July 17, 2024

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday with a Cake Smash Photography in Singapore

cake smash photography in Singapore

Are you thinking of cake smash photography in Singapore for your little one’s first milestone? Cake smash is the most joyful moment in a baby’s first birthday celebration. Although there are other moments such as cutting the cake and celebrating with the guests, you will not forget the moments with your baby when you plan to smash a cake. The secret? This is the moment you allow your baby to be active in the birthday celebration. Your baby will freely smash the cake and enjoy his own time with the new experience. He or she will smash it, experience it, cheer and even try to eat it. This is why it is important to capture all these sweet moments to preserve the treasure moments of your cute baby. When grown up, he or she will admire for preserving the memories when you tear with joy.

A few years ago when my baby was 1st year, I planned a cake smash session for his first birthday party. But, we did some mistakes and as a first-time mom at that time I didn’t know how to plan a cake smash session to get the most joyful moments of the baby. With that mistakes in mind, in this post, I want to share how you can plan your cake smash in Singapore that makes it a wonderful and unforgettable moment in life.

Get the help of a professional photographer

I did the mistake of DIY photographing the cake smash event, but I ended up with few captures to include in our photo album. Most other captures are shaky and not clear. But, when I see the cake smash photography done by professional photographers, I remind the mistake of trying to do it DIY.

cake smash photography DIY
My mistake of trying DIY Cake smash photography

Timing and scheduling is important

Do you know I planned a cake smash session just after our first birthday party? It was the baby’s nap time and he was not active. He was almost sleepy. This is why it is important to plan your cake smash session to avoid his nap time. As I mentioned above, be sure to get the help of a photographer to shoot the session. Therefore, coordinate with your photographer to select the most suitable time when the baby is active.

Don’t forget a colourful backdrop


Add colours in every possible way to your baby’s cake smashing moment. The best way is to choose a colourful backdrop. If you hire a professional for cake smash photography in Singapore, they know how to come up with colours and beautiful backdrops. Get their ideas and advice as well.

Choose an easy to smash colourful cake 

cake smash photography in Singapore

This is another tip based on our experience. Be sure to choose a colourful and easy to smash cake for the cake smash photography session. It will make the session fun with colourful photos. When you choose an easy to smash cake, the baby will do the rest. I mean your baby will happily and easily smash the cake giving you the most exciting moments. With beautiful colours, the photos will look great too.

These tips are based on our experience in cake smash photography. I am sure these tips will help you to celebrate your baby’s first birthday with cake smash photography in Singapore! It is really exciting and a must-have for your baby’s birthday celebration.

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