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Rabbits in a Cage and Roosters-Sri Lanka Road Trip

It is another Wordless Wednesday!In this blog,this is my Wordless Wednesday post #3.However,this week post is wordfull!

Recently we visited Sri Lanka and we enjoyed few road trips.These captures are from one of such road trips which we visited Polonnaruwa,a one of the must visit location in Sri Lanka.

Our route was through a popular wildlife park which is called ‘Minneriya National Park‘. We really didn’t have plans to visit the national park and our aim is to reach another location.However,we saw peacocks and other birds while travelling through this route.

Rabbits in a Cage

There are few spots that ‘Elephants’ cross the road.So,we who travel along the road have to give priority for those animals/elephants who are the owners of this wildlife conservation area. 🙂

We started our road trip so early for the reason that we wanted to pass the wildlife conservation area during day time.However at the last kilometer of the road along Habarana,we saw an elephant crossing the road.Well,I really didn’t try to capture a photo of that elephant who crossed the road.Instead stayed silent till he crossed to the other side of the road. 🙂


Just after this incident,we reached to the area where people live or where there is no much risk.Then we saw a restaurant,actually that is the first spot we found which we can refresh ourselves after driving few kilometers through the jungle area.

Rabbits in a Cage

My son who was sleeping woke up and he was really happy with what he saw.It is a rabbit cage!

Rabbits in a Cage

This is the first time he saw rabbits! (live).He really enjoyed his time looking at the rabbits and looking at how they were feeding.


And he also found some roosters! 🙂


Finally,I was really happy because there are lot of things to see for us when we go out for a road trip.In this trip,we found this place and it is  good that kids and toddlers can enjoy their time during the tour.

Also check how our toddler spent his time in a shopping mall with a mirror.

Neighborhood Cat Watch #WordlessWednesday

In a lazy evening I had a walk with my son and we headed over to a playground looking around the beautiful views of the evening.There are few spots which we watch cats.Suddenly I decided to capture few cat captures and today post feature two of the cats which my son meet and greet most of the time.


This white cat was having relaxing time and looked at us with a lazy and sleepy face 🙂


Below is a black cat who lives in a flat nearby and my son says bye bye or greet him whenever we see him.Usually he sleeps under the trees,but this time we found him like this. 🙂


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Play Time and First Day at Playgroup

Play Time and First Day in Play Group

This is a photo I captured few weeks ago when we were out.My son found a playground and he had good time there.

Today he started his playgroup.Still I don’t have photos from his first day in Play group.We had a busy day at home.His nap time,breakfast time,wake up time,everything has changed suddenly.During last few days I tried to adjust him to a new routine.But,it seems I have to spend few more noisy mornings till he adjust to his new experience with playgroup… 🙂

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Fun at Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Singapore is full of kids friendly spots including playgrounds.There are lot of playgrounds around which you can visit with kids.Living in Ang Mo Kio,I always find colourful and beautiful playgrounds around the town which my son is happy to spend his time with lot of activities.

Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Last week we spent in Ang Mo Kio watching Christmas decorations,eating and playing.Simply it was a good day out for mom and son both.We found this playground near the Ang Mo Kio Central stage.We’ve been to this playground before.But,now it seems the play equipment are new.Few months ago,there were some other play equipment in this same playground.

Anyway,my son loved to spend his time playing there.


He likes the slide.But still he doesn’t slide alone.He needs my help.

At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Ang Mo Kio Central Playground-Singapore

He also found a way to play ‘Hide and Seek’. 🙂

Overall it was a happy day.

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Pretty Flowers in Yellow

It is another Wordless Wednesday link up.This week I am featuring some yellow flowers which I captured in Sri Lanka.

Do you like capturing flowers?For me flower photography is a hobby and I usually share flowers from Sri Lanka in my other blog too.

Flowers in Yellow

Flowers in Yellow

Please share your thoughts and comments on these captures.

Have a Great Day!

Flowers in Yellow and Wordless Wednesday #2 at Diary of a New Mom.

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