June 21, 2024

Back To School Shopping and Life Lately

School new term started a few weeks ago and it was time for back to school shopping. Though there were not many things to buy, my son wanted new school shoes and some stationary for the new term. We were just back from our Sri Lankan holiday. We thought that back to school shopping in Mustafa Centre would help us to come back to normal life in Singapore.

school white shoes

There were a lot of school shoes in the racks. We finally could choose a suitable one for the kid.

school Shoes shopping

Then we went to the stationery section of Mustafa Centre to buy workbooks and other stationaries including pens.

back to school shopping Mustafa Centre
back to school shopping Mustafa Centre

There were also children’s sunglasses for sale in this section. We bought a pair of sunglasses for him as the days are too hot and sunny.

Buying sunglasses for kids

He tried different designs. Finally, we chose a design that suits him, that covers his eyes and eye area fully, and made with polarized lenses.

Buying sunglasses for kids

He was excited with his new pair of sunglasses. 🙂

Buying sunglasses for kids

In this section, I was attracted to these beautiful vases. Good for home decor!

flower vases

And these foliage pots!

artificial foliage
Artificial foliage

In the evening, we decided to walk to the nearby Mcdonalds’ outlet. Son told that he wanted a family shadow picture for one of his school projects. So, we captured this photo of our family. 🙂


At Mcdonalds’, among other foods, we had hot chocolate too.I captured a photo of our hot chocolate to join with this week’s T-Tuesday event. It was photogenic and sweet too 🙂

Hot Chocolate Mc Donalds

My days are full of job-related tasks and studies. But, I could still find some time for updating this blog with a quick post. How about you? How was your week? Please share a comment. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Back To School Shopping and Life Lately

  1. Your Mcdonald’s chocolate looks so good, we don’t eat at fast food restaurants any more, so I have never seen this before. I still remember being a kid and shopping for school-always kind of fun too. Loved your shadows photos. Happy T and new week

  2. I think it’s fascinating how the school year varies in different parts of the world. Here school vacation starts in mid to late June and goes through the end of August, so the kids still have several weeks left. And your son looks good in his new sunglasses. I like the shadow photo too. It’s a different but great family view. I hope you have a happy T day week ahead Amila, and that if school starts before next Tuesday, your son has a good start to the year. hugs-Erika

  3. Your son looks great with his cool sunglasses, and I love the shadow photo. I have been retired from teaching for some years now, but sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of school days! Your chocolate looks good! Happy T Day, Valerie

  4. It’s hard to believe that school is almost here. Love the home decor section, always a favorite of mine. And what a fancy McDonald’s drink. My son works at McDonald’s but I don’t think they do fancy.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. Back to school already. Our kids just started summer vacation a few weeks ago. I love seeing those work books. English and Science. What a fun place to go shopping. A nice shadow photo too. Great sunglasses too. Have a lovely day today.

  6. Back to school is definitely in our stores too… everywhere! I used to love school shopping with my daughter..
    I would save up for months ahead of time so she could have what she wanted… Tell your little one he looks
    mighty snazzy in his new shades… Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  7. I always used to love ‘back to school’ shopping. Especially the stationary things like excercise books and pens etc. I notice that all the school books are in English, so is school in English?
    Your son certainly looks cool with his new sunglasses! It must have been difficult choosing from those shoes. They all look the same to me.
    You chocolate drink looks really yummy.
    Happy T Day,

  8. How fun that you took us shopping with you. Your son is so cute in his new sunglasses.
    I am loving the family shadow photo. Sounds like a great project. What did I do this week? I did a lot of paper crafting and prepared for my Bible study I lead. Not as exciting a week as you. 🙂 Happy T Day.

  9. I have never seen shoes displayed like that Amila. Ours come in boxes and the clerk has to be there when we try them on. It’s amazing how things are so different in various cultures. I DO think your son got some great sunglasses. And the home decor items are impressive.

    What a wonderful family shadow shot. Very well done, too. I don’t go to McDonald’s, but I don’t think we have any hot chocolate like that here. Thanks for sharing your back-to-school shopping, your shadow selfie, and your son’s hot chocolate with us for T this Tuesday, dear Amila.

  10. I like the shadow photo of your family, so fun.
    Here the kids have another four or five weeks until school starts again in the middle of August. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about that anymore, I quit my high school job two years ago and never regretted it. Teaching at the German School doesn’t start before September, so I still have several weeks of bliss.

  11. Back to school was always a fun time. New shoes and especially the stationery. Your son looks very cute in his new sunglasses. Happy T Day

  12. I love the new glasses! It’s funny to think of you doing back to school shopping. We’re counting down the days until the summer holiday!


  13. It seems the school supplies appear shortly after school is out. Your son is a cuties. I’m wishing him a great new school year. #MMBC

  14. My girl starts college in September and I realised today that I don’t have any uniform or shoes to buy, all she needs is stationary.
    It sounds like you had a successful shopping trip!

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