May 22, 2024

How to Prepare your Child for SSAT

If your child is preparing for the SSAT then you may have in need of advice and tips on how you can help your child to score more. It is important to know how to prepare your child for SSAT.

How to Prepare your Child for SSAT

Anyway helping your child or preparing your child for the SSAT doesn’t mean that you make him get stressed. If you do it right then your child can easily prepare for the SSAT without much struggle. How you can help your child? Here are some of the tips! These SSAT Prep tips will help you to guide your child towards the standardized test.

What Is the SSAT?

SSAT is the test that asses the students using standardized tests. Based on the SSAT score your child will be able to attend an independent school.

How to prepare for the SSAT

How to Prepare your Child for SSAT

When you prepare your child for the SSAT it is necessary to understand the nature of this standardized test. Many independent schools worldwide require the SSAT as part of their admission procedure.  Therefore it is necessary to make sure that you as a parent understand the basics of this test before preparing your child. When you understand the basics and necessary tips then SSAT Prep is easier than you think.

Basically the SSAT or Secondary School Admission Test is offered in three levels. These levels are as below.

Elementary –For the students of   Grades 3 -4

Middle – for the students of Grades 5 -7

Upper – for the students of Grades 8 – 11

During the SSAT test your child will face to different tests that measure verbal, reading and quantitative skills.  

How to help your child to prepare for the SSAT?

Here are the few things that you can do in order to help your child to be successful at this test. Practice and interpret the SSAT test

It is important to practice more before the child take the test. When the students are well prepared with practice tests they are more confident on facing to it. It is also noticed that such students score more on the test than others.

Read a lot and improve the vocabulary

Your child needs to practice necessary SSAT skills at home before taking the test. Verbal skills are one of such. In order to practice the reading and verbal skills, you can help your child to read more at home. When you read a book with your child it is also important to find the new words that help improving his vocabulary.

Get a good rest

This is the important step for your child to be successful in his SSAT prep before actually taking the test. Many parents too fail at this step. However, it is important to help your child to have a balance between his test preparation and relaxing. Most importantly it is necessary for your child to get plenty of sleep during the night before the test.

Get help from experts

In case if your child is weak for any of the skills and if you are unable to support him, then it is better to get the help of experts for such particular subjects. Make sure to assist your child to get SSAT prep help for such subjects as soon as possible when you understand the issue. This step will help your child to further improve his skills before the test. Nowadays there are even SSAT online help available if you search a bit.

Finally, it is your responsibility to help your child to choose his favourite school with necessary SSAT score. Therefore find the best way to prepare him for SSAT before the test and don’t wait till the last minute!

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