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Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub – Singapore

Last week I shared about the Magical Christmas Dream Party at AMK hub.We visited the shopping mall again during the night time to experience the Snowy bubbly show.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

It was fantastic for kids.My son also enjoyed his time catching bubbles and shouting and running here and there with other kids.

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Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

On one side,it was snow effects.Kids had great time experiencing ‘snow’ and it was great for both young and elders.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

See,lot of snow till kids get covered with some snow! 🙂

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

My son was bit surprised with his new experience.He was checking foam on his hands.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

Finally,it was a great night at AMK hub.

How about your week?Please share your posts with memories and stories.

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Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Last week it was a long weekend and a holiday in Singapore as it was Chinese New Year celebrations. In an evening I went out with my son for a short walk around our neighborhood.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Suddenly we found a children’s playground with new play equipment. Actually we’ve come here before and at that time the play equipment was not so new.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Colorful seesaw at the playground

This time I found it is suitable for children over 2years old and found new play equipment such as rocking blue whale, rocking frog and a colorful seesaw.

iphone 012
Actually these new play equipment are so colorful.
My son had a great time playing there and it was same with me.

Have you ever played this sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood?

iphone 017

Sidewalk Game for kids (Hopscotch)

I am so happy with this finding which suddenly reminded me lot if childhood memories.

I tried to teach my son how to play the game and he found it is interesting to count numbers.And jumping between squares was so much fun for him. 🙂

iphone 020

We had great time enjoying our evening walk around the neighborhood,Ang Mo Kio.I am happy to spend such evenings with my son showing and teaching the names of flowers,birds and whatever we find around us.

Have you ever played above sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood? 🙂

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Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Kiddie rides are so much fun and my son loves to play with such when we are in any shopping mall. Whenever we are at a shopping mall I spend time with him around kiddie rides and he enjoys walking around, riding and talking with the characters.

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Kiddie ride with Sesame Street Big Bird Express!

When we visited AMK Hub last week to see the Balloon Candyland, we spent the day there in the shopping mall. So, my son had the chance to play with kiddie rides at AMK Hub kids play area leisurely till he gets bored. Although these kiddie rides are at a side of level 3,it is like a small indoor playground for kids which they can spend time with their favourite charactors.This time, as he is nearly 3 years old, he knows names of most of the characters in these kiddie rides. He was so happy to meet the friends in Sesame Street and talk and sit with them.These kiddie rides with Sesame Street characters are bright coloured,beautiful and cheerful!A really fun for kids!

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Hello Big Bird! And Elmo is talking to us 🙂

Here are some of the moments of our day at the Ang Mo Kio Hub which we spent mommy and son time while shopping, playing and eating whole day.

Big Bird is one of the popular Sesame Street Characters while Elmo is most of the time admired by moms and kids.Having a ride in Big Bird Express with Elmo and Big Bird was so much fun! 🙂

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

There is another set of kiddie rides featuring Sesame Street characters.My son loved his time riding School bus of ‘Cookie Monster’.

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Fun with Sesame Street charactors kiddie rides at AMK Hub.

Do you allow kids to play with Kiddie Rides?

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DIY Recycling Bin for Kids + Tzu Chi Recycling Day

Teaching kids about value of recycling is really important. I think we don’t have to wait till kids grow to teach them the value of recycling and caring for our mother nature.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

After I received a leaflet about Tzu Chi Recycling Day, I decided not to collect recyclable items only by myself; instead I wanted to join my toddler with the cause. As a start we made this DIY Recycling Bin which is a funful and educational activity to do with toddlers or even with grown up kids.

DIY Recycling Bin for Kids

Here is what we did. You can add some more ideas to this DIY Recycling Bin and make it more beautiful.

We used,

  •  A cardboard box (Actually what we used is an empty cake box which is supposed to throw)
  • Crepe paper for decoration
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

First we removed the lid of the cardboard box. Then I used sellotape on edges to make the box stronger.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Using the green colour crepe paper we made recycle symbol and we also pasted another purple colour crepe paper on top of the box just to make it beautiful.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Finally, it is done!

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

We have a beautiful Recycling Bin.

Now we can collect recyclable materials in this box till the next collection date. Last few days I collected few yogurt cups and milk bottles, so we put those into our recycle box.

DIY Recycling Bin for kids

Remember to wash and clean all items before collecting.After collecting recyclables,it is time to send those to a recycling point in your neighborhood!

Tzu Chi Recycling Day

In Singapore, every second Sunday of each month is Tzu Chi Recycling Day. Few days ago Tzu Chi Volunteers visited our neighborhood including our home to encourage residents to collect recyclable items. I missed joining with the April Tzu Chi Recycling Day, but I am preparing to join with the next Recycling Day together with my toddler.

Hope I will be able to teach him the value of preserving earth from his young age!

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Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I can see lot of decorations and preparations for it. It is really exciting. I always enjoy this time because that reminds me the New Year of Sri Lanka which we celebrate in April.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

With the Chinese New year, the year is for Monkey. As always, this time also we could see beautiful preparations for Chinese New Year in our nearest shopping mall AMK Hub. Each year we really like to see the different preparation and decorations to celebrate the events throughout the year. Now, with our son, visiting this place to show him these celebrations is just like a day out. He really enjoys his time with us in this shopping mall.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

2016 is the year of Monkey

For this Chinese New Year, we could see 12 Large Chinese Zodiac Animals. In each animal, there are forecasts for year 2016 too. These colourful Zodiac Lanterns welcome the visitors to the shopping mall staying at the entrance.

Chinese New Year 2016 AMK Hub

Goat,pig,mouse and cow zodiac lanterns


These lanterns are larger than actual life size of animals and those are colourful too.

 Zodiac Lanterns

A Zodiac lantern featuring the cow

 Zodiac Lanterns

Do you have a photo story to share?Please share with us.

Fun at Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Singapore is full of kids friendly spots including playgrounds.There are lot of playgrounds around which you can visit with kids.Living in Ang Mo Kio,I always find colourful and beautiful playgrounds around the town which my son is happy to spend his time with lot of activities.

Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Last week we spent in Ang Mo Kio watching Christmas decorations,eating and playing.Simply it was a good day out for mom and son both.We found this playground near the Ang Mo Kio Central stage.We’ve been to this playground before.But,now it seems the play equipment are new.Few months ago,there were some other play equipment in this same playground.

Anyway,my son loved to spend his time playing there.


He likes the slide.But still he doesn’t slide alone.He needs my help.

At the Ang Mo Kio Central Playground

Ang Mo Kio Central Playground-Singapore

He also found a way to play ‘Hide and Seek’. 🙂

Overall it was a happy day.

Do you have any new posts to share?Please join the fun!


Kiddie Rides at Amk Hub-Singapore

Here is a favorite place for my son whenever we visit AMK hub. In Singapore, there are kiddie rides areas in almost all shopping malls. Though my son still doesn’t like to have a paid ride (actually he is scared and still 2 years old), he loves to sit inside the cars.

Kiddie Rides at Amk Hub-Singapore

These are some photos from a recent visit to AMK hub. He loved sitting and ridding each of these cars.

Kiddy Rides-Amk Hub He liked cars and buses,but not the motor bikes.

Kiddie Rides at Amk Hub-SingaporeThese kiddie rides are located at the level 3 of AMK hub.(Ang Mo Kio-Singapore)

Kiddy Rides-Amk Hub

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