June 21, 2024

Christmas Around Singapore 2020

Christmas Around Singapore 2020

Here are some of our Christmas captures around Singapore. Kid enjoyed looking at the decorations and Christmas trees while spending time outdoors.Enjoy reading our Christmas around Singapore 2020!

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During this December school holiday I went out with the kid for a little day out. He was really happy to spend time with me outside and I know he is much bored with activities inside home and in his school.

Usually we visit Sri Lanka during school holidays to see parents and relatives. However in this year, traveling is almost restricted.

2020 was a year which we spent with a pandemic.Covid-19 hit the world and changed our lives so much. A face mask is part of our clothing now. Among all these 2020 has come to an end. While looking forward to a happy and healthy 2021, here are some of the recent captures from Christmas decorations around Singapore.

Christmas at Bishan

These were captured in Bishan Junction 8.This colourful and cheerful christmas addition could add positive vibes to us when we reached there.Kid loved to see around and posed for some photos.However I found he showed some shyness when he was posing.This reminded me that we didnt really go out during this year with him other than to the school and places near our home.Even in the train he told me that it is his first train ride for the 2020.I was really shocked to hear that how he has missed his usual lifestyle in 2020!

Yes we didn’t really went out.Our last trip was in December 2019 to Johor Bahru after returning from Sri Lanka holiday.

Christmas Around Singapore 2020

He was happy to find Santa in Bishan among these decorations. 🙂

Christmas Around Singapore 2020
Christmas Around Singapore 2020

Besides the Christmas decoration,he found this restairant with big bowl of Noodles.Little guy wanted me to capture him! 🙂

Below is a christmas tree decoration we found in Ang Mo Kio.

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

Another day we found another Christmas tree near City Hall.

Christmas Around Singapore 2020

Last week he came from his School Student Care with this paper craft Christmas tree.During this holiday they were engaging in many activities including art & crafts.Although it is a pink christmas tree,it looks nice and creative!

paper craft Chrstmas tree
Our paper craft christmas tree

That is our Christmas around Singapore. How about you?How did you celebrate Christmas?

And I wish you all a Healthy,Happy and Safe 2021!

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20 thoughts on “Christmas Around Singapore 2020

  1. I so loved seeing that as I’ve never traveled overseas at all so how great to see the decorations and a bit about your holiday. Love the train and the legos, which must be universal because my grandkids loved them. It has been sad for the kids this year to not have their usual routines, which makes all feel comfortable in life. Happy New year with wishes for Joy, Good Health, and Happiness in 2021. Enjoyed seeing you visit Pictorial Tuesday.

  2. Singapore looks beautiful for Christmas. I usually travel over the winter holidays but unfortunately this year it wasn’t possible due to the pandemic restrictions.

  3. My sister in law lives out in Singapore with her kids and husband. It’s a wonderful place and one I’ve always been meaning to visit. Especially around the holidays.

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