May 22, 2024

Proven Ways To Prevent Grey Hair And Get Lustrous Strong Hair

Most people in the world hate to get grey hair. In most cases, grey indicates that a person is aging and people do not like to have a lot of them. No matter what they do, it does not seem to work. The only option that they do have is to dye or color their hair. But, it is vital for you to note that having grey hair is not wrong. There are millions of people who are suffering from the same condition.

Most women find a few grey hairs when they are around 30s, and this number significantly multiplies when they turn to 50s. Most women have almost 50% of their hair grey when they are of this age. While it is difficult to stop white hair from growing on your scalp, you can do certain things to prevent it from happening soon.

Prevent Grey Hair

Reasons Why You Have Grey Hair

Grey hair, in a nutshell, is nothing but a combination of white hair and hair that is with normal pigmentation. The reason why hair turns white is when the cells do not have pigmentation cells that no longer produce melanin. Hormonal and nutritional factors are few other reasons why your hair will become white. Stress is also one of the most significant contributors for a person to get this condition.

Some people get white hair quickly because their parents might have white hair at an early age. Yes, sometimes, people get white hair because it is also hereditary. Pernicious anemia, thyroid, and diabetes are few other reasons why people get diabetes.

Ways To Maintain Healthy Hair

Keratin is one of the most critical proteins that you need to have in your body if you want it to be strong and healthy. Both fish and eggs are a good source of this first-class protein. In proteins, you can find amino acids. There are both essential amino acids and ones that are not essential. You can find the critical amino acids in an animal protein. Absorbing those proteins is easy. If you do not get adequate levels of calcium, vitamin D, B6, B12, zinc, and iron, it is possible for you to get to grey hair.

Take Dietary Supplements

Since not all the foods that you consume daily has all the required vitamins and nutrients in it, you should make it a habit of taking dietary supplements. Since there are so many companies that are manufacturing these type of products, you need to research before you pick an option.

Not many people are sure of the things that they need to consider when they are searching for the products. Here are some details of some essential ingredients that you need to check if it is in the product before you pick one.

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Active Ingredients That Can Stop Aging And Grow Strong Hair

It is essential for you to check for these ingredients in any hair products if you want to prevent hair loss because of aging and to grow new hair.

Butylene Glycol

There are countless benefits you get when the product that you are going to use such as a serum has this ingredient. They get this element from petroleum. Without this component, it will get quite difficult for the serum to penetrate the skin because it has large molecular weight. This ingredient can penetrate deep into the skin when you combine a few other ingredients. The product that you are going to be a lot effective only when it has this element in them.

It also has the capacity to thinner the solution instead of making it thick. Some people hate when the product is too thick and creamy. This particular ingredient also acts as an excellent solvent as it mixes all other components in the formula. This element also hydrates the skin and avoids the wrinkles from appearing.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-1

Unlike the other peptides that you find which help in smoothing the wrinkles and prevents anti-aging, this one can also stimulate melanin and pigmentation production. It occurs when it interacts with MC1R which is skin cell receptor. Hence, it is one active ingredient that you need to check for when you are searching for a product that can prevent your hair from turning grey.

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

Now, this is one of the most important active ingredients that you need to look for when you are planning to buy peptide. It brings a lot of benefits to the skin follicles by improving microcirculation on the scalp. It can also prevent aging and atrophy in the follicle. Your hair will grow healthy and lustrous when you ensure that this component is present in the serum or cream you want to use.


An array of hair products have this component in their products. TGF-B1 is one of the rare proteins that you can find in Apigenin. It helps in increasing the life-cycle of a hair follicle. If you use any product that contains this active ingredient in it, you are going to make your hair strong, and you do not have to fear that you will lose the hair. It also prevents aging and hence is one must have components in any product that claims to reduce white hair.

Raspberry Ketone

It is one element that you need to ensure that it is in the product that you are planning to purchase. Raspberry Ketone is known to demolish the fat in the body. Besides removing the fat, it also helps in stopping the hair loss and in growing new hair. When you apply this component to the hair, it releases IGF-1 on the scalp. Your hair count is going to increase drastically when this ingredient is in the serum or cream that you are planning to use.

Oleanolic Acid

Now, this is one natural component that they get from several plants and trees like an olive tree. One will enjoy the effects of antimicrobial and antioxidants when they pick this particular product. You can see people using this component for hair growth along with Apigenin and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1.

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