July 20, 2024

Jolly Jingle Christmas and Entertainment in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

It is almost the end of year 2019.We had a fabulous year with lot of milestones in our lives. This year we also traveled to few places including Batam and Bintan.It was another busy year. And now we are waiting to welcome the New Year 2020! In this year, our kid will go to school and it will be another busy year for us. But, we never forget to plan our time to spend as a family. We are just after a holiday in Sri Lanka.

Jolly Jingle Christmas Johor Bahru

Therefore there were no other plans during the year-end holidays other than having a short trip to nearby Johor Bahru. JB has become our most frequently visited destination per year as it is easy to travel, affordable and with shopping and dining options for the whole family. So, here are some of moments from our most recent trip to JB, Malaysia!

Jolly Jingle Christmas Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru City Centre was decorated for Christmas and New Year with the theme Jolly Jingle Christmas.It was the most entertained area for our kid just after entering to the country.

With the theme Jolly Jingle Christmas,there were few entertainment activities for kids including a meri go round,kiddie rides and events.The day we visited was the last day of celebrations.There was a Clown and Magic show was scheduled as the last day activity.Therefore kid watched the clown and magic show while surprising!

Clown & Magic Show

After having entertainment at City Centre we headed to Komtar JB for further shopping and dining options. Kid wanted to spend time on a Ride-on car and we were happy to join with him at the KidZon.

KidZon is located at KOMTAR JBCC and it is another place where kids can enjoy their time in Johor Bahru.

KidZon is located at KOMTAR JBCC

After all the activities,kid likes to visit Johor Bahru simply because of his Happy Meal treat from McDonald. 🙂 In each and every trip,we happily take him to the McDonald as he enjoys the meal and of course the toy for his collection.


We even see Christmas Decorations in Galleria Mall @Kotaraya.It was nicely decorated with Winter Wonderland theme.


After having a fun filled weekend,we returned back to Singapore.It was a well entertained day at nearby Johor Bahru,the closest neighbour of Singapore.Now it is time to prepare for the New Year!

How about you?How did you spend the Christmas?

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year 2020 with good health and happiness! Stay in touch with this blog.There will be more posts in the coming year too… 🙂

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