tired from all our photo and video shoots.

  2. I would love to spend a month in Sri Lanka, even if it’s the rainy season. It’s great that despite the bad weather you still got a chance to visit and do exciting activities. I love rambutan and I use to eat it a lot during my trip to Asia. I bet it’s quite a thrill to be able to pick it up from the tree yourself.

  3. my grandma house have rambutan tree. We always pick the rambutan with my father help. It remains me of our childhood memory. If I could turn the time back!

  4. One month is a good long period to know a place or country! You are lucky to get farm experiences there. As to work, it is always hard to make the choice. But once you make the choice mind adjusts to it.

  5. If I will have the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, I will definitely pay a tour on their pilgrimages. I think their nature and people is also a great sight to behold. I will surely ask a photo or two on the locals there.

  6. It has always been my dream to pick fresh fruits from the tree! I may have not fulfilled it yet but surely, in time I will. I do love how your kids smile in the photos. I could definitely say that they have been enjoying your relaxation.

  7. Hey! I am happyy that you are able to enjoy Sri Lanka and relax at the same time! It looks so much like the Philippines! And also, I’m excited for your upcoming giveaway posts!

  8. It made me missed those Rambutan. It’s one of my favorite fruits and we have a lot of it on our backyard in the province. I don’t know much about Sri Lanka but it seems a beautiful place too where there are abundant nature.

  9. It is great when you have a chance to spend a month in one country. Then you have enough time to explore it and really get to know it. Sri Lanka is great, I have never been there but I have seen so many documentaries about it. I am a great fan of Buddhist temples and its architecture, and not even the rain would prevent me to check them out.

  10. Yeah! I missed my Sri Lanka trip too 2 yrs ago! After reading your sharing here, I recalled lots of nice traveling memories during my trip then. The friendly ppl, delicious local food & nature beauty places 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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