July 19, 2024

T stands for 10th T Tuesday Anniversary

It is a big celebration for everyone who joins  T Stands For Tuesday event every week over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s blog space. First I joined this event with a post on my travel blog and I found it was fun to join every week. Then I started joining T Tuesday every week by writing a blog post on this blog. Here is my first blog post about Pongal Festival Activities for kids which I published in January this year to join T-Tueasday. I can’t believe that following the first post, I’ve written a blog story every week just for joining the ladies over at T Tuesday. 🙂 They are nice, friendly and even share their experiences and ideas each week.

Thanks everyone and thanks Elizabeth and Bleubeard for hosting this T for Tuesday blog event every week. It is so much fun to join!

For this 10th anniversary post, I used petals of yellow roses to create this decor with the number 10. I hope you will find it beautiful! 🙂

Number 10 decor with flower petals
Number 10 decor using flower petals

For this 10th Anniversary, we could join a swap. My partner for swapping was Erika who writes BioArtGal. Below are what I received from Erika. Anyway, the envelope doesn’t have stamps to show as it was simply labeled with postage details. As I remember, my envelope to her too didn’t include stamps.

Thanks Erika I like everything inside the envelope. It was such fun to open this envelope to see what is inside.

I really like this handmade postcard. And I learned that I can be creative too to make handmade postcards. I like the teapot in the card and the inspiring words.

Below are the Tea napkins that Erika sent to me. Those are beautiful and I love the pleasant colour combination.

And, here are the tea bags inside the envelope.

Below are some photos of ‘The Republic Good Hope Vanilla Tea’ that I tried. (Received from Erika).

This tea was smooth and mild in my mouth with every sip. I liked it and I like the aroma of tea with a mix of Vanilla flavour at the time of opening the tea bag. I’ll share more about the tea tasting experience in a future post.

the republic good hope vanilla tea

Till that, Thanks Erika for the swap. Thanks Elizabeth and Bleubeard for hosting T for Tuesday every week. Thanks everyone for participating. It is so much fun to join! Have a lovely week!

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22 thoughts on “T stands for 10th T Tuesday Anniversary

  1. I love how you did your 10. What a lovely postcard you received from Erica! Lovely sounding teas. I think I would like them all. Wasn’t this swap fun and a great way to celebrate our Tenth anniversary for TSFT.

  2. Beautiful post, I love your number 10 for T’s 10th anniversary, lovely swap from Erika-enjoy the teas. Happy T hugs Kathy

  3. What a lovely and colorful post, Amila. My grandmother’s favorite flowers were yellow roses, so that was even MORE meaningful than you imagined when I saw that beautiful 10 you created for us. It is beautiful and wonderful.

    What a fun postcard you received from Erika. I would never have considered making my own postcard when I have so many vintage ones. Leave it to her to come up with one she made for you.

    I love the teapot you used to make the Good Hope vanilla tea. A very sweet vignette. Thanks for sharing your team your wonderful rose petal 10, and your swap items from Erika with us this very special 10th Anniversary T Tuesday, dear Amila.

  4. Happy Special T-day, Amila. Wonderful pictures (love the tea pot you have and the way you did a number 10 with petals), and wonderful swap. What a great idea to make a handmade post card – Erika is so creative. Looks like she sent some fun tea and napkins. This was a fun event and I love seeing it from your side. Hugz

  5. Your ‘ten’ is really beautiful. I think it’s the best one I’ve seen, but don’t tell anybody! You got some wonderful gifts from Erika, the ATC and card are beautiful, and enjoy the tea. Happy Anniversary T Day, Valerie

  6. Happy TSFT 10th Anniversary! I love the beautiful postcard and goodies that Erica sent you to celebrate and the flowers you used to create the number 10 look so pretty with the other elements – perfect 😊. Take care and Happy T Day celebrations! Hugs, Jo x

  7. Your ten is really beautiful, love the petals and butterflies. Love the handmade postcard, napkins and teas although I’m only a black breakfast tea drinker, very boring
    Happy T Anniversary. Jan S

  8. I really love how you created your 10 Amila. It’s beautifully done and I love the candle. That’s a great addition. And I’m glad you liked my postcard. I know the napkins may be close to what you can find in Singapore, but hopefully
    You can use them when you drink your tea 😀. Have a great T day celebration. I’m glad you are joining us and we were able
    To swap- happy week ahead and thanks again. Hugs Erika

  9. Amila what lovely gifts from Erika you received for Anniversary T ! And i just love your #10! So pretty! Hugs! deb

  10. Amila, you wrote such a lovely post for the tenth anniversary!
    Erika sent you some beautiful items, and I really like the way you displayed the number 10. Very creative – those petals are so pretty. Happy T day!

  11. What a lovely post. I’m so glad that you joined us when you did. Your posts are always interesting.
    Your display of the number ten is simply beautiful!
    And you get some really nice stuff from Erika. I love the home made postcard. I’m very much into postcards but I have never considered making my own. The napkin is gorgeous.
    The teas she sent you are all types of infusion I would love to try. I’m glad you liked them.
    Give your little boy a hug from me,
    Happy belated T-Day,

  12. It is good when you find a fantastic place to link up, join in and a good bunch of people.
    That is really pretty, what a clever use of flowers.
    The swap sounds like a lot of fun and the postcard is so cute.

  13. Ooh your image of 10 with petals yellow roses is amazing Amila ! Love the beautiful card Erika sent you.
    It was a great 10th Anniversary.
    I wish you a very nice day
    Big hugs, Caty

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