June 18, 2024

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

How to remove crayons from the wall? Is this what you are thinking now?I had the same issue when I found it was time to clean and organize our home again.Our kid was so creative on part of the living room ,so that it is the time to get rid of these crayon marks.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

Parents know when their kids get creative. It is common to have crayon drawings and writing on the walls at one stage of life of any kid. Although my kid used books, papers and whiteboard for his expressions he also expressed his thoughts in some parts of our walls. Colouring pages were his favourite way to spend time.But he loved to draw in a wall too. Luckily he didn’t mess whole area of the walls. Therefore no much work for us.

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall

We allowed the kid to be creative and didn’t bother to repaint the walls until now. He is going to be 7 years old and now he doesn’t want to use walls for his creative ideas. Therefore I started our latest living room makeover project.

Removing these crayon marks from the walls is part of my project before I use wallpaper on the wall. After some research I found this method and it worked for us.

It is simple. What you need is toothpaste and cleaning cloths.

How to remove crayons from the wall using toothpaste?

Here are the easy steps on removing crayons from the wall.

  • Simply apply some tooth paste on the crayon marks.
  • Allow few minutes. (1-2 minutes)
  • Then using a damp cloth, wipe the toothpaste away.
  • You will see a clean wall with no more crayon marks.

Doesn’t this sound easier than having to repaint?

How to Remove Crayons from the Wall
We even used toothpaste to remove pencil marks from the wall.
Clean wall without Crayon marks.

Other methods to remove crayons from the walls

I used toothpaste for removing crayons and it worked for me. And it is easy to find toothpaste at home compared to other materials. However I found some other methods too to remove such crayon paintings. Anyway I didn’t try below methods and sharing just for information.

It is said that soap and water can do the magic of removing the crayons. Try it if you like.

Baking soda and vinegar is another solution for removing crayons from walls.

Do you know any other method? Please share as a comment.

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