June 21, 2024

Photowall WallPaper Review + Discount Code

I’d like to share our experience and Photowall wallpaper review through this blog post because it was a nice experience. The DIY wallpaper experience was interesting and we could spend some family time during this makeover project.Here is our story with Photowall.

Photowall WallPaper Review

It was the right time when the team at Photowall contacted me for reviewing their products. I was planning a living room makeover. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we all had to stay at home and I found that I can spend time for rearranging the home.

Now the kid is almost 7 years old. Therefore no more baby proofing the home. Last few years we did changes to our home with the focus of the safety of the baby and now kid. Further, when the kid was growing up in one stage he started drawing on the wall. Although I trained him to draw and colour on the papers and on the white board I didn’t prevent him drawing on the wall. With such paintings on part of the living room wall, it was the right time to try the wall papers from Photowall for our living room makeover project.

This post is all about Photowall wallpaper review and our experience. I am sure this experience will inspire you with some creative ideas.

About Photowall

Photowall is a Sweden based company where you can purchase wall paper, wall mural and canvas for your home decoration projects. These products are great to transform any home to a comfortable space. This is why I loved to review the Photowall wall papers by using it to my living room make over project.

Our Photowall experience and Photowall review

The ordering process

Choosing a wallpaper is really easy. You can find beautiful and inspirational wallpaper ideas on their website.   Simply choose a design that suits your ideas and your home. Personally we loved to have light colour design on our living room wall. Therefore we ordered Vista Sand wallpaper design for our living room makeover project.

Photowall wallpaper review
Look of Vista Sand wallpaper as in Photowall website.

Below is how Vista Sand wallpaper looks like in our wall.

Our final look with Vista Sand wallpaper from Photowall

The delivery

Photowall wallpaper review

Delivery was super-fast and I received the product within few days of placing the order. All the wall panels were numbered accordingly, so that it was easier during the installation.


This was a kind of DIY project. Anyway we had to spend some time to remove kid’s drawings on the wall. After that the wall is ready to accept the new look.

Together with the Photowall wall paper, we received the installation guide. Therefore it was really easy to create our new wall interior with Photowall wall papers.

How to hang the Photowall wall murals

Here are the simple and easy steps to hang the wall mural.

  • First prepare the surface smooth. In our case we removed all the drawings and writing done by the kid.Check this post to read about how to remove crayons from the wall.You will see how our wall appeared before installing this wallpaper.
Photowall wallpaper review
Before : This was our wall before hanging the wallpaper.As you see there were some kid’s paintings on the wall.
  • Make the wallpaper paste. Inside the wall mural panels, we found our wall paper paste and it was easy to make the paste using luke-warm water as per given instructions.
  • It is time to hang the wall papers. Make sure to start from the right panel and the correct side. The wall paper panels are numbered and you can easily find the top and bottom. Also make sure to follow the number sequence.
  • Once you are ready with panels, apply the paste on to the wall.
  • Hang the wall paper panel from edge to edge. Then smooth down from the ceiling to the floor.
  • If there is any excess wall paper, trim it off.
  • Continue hanging the panels until your wall is transformed to the new design.
  • It is done. Don’t forget to wait for around 24 hours to see the best view of the new look.
Photowall WallPaper Review

Finally, we could transform our living room to a fresh looking clean wall within few hours. Compared to the struggles we have to face with painting the wall, this is a really easy way to transform the wall to a new look. Installation of the wall papers was really easy. It took only few hours to complete the entire wall.

After all I am really happy with the results. If you like some eye catching designs then don’t worry. You can choose colourful designs from the Photowall website. Even you can choose some kid friendly beautiful designs. We selected Vista Sand for our living room as we wanted a simple and light colour design.

Photowall Discount Code

Here is a discount code for readers of Diary of a New Mom.Use the code diaryofanewmom25 to enjoy 25% discount on any of Photowall products. Discount code will be valid until 15th of October 2020.

code : diaryofanewmom25

Discount : 25%

Valid till : 15th of October 2020

I am sure this Photowall wallpaper review is helpful for you to find more details on how it turned out for us. For more designs, visit Photowall website. Don’t forget that they ship the products within 1-2 days and deliver to most of the countries worldwide including Singapore.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Photowall. I received the products free of charge in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions are mine.No monetary compensation is received.

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  1. Wallpaper isn’t one of my favorite ways to decorate, but you have managed to make the best of it and the room does look nice!

  2. Looks fantastic! Doing your own wall is no easy task but looks like to smashed it! I remember when my daughter was old enough that I could make the house more “adult”. The breakables could come back out, all the kid safety stuff could be removed and toys were gone! Loved that!

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