May 24, 2024

DIY Cake Bunting Topper for Birthdays

I made this DIY cake bunting topper for my son’s first birthday party. Though we ordered a cake for his first birthday,I also baked and decorated a simple cake as a smash cake. To make it more beautiful I made this cake bunting topper for the cake smash session and it was super easy. This bunting topper made our cake smash photography beautiful with bright colours.

DIY cake bunting topper

Here is how I made this DIY cake bunting topper.It’s really easy.


Cardstock of your choice of color
-Letter Stickers to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or printed letters (I used letters stickers)
-A beautiful Ribbon
– Glue
-2 Straws or wooden skewers

How to do:

Sketch out a flag bunting shape in a card. This will be used as a template.
Once the flag is sketched out, cut the template.

DIY cake bunting topper

Using this template cut flags for the cake bunting using the cards stock. Cut 13 flags to say ‘Happy Birthday’. If you want to add the name of the baby, cut few more flags.
Now glue the letter s and stick those to each flag. Or use letter stickers.
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon. Make sure to cut it longer than required, so you have some length to tie etc.
Using a small dot of glue on the back top of each flag, stick all flags to the ribbon.
Because the cake is small and space is limited, make 2 strings of the banner. One for the word ‘Happy’ and the other for ‘Birthday’.
Now banner is ready.

DIY cake bunting topper

Attach the banners using glue to the top end of straws or wooden skewers.
Now it is ready.
Insert this Cake topper to your Birthday cake.
A simple,beautiful and a customized cake is ready! 🙂

Do you like such DIY crafts to personalize your birthday parties?

Other than this DIY cake bunting topper,I also made a DIY animal themed birthday banner and a door banner too.These crafts made our birthday party beautiful!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Cake Bunting Topper for Birthdays

  1. Awwwe! No one beats the personal touch of a mom. 🙂 I’m newly married and this is one of the things that I’m looking forward to. Haha! Having the opportunity to create a DIy for my kids. Maybe soon, God willing I can use your tips! 🙂

  2. This is a nice DIY. I’m planning the same for my daughter but in pastels for her sweet 16 pool party. I’ve always been an arts and crafts girl. I wish I had more time to do it!

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