June 18, 2024

Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities at the Indian Heritage Centre

Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) has organized many events and activities to celebrate Deepavali. All these are activities that the whole family can join. Both adults and children can enjoy the events and activities to spread some Deepavali love and kindness. Last week I could catch a live performance organized by the Indian Heritage Centre which I shared on my Travel Blog Leisureandme.com. Please check that post as well. And in my Mom blog, I want to share about the Deepavali cultural craft activities we joined at the Indian Heritage Centre. I could enjoy my time there with my son. He had a great time with arts and crafts activities while learning more about the Deepavali festival and the culture attached to it.

Colourful and attractive light installation warmly greeted us.

Deepavali is around the corner. It is a festival celebrated by Hindus and this festival is also called ‘The Festival of Lights.’ In Singapore, Little India is the main place to find Deepavali events, celebrations, and festive items. Visit the Indian Heritage Centre till October 23rd to enjoy these events. It is specially great for family bonding time.

While there are paid programmes as well, we joined with free cultural craft activities at the IHC lobby.

Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities at IHC

Oil Lamp Painting

Decorative oil lamps are a feature of the Festive of Lights and here in IHC lobby, we could experience oil lamp painting.

Colourful and decorative oil lamps

My son was happy to decorate an oil lamp and he enjoyed it.

Oil lamp decorating was a creative and fun activity for my son.

After decorating, he could bring it home. The boy is proud of his artwork on the oil lamp although he was quick and fast in decorating it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities
With his decorated oil lamp

Shadow Puppet Craft

The next activity was to create shadow puppet crafts. It includes creating Ramayana shadow puppets. My child chose the Rawana character to create his shadow puppet.

Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities

He happily decorated Rawana for his shadow puppet show. All the materials were given by IHC for free.

Creating Rawana Shadow Puppet
Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities
Happy boy with his shadow puppet
This is his shadow puppet show with the King Rawana (Sometimes,puppet was upside down ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Rangoli – Lego Mural


the community LEGO mural is another feature of the Deepavali activities. It is created in a Rangoli design shape. LEGO artist Jeffrey Kong designed this mural. Everyone can take part in building this LEGO mural by choosing suitable coloured LEGO pieces. A great and fun activity for everyone!

Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities

My son spent some time adding LEGO pieces to the mural. A great collaborative art piece to spread love, kindness, and peace around the community!

Passing the Batton

Deepavali cultural craft activities

The next activity is to share thoughts and suggestions.

Deepavali cultural craft activities

Parrot Astrology

There was another booth for Parrot Astrology. We didn’t play this game. But, we were curious on reading what this parrot has to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

Deepavali cultural craft activities

Photo Taking

There is a large and colourful photo backdrop at the entrance of the event hall. There are photo props as well. Below are photos of my son when we just entered into IHC and before we leave IHC.



It was a day I spent with my son. We had a great bonding time together. End of the day, my husband joined us after work and we went to Mcdonald’s. Without Happy Meal from Mcdonald’s, I cannot say the day was fulfilled because my son loves it. Although we don’t visit Mcdonalds frequently, a surprise visit there can make him over the moon! ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t capture everything we ate, but I couldn’t resist capturing the coffee with Barista’s creativity.

Latte Art

Do you like to participate in such events? Do you like these Deepavali cultural craft activities? Please share your thoughts below as a comment.

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24 thoughts on “Deepavali Cultural Craft Activities at the Indian Heritage Centre

  1. So nice to meet you through Friday Smiles. Sounds like you and your son had a lot of fun and took advantage of FREE activities. I’m all for free! And to think he got to make a shadow puppet and an oil lamp. He seemed quite good at painting, too.

  2. Welcome to the Friday smiles…you certainly shared lots to smile about. Really fab crafting and how lovely to be there with your son.
    Annie x

  3. Great to meet you and welcome to Friday Smiles. I’m late getting round today as I’ve been to the Craft Club. What a great day you both had. I have heard of ‘The Festival of Lights’ before but not see what happens at the festival, it looks like a great event and so good to be able to spend time with your children too. Hope to see you again. Best wishes, Angela x

  4. That looks like such a fun way to spend time with your son. There are so many activities. And I like how they are arty too. My daughter used to love McDonald’s , but I must say I didn’t know they did some pretty barista art on coffee. Happy T day, and nice to meet you Amila. hugs-Erika

    1. Thanks for visiitng and commenting. It was a fun day and my son was happy with his experience.
      I too found it recently when we ordered Latte in McDonalds.We used to order tea or other drinks previously and didn’t notice about barista art.
      Have a great day!

  5. Loved reading all about your upcoming festival activities. Loved the oil pot painting. My children would have loved the Lego mural, what a great idea! Looks like you and your son had a great time. The coffee art is lovely. McDonalds here in the States do not have baristas or fancy coffee, at least none that I have been at.

  6. Amila, this looks like such an amazing event! All the crafts are so great. I love your sonโ€™s oil lamp and his shadow puppet! That Lego mural is really incredible, too. How cool! I love cultural events like this as I love to learn more about my own culture as well as other cultures. The more we know about each other, the more we can grow together! Beautiful post!


  7. I googled Deepavali, not having realized it’s another name for Diwali. Cool! These festival events look like wonderful fun, and I would definitely attend one if offered nearby. We used to have more cultural events before the pandemic, and I hope we start getting those again ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Wow! There really was so much to do at the centre! It looks as though your son had a great time. My boys used to love Mcdonalds – I don’t remember the coffee looking this good! Belated T Day wishes, Chrisx

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