May 22, 2024

DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Decor #Review

This DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor Review will help you to understand on how to create your own terrarium, where to buy your DIY Terrarium in Singapore and features of Masons Home Décor products.

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor

DIY activities are great for family bonding moments. Our recent DIY terrarium experience was such a fun and interesting moment which we spent time together creating a beautiful garden inside the glass bowl. This DIY terrarium kit review is all about it and it is from Masons Home décor which we reviewed ADOR Shoe Box before.

What is inside the DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor

DIY terrarium kit

A DIY kit should include all the materials necessary for creating the final product. It should be simple and fun to create. This DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor included all the necessary materials for our terrarium including Glass bowl, soil, stones and rocks, succulents as plants, garden tool set and water spray bottle. It also included 2 figurines to make the terrarium more beautiful.

As the DIY kit includes all materials and tools it made my life easier and we enjoyed creating out terrarium.

How to make your own terrarium?

making a terrarium

It is really easy to make a terrarium. All you need are the relevant materials and tools including rocks, stones and glass pot. When you use Mason’s DIY terrarium kit, you have all these materials in one place. Therefore simply follow the instructions to create your own mini garden.


Start from a stone layer. Then add soil layer and after that you can plant the succulents.


Once you plant all the plants you can use the rocks and other decorative stones to cover the soil in order to make your mini garden or terrarium more beautiful.

We did the same and here is a step by step article on how to make a terrarium. Read it and follow the steps.

How to take care of your Terrarium?

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor #Review

Remember, now you have a mini garden. Yes, your terrarium is like a mini garden inside your home. Therefore it needs special care. In this Masons DIY terrarium kit we found succulents as the plants. Succulents don’t like much water. But sunlight is necessary.

Therefore remember to water once a week only. Use the bottle inside the DIY kit to wet the soil around the plants. Don’t sprinkle water over the leaves or plants as it is not suitable for succulents.

Now, what was our experience with the DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor? I know you are curious to know. Here is our review.

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Décor Review

DIY terrarium kit from Masons Home Decor #Review
DIY terrarium

Honestly we had great time in this mini garden activity. It was a great way to bond with the kid while helping him to engage in this gardening project. We even learned how to make a terrarium and how to take care of a terrarium.

If we talk about the product, the DIY terrarium kit was with all the necessary tools and materials that are necessary for creating a mini garden. After all it was a fun experience and creating a mini garden in a glass bowl was super easy.

After all this terrarium was a good addition for our living room.

If you look for home décor items or if you like to create your own terrarium then visit to find out more details.

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