July 15, 2024

Hotels Recommendation in Singapore with the Korean Dramas Vibe 

Hotels Recommendation in Singapore

Have you dreamed of a vacation like in Korean dramas? Living in a minimalist environment can help our minds come back fresh again. How about Singapore? You can still feel the Korean drama vacation vibes, but it’s more fun. Let’s talk about Studio M Hotel and Park Regis Singapore.

Before we start, I gotta admit that I am really addicted to Korean dramas, but I love Singapore as one of my travel destinations. I must say, Singapore is a tourist-friendly country that can still fulfill the needs of Asian people while traveling, specifically they still provide sambal on their menus, that’s really important for me, huh! Singapore is undoubtedly providing much good sightseeing, food, and accommodations for tourists like us.

By the way, due to the large number of tourists coming to Singapore, many hotel businesses are scattered in Singapore. They offer a large selection of hotels with unique concepts to attract tourists. The prices offered also vary from cheap to expensive. Let’s discuss hotels that I recommend this time.

  1. Studio M Hotel

Studio M Hotel is located on Nanson Road, Clarke Quay, the room’s ambiance reminds me of Korean actor Park Seo Jeon’s apartment in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” drama. What I love about Studio M Hotel is the room that, just like a two-story apartment, attaches great importance to hygiene and cleanliness and uses technology for the safety and comfort of guests. 

Moreover, the interior in this hotel room is very modern, suitable for millennials who like to update their social media. For your information, I create a lot of content in the room because the lighting in the room is very good. I didn’t feel like I was in Singapore for a moment, but Marina Bay Sands was visible from my bedroom window.

Studio M Hotel is close to several popular locations in Singapore, such as Lucky Plaza, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore National Stadium, and Universal Studio Singapore. If you need a place to hang out while enjoying beverages, you can go downstairs to a cafe called MEMO. Furthermore, This cafe also sells Korean snacks and soju drinks, so we still get a Korean drama vibe at this place. By the way, the room rent starts from $ 247, very affordable, right?

  1. Park Regis Singapore

If you think Studio M Hotel is still relatively expensive, you can try an alternative hotel with a Korean vibe called Park Regis Singapore. This hotel has many facilities such as; a gym, swimming pool, meeting room, and cafe. The concept of the room is indeed smaller than the Studio M Hotel, but it is very comfortable because it is very minimalist like a studio room apartment in Korean dramas.

Park Regis Singapore is also close to several popular areas in Singapore, one of which is that this place is close to Clarke Quay MRT Station. Of course, for #ootd lovers, taking Singapore public transportation and feeling the vibe of the K-drama soundtrack is the main thing for me. 

In addition, this hotel also has an open bathroom concept in the room, which is very unique but also strange but fun. The price of this hotel per night starts from $ 185, very affordable for those of you who want a vacation but still want to fit the budget, but still, get the best quality.

If you want to experience the Korean drama vibe in Singapore like me, please check Traveloka to book the hotel now. There are also other hotels’ recommendations with the Korean drama vibes in Singapore! Don’t forget to take a look at the official website and application of Traveloka for the hotel recommendation you want to book!

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