June 15, 2024

Vessel Scents of Style – Aromatherapy Jewelry Review

Vessel Scents of Style is my recent finding and I love their unique concept. It is a revolution in fashion jewelry. We all love jewelry and we all love fragrance. Then how about having jewelry with fragrance in it? This is where Vessel is different and unique from most of the fashion jewelry brands. In Vessel jewelry collection you will find both scent and style creating a beautiful piece of unique jewelry for you to wear anytime.

Vessel jewelries include beautiful lockets which are designed to hold ScentSpheres inside giving fragrance and aroma of choice. This is great as the customer can easily select their preferred essential oils or perfume for the ScentSpheres

How to create your personalized aromatherapy jewelry? (Scented jewelry)

With Vessel, it is easy to make your personalized aromatherapy jewelry. It only requires few easy steps to follow.

First visit Vessel Scents of Style and select your preferred locket. There are many different styles to select from.

The locket which I feature in this post is a Diamond Locket.

Once you selected your preferred locket, next step is to select the necklace. You can check these necklace designs and select a beautiful design with appropriate length.

After that you need to choose your ScentSpheres. You can select ScentSpheres from a range of designs and styles including various colours, patterns and shapes.

After selecting the shape and colour of your ScentSpheres, it is time to choose the fragrance. That is the interesting part of making your personalized aromatherapy jewelry as there are different fragrances available to choose. Their fragrances come as three layers and once you confirm the fragrance, the selected ScentSpheres will be scented with the selected fragrance.

That’s all. You will have a scented necklace, earrings or scented jewelry of your choice.

Isn’t this sound interesting?

Vessel Scents of Style Review (My Experience with wearing an Aromatherapy Necklace)

I received the opportunity to review a scented necklace from Vessel and I am really happy with the aromatherapy necklace I received.

The aromatherapy necklace I received includes a Diamond Locket (RP) and Alexa 30″ Chain (RP). This also include Cool Floral fragrance. I selected Cool Floral fragrance as I like the list of scents mentioned including deep sandalwood and traces of oak moss at the bottom.

The look of the necklace is classic and beautiful together with the ScentSpheres. The fragrance is not strong. So, I didn’t feel any uncomfortable feeling, instead the fragrance is smooth which keep me refreshing when I wear this aromatherapy necklace. Actually it is a healing scent and keeps me in comfort when I wear the scented necklace. Just imagine the time you spend with a healing scent around! It is really comfortable, isn’t it? So, I experience the same comfort of breathing the soft fragrance and it is really therapeutic for me.

If you look for aromatherapy necklace for you or as a gift, I think this is a perfect gift idea as you can easily customize the jewelry you buy. There are also men and women jewelry available with different designs and fragrances.

Visit Vessel Scents of Style and check all the different styles available. I am sure you will like the entire collection of aromatherapy jewelries!



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