June 18, 2024

5 Best Places To Move To Within Arizona State

The Grand Canyon State is a wonderful place to call home. Ranking at no. 5 for the economy and no. 17 for Infrastructure among all 50 states, Arizona is a great place for a fresh start. Plus, the great weather, low tax rates, and budding housing market all add to the appeal of Arizona. In fact, the state has also become a favorite for retirees to move to.

If you’re planning a relocation within the Grand Canyon State, there are many things you have to figure out, such as how to tackle the move and, more importantly, where in Arizona you should set up your new home. Well, let us be your guide to moving within Arizona and finding the best city for you in the Grand Canyon State.

Start planning

Moving cross country is a difficult task. This will be even tougher on you if you’re moving from a northern state or the East Coast. However, with the right tips and a little help, you’ll be just fine. While there are plenty of articles out there telling how to plan a stress-free move, you honestly just need to follow three tips:

  1. Declutter before the move
  2. Pack smart and strategically
  3. Prepare for the move

Everything else, you can leave to professional movers. You can find a good moving company where you are, but it would be better if you hire long distance movers in Phoenix as they will be more familiar with your destination and how to plan a seamless relocation. With the bases of the move covered, let’s move on to the more important question: what is your destination?

Best places to move to within Arizona State

Arizona has no shortage of wonderful cities to live in. Each city has something special to offer you, from a great education, efficient healthcare system, a high standard of living, etc. and you must decide upon your right fit based on your priorities. Since you need help deciding, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to move to within Arizona State. However, keep in mind that there are no wrong choices, and where ever you decide to move to will give you everything you’re looking for.

  1. Phoenix

    It’s hardly a surprise that the first city on our list is the state capital, Phoenix. A city as magical as its name, Phoenix is luxury personified. With its abundant high-end resorts, elite golf clubs, and vibrant nightlife, Phoenix is the place to be.

    Located right in the middle of Arizona, the city is a mere few hours’ drive to Los Angeles, so a weekend in Hollywood is definitely a possibility while living in Phoenix. As the state capital, Phoenix is where the strength of Arizona’s economy is in full force, and there are great opportunities in the job market, especially in the tech sector, for young and mid-career professionals.

    2. Scottsdale

      A close second among our favorite places in Arizona is the lovely city of Scottsdale, which stands in no way behind Phoenix. In fact, if not for our partiality toward Phoenix, Scottsdale might have found itself at number one.

      The city is located next to the state capital and is one of the wealthiest cities in the entire state. Its proximity to Phoenix and the luxury lifestyle that all but surpasses its neighboring capital makes Scottsdale a favorite among wealthy retirees, including celebrities and athletes past their prime. Plus, the city has an even lower crime rate than Phoenix, which further tilts the balance in its favor.

      3. Flagstaff

      If your move to Arizona is motivated by the breathtaking scenery of the state, Flagstaff may be the right fit for you. The city offers something which most Arizona cities lack – changing weather. While you get to experience the glorious sunny days that the Grand Canyon state is famous for, you will also get a taste of snow while living in Flagstaff.

      Most famous for its natural beauty, comprising gorgeous canyons and majestic mountains, Flagstaff is a sanctuary for nature and adventure lovers. As for life in the city, Flagstaff has a great public and private school system, and quite a few industrial giants like Nestle are operating in the area. Therefore, it is the perfect place to move as a family.

      4. Tempe

      For youngsters, a great city to consider moving to is Tempe. Located just east of the state capital, Tempe is best known as the founding city of Arizona State University. The historic Tempe campus of ASU still stands today and hosts several colleges, including liberal arts and design.

      A relatively small city, Tempe offers great sunny weather, a budding nightlife, including clubs and casinos, and a growing job market. For young professionals looking to make a fresh start, Tempe is one of the state’s best places to move to.

      5. Sedona

      The final city on our list is none other than Sedona. A small desert town full of the majestic red rocks of Arizona, Sedona is a cultural hub known for its spiritual retreats and thriving art scene. With less than 10,000 residents, the city is a popular place for retirees to move to as they immerse themselves in Sedona’s healing and wellness culture.

      If the purpose of your move to Arizona is to relax, spend time outdoors, indulge in arts and crafts, and connect with your spirituality, Sedona is the best place for you. With many events taking place in the city and a high tourist influx, there is never a dull moment in Sedona. Life here truly is like living on a permanent vacation. So if that’s what you’re looking for, Sedona is the answer to your search.


      As we said before, there isn’t a wrong option for moving to Arizona. The state has a strong job market and many cultural attractions, and not to mention it is home to the Grand Canyon. This paradise-esque state has so much to offer its residents that you’ll wonder how you ever lived anywhere else. Whether you’re a 25-year-old starting your life or a 50-year-old looking for a place to live out your senior years in peace, Arizona is the place for you.

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