July 15, 2024

Fun at Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Singapore is full of kids friendly spots including playgrounds.There are lot of playgrounds around which you can visit with kids.Living in Ang Mo Kio,I always find colourful and beautiful playgrounds around the town which my son is happy to spend his time with lot of activities.

Ang Mo Kio Central Playground
At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Last week we spent in Ang Mo Kio watching Christmas decorations,eating and playing.Simply it was a good day out for mom and son both.We found this playground near the Ang Mo Kio Central stage.We’ve been to this playground before.But,now it seems the play equipment are new.Few months ago,there were some other play equipment in this same playground.

Anyway,my son loved to spend his time playing there.


He likes the slide.But still he doesn’t slide alone.He needs my help.

At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground
Ang Mo Kio Central Playground-Singapore

He also found a way to play ‘Hide and Seek’. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall it was a happy day.

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