May 22, 2024

DIY Birthday Banner- Animal Themed Party

For our son’s first Birthday, we used ‘Animals’ as the theme of the Birthday Party. It was a DIY first Birthday party and most of the items were done by me. Lately, I thought of sharing these DIY tutorials if it is helpful for someone.

Animal themed Birthday banner for 1st Birthday!
Animal themed Birthday banner for 1st Birthday!

Throwing a kids birthday party is really awesome and fun. This was our first time organizing a party and I had a great time arranging it. Instead of buying a party banner, I decided to go for a DIY Birthday Banner. To make the banner to match with animals theme, I used few animal pictures when we hang it on the wall.

How to make animal themed DIY Birthday Banner


Card stock of different colour papers
Ribbon or a beautiful thread
Pair of scissors
Pen as needed
Letters to spell “happy Birthday’ – Printed letters or stickers

Few images of animals

How to do:

Using card stock,cut 13 circles of 7’ diameter.I used a small bowl to draw the circles.

Cut 13 squares of 7’’ length and width.

Using glue,stick a circle into a square shaped paper.

Stick letters on each card.If using a print,cut letters from the print out and stick into each square made.

DIY Birthday Banner
Match colours and arrange all letters into different colour squares.
Punch 2 holes in top corners of each square.
Arrange the squares in an order to read ‘Happy Birthday’
Thread the ribbon through the squares and you are done!

As our theme for the party is ‘Animals’,I used some animal pictures in between words.

DIY Birthday Banner- Animal Themed Party
DIY Birthday Banner- Animal Themed Party


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5 thoughts on “DIY Birthday Banner- Animal Themed Party

  1. Great job on the banner, it’s adorable! We just celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday and at every party since she was two, I’ve reused the banner my friend made for her 2nd birthday. It is of a ladybug theme but somehow just works with every other theme since! So needless to say I am a big fan of this DIY birthday banner idea! Thankyou for sharing on #HomeMattersParty!

  2. That looks wonderful, but it might be a bit too much work for me, I’m afraid. It might be easier for me to just have a banner printed for me so I can quickly hang it up. They have them online nowadays where you can make any kind of banner, in any style, and it’s pretty cheap too! Thank you for sharing this idea, though!

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